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JEREMIH lyrics - Late Nights With Jeremih

Ahh Shit

Original and similar lyrics
[Jeremih] Ahh shit, ahh shit, ahh shit Nigga feeling good, she did Dammit I should, alright Now I’m fin to blow, green lights And this is how it goes Yolo, yo ho, on that, fo sho Bet that shawty wet, I’m rocking her robo Heard she like it going deep May I take her photo No referees up in the ring Yeah I prefer them low blows Her shit pop, paw paw, fo fo I cuff her ass I’m no cop, but she call me robo Never had a four loco, never had a 4 loco But when they po' me up a fo' I'm leaning like a cholo Gone yeah, gone yeah, even on my own man You kid, i’ma type of grown man You rent, i’ma type of own man Your girlfriend up on me, swear he don’t know me Now I’m all in her shit, now like roman Now tell me how many licks does it take to Break her, put her to sleep and bout time now she wake up I’m fresh of a flight from the heat to the lakers And still on a high off these trees from jamaica [Hook: Jeremih] Ahh shit, ahh shit, ahh shit Nigga feeling good, she did Dammit I should, alright Now I’m fin to blow, green lights And this is how it goes [Fabolous] Digest, I just, live in that projects Now I’m in that penthouse, salute my progress Respect that process, admire my guess Fuck being modest, nigga admire my goddess Cause she bad, that’s obvious She thick, that body is Probably is, hot as Abu Dubai is And it’s going down like Elevators to where the lobby is Into 9 I’m on that brown like bobby is It’s my prerogative, I can show you how to live Every little step you take will be in shoes Guiseppe makes My tender roni, the one and only Fuck me two times in case the first one get lonely Ahhh shit, now we fucking talking Oh is we talking fucking, but what you suckers talking? I keep buying rides, like I suck at walking The models money talk, I said what you suckers talking huhh? [Hook]


ASAP ROCKY "Long.Live.A$ap"
[Verse 1] I swear this famous shit just happened overnight For sure these hoes was so uptight, but now they so polite All I see is fake love, smiles, and overbites But I’m pimpin’ nigga, Dolemite I remember when, I was like ten, maybe nine Ricky had a deuce-deuce two shotty pumps with a baby nine Busta had the rhymes, Puffy had the Shyne Bone thugs had more thugs but that was the shit, that made me rhyme Wassup, what’s on your mind? Hol’ up, I’m feeling fine Locs got me blind, thuggin’ like I’m Eazy-E up in his prime Another young nigga with a attitude I guess that’s why the crackers kept me after school Roaches on the wall, roaches on the dresser Everybody had roaches but our roaches ain’t respect us On the park bench playing checkers, sipping nectar Girbaud jeans with hologram straps and reflectors We had cookouts and dirt bikes and dice games and fist fights And fish fries and shootouts like one SIG with two rounds And click left two down, that’s four kids but one lived Left three dead, but one split, that one miss, that one snitch That’s everyday shit, shit we used to that Add it up, do the math with your stupid ass Don’t view me as no conscious cat, this ain’t no conscious rap Fuck the conscious crap, my mac’ll push your conscience back I do this for my culture, penny, nickels in the sofa Mommy watching Oprah, daddy in the kitchen whipping soda Cook, connect, named Sosa, Spanish chick by Ola hit it in the chocha With the Testarossa, hit Daytona, fuck the law, we soldiers I’m bout it bout it, nigga ain’t shit sweet about me The baddest bitches on the block be even speakin’ bout me I’m so thuggish ruggish bringin’ ruckus, knuckin’ if you buckin’ Young and thuggin’, buggin’ showing out in public, but you love it [Bridge] I only got one vision, that’s for kids in every color, religion That listen, that you gotta beat the system, stay the fuck out the prisons They try to blind our vision, but we all got children and siblings You my brother, you my kin, fuck the color of your skin [Verse 2] Back once again Chilling in the back of the ‘Lac with a pass or the gin Finna ask can I pass to her friend, Then a nigga smash, I’ll be damned if I ask her again Gold slabs on the ‘Lac when I spin, Then it’s back to the back of the Benz, Lean back in the back with the Henn And a crap when I tap that that then attack, Never tax, never that that, max on the ends Spend ends, I remember way back when, A motherfucker used to have to borrow cash from my friends, friends Just to put a snack up in the fridge When I’m on, I swear to God to pay you back Now the kids all look up to me, them bitches wanna fuck with me My idols say what’s up to me, from ugly to comfortably Suddenly [Outro] It all changed man It was just like yesterday Times was so ugly And now I’m comfortable I just only can thank God Suddenly Everything changed before my eyes By my surprise A$AP

