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JEREMIH lyrics

Big Dawg Shit

Original and similar lyrics
You ain't figured I'm the one yet Motherfuckers sleepin' on ya boy Y'all niggas waitin' on the sunset Just copped a crib off Sunset Bank account fat now my son set I just do this shit for fun, to tell the truth I ain't even havin' fun yet Just copped a Bentley coupe, left the Range Rover on 13th 22 Shawty bootylicious like Beyoncé but the lil bitch only 22 Makin power moves like Khaled Make me feel like we the best Wouldn't signed to Def Jam If I would have knew that they were deaf I don't honour no rules Guess I live my life lawless Niggas thinkin' I'mma fall But my name ain't August Change bitches like the seasons Blowin' money no reasons 'Lotta bitches in my DM's She could probably be your BM [Chi Hoover:] Money make the world go round Fuck with me and make your girl go round Big dawg shit Big dawg shit Tryna get my pockets like Rasputia Feelin' like the Prince of Zamunda Woke up this mornin' and a nigga had a dream That I'ma king, Martin Luther Most of these niggas be bitches Most of these hoes ain't loyal These niggas talkin' bout self I ain't even trust their lawyers Had some niggas stashed with me that'll try you Already fucked your bitch, I ain't even gotta try to On the line talkin' money me and Hoover [Chi Hoover:] What up? Fuck with Jay then I fuck around and shoot ya Big dawg we don't fuck with no poodles Press a button, top drop, car roofless I'm Marty McFly in that ride Whip lookin' like Back to the Future Hol' up


SCARFACE "11-09-70 (Intro)"
Its on and once again I come to you wit rough shit Game to bust shit when mutha fuckers wanna fuck wit The mastermind will bring it once I seen it in light Awaken by the sounds of niggas screamin' at night Cover your eyes I leave you face to face with your maker the time taker intend your mind so now I break ya No runnin' from it you should've ran before I done it cause now I got this loaded twelve gage against your stomach You scarred for life and your whole high life's invited burned alive its all for real so tonight I ignite and leave you all face down to die with no will to live I can see the fear in your eyes No warning surprise nigga I come for taking Your soul for satan watching' every move that your making Your sure mistaken if you a ho before I turn out Walking away I'll heat you up and leave you burnt out-nigga I'm hard to kill cause I refuse to die and can't no man born of woman alive kill me I'm Untouchable Un-touch a-ble out here baby (I'm untouchable) Un-touch a-ble out here baby (I'm unfuckable) Un-touch a-ble out here baby Un-touch a-ble out here baby It's danger I'm standin' in the footsteps of danger wit a loaded Mac 11 stripped wit rips in the chamber The anger I aim the barrel of the hanger deep into the mind of this mutha fuckin stranger I change ya outlook on living and I leave ya frozen starin' into space shakin' seizuring I told ya the southside niggas roll deep I showed ya the northside niggas don't sleep Ya beat I'm coming down shootin up your section you are now witnessing the gangster shit pure perfection I'm old school O.G. niggas know me from slanging' eightballs uncooked to moving whole keys Now why these niggas wanna test my skills I'm a killa and I chastise steel To mix and mingle with this millionaire status and send a mutha fucker to hell when he fuck with Brad-it's the killer instinct that never left me the southside still true to the game little lefty is back wit shit that mutha fuckers can't fade rhyming but still you mutha fuckers aint paid So how can one try to see the unseen Before you step your ass to the square know one thing It's closed curtain we leavin' mutha fuckers hurtin' It's Rap-a-Lot Mafia life we all workin' Punk we shut you down before you get it started You can hate it but I'm goin' get mines and that's regardless- bitch I got these niggas boo-hooin' like hoes Jealous of the game I obtain and I chose to exercise to the best of my ability It aint no mutha fuckin' kill me I'm Untouchable Un-touch a-ble out here baby (I'm untouchable) Un-touch a-ble out here baby Un-touch a-ble out here baby (Unfuckable) Un-touch a-ble out here baby

