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JEREMIH lyrics

Let Loose

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: Game] I need a girl like Keyshia Cole Blowin' on keesha, oh... Lovin' them features, oh... Damn, a nigga 'bout to straight lose control Stuntin' all in them Trues Make them whores use... She's like Nicki up in that strip club All her shows sold out Damn, that cookie's so warm Tastes like Nestlé Toll House She's got that drip, drip That wet, wet - it's no dry No lie, no doubt... She got a pink pussy and a gold mouth I've got a red car and a black ghost And I'm tippin' them all, so let's roll out She got everything she wants I've got everything she needs I've got a bag of pills, I've got endless weed If you can ride that dick like a 10-speed Knock the pussy out, Apollo Creed If she can swallow pills then she can swallow me She can count that money, she can count on me We poppin' spades, next round on me Beat the pussy up, Jeremih in the background Once she's naked I don't back down Rap your legs around me, let the pussy drown me Beat it up like we both on Smackdown And it's Monday night... Magic City, nigga That's chicken wings, Ace of Spades Ass and titties, nigga... [Hook: Jeremih] Roll out, roll out... Don't you hold out, hold out... This your show now, show now Won't you show out, show out Girl you're so sold out (many times) Slow down, so now... Damn, you keep me hot, hot... When it's cold out, cold out... Won't you let loose, let loose Let loose, let loose Let loose, let loose Let loose... (baby, you're a star) Just let loose, let loose Let loose, let loose Let loose, let loose (baby, you're a star) [Verse 2: Jeremih] I need a girl like Iesha (with a back) Not Moesha... Smoke a little reefer... eyes like Mona Lisa Oh, oh, that don't leave me So I know, know she 'bout it Let me show you this movie Oh, you didn't know we make 'em? Maybe this one is R-Rated You should lay there, I'm a paint it Look where we landed, there's no plane here I'm a surround ya, I'm a frame ya Won't you go out here? I'm a tame it Look at that ass, girl, I should name it Shake, shake, shake it fast This is your time, girl, make it last Ditch that, dump that, break the glass Hop up on, hit the brakes fast I only wanna rodeo So mind your script, or get a hold on I only get excited when I know you gon' get to riding 'Cause I know that nobody is fucking with your body, no... [Bridge:] Ooh, you let it go. don't let it go Just let it flow, let 'em know (Know you gotta remember I don't really care about your nigga) [Hook]

Definition Of A Fuck Nigga

[Intro - Lil Debbie:] All y'all bum ass bitches always talking about you need a real one Why you gon' pick up your man at the bus stop Take him to Denny's like it's a five-star restaurant and shit You feel me? Hell naw I ain't fucking with no bum asses You not finna hop in my whip and smoke my shit for free I got this A1 loud Straight from Oakland motherfucking California You feel me? [?] All you basic ass bitches need to get you a real one [Verse 1 - Trinidad James:] Check it Remember what I told you, bitch I'm the man Got a [?] but I really want a pam [?] lil nigga, like my bitches foxy Don't be scared lil nigga, cause the way she poppin' Every night I party but we keep it on the low She wanna look good, puttin' powder on her nose She wanna have fun puttin' powder in her nose My homeboy the plug man he got it for the low She brought her boyfriend, hope she leave him at the door Cause' we don't really like him and hope a nigga know And if you bring the beef we put his ass in the stove My nigga don't trip she wanna get chose [Hook - Trinidad James:] Girl fuck your boyfriend, I know you ain't happy I know you need a real nigga and I can make it happen Girl fuck your boyfriend, I know you ain't happy I know you need a real nigga and I can make it happen [Verse 2 - Lil Debbie:] She said that he be trickin' all his motherfuckin' dough [?] Shoppin' and I'm poppin' everything up in the store it's go Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada Throw the coochie at him made it happen like viola I know the game so we never try to play me Don't trip got em whipped, AP I'm a boss and you treat me like a queen Got it taste it in make it turn em into a fiend, yah mean? Pussy always got the flights [?] And I work the pussy right got em [?] I ain't with the sucky shit thinkin' you gon' fuck a bitch better find another bitch Cause I'm on some other like make money, make money, make money, make money, make money money You ain't talkin that I ain't talkin back Ass fat got them finnin for the pussy cat [Hook] [Verse 3 - Trinidad James:] She said that he bitchin', hell yeah he be bitchin' She said that he be flexin', hell yeah he be flexin' And everytime he call [?] man that be stressin' Send em to the voicemail, nigga leave a message She don't pick the phone up, nigga get to textin' Real life fuck nigga by the definition Call him form the block nigga you a pussy When you walk by man know that we be lookin' And if she give it up you better know that we be fuckin' [?] pussy boy you better gon' follow it When she gets some good dick nigga she gon' swallow it Make her take her drawers off throw em to the floor We ain't make the bedroom, I fucked her on the stove I don't like your girlfriend, I don't want your ho You be in the DM's, I'll be in her throat [Hook] [Verse 4 - Problem:] I ain't your nigga I swear We brand new he ain't [?], you did Always complanin' about his baby mamas Still ain't learned his lesson, fuck it pussy no [?] Runnin' around [?] fucking pussy no [?] No car, no crib, new J's he gotta [?] You sure you wanna do then you gotta go Come deal with a winner, he ain't gotta know

