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JEREMIH lyrics - Late Nights With Jeremih


Original and similar lyrics
[Hook: Jeremih] 24 all the time 7 days on my mind All I think about is (lovely ladies) So here I go on this floor in this club Then its on, Man it ain't nothing but Gotta keep a ten by my side When I cruise down that Lake Shore Drive And the night time comes alive They say you don't know, okay you don't know Well I guess I do, I guess I do,I guess I do [Verse 1: Jeremih] Okay wassup, I'm wassup first I was stuck But now I'm in love cause when I pulled up It was nothing but all (lovely ladies) That's right them red bones with that gino head Thick girls with them rhino legs In their mid twenties I can't believe overseas The L-U-V , puerto rics Japanese, no lebanese uh Well it really don't matter what they be wearing They look up in the mirror and they just keep starring And know they sexy as You can catch 'em in the club play, Rose VIP, belly cold, lots of hoes I mean Yeah that's all I got to I got no eyeballs Chi town, I got you, but all em I stay seeking for ones that be needing more Even more, even yours Sometimes I just need something closer That's probably why I got one over [Hook] [Verse 2: Twista] We're arrived there am I kicking it with Jeremih In the club with a ho there am I Don't know what to do with them I'mma get 'em fucked up cause they all suck Mama need me so fly, I be telling you the truth Swag through the roof Red bottoms loose, show 'em what you do Cause you such a (We do this for the ladies) When I'm sober but especially If I go take a shot of my ciroc I bet you taste like skittles and your body Looking better than the bittles in the bottom of the pot Take a ride in my Aston Martin and not the black jag No need to ask her what she got the bougie for Cause in the Gucci store I bought her black bags 24 hours I be thinking about her How I wanna spend some time I guess I'm making her mine I wanna bump & grind with that (Lovely Ladies) Take a cruise down Michigan While listening to J E R E M I H With my lady sorry if I can't (no) And you know they really have her head gone Cause I know good beauty I don't know if I should pick a fatty Or the one that got a lil booty To the dark, or the light, to the brown I'mma dash fast All of them smart and they pass class Look around the only thing I see is bad ass [Hook] [Verse 3: AK] Hit the city in the maserati Damn she got a beautiful body A pretty red bone, legs long The way you walk, girl you dead gone Now put this number on your iphone Here state in the ride on Sending that beautiful lady to drive on Slide on while flipping thru the Chi see She was 5'3 thicker than a motherfucker Tattoo on her right feet, not likely She probably a pisces Black but a little bit feisty Tear drop on her right cheek for the night creep Hit the button, let the top drop Watch the cops spot,top knock Little for ice spot I got to hurry baby, chop chop I think I love her too much Because I already need a new flock Then I pull up to the club on Dubs Its A line for the (ladies) So many beautiful ladies in the chi Can you imagine them in one club I'm in the middle of the flo' From the back to the front door I'm surrended by all these, all these (lovely ladies) Sometimes I need something closer Drop her ass like a roaster Two leave out , one come over [Hook]

The Grass Is Always Greener

Agans Craig
Where have you wandered since the last time I saw you? To what god now do you pray? We sat in those treetops in those warm afternoons passing that slow time away And the crickets chirped and mosquitos bit the way we knew they would and back in those days sitting there away.. it seemed so good.. You could never figure a scheme you could fit in, your plight was about the same as mine An answer then you showed me too late upon the road for then it seemed like it would be a crime However long it takes you, to do the things you should all those days of strugglin' away.. it seems so good.. You'll never return there tho, neither will I It's a life we both have outgrown Our characters there have played their roles and said all they can say and it's too late, our covers have been blown Besides things there are different now, it turned out like we thought it would and today more than ever away.. it seems so good.. What it was you were thinkin' of, I thought I understood Away the doctor said must be the cure I guess the away you set your sights on was a bit too far for me but unlike me you had to know for sure Happiness may be given to you if you meet Robin Hood People they read fairy tales because away.. it seems so good.. Fate can play a stranger game than I could ever guess Like wisps of smoke lookin' back behind And if you made it this far babe then you'll know what I mean there is always a new hill to climb And even if it's out of a pit that's filled with your own blood You know that you'll make it because away.. it seems so good.. I've seen confusion pass this way over many a face It can spread like some contageous disease Rendering victims judgmentless, fearing for their pride waiting for the day of their release This home we now live in, of plastic, steel, and wood We are living here today because away.. it seemed so good..