Boss Nigga

[Intro:] Can't stop this money flow broke ass nigga never Hating ass nigga [Verse 1: Juicy J] I got them shooters on deck, aks with banana clips We ain't bout that talking you get smoked like cancer sticks My nigga only move a real niggas and goons They don't know how to talk, they only know how to shoot Dropped a coupla' bands, and get your top peel off While I'm somewhere with some rich white folks playing golf My Benz got a hole in the top like a dolphin I'm on this codeine cause this weed got me coughin' From Memphis Tennessee, where it ain't Ten-A-Key Find a nigga dead in his house, he just a memory (You gone) Niggas starving in these streets, coming for your stash A gun plus a mask, you do the math Still stepping on them blocks like hopscotch Goons on deck shooting like they own a shot clock Real nigga always counting like a stop watch Pull them out the toaster, that turn you to a pop tart (Bitch) Hundred bandz on a watch, bitch its my time (Bitch) We was totin' pistols for school before Columbine (Always) Juicy J, North Memphis Vet (You know it) I went in and buy a Corvette and put it on my neck (You know it) Money talk, you broke niggas is deaf (You know it) Bitch I'm blowing on loud, and so is my check (You see it) Fully automatics, no auto tune I don't make no diss songs I'm leaving rappers with bullet wounds [Hook:] Boss nigga, I be calling shots (Always) You shaking ass niggas, be calling cops (They calling) If I got any problems, I call them shooters (They coming) My bitch got plenty racks, I call them hooters (They coming) [2x] [Outro:] Real shit real spit Get your money up nigga Yeah Mafia

Fuck Sleep

KID INK "Almost Home"
[Verse 1: Kid Ink] Eyes wide open… We’ve been up all night, I ain’t even notice Fuck sleep… You know the money is the motive ’til the morning I be hungry every moment, man, a nigga gotta eat Cookin’ up, no Pyrex, it’s IMAX My weight up, you could check my biceps I’m puttin’ on for my team, holding me down like Maurice I ain’t in no hurry ’til we ain’t got no worries, so… Ain’t no rest for me now Look around, and I’ve got more bills than dad, Stunny’s child Everywhere that I go, you should know the motto My time is my money and I always need more, so [Hook] So fuck sleep… ‘Cause I’ve got a lot of bills And nobody gon’ pay ‘em but me (I keep my mind on my money, nigga, I don’t love these hoes) Fuck sleep… You could chill while I stack these bills Why you think these bitches love me? Fuck sleep… (Bitch you ain’t know, you ain’t know) (When you throw stuff, I was gettin’ money) (So fuck sleep…) Fuck sleep… [Verse 2: Kid Ink] Yep – I’ve got her legs wide open Late night, undercover freak, so you know it’s no sheets Then it’s back to the work Fuck 1st and the 15th, I’m tryna get paid Every week – and that’s the only way to be Work hard ’cause I need soft leather on the seats See the money’s all the talk, and the only thing I breathe Is that California kush, God blessed me like a sneeze I’ve gotta keep it real, but I’m living in a dream If you made it from the bottom Then you know just what I mean Everything on the other side ain’t always what it seems But I heard that it’s some green, so I gotta go and see [Hook] [Verse 3: Rico Love] In a matter of a week, I made 200 Gs Fuck niggas takin’ breaks – real niggas gotta eat I told my nigga Jah – when he get back on the streets I’mma drop a bag on him, but him right back on his feet Made millions off of beats, and the melody is sweet Keep my shades on ’cause I ain’t slumbered in weeks I’m dickin’ down a freak I’m bustin’ off like “Blocka! Blocka!” And sleep, I don’t need nada – champagne is my Viagra [Hook]

