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JEREMIH lyrics - Late Nights With Jeremih

Go To The Mo

Original and similar lyrics
Let's go to the mo, let's go to the mo Let's go to the mo, let's go to the mo [Verse 1:] I get a little, and then I want a lot I get a minute, and then I run the clock See he be in it, but barely hit ya spots So he don't get it now, and I might up the blocks So at this time, make your excuses to leave Cause you need ya boy to put that fire out like right now (like right now) Girl you can come as you please, and I guarantee to shed some na nah That's right [Bridge:] Cause all your talk has been foreplay All day, all day (I'm ready baby) I swear the touch of ya body, on me I'm feeling like I'm on one girl we should go [Chorus:] Let's go to the mo (go) Let's go to the mo (does he kiss you like that) Let's go to the mo (beat it like that) We should, we should Let's go to the mo (go) Let's go to the mo (does he rub it like that) Let's go to the mo (have you coming like that?) Let's go to the mo, Let's go to the mo [Verse 2:] It's getting crowded in here, I want that to myself I didn't plan on running my hands on no one else We should go, we should go, go somewhere We should go, we should go up them stairs So at this time, make your excuses to leave Cause you need ya boy to put that fire out like right now (like right now) Girl you can come as you please, and I guarantee to shed some na nah That's right [Bridge:] Cause all your talk has been foreplay All day, all day (I'm ready baby) I swear the touch of ya body, on me I'm feeling like I'm on one girl we should go [Chorus:] Let's go to the mo (go) Let's go to the mo (does he kiss you like that) Let's go to the mo (beat it like that) We should, we should Let's go to the mo (go) Let's go to the mo (does he rub it like that) Let's go to the mo (have you coming like that?) When your nigga ain't here, I'm here When your nigga can't hear, I'm here When your nigga ain't shit, I'm here Open up the door round 6, I'm here Forget this club, let's go to the mo Maybe we should, maybe we should Let's go to the mo Room six nine yeah Let's go to the mo Have the neighbors listening to Let's go to the mo [Chorus:] Let's go to the mo (go) Let's go to the mo (does he kiss you like that) Let's go to the mo (beat it like that) We should, we should Let's go to the mo (go) Let's go to the mo (does he rub it like that) Let's go to the mo (have you coming like that?) Let's go to the mo, Let's go to the mo [x10]

Living Like There Ain't No Tomorrow

FUGEES "Blunted On Reality"
[Wyclef Jean] Yo check it out. This is the boy Wyclef from Tranzlators, I'm coming from the Booga Basement with a roots drink in my hands. So put the Rotts tonics in the air, yeah cause I'm-a start this one off like THIS. Cause niggaz are living like there ain't no tomorrow. I nuked this on the S900 cause I couldn't fford a 1100. I'm-a start this one a little something like this. Here we go. Hey yo people you're living like there ain't no tomorrow You get caught in the terra asside em and ga morro Father, forgeive him for he know not what he done When the bum search for drums, the son search for condoms He seek no, with his ring but with his head That leave many dead in hospital beds; now you and death are newlyweds So before I enter the tunnel I step back and shake it Is it world the death or better life in a casket Destuction of the flesh, new reporter wasn't coming The devil cursed him cause he couldn't follow 10 commandments Hook Living like there ain't no tomorrow You're living like there ain't no tomorrow You're living like there ain't no tomorrow You open up your eyes and them was ga marrow. WOO! Living like there ain't no tomorrow You're living like there ain't no tomorrow You're living like there ain't no tomorrow Open up your eyes. I called up the VP, she told me she was busy watching TV with Roxy I told her I was coming, she said that ain't necessary three's a crowd, so what's the philosophy Another girl trying to take my girl away from me, easy Fuck the door, I jumped through the window SOMEWHERE over the rainbow Paranable and the bitch still in my home Stick stick in your socket, I sacrifice you like a live rabbit Fatal attraction the coffin's the cabinet Cause in the 90's girls got dicks So keep the light on and make sure that the chick don't that back She said that she did it with some girl named Lisa I said what's the boot yo, she pulled the camcorder Bust it, so what's the charge, you called me a womanizor I tried to say sorrym she said say sorry for Taquisha. Chairs come flying my way like balls at basketball practice. Call the priest cause she's turning to the exorcist She kicked me out cause she was paying for the apartment That's real, you got no girl, if you got no money to spend But she had loved me for my mind and my poetic skills But bow i'm checking magazings and getting cheap thrills Asking myself when will it end Cause when it came to sex, my hand was my best friends Hook (Replace you're with I'm and me) I had a cousin like a brother He tried to play me undercover He said I didn't bang her But the girl was his secret lover But I played stupid like my brain had no minerals It's so hard to say good-bye we singing at the funeral Girls smash it up easy, when they know they got the bugsy He used to sleep alone, but now he's riding Mrs. Daisy You say all my business my life's my life my knife's my knife So I be the lion that guards the trife But at the party, I still move my waistline A girl approached me and asked me for the time I said; no disrespect, but check the watch on your wrist And if you're looking for a hit check Charles Bronson from Death Wish Then All of a sudden her man pushed me from the back I turned out real cool- I said why did you do that The name is Clef, Clef bon Then mark my word that I'm-a break your fucking arm Unless you apologize and pick on someone your size Not too cookoo-hit you-but the 4 to the 5 Point it to your nose Now your blood turns to snow. Hook Yeah, word is born