Thug Story

Black Rob "Life Story"
Thug Story [Black Rob] Heeeeeeerrrreeee we go... Once upon a time not long ago when I was outta town movin work with Zo I used to bring my nigga B.R. and niggas with the burna's holdin' down B-R There lived a jealous kid that was mislead by anotha jealous kid who wanted me dead (He said) Me and you are gonna push this rock Once we kill Rob we takin over the block They did the job, but didnt suceed When I got up off the ground niggas couldnt believe They started bustin and'a bustin filled my ribs like crusting had the vest on so it didnt mean nothin One kid grabbed a tech and started sprayin erratic But he fell, two slugs from my semi-automatic Ran two blocks there was cops all over Then I dipped into the building ??? Banged on the door of apartment 83 Some lady start screamin like she was afraid of me Ran to the roof like Fuck that sista Ask an old man Can you help me mista? Got to the roof clutchin my four-four open up the door, yo guess who I saw (Who?) Black and ?Deaf? now, ain't this proper Guns drawn full of ??? toward the helicopter Escaped alive but my ribs was shattered Body all battered, and clothes all tattered Deep in my heart I wanted revenge but I let the shit slide til I saw 'em again Pulled out my guns and released a clip (And) Thats the way I gotta end this shit He was only one fiend, tryin to live a thugs dream Slugs to the chest, shoulda heard him scream Now this ain't funny so don't you dare laugh 'Cuz anyone of us could catch the blood bath Straight an' narrow is how niggas should Good night...good night Knock 'em out the box Black [Black Rob] I just woke up in pain, my ribs broke up Wifey on the side like Justin, shes kept the hope up All thats on my mind is revenge revenge Justin and a few dogs kicked the door of the hinge Go with the drawers on, man its cold as shit Had the mag by the table, nigga hold this shit He was one stupid nigga tryin roll for 'Delph Not knowin that he might get killed himself Now wifey being trained by the F.O.I. It was horrible, stabbed the otha cat in his eye he was screamin tryin grab her actin like he had to have her Swept him off his feet but got sliced with the dagger Well in these times, well atleast to me No true niggas rollin come in sets of three And they won't stop rollin til you let them see All the permanent scars that the tech nine leaves Barely out the crib caught one in the leg Couldn't even get my ??? had to leave 'em for dead (Damn) That's cold, yeah I know, but the cold in the streets the one who escaped is the one holdin the heat Before I breeze grab coke out the freeze By the time y'all hear this I'll be somewhere in Belize With some bad asian chick layin between my knees While I'm blowin off some trees, pumpin B.I.G.'s Greastest hits, this was my latest shit Watch how niggas act when they play this shit This a lesson, shits for real no dressing No ?lip? infestin, crab cats I'm addressin Bad Boy, the 44 Mag, fresh off the rack All you cowards and nasty ass hoes step the fuck back This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh 'Cuz anyone of us could catch the blood bath Straight an' narrow is how niggas should Good night...good night Knock 'em out the box Black Thats right Black Rob, the craziest presentation All you bitches Bad Boy, Life stories Alumni Crumbs, crumbs

