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JEREMIH lyrics - N.O.M.A. (Not On My Album)

Get Paid

Original and similar lyrics
(What thing is that?) Pressure. Changes everything. Some people, you squeeze them, they focus. others fold. You summon your talent at will? Can you deliver on deadline? Can you sleep at night? (When do we talk about money?) Money? hahaha, that’s the easy part Money don’t sleep so I ain’t snoozin’ You ain’t gettin’ money, fuck is you doin’? Ridin’ round gettin it, maybe I’m crusin’ Your girl choosin’ maybe cause you losing Plenty eyes on, homie I’m coolin’ I just do it, I don’t know what you doin’ All in the eyes because we all up into it Got plenty molecules homie all of them usin’ I just wanna touch, shawty get it up Feeling like Houdini levitating up In that Lamborghini or that Maserati Speeding through the traffic baby I just rev it up Said to Pimp C, faded out juice Getting hunnies like Winnie the Pooh Make her dance is what the Benjamins do You can call us the Benjamin crew [Pre-Hook:] We gettin’ to the money yeah we gettin’ to it If you ain’t gettin’ no money, fuck is you doin’? Like Nike throwing me checks, well just do it There’s a million ways to get paid if you ain’t know it [Hook:] (There’s a million ways) Get paid, get paid, get paid Get paid, get paid, get paid (to get) Get paid, get paid, get paid Get paid, get paid, get paid (I know you know there’s a million ways) Get paid, get paid, get paid Get paid, get paid, get paid Get paid, get paid, get paid (to get) Get paid, get paid, get paid Get paid, get paid, get paid I wake up every morning, money on my mind Got to go and get it, can’t reverse the time No more happy belateds, my bills is overdue They say they just overrated, and it’s overdue Yeah I’mma stack this money yeah you gonna give it up Swear ain’t giving no favors, so I’m just not giving no fucks If you’re not talking about the entree, no more wasting time in my day No more games time to get paid, check your wrist, time to get paid [Pre-Hook] [Hook]

Doing It Right

Yeah, I'm doin' it right [x2] Okay, your momma's talking' to ya sayin' clean up the basement While the money's talkin' to me, that's personification Paper in my hand til the day that I'm finished And yeah, a hater's just a fan that is scared to admit it But I get it A preconceived notion that you can't like us cause your friends don't You generic like a number 2 pencil Eventually you would be blowin' on the whistle That YMCA leaves every Sunday with your kin folk I'm comin' around the mountain I'm just findin' my way And all I really wanna do in life is make someone's day And get paid from time to time With that I'm tryin' to say, is that I can't see why you hatin' when I'm just doin' my thing [Chorus:] I don't give a damn about what you say Whatever comes out your mouth, those are meaningless words that I don't worry about (shut em out) I don't give a damn about what you say I'm just livin' my life You hatin' on the internet while I'm catchin' my flight. I'm doin' it right Doin' it right [x6] Yeah I'm doin' it right [x2] Alright, yeah, we been singin' and rappin' since back in pre-school Just tryna make the money at the rate the thieves do Millions of eyes on me, feelin' like I'm see-through I see through your bullshit Trust me, I don't need you (no I don't) No braggin', no boasting, no I don't pretend Always stay grounded like a bad kid on the weekend You hate me? Oh well Top floor suite, hotel You down and out sittin on your couch while I'm happy as Pharrell That's for real (that's for real) No a damn I don't give one We gon' get this money while we're still young, yeah While we're still young No a damn I don't give one We gon' get this money while we're still young While we're still young, yeah [Chorus]

World Runners

AB-SOUL "These Days..."
[Intro:] These days I'm so focused Fast life, slow motion These, these days I'm so focused These days I'm so focused Fast life, slow motion [Hook - Ab Soul & Nikki Jean:] Or maybe I'm just a dreamer And life is but a dream And I would never leave her But I bet she can't wait to get rid of me And I be all night, no sleep, real talk Go hard until the AM You can have my shine, I give you my light Opportunities you take them And you can take your time on your own time I be at the finish line waiting Cause some people chase the world Other people let the world chase them, yo [Bridge - Ab Soul (x4):] We run, we run, we run the world (Get high) We run, we run, we run this world (Yeah) [Verse 1 - Ab-Soul:] Yeah, can you hear it? I spread love, can you feel it in your spirit? When doves cry shit get serious You feel like a prince in a pharaoh's pyramid Scheme turned dream turned nightmare on Elm Street Ye ain't got your heart in the right place How the hell you plan to stay on beat, on beat? Yeah, I put that on me I got a gun and a good book, leave all your homies holy, moly Black sheep, no miss Bo Peep Motherfuck police ‘til they release all of my OG’s You could lean on me ‘til you Morgan Free You don’t need no sleep [Hook] [Bridge] [Verse 2 - Lupe Fiasco:] Can’t spell Illuminati without Lu can’t spell Lu without “u” Can’t spill blood without blue now ask yourself what is what I do Let you put that together without glue without screw, fast life Built a time machine in my past life, a horror story about as long as Fukushima half-life And mostly I’ll be ghost, and to talk about it have to rhyme into a flashlight Now that’s a long way from blackface track that they using for your rat race Connected to a cat face, you can ask them pussies how a lap taste Maybe like cookies to a monster Running miles to the mouths of meows coming out (high plane try not to be bomber) [Interlude - Nikki Jean:] Full speed ahead, full speed ahead To allow no limits, there are no limits No limits allowed, no limits exist Cause maybe, cause maybe There are no limits [Hook] [Bridge] [Outro - Ab-Soul:] Go, go, uh Yeah, no roof on the jeep with a big old chain Niggas left for the sniff and came back for the base You could tell he was tripping by the look on his face No new jacks in my city Aye, I’m feeling like G money, money, money Yeah, uh, I’m feeling like G money, money, money Yeah, no new jacks in my city Bitch, I’m G money, money, money