I Need To Be

Mase "Harlem World"
[Mase] Yo Carl man, come here, lemme school you to some shit Yo what up dud Remember that girl you said was nineteen somethin' Yeah I remember that shorty She was not nineteen Word! Yes she is she nineteen Nigga I followed her to school that's how I know Nigga I followed her to school you know I don't be into that Dog, dog, she showed me some ID bee word up Niggaz got to jail for that Lot a niggaz go to jail See you not a regular nigga right there, I know I know Her friend ain't wanna give me the pussy You wanna know what that bitch said to me What happened? [Monifah] [1] - I really wanna mess wit you But I ain't ready to have sex wit you And I don't mind caressing on you But I need to be, I need to be You know I need to be loved by you You know I need to be hugged by you And I can't wait to be touched by you Cuz I need to be, cuz I need to be [Mase] How many niggas out remember the First time they try to take a girl virginity And through the bullshit, you lost your identity, and lost your cool Cuz you ain't know what to tell all your niggas at school I had niggas making bets like, did he fuck her yet? Ask her did he touch her bra, when I say nah they say ahh So tommorrow I use that pressure to undress her But the more I caress her, more I feel like a molester So I wait for the day deserve it But every time I go to touch it, then she say I hurt it I can't even talk sex, and then she say I'm perverted And then she say, Mase. why we can't wait? What, I ain't worth it? It ain't that but girl you never say I go too fast All I'm seatin' when I'm eating, or goin' in your ass I guess you like that, huh [Repeat 1] [Mase] Now mother may I? Yes you may I told her 'bout all the baddest bitches from Harlem to LA Now anything that Mase can blaze, gotta get away See girl, work is work and baby, when I'm workin' I get paid For overnight stays that's gonna cost you breakfast on trays No need for shower curtains, we bath in camays I live the willie lifecuz that's the style that I portray We pop crystal like my niggas got a raise See nowadays man you got to know these bitches age Cuz they ass be real fast when they be goin' through that phase You fuck a girl that's young, and you gonna end up in the cage Cuz her moms ain't tryin' to hear that you never knew her age And naughty is the only way that Bad Boy plays Fuck them hoes, have them girls recoverin' for days A nigga like me, I have a girl head in a daze And I never eat pussy cuz I'm too stubborn in my ways, come on [Repeat 1] [Mase] I need to be licked from my head to my feet To make a long story short, girl I need me a freak She can be fat, black, light skin, type slim Matter fact shorty ain't even got to like me As long as when she grab my meat, she take it down real deep Till her body feel weak, then I'm fallin asleep See I ain't talkin 'bout these pre-madonna bitches you meet I need a girl that if I ask her handle me and my peeps Get down dirty, and lick ice down my butt cheeks Then she wiggle, then I giggle, then she feel my nutsy Then if she give my dick a kiss, probably give her clit a kiss Then I hit it from the back, then I yell whose shit is this Then I go so hard that she need her guts fixed If she make my nuts itch, I kill that slut bitch I done been around the world, uh huh, and never met a girl That's so thorough that could suck a dick until my toes curl, uh huh [Repeat 1]