DP Gangsta

Snoop Doggy Dog "Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told"
[Eddie Talking] This is a service public announcement going out to all the paper haters Now sure sure sure your broke sure sure sure your having problems Food stamps didn't come on time and the lights have been cut off But look here [Snoop] Here's a little something about a nigga like me I never should have been let out the penitentiary Snoop Dogg would like to say That I'm a crazy motherfucker when I'm playing with my AK Since I was a youth I smoked weed out Now I'm that motherfucker ya'll read about Smoking you and your crew, taking a life or two You dont like how I'm living well fuck you This is my gang nigga No Limit My nigga C will fuck you up in a minute With the pow pow bang bang and your dead And then we stamp that tank on your forehead Everywhere we go they say 'DAMN' Them gangstas they be fucking up the program And then you realize we dont care We dont just say no we to busy saying yeah About drinking straight out the ???? bottle Do I look like a motherfucking role model To a kid looking up to me Shit life aint nothing but weed and money Shit I'm that type of nigga that's quick to blast Fuck with me or C and I'll put my foot in your ass I dont give a fuck cause I keep selling Yo what the fuck are the yelling [Chorus] x2 Gangsta Gangsta Thats what the yelling Niggas living rowdy and stay bout it bout it Gangsta Gangsta Thats what the selling Bitches want to buy it cause they love that straight G shit [Snoop] Homies all standing around just hanging Some dope dealing some gang banging We decide to roll a week deep Seen a nigga on Dayton so we creep Real slow, in you before you know I had my double pointing at his window He got scared and hit the gas Right then I knew I had to smoke his ass He kept rolling I jumped in the bucket We couldn't catch him so I said fuck it Then we headed right back to ???? Sweating all the bitches in the dazzy dukes We couldn't no play from the ladies With seven niggas in a Nav is you crazy She was scared and it was showing So we all said 'FUCK YOU BITCH' and kept rolling To the hood now we was e'en to Find something else to get into Like some pussy or in fact Getting rowdy, shit but we caught the rat pack On a nigga cold nutting it off Snoop Dogg gets ignorant when I'm fucking with my tank dogs I might stumble and still wont lose Now I'm draped in my gangsta blues Cause I'm the type of nigga who's quick to blast Fuck with me or C and I'll blast your ass See I dont give a fuck cause I keep bailing Yo what the fuck are they yelling [Chorus] x1 [Snoop Talking] Hol hold on Craig B cut that shit man Man fuck that we need some gangsta in this motherfucker some other that south shit know what I'm saying Some of that shit from the thiz-ird ya heard me [Snoop] Here's another gangsta down to ride A T-shirt and Levi's is his only disguise He represents the tank but yet hard to hit Snoop Dogg and C-Murder with this gangsta shit [C-Murder] Well I'm C-Murder the one he talking about Nigga tried to play me close and got punched in the mouth Fed's tried to get me you know they some haters I said 'See you later' jumped in the Navigator With the $50's in the back with the navy blue top TRU niggas on the scene with the triple beam Cause I'm the C fool I slang and Snoop bang And I'll smoke a motherfucker like it aint no thing To all my bitches, I know your jocking my crew [Girls] We want to fuck you C [C-Murder] I want to fuck you too You see No Limit niggas dont take no shit So let me tell you motherfuckers who you fucking with Cause I'm the type of nigga that's quick to blast If you fuck with me, I'm a smoke your ass I dont give a fuck cause No Limit stay selling Yo what the fuck are they yelling [Chorus] x1 [Eddie Talking] If you'd of just stay down and been a motherfuckers real partner you wouldn't have had tat problem But seeing as you want to jump ship and you thought the ship would sink a motherfucker without turning into a submarine, went under water came back up with a periscope looking at your bitch ass Now you have no paper, and now you on a paper caper Now you coming up to my face and your saying 'Hey can I hangout' I say no cause you aint got no clout bitch get out Now I'm tired of all you silly as motherfucking paper chasing hoes Uhh this has been a public service announcement from No Limit Records In the Doggy Dogg world

It Ain't Mines

JUVENILE "Being Myself"
[Chorus 2x] Now I don't why you be acting all shady I only want to hit, not to make you my old lady So don't be telling me nothing about no babies You trying to give me a charge you must be crazy [Juvenile] I don't know why you making people think I got you swell You better quit it before one of my bitches pop you hoe I know your baby daddy he ain't got no flow You may be into playing games but its gone stop here though You want more than a fuck, you just trying to tie a nigga up Like my last bitch, I blew a lot of money on her I met her, fast pace, lil mama hard for me to slow down Why the sad face after the results come around You want a nigga to play daddy Should have asked me I would have gladly told you that I have me When you met me you told me you wanted a gangsta to hit Without the wisdom of knowing I'm off the chain with this shit Now your feelings done got involved and you ain't glad with a fuck And you wonder why all the players keep on passing you up Look Juve ain't going through that old Billie Jean shit I ain't gone let you put your babies on me I mean this [Chorus] [Juvenile] You got a fat ass, your chest right, and you dress right But would I fuck without a rubber You're thinking I just might Trying to get an easy pay off, you're fighting for a wild card bitch But I'm in the playoffs, you be scheming all day, hoe take a day off Find another target this one you need to stay off Your looking for a reputation - I'ma give ya one Don't be trying to give me a charge - nothing a nigga done As far as I'm concerned that baby can be for anyone Not til you entered the party there wasn't any fun It's not me it's the attention I draw To make these bitches fill out paper work and lie to the law It's obvious she want to ride in the driver's seat of my car Taking the lotteries to get some properties from a star Look Juve ain't going for that old Billie Jean shit I ain't gone late you put your babies on me I mean this [Chorus] [Juvenile] They be like look at his lips, look at her eyes and her ears Mama said 'If I don't approve it, the baby not his' She said she not gone keep all that () with kids Keep playing mama said she saw 380 ya did I saw the grin on your face the moment I saw you in court Wish I would have saw your face when the test was exposed This ain't your first time you done did before Your not even gonna have a vagina no more You're making accusations you ain't sure bout You had a chance to be a queen but still you chose to whore out Don't even speak you ain't no friend cause you an enemy now Niggaz knowing you ain't the hoe you pretend to me now You done caught a maybe-baby, move you're whoring and drama You needs to try to focus on your daughter lil mama Look cause Juve ain't going for that old Billie Jean shit I ain't gone let you put your babies on me I mean this [Chorus]

