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JEREMIH lyrics - Late Nights: The Album

Tonight Belongs To U!

Original and similar lyrics
Wasn't looking forward to heal the scar But today, I was riding on Lonely Boulevard Wishing all wasn't lost and then there, there you came Honestly, a star shooting through the scene In the sky, that's where we are, and I'm tryna catch your beam See them other girls, yeah they try, but they ain't fly like you [Hook:] Tonight belongs to you Tonight belongs to you And I'm so glad I found you I'm so glad I found you You're all by yourself and I came to help I was down, wasn't right and you came from out of left Made a storm up in Ibiza, oh, oh what a dream I'll close my eyes babe, now I don't wanna go I'mma stall cause if I'm dreaming I don't wanna wake up Got it heated from the steam, full speed ride with you [Hook:] Tonight belongs to you Tonight belongs to you And I'm so glad I found you I'm so glad I found you [Flo Rida:] Flo Rida, ayo Jeremih, lemme holla at lil mama right quick I know who you are, you're a rider, girl on fire, ghetto superstar And I can't deny you, girl your body so damn beautiful Let me see you turn around like aye Baby go on drop it to the ground like aye Red lips, yellow bone, green light aye I ain't stopping baby 'til I get that thing right Worn down, feeling like I finally found that one one one one Slow down, pull the trigger too fast I'll bust my gun gun gun gun No conversation Don't stop, break down and shake it Them other girls really basic You amazing, so glad I got you girl [Hook:] And I'm so glad I found you I'm so glad I found you

Hold Me (Trackmaster's Remix)

(feat. Tone, Kobe Bryant) [Tone] Brian McKnight, Trackmasters (ooooh) Here we go, Kobe, Brian McKnight [Kobe] Yeah, g's are [Tone] Trackmasters (mmmm) Uh, red hot, baby Honey, listen up (listen) The lies and pain, it's enough (it's enough) End it, exit, leave homes alone (uh, huh) Got my Tone, the New York Giant man's a client I'm the president (yeah) Money, long like jail sentences Sentences, poetic, him (Him) Forget it (forget it) Amnesia, I need ya I need a women like you I know you wanna go (wanna go) Your girlfriends say (say) That you wanna leave (leave) Here's my chauffer (uh, huh) Give him his keys to his V's Now honey, you can ride me [Brian] Remember way back when, when I first met ya Didn't wanna sweat ya, wanted you to put me on 1-5-5 at the Rucker's All them other suckers tried the game I knew you were the one, oh yeah Well, I know you think about me (you think about me) But I don't know what you're waitin' to see Girl, I want you in my life Let me show you right You're the only one that matters to me (c'mon) Girl, it's about time [1] - It's time you put me on Right here's where you belong Don't be afraid to hold me I'm here and it's OK There's nothing else to say Don't be afraid to hold me When you were alone that night I called you from Jamaica You were listening to 'I'll Take Her' And I know I made ya smile (mm, hmm) But I ain't on the shining tip But I know you like that flossy shit I just want to hold you for a while, oh, girl Well I know you dream about me (I know you dream about me) But I don't know what you're waitin' to see Girl, I want you in my life Let me show you right You're the only one that matters to me (c'mon) It's about time [Repeat 1] [Tone] KB, sing it, Kobe [Kobe] Your love's a sword slicing gently through my body Burn so sweet, blood boils when you speak (yeah) Makes me weak but I refuse to weep Yet when I sleep I feel tears tricklin' down my cheek (c'mon) Stay strong, pride telling me move on My heart's fightin' me, forcin' me to hold on Yours forever, fell for you beyond measure Pure as ever, fazed by sins of treasure [Brian] Tonight's the night (Tonight's the night, tonight) Let's make it tight baby (Let's make it tight, tonight) Leave all our cares (Leave all our cares behind) Tonight's the night (Tonight's the night, tonight) Hey [Tone] Here we go [Repeat 1 until fade]