TWISTA "Runnin' Off At Da Mouth"
[Intro: Twista + (Ludacris)] Yeah, you know it's about to go down right? (Yeeah!) Got to let them know who is this? (Ludacris!) And who else nigga? (Twista, wooo, ahhh!) Uh, uh (check it out) [Verse 1: Ludacris] Sometimes I think that I got to see a little bit of brighter days Cause I confine myself to a city near you in a solid cage And you could look to the left or the right but I'm trapped on center stage And I could rap to the beat, but I don't know how to change my ways I still hear a fool and I track them, distract them, and whack them Jack a nigga for the day to days and I yak them, attack them, and sack them Get a weapon and I crack his brain cause I'm a hustler, baller, pro And it wouldn't be right for me to be around busters, and crawlers, and hoes But I'm a pimp at night, so talk shit and I'm a lift them up off of they toes With a street sweeper regulating quarters, and ki's, and o's In a two-seater, Ludacris and Twista with bags of dro Smoking, choking, get them open, croaking It's so potent - I'm hoping to keep on floating Soaking wet and you can bet, people I'm high I'm seeing lions, and tigers and bears - oh my! And I can't hide it or keep it hidden, good riddance I'm felling good I'm weapon-concealing, stealing my neighborhood Would, could, and should break a nigga off They'll see you later, go to the doctor, hold my balls and (cough) You caused some vapors and I caught the throne, brain blown, honey I'm home Give me the microphone, and fools is like, 'leave me alone!' [Chorus: Twista] Throw it up if you get high, get blow, get drunk If you want what I'm on, come on and kick it Let's ride, smoke dro, beat the trunk All the bad ass bitches that want to party Just shake it, great players get pumped Me and my thugs, and hustlers in the party Get money fuck hoes, get crunk [Verse 2: Twista] (Look out!) I put a little bit of hash on some motherfucking purple haze I feel it all over my body, adrenaline with the Bacardi Got me up and then rippng shit in a rage In the netti cofetti with a belly, Gucci Timberland stepping on the petal up in the Cadillac truck Want to get me for the wood Better get the whole motherfucking hood to come and give you some back up We can get into it and if you want to do it I'm leaking the fluids out of the bodies that want to come at this If they all get some blood for fucking with thugs that I bury My adversaries better not want none of Twis' Represent for my city, anybody that different with me Got to get him for thinking it's a game And whether you from my city or not, talk shit I'ma kill him especially if he say my name I've been up on him - I handle my business And I'm a stick him up for the scrilla, from K-Tilla, smoking on a fat piller Murder haters that don't feel a Niggaz claiming they want to bring it, but really don't be killers Balling out so hard the size of my rims grow to a hellafied sight-scene When the dough become no bigger, I'm going to drop that 2003 on 19' [Chorus: Twista] [Verse 3: Twista] We balling out of control, I floss on, play on, pimp on A speed deamon, pedal to the metal when I'm in the zone Hang on cause here I'm gone In the motherfucking wind when I'm sippin on Henn' I got paper, you owe something And I done came a long way from letting me hold something, to roll something Find a body, then fill him up with some adrenaline And then kill him and send him to the cemetery With a flow for the whole world like a poet, Check icy cold, your Pop's so hungry, he mends a berry Shit, and when it come to shipping good Who that?, who that?, I got the sack open And the herb got the flow so strong Hot them on crack, the track is for back-to-back smoking Never come up with it unwise, and he nigga you ain't untouchable when I spark the heat Coming at you like sharks to meat the blood is softly, I can tell when a mark is hard as we Come fully loaded cause I'm hard to beat always screaming where a beat and the dro at? You know we love that cut up In the back of the club with purple in the back crying Twis' and Ludacris get fucked up [Chorus: Twista] [Outro: Twista + (Wildstyle)] Pass me the.. Let me smoke my.. (Yeeah, this a Wildstyle production Twista and Ludacris collabo, get it, get it get it, uh, yeeah)