JAMES OTTO "Days Of Our Lives"
I wonder where she is tonight Is she alone or did she find What she needed from me I guess I got what I deserve How could I do on hurtin' her that way And think she'd stay I found it sittin' on the stove "It's over" written on a Post-It note And that was all she wrote [CHORUS:] SHE'S GONE LIKE THE MIND OF A MAN INSANE GONE LIKE THE SNOW WHEN IT TURNS TO RAIN AND RUNS DOWN THE ROAD AND DOWN THE DRAIN, SO LONG LONG GONE LIKE THE MONEY WHEN YOU'VE PAID THE RENT GONE LIKE THE TIME THAT I SHOULD'VE SPENT AT HOME WITH HER, TOO BAD, ONE WORD GONE Then out of nowhere she showed up For a minute I didn't know what to say I was blown away This time I'm gonna do things right Gonna show her every night I care This time, I swear As I reach out to touch her face That's when the whole thing starts to fade Then I hear the sound of my alarm clock And it hits me like a Mack truck doin' ninety Down a one way dead end road bound straight for hell [REPEAT CHORUS] Long, long gone like the money when you've paid the rent Gone like the time that I should've spend at home With her, too bad, one word Gone Gone

I've Loved These Days

BILLY JOEL "Turnstiles"
Now we take our time, so nonchalant And spend our nights so bon vivant We dress our days in silken robes The money comes The money goes We know it's all a passing phase We light our lamps for atmosphere And hang our hopes on chandeliers We're going wrong, we're gaining weight We're sleeping long and far too late And so it's time to change our ways But I've loved these days Now as we indulge in things refined We hide our hearts from harder times A string of pearls, a foreign car Oh we can only go so far On caviar and cabernet We drown our doubts in dry champagne And soothe our souls with fine cocaine I don't know why I even care We'll get so high and get nowhere We'll have to change our jaded ways But I've loved these days So before we end and then begin We'll drink a toast to how it's been A few more hours to be complete A few more nights on satin sheets A few more times that I can say I've loved these days


JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Verse 1: Vinny Paz] Ya'll mother fuckers woke a demon up The bullets splatter through your spleen and guts The whole click duckin they PO, they need to pee in cups We murder shit like everything the Europeans touch I don't even talk to mother fuckers that could lead the trust We on our D and devils only deal with greed and lust Feed an elephant with bear hands and take his lead and tusks Anytime you hear a cop was murdered best believe it's us Jus Allah load the glock put em in norweigen dust I ain't I sucka I was born with hercules in us Strangle snakes, dangle grapes fed by European sluts Ya'll know where to come to when you need the fuckin trees and dust Ayo D [?] I need by [?] these fucks I got the power to devour trees, seas and such I got the power that's the caliber of jesus touch It don't matter the caliber I proceed to rush Vinny on a whole nother algebra than the Greeks could touch [Verse 2: D Maz] Let me tell you lil somthin bout a nigga named Maz Look in his eye you could see the evil if you high You could notice a little nigga that's eager for the sky Behind bars scarred like jesus when he died (when he died) Nigga I was in the hole for a whole 6 months gettin high off the reefer thinkin why I'm with the roachs and rats hopeless and [?] line and line and the hole in the crack Nigga I was in the hole tryin gettin my back, niggas snitchin and Ceo tryed gettin my bag But I don't give a fuck about a snake or a fag a hater id rather see Adolph paid off, laugh This is real life fuck gettin paid off rats And sellin my soul to the devil gettin paid off rappin Mozerade, Maz, Pazienza clap boys [?] back man you still screamin duffle bag boys [Verse 3: Jus Allah] I have lived a century I've tapped into my 6th sensery I am a potential enemy My entire inner chemistry, every inch of me, is divinity Unequivically supremacy I am undesired energy Sends friendly, sends empty Show the prince of peace no clemency Give him an extremety of insensitivity Let his kid and ministry witness his disassembly I just lost sufference, undestructive, unproductive, tussid Not much substance, thuggage Above judgement Unaware of any error of delt Where it counts I'm a fair amount of paramount I am body a monopoly of ungodly The [?] My apology, arrid, insencarity, carity, buried generic it's hilarity

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