Be Easy

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
Be easy, you ain't really ready for war With a bunch a live wire niggas ready for war So be easy you ain't really ready for war With a bunch of live wire niggas ready for war When the drama get to poppin well be at your door We can take it to a world you never seen before Talk slick get your ass whipped down to the floor Be easy my nigga be easy... Off top I bring the hot hot shit That toxic You know how I spit That revolutionary pac shit Some times I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick Sometimes I tell a hater to get off my dick My flow is mega sick Ya flow is delicate Big cars big guns the bling the rhetoric Call me jay boogie Microphone under my hoodie You cornball rappers could'ntdo nothing to me Ultramagnetic flowetic rhyme poetic grind daily Divine mind kinetic I shine blind with the light of the macmilli Seventy six trillion years I'm still here, honey you motherfuckers could'ntmatch me From new york to cakalacky, california to tallahasee, I terrorize a wack MC I be wilin on you I be stylin on you I'm wagin war with the devil The asiatic rebel is back swing Pawn to e-6 move swift but cunning Keep my knights on flank and my bishops gunning My BL queen she hold me down lovely The gravitational pulls too strong for you to budge me It's a lyrical miracle Pound for pound syllable for syllable I'm the unfuckwitable Eighty percent of my life I was subject to ridicule But it was the fuel that helped me to reach the pinnacle The flows like snowman I'm abominable This war has scarred me but the damage was minimal Paid dues Slaid crews Did my sheriff dirt but never made news The god stay smooth Made moves like Kasparov My sins like snake skins homie I cast em off Meet the elite throne crusher, the god fearin zone rusher Perform under pressure, Nobodys fresher The soul stepper Most of you lames never heard of me, I'm the third ward born phenomenon don won sportin the burberry Dippin in the flashiest car, In the mic booth spittin the ras wa The blase blah Blase splee You might find me in the D Gettin grimey with the D-A-M- to the E Mr porter in the lak Black pearl in the back Run your nab pack the loud gats that say sprrrraaat Where yo mans at now pa? He ain't around and he never show his face when it's time for style war I'm gettin busy with the one two stick em Let the rhythm hit em Sound like a prism nigga who is em Jay electronica lord of the rings Baptising ya'll with fire water slaughterin kings From seven mile to magnolia we crack soldiers Somebody shoulda told ya The rap game is ova

Inc Anthem

DMX "The Great Depression"
[Intro: Jay-Z] Whut the Fuck Niggaz, Ya'll Ready for this Bitches, Ya'll ready for this Ha, alright. Let's bounce [Verse 1: Jah Rule] I'm startin' to flow You know, That's what niggaz wit do do, yo Red means stop, Green means go Right now I see green You wanna stop Oh No What are you anyway nigga, Friend or Foe Don't Fuck wit me, or I-N-C Nigga, what the fuck, are you crazy Can't believe dat shit, tryin' act swayze You'd be better off lazy So shut the fuck up right now, and maybe Murder I-N-C will show mercy Cuz first b We don't fuck wit' dem, uninterested niggaz You know who I'm talkin about Those niggaz that started to bust out Soon as our first joint came out Holla Holla, if I could have a Dolla for every Nigga that hated me soon as I-N-C was on Blaze But I don't give a fuck I said not a flying Fuck Ja Rule, Murder I-N-C, make ya say Whut Whut [Hook: Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and DMX] The Murder I-N-C Yeah Nigga Just you and me Fuck around Catch bullet from me Cause There ain't no fuckin' around Whenever the I-N-C is in town [3x] [Verse 2: DMX] (Dog growling, then Barking) D-M-X, my dogs gonna bite you Gonna fuck you up, just cause they like to How the fuck you gonna fuck around wit' organized crime God damn, we live what we speak in every fuckin' rhyme Yo, Ja (What the Deal, X) Here's a twenty, go get me a fuckin' dime Now, back to this murder shit Light my fuse, my teeth begin to grit Party wit' my crew, fuck you You ain't playin' wit no screw, or a smack cause when I attack, I never take back Anything bad I do or say, cause yo that shit is wack And I just luv when you niggaz bring your whole crew It's just sme more beef to stick you to and Fuck You, now it's plain to see, It ain't to smart fuckin' wit' Murder I-N-C [Hook:] [Verse 3: Jay-Z] Dem Niggaz ain't prepared For dis shit we prepared got every nigga scared cause of all the fuckin' shit that we shared And don't none of them niggaz wanna fuck around We're never gonna find a common ground Many niggaz wanna know, does murder sound like this We're three Hip-Hop Philanthrapists but, we don't give no muney, we don't give a fuck so... When the light is green It's time to go I don't care who you know You still payin' full price, to our show Fuck no, I won't give 'em to you free or with a discount yo Cuz You ain't gettin' nada from us Cause niggaz always get a lotta money from us That ain't the thug way Nigga, don't try and play Hold the fuck up, are you gay No Well anyway It's time to say final goodbyes and one more thing, this shit I just rapped about and none of it are lies Next step is to come in, fuck your boo when I'm through all she'll be able to say is Jigga Whut Jigga Who and ask her who her man is she'll tell you She'll put her finga on the trigga pull and yell Jigga my Nigga [Hook:]

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