Straight Gangstaism

GETO BOYS "Till Death Do Us Part"
...when the fire dies down what the fuck you gonna do? damn it feels good to be a gansta... yeah, I take y'all way back Seven years old, I'm lookin' up to the ganstas in the hood, 'cause to me and my cousins yeah they represented good, Even when we played cops and robbers on the block, nobody wanted to play the cop yeah, 'cause the cop was a pussy-ass bitch, and if you played the cop, nigga you got your ass kicked! I was a curious child, I used to hang out by the ballroom and study the gansta style The way they talk, the way they walk, the way they act, the way they wore dat gansta hat, Tilted, rim layed flat out, now that's the type a shit I'm talkin' about yeah, Cigarette in one hand, drink in the other, leanin' to one side, cooler than a motherfucker, With the ganstass nicknames, Killin' Boy, Pokey, Big Joe, Go-Deal, Lil Lane, True muthafuckin' mack daddies, bitch on the side, drivin' the '73 caddy, Wid a chrome plated .357 ready to send a muthafucka on a stairway to heaven, I was fascinated, yeah I let 'em influence me, and my momma hate it, But she still gave me love, 'cause my momma understood, that it was in my blood, See I was a psycho, and in a few mo' years she wouldn't have to worry about a Michael, 'cause I'll be makin' my own decisions, yeah Comin' up fast, clockin' cash Straight Ganstaism Yeah... Uh... On and On and On and On and On... Yeah... Uh Break it down Uh Like dat Like dat Yeah Now is '93 I got a name fo' myself, Made a little dough, played the cards I was dealt, didn't go fo' self, now I'm a G, huh and every muthafuckin' body know me, Niggas in the hood, all got love, 'cause they saw me raise up from a muthafuckin scrub, And hoes that I know, from way back befo' they used to say no, all wanna go to the hotel, 'cause they claim that they intrested, and everybody talkin' about the shit that they wish they did, but I surpassed all that, they used to wanna know if I was down, now they don't ask all that, 'cause they believin' what they seein' A young nigga comin' up fast, yeah Sittin' back as a youngsta, peepin' out ma folks, Some were straight G's and some when not smoking dope, I had to cope wid it, be a man and stay strong, even though some folks didn't think that I'd live long, I watch grandpa shoot dice at the liquo' sto' Gettin' licks in the dough ague and the Big Joe, Walkin' out the door wid a gallon of Jack, Sellin' straight cess booze 'cause back then there weren't no crack, A matter fact, to this day, I'm doin' shit like grandpa in every way, I got my hustle on loc I ain't frontin' Jus' a young nigga in this world tryin' ta have somethin' yeah That's then you find and I know, That's how I was raised and that's how I'm a go, I dunno will I ever be a cell mate but I do know I'm never goin' straight... Gansterism Yeah [toke] really doe [toke] 3-2 in the muthafuckin' house doe [toke] Down with the mutherfuckin' GB [toke] and y'all gonna hear the original big baby really doe [toke] and the mutherfuckin' 9 to the deuce! I know you heard that big baby [toke] yeah [toke] We got Seag in the muthafuckin' house doe from Oakland [toke] yeah We got Big Mike yeeahuh, Fattey Hattey yeeahuh We got Big Chief and LeJay, really doe [toke] Say big baby, lookit my deed [laugh laugh] you fuckin' bitch! [laugh laugh laugh] really doe Bido in the muthafuckin' house, yeah Nigga face evil [toke] really doe [toke] they can't fade this soft shit doe [toke] Uh the they can't fade it doe I'm outta this beeyatch! z

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