Disco Inferno

1 2 3 Let's Go Little Ma Ma Show me how you move it go ahead put ya back into it Do ya thang like it ain't notin to it Shake Sha Sha Sha Shake that a** girl. (2X) Go Go Go 50 in da house bouce yall already know what i'm about tha flow sound sicko over dray drums I ain't stupid I see dot then ma dough come quicka (wo). Shawty hips is hipnotic she moves so sorotic watch I'm gonna bouce that ass girl I get it crunked in here I make it jump in here front in here and real thup in here (ho). So gutta so ghetto so hood what gully so grimy whats good I shot the benze on duve and inda club with a snuve don't start nothing it won't be nothing (uhhh) Little MaMa show me how you move it go ahead put ya back into it Do ya thang like it ain't nothing to it Shake Sha Sha Sha Shake that a** girl (2X) Let's party everybody stand up everybody put yo hands up let's party everybody dance with me some champange and burn a little renary this is hot Disco Inferno Let's go you now rocking with a pro i get dough the flip dough and get mo fa sho and get my drink on and get on the dance flo look ho me i don't dance all i do is this the same 2 step with a little twist listen busta i ain't new to this and true to this pay attention boy i'll teach you how to this s**t you mix a little twist with a bourin dawn barryon and a little Henicy and you know that ganna carry on malin at the strace that's trying to get right we go be up in this s**t till it brake day light. Little mama show me how ya move it go ahead put ya back into it do ya thing like it ain't nothing to it Shake Sha Sha Sha Skake that a** girl ?(2X) You see me shining lit up with dimonds cause I stay grinding (uhu)Only If only you can catch me swooping in a Bently coopiing switching lanes ( haha) You see me rolling you know i'm you know i'm holding about ma paper yeah I'm serious I ain't playing i doing better brain hop off the chain G-Unit! Next Level now turn it up a notch emen dre sent me to tear up the spot Front on me ohh no and i'm local hands up on the dance floor ok lets go. little mama show me how you move it go ahead put your back into it do ya thing like it ain't nothing to it shake sha sha sha shakethat a** girl. (2X)