Pretty Angry

I wish I drank tequila I wish I stayed up late But lately when the Sandman comes You know I just can wait No, lately I can wait And we packed up all your boxes It's all been hauled away I never stare at walls so bare 'Cause something always stays Yeah something of you stays And I wanna shout from my guitar Come out, come out wherever you are The joke is over, open your eyes A heart like yours, it never dies And I found your keys behind your chair I still can see you sitting there This isn't funny; don't fool around You let me go... you let me down And I guess I'm still pretty angry And I don't want to be I don't know which was the bigger waste of time Missing you or wishing, instead, it was me I wish I walked on water Pulling rabbits from my sleeve Guessing cards and saving everyone I wish I still believed Oh I wish that I believed That I could also channel voices That I've endured the burning blade That I could make some of your choices I wish I weren't afraid Of those choices that you've made Like I could give you what you need So ollie ollie oxen free The game is up and I give in So show yourself so that you can win Come claim your prize and I don't care I still can see you standing there How could you leave, how could you lie? You cut me off in mid-reply And I guess I'm still pretty angry And I don't want to be I don't know which was the bigger waste of time Missing you or wishing instead it was me The will to win, the urge to race I still can see it on your face Thought I'd keep up but only crashed I wasn't built to move that fast Thought I could match you stride for stride But I was on the other side And holding onto the safety rail With knuckles white, complexion pale A cloud of dust and you were gone Thought I would catch you later on I limped behind, your race was won But were you racing or on the run? How you enjoyed, you loved to drive And I'm destroyed... 'cause I'm alive And I guess I'm still pretty angry And I don't want to be I don't know which was the bigger waste of time Missing you or wishing, instead, it was me And I guess I'm still pretty angry And I don't want to be I don't know which was the bigger waste of time Missing you...

The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

JIMMY BUFFETT "Coconut Telegraph"
He worked hard all year just wanted a few weeks alone But his old lady's into modeling, She can't stay away from the phone Besides she bitches about the mosquitoes She says 'Down there there is nothing to do' Her goddamn phone never stops ringing He'll try the service in a day maybe two Well, he's on his third drink before the wheels of the plane leave the ground Making points with the stewardess climbing over Long Island Sound She's also spending some time on the island Too much city madness gives her the blues They make a date to go dancing and dining Seems neither has that much to lose The weather is here I wish you were beautiful My thoughts aren't too clear but don't run away My girlfriend's a bore, my job is too dutiful Hell, nobody's perfect would you like to play I feel together today Well now that was just the start of a well-deserved over due binge Meanwhile back in the city certain people are starting to cringe His lawyers are calling his parents His girlfriend doesn't know what to think His partners are studying their options He's just singing and ordering drinks The weather is here I wish you were beautiful The skies are too clear life's easy today The beer is too cold, the daiquiri's too fruitful There's no place like home when it's this far away I don't care what they say He's going back to New York pack it up and let everyone know It was something that he should have done such a long time ago Still time to start a new life in the palm trees Billy Clyde wasn't insane And it doesn't work out there'll never be any doubt That the pleasure was worth all the pain The weather is here I wish you were beautiful The skies are too clear, life is easy today The beer is too cold, the daiquiri's too fruitful There's no place like home when it's this far away I need time for to play Time for to play