How High

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Redman) [Intro:] Takin it from the top Tippy Tippy How High.... The Ultimate High.... [Verse One: Method Man] Scuse me as I kiss the sky Sing a song of six pence, a pocet full a rye Who the fuck wanna die for their culture Stalk the dead body like a vulture Tical get, HMMM Blacker than your blackest stallion Hit your house'n projects I represent the Shaolin my nigga Hell yes, Apocalypse now, the gun blow It be goin down, diggy diggy down diggy down down [Verse Two: Redman] While the planets and the stars and the moons collapse When I raise my trigga finga all yall niggaz hit the decks! Cause aint no need for that, hustlers and hardcores Raw to the floor raw like Reservoir Dogs The Green-Eyed Bandit can't stand it With more Fruitier Loops then that Toucan Sam Bitch Plus, the Bombazee got me wild (Fuckin with us) is a straight suicide [Verse Three: Method Man] 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 Murder 1 lyric at your door Tical bring it to that ass raw Breakin all the rules like glass jaws Nigga, you got to get mine to get yours Fucka, we dont need no rap tour Id rather kick the facts and catch you with the rap-ture More than you bargained for Tical, that stays open like an all nite store For real, I keeps it ill like a piece of blue steel Pointed at your temple with the intent to kill And end your existance, M-E-T Aint no use for resistance, H-O-D [Verse Four: Redman] I bees the ultimate rush to any nigga on dust The Egyptian Musk use to have me pull mad sluts I shift like a clutch with the Ruck Examine my nuts, I dont stop till I get enough Your shit broke down, light your flare Since the darkside tears you into hollywood squares 6 million ways to die, so I chose Made it 6 million and 1 with your eyes closed The blindfold, cold, so you can feel the rap And shatter the glass and second half on your monkey ass And yo my man (Tical) hit me now Bitches use to play me now they cant forget me now Forget me not, I rock the spot, check glock Empty off a lickin off a hip hop Fuck the billboard, Im a bullet on my block How you dope when you payed for your billboard spot [Chorus:] Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane It's the funk doctor spock smokin buddha on a train HOW HIGH So high that I can kiss the sky HOW SICK So sick that you can suck my dick Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane Recognize, Johnny Blaze, ain't a damn thing changed HOW HIGH So High that I can kiss the sky HOW SICK So Sick that you can suck my dick [Verse Five: Method Man] Til my man Raider Ruckus come home It ain't really on till the Ruckus get, home Puff a meth bone, now I'm off to the red zone We dont need yo dirt, we, we got our fuckin own Check it, I brings havoc with my hectic Bring the Pain lyrics screamin for the antiseptic Movin on your left kid, and I'm methted, out my fuckin dome piece Plus I got no love for the beast Hailin from the big East Coast Where niggaz pack toast Home of the drug kingpins and cut throats (Hey boy, you's the rude boy on the block You try and stop the bum rush you will get popped) As I run around with a racist My style was born in the 50 stair cases Dig it, eff a rap critic He talk about it while I live it If Red got the blunt, Im the second one to hit it [Verse Six: Redman] Look up in the, I got the verbs, nouns and glocks in ya Enter the centa, lyrics bang like rico-chet Rabbit, I brings havoc with an A-K matic Rollin blunts an all day habit I get it on like Smiff and Wess Who clicks the best Punks take a sip and test Who split your vest The funk phenomenon Im bombin you like Lebanon Blow canals of Panama Just off stamina Styles not to be fucked with, or played with Fuck the pretty hoes, I love those Section A Bit-ches Hittin switches, Twistin wigs with Fat radical mathematical type scriptures I dig up in your planets like Diga, Boo, scared you, blew you to smithe-reens Fuck the marines, I got machines To light the spliff, and read Mad magazine I fly more heads than Continental Wreck ya 5 times like US AIR off an instrumental Look I'm not a half way crook with bad looks But I may murder your case like your name was Cal Brooks I breaks em up proppa Ask Biggie Smalls 'Who Shot Ya' Funk doctor, with the 12 Gauge Mossberg Look, I got the tools like Rickle To make your mind tickle For the nine nickle (Yo Red, yo Red!) Punk ass pussy ass (You ain't gotta say no more man, that's it) Word up Tical, We Out (IT'S OVER)

Play No Games

TRICK DADDY "Thugs Are Us"
[Chorus - 2x] I ain't really here to play no games girl You already know my name yeah Freaky deaky cause it ain't no thang yeah B-ba-da-da-da-da [Trick Daddy] You see the part of making busta ass niggas you been fucking with Always busting shit, but never talking shit Any of us tell you don't think that a playa did it And made you wear the life is more than a hell didn't it Boy I tell you, and that's the deal with them real niggas And stay far away from fuck niggas Don't be a sucka at least not for nothing are you Sucking and fucking, a bitch better have something I need something that's compatible Not nothing young and dumb and full of cum but wanna letable I better, nigga like T Double, get it wetter Suck her fuck her better than the average nigga I need a girl that's into trying thangs So I can put her into my frame, and land in the mind game I know she's a mama girl and I'm a street nigga Once we get together, I bet you she'll sleep better [Chorus - 2x] [Trick Daddy] Baby girl it's better to keep it thugged out Ain't nothing like it when you, scratching and biting only gets me excited She like, T Double why you fucking with me I done came three times and you still sucking on the first titty I'm like girl you better work it better Like the full moon in June but pretty soon I'll be hurting it Now turn around, let me calm you down We go up and down, real niggas puts it down I'm getting aquainted with the clitoris I keep my hands to my sides, while I slowly spread the lips I eats it up, 'fore I beats it up The first quarter slow motion, second half, speed it up Plus she already owe me one, she like Nevermind, but this time we 69ing I need my dick sucked C.O.D. This is T Double D I get my dick sucked O.D.P. [Chorus - 2x] [Trick Daddy] Being that I'm missing you, been having fantasies of kissing you I get the picture, I piss you but what I'm suppose to do Or could it be that I'm falling in love Or a possibility I'm way too far for a thug I'll never tease you, I'm here to please you And baby girl believe it, girl I'll never leave you I'll be your freaky deaky lover man Making love forever trying all the god damn numbers When we, rubbing and touching eachother Oh my god it's getting hard and you getting wetter and wetter It's getting better and better, wish it could last forever But never never, nothing I ain't worried girl [Chorus - 4x]

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