Do The Damn Thang

FABOLOUS "Real Talk"
[Intro] Look, I can see them niggas stuntin to this right now, not now, but right now Yea, yea, ch-ch-yea Look, lo-lo look Look, lo-lo look Look, look [Verse 1-Fabolous] It's no love for the other side, fuck all the tricks Pop the glove on the other side, buck through the bricks Birds love how a brother ride, truckin it sick I'm heard of on the southern side, i pluck through it quick I been one of them boys since way back when This is way before a nigga brought grey plaques in So if i spray mac-10s, Bet you niggas lay back then Like you sittin in a Maybach Benz Yea I made crack grins but ain't a damn thing funny I keep a pocket fulla do the damn thang money I keep it comin with bottles of champagne dunny So keep it bouncin till you pull a hamstring honey These pimps just better have a gothic for me I got them hoes starin like they got a problem with me I got them boys slingin rocks in the lobby for me I'm rich bitch, ballin just a hobby for me [Chorus-Young Jeezy] I got a pocket full of money and my wrist all froze So fuck what you heard we don't love them hoes, heeyyy Do the damn thang, do the damn thang A nigga might grin but it ain't still funny Got a pocket fulla that, do the damn thang money, heeyy Do the damn thang, do the damn thang [Verse 2-Young Jeezy] My phone is tapped and so is my livin room We cant hide the money here, we need a bigger room Let me show you what I stand fo, Jesus Schwarzenegger call me commando On that Remy Martin, nigga matta fact I ain't Fat Joe but I can make em lean back Save your ammo don't waste it Got him dodgin bullets like he in the matrix Jeans strapped and ya better dip Carvin 15, got six clips Pilsbury nigga, got a lotta dough Call me bossan george, got a lotta hoes They place orders, so I bake cakes I'm a bodybuilder, pump a lotta weight You see the diamonds in my damn chain It ain't hard to tell, I do the damn thang [Chorus] [Verse 3-Fabolous] You waitin instead of participatin with them boys You skatin on them 22 datins like them boys I'm hatin that they communicatin with them boys I'm waitin just to send them to Satan for that shit They see a nigga stones look sick And I gotta stack of singles in my hand thats phone booth thick Cuz I'm so hood rich That I'm no good bitch And even if she gotta pimp then a hoe should switch And get ridda that shit spitta, get wit her, shit gitter sit wit her, hit spitter, that don't bitch chitter My style fit wit her I tell her you don went left now you need to go right like a switch hitta I know them tricks bitter When im in the six with her So im in a mix with her Fourty four six with her And I'm higher than a motherfucker But a nigga try then he gon die in this motherfucker [Chorus]