Sick Friend

AESOP ROCK "Appleseed"
[Intro: Unknown man] Thou mayest indeed Tune onto the forbidden channel And see it like it is baby [Record Scratch in] You should be a champion Never fall on me Deceit, deceit, deceit [Record Scratch out] "Getting dusty in the cellar" [Verse 1: Aesop Rock] Yo I was thinking about my sick friend Stringing a ring around my whit's end 30 loops later his feet hung inches out the pig pen Motley day goblins brought up pillage to pass the stillness With bad javelin tip dipped inside barrel black magic brilliance Who rose at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier? To capture the fashion fragment choreographed in traffic dancing for nickels Looked like sickle cells with the principles of high rotary One hope distortion odyssey sputters itself to my how not example sample Give me the bread crust while considering the littering I don't pity the head rush or the whimpering, spill Anchor to rock bottom, rocks bottom packs a ravenous catalyst Sprung arachnid, leashed by the carnal tyrant I choked when the cage bird sings and stings Springs me up delirium to stitch the clipped wings I say instinctively break through while clinging the shrieking souls Mourning the deaths of fallen ideologues and loss and quality control Quality control, stand still string up the banner From the beehive to the anthill; rag dummy Incorporate the unison of Vikings ship; throw us best of perfection Of the twice to burn with half the stone throwers, speak your assessment My communicative, hinderings please the needs Of a billion hungry victims gripped by the hell that's left to splinters Shiving up the mass of natives and it's league marvels One component's sure to shock a mass burial, breeze Broken penny bank fragments float up at staggered seas Dirty work plus applicants with chatter box disease Iron bandit, give them the stars, the head balloons and rubies Asked for many moons and I can't stand it any more [Unknown man] Is that how I feel when I sling? And the regulars were so amazed [Record Scratch in] I'm the mightiest slinger of them all! There is a time for war and a time for peace And a time to run and a time to split [Record Scratch out] "Getting dusty in the cellar" [Verse 2: Aesop Rock] I don't run a funny race, malnourished monarchs and loopy astrals Where 99.9% swivel the broken axels I built boats of a pack rat bats of bully club swung Post utility inhalants nail it to stability and sail it Lopsided Star bird bow crooked mass makeshift Patching holes with chewing gum and sticking sail to dirty bases Observe me sitting with my eyes tied to the clock, 'Cause I know that once that wind kicks up you and your motors left rope to the dock And it's the, art of clarity married to slender extension Of blue sky of a happy neighborhood String on my ring has left me dancing like wooden dummies in a paper nature Marry had a case of door nails, Francis little brittle dolls of paper In assembly, I tremble with a crocodile smile Hiding a fish out of water complex provided upon entry Now if I, were to, hold the speed To levigate the game plan, would you wanna still impede I mean I guess, I can just divorce me from the rest And blame my chemical imbalance for the fact I've made a mess But my loyalty supply hints [?] And I'm thinking that damn town prior's about to fill this here bucket It's that, grand precious that precious that part of you wants to touch And part of you just wants to sit and be impressed with Tainted agony induct in barnacle attachments Mood swinging upon the barnstorm with perpendicular traffic Spread, circle 4,000 circuits you burn to cater wings Above alkadiene Townsman spoon-fed the shadow I'm tired of being wired into the thief ratio It's gnawing a hole through my scheme so I leave (know what I mean?) [Outro: Unknown man] It is the molotov cocktail hour Haven't I brought you blessings without number? [Record Scratch in] They have plenty of nothing and nothing is plenty for them Yea I've never had it so good [Record Scratch out] "Getting dusty in the cellar" [x3]

Turn Of The Screw

Angkor Wat
In between worlds of white and black Lies a world of gray Beneath the sour born showering down Its time on me A thin sharp slice of dime Pushed gently into my heart Time after time after time after time after time Standing vacant behind myself Looking through empty eyes Icy cold black fullness in my bowels Aching for release Splash upon the pavement For the consumption of humanity My soul, My humility Your only bread Something inborn in me that will not leave Standing vacant behind myself Looking through empty eyes And he was a betrayer he was you I became night with you We were empty We became full We were empty We became full Driving Wheel Black Diamond back 69 wire burns cosmos shoulder Red hot wire pierce smoot white boneholder Smoky cold shadows of those not there Cast upon cold stone wall Brocken down by Devil stare Driven beyond threshold of mortal dare Seminal fluid life-like man Driving the life of a dead white man Driving Driving Driving Teased in sublime defeat Feast upon horrid rancid spirit meat You dirt drive, septic seven thigh Shallow, yellow, stabbed nine high Sickly, evil, pathetically cracked black blind Eye.

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