Hey Shawty

FIELD MOB "613: Ashy To Classy"
(feat. Suthern Klick) Hey hey, hey hey, hey shawty Hey hey, hey hey hey, hey shawty Hey hey, hey hey hey, hey shawty Hey hey, hey hey hey, hey shawty Swisher in my ear when I'm rollin up I see this beautiful whore, she finer than a mutha' fu' Got ya hair and ya nails did, got the little kid with the cashews With an attitude that you could never lose I know you think I'm paid because I'm lookin at ya car Just call me Old E 'cause baby you the star I see you lookin at me lookin at you That voodoo that you do got me gone so I sing a song (hey shawty) For times I'm alone with the number of your phone You givin me the eye so I know it's really real on First let me tell you 'bout my baby mama at home And as you'll find out, it's time to time out You in the same situation, the love probation got you fiendin for some dick You ain't slick But you got your hair right, plus you look and smell good and it read right [Chorus] Hey shawty, shawty, shawty, shawty Fiendin for some pussy 'cause I need me a shawty Shawty, shawty, shawty, shawty I can be your nigga but you can be my shawty Shawty, shawty, shawty, shawty Fiendin for some pussy 'cause I need me a shawty Shawty, shawty, shawty, shawty I can be your nigga but you can be my shawty I been all over the world look for a fine girl I could trust Lookin me up and make a nigga better you up and know I got you lovin to fuck I can't wait 'til I get home Lay down, is you feelin me now, let me hold ya boo Take a picture with ya, let me get close to you I'm a give it to you like a nigga 'posed to do You overdue, I'm a hit you like you told me to Slow ya roll 'cause I'm a make you love me slow Before you go, don't even wanna open the door I'm in you again, we smokin, eyes rollin again We in the bed, got ya legs up, pumpin again Please ya good, ya need, I'm a feed you good Feed you good, my girl don't need no nigga Rubbin ya down, I'm so in love with your mind And it's the first time, so let me tell girl I'm lookin for [Chorus 1/2x] I's at the club, kickin it and watch them hoes shake Puffin on weed, guzzlin gin and O.J. I was fucked up, itchin to bust a fast nut Lovin nothin but sluts who back that ass up Then I met you, me sweat who, sweat you If I did it was to caress and undress you You was off the chain with the eyes, nice smile, fat butt, big breasts too I had to stress you To see if you was gonna let me hit it and run Whip it and quit it, because you made it quicker to come But you told me, slowly, no, no Plus you'll never ask me for no dough Now I mention the , me and you been livin it up Things done changed, but now you been givin it up I'm deep in ya guts, havin women and squeezin ya butt status wit the position to chill [Chorus] You say you need a nigga that could take you to your destiny, ecstasy I can take you there Right hand up in ya cock, left hand strokin through yo' micro-braided hair I'm a make you come Tantilizing erotic pleasure for both of us, let me ease your pain Come and let me heat your flame, relax as I ease your strain as I beat your thing Not the one to eat your thing I leave that to your lucious, lunchbox, cocksucker for free But if you keep it on the low-low, I'm a hurt if you don't know You can keep the cock in it for me Shit, if you don't give a damn if we, I'm a bring the whole family the house of Girbauds Eighteen, , Giaminar () Run a train, make the pussy pop afar, bring it on [Chorus]

Get Ya Hustle On

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
[Juvenile] That's right, it's crunch time now fellas No time to be cryin for momma now, it's the movement C'mon To all my people on them corners I consider as dogs I wish I could break a package down and send it to y'all I know ya feelin me behind them penitentiary walls Put me on the visit list and I'll be in to see y'all Talk to 'em - your mayor ain't your friend, he's the enemy Just to get your vote, a saint is what he pretend to be Fuck him! Ah-listen to me, I got the remedy Save your money up and find out who got 'em for 10 a ki' Bubble, if you don't hustle don't use your energy Cause you gon' be a cellmate or wind up as a memory Yeah, and I could give a fuck if you kin to me My life is up and down and side to side like a centipede [Chorus] Get ya hustle on, nigga get ya hustle on [4X] We take the Pyrex and then we rock with it, roll with it Take the Pyrex and then we rock with it, roll with it! We take the Pyrex and then we rock with it, roll with it Take the Pyrex and then we rock with it, roll with it! [Juvenile] The loamin hard sparkle like glass Main bitch right behind me lookin sharp in the Jag Security say you don't know me so I talk to 'em bad If a nigga want somethin I got somethin for his ass Choppers - I'm already knowin that it's a G thang Ever since they tried to drown a nigga on the eastbank Everybody need a check from FEMA So he can go and sco' him some co-ca-llina Get money! And I ain't gotta ball in the Beemer Man I'm tryin to live, I lost it all in Katrina (damn) And nobody cares what the police thank Everybody fuckin with ki's cause it's a street thang [Chorus] [Juvenile] Wodie! You really feelin your folks Just them crackers behind them desk-es that ain't hearin us though We starvin! We livin like Haiti without no government Niggaz killin niggaz and them bitches is lovin it Fuck Fox News! I don't listen to y'all ass Couldn't get a nigga off the roof with a star pass Talkin - y'all comfortable right now to your own land 'Til a nigga catch ya down bad, starvin and want cash Get your mind right, nigga get your money up You're movin a little somethin, but you ain't done enough Fo' shizzle - you know the boss gonna want a cut Yeahhhhhh - or the boss gon' haveta fuck you up [Chorus - repeat 2X]

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