Say Yeah

AZIATIX "Nocturnal"
[Rap I] So many shorties, eeny, meeny, miny mo’ Every single eye on me when I get up on the floor Let me see you move that body, let me see you bump and grind Up, down, to the left and right, then baby bring it down low I’ma show the girls I’m bout it And they gon’ show me how they ride it ‘Cuz still the sun comes up shining I’ma bring that heat so I can change the climate Forget a baller just get a piece of Jay so you can come peep game at over time Golden child I’m born to shine, my A+ game like all the time [Chorus I] Who’s up for another round, tonight it’s going down We bout to run this town, got you jumping up and down [Rap II] Don’t worry ‘bout a thing ‘cuz drinks are on me Hypnotic, Jin and Tonic, you ain’t getting over me So I’ma get up off of my feet and party, jump ‘till I’m off the ground G5, G6 I’m fly, no lie, got nothing on me ‘Cuz I been on my 9 to 5 and now I’m ‘bout to get me some work, work ‘Cuz I been the man ever since my birth, now I’ma show them what I’m worth, worth Got you moving on the dance floor, the DJ makes you dance floor Move like a freak when you move with the beat, but girl keep your pants on [Chorus II] Who’s up for another round, tonight it’s going down We bout to run this town, got you jumping up and down [Rap III] So raise up your glass, cheers to the good life and have a blast And I don’t even know if I’m drunk, but I have to ask Baby girl, let me get that ass So as long as all the lights are glowing Music out the speakers blowing Flowing, people on the floor So might as well keep going [Bridge] I’ll make you feel right, so come with me tonight And we can rock, ‘till we drop, ‘till the daylight Girl play the game right, then girl do what you like Move to the left, to the right, rockin’ all night [Chorus III] Who’s up for another round, tonight it’s going down We bout to run this town, got you jumping up and down

Me And My Bitch

JAHEIM "Still Ghetto"
[Verse 1] Sitting here with carats in your ears, mink on your back, your bank account stacked You deserve everything you got cause you held me down when things got hot on the block Looking back I remember the days when shit got thick you were the first to say 'Baby keep your head up, it will be ok' You're better off without that kind of bad ass nigga anyway [Chorus:] It's on tonight Cash up in the dash and I'm feelin right Got heat up in the seat just in case of beef for anyone who wanna come test me and my baby Honey don't be afraid See this cat ridin in that Escalade plotting on my riches yeah he will get slayed Messin 'round with me and my lady, me and my bitch [Verse 2] You're a dream you're my ghetto queen If I ain't got nobody else I know I got you on my team So I knock, get the cake, cop the rocks, meet your pops then move your whole family off the block Still niggas talking this and that Jah don't how to treat you don't know how to act You're a good girl you deserve better than that when in fact accounts are major got your name attached [Chorus] [Bridge:] It's on tonight do what you like Whatever's wrong I'll make it right Got your back count on that Whatever you need I'm down for you cause You're on my team you're my everything Your doe gettin low girl I gots to pay So tonight it's all on you so won't you let your boy know what you trying to do [Chorus]

Let's Stay Home Tonight (Remix)

JOE "Better Days"
(feat. Petey Pablo) [Petey's Rap:] Your__ are fat I'm bout eat you up girl The wait has been long enough And I'm ready (been ready) to freak the funk Where the gravy-lick that biscuit Let me get some hottie on toast with a pound of butter No soda, no juice, no water or nothing junk man__ till I pass the hell out I want some slobber hanging out the side of your mouth I want some honey flow to the bed to the couch I wants some to the front to the back of the house No phone, no 2-way, nobody tracking us down Baby mama, your baby daddy Petey back in the house Let me rub you down in hot oil and cocoa butter Let's play hide and go seek and he can't stop Cause this year past you need to take this thing to the rubber Hey Joe bring that hook back and let me slip on this rubber (This is the remix) Girl it's been a while for us We gotta lot of making up Let's get into some sexy stuff Ain't no need for us to rush (This is, This is the remix) Girl I got an appetite And I'm about to take a bite So baby let's dim the lights Daddy's staying home tonight Tell your girlfriends Don't be coming round like if we be on the bed rocking All night Girl I'll have you in and out of here Seen it like a __ Girl I wanna show you love Romance you till you get enough Oh baby now let's stay home tonight Can't you see that - that I need you baby Girl here is where I wanna stay No friends, no phone, no 2-way Oh let's stay home tonight Don't you know that I need you Ooh Ooh settle me baby It's about to get crazy Gonna be ridin' tonight Cause you got a sexy way So girl put on a show for J And you know how I like to play When we play Ooh no pager, no phone Don't knock on my door Leave us alone Nobody's home Ooh No car, no keys I can't go She can't leave Please baby (Let's stay home tonight) Girl I got the remedy don't you see That we got to keep this thing so tight So tonight all of my__ don't that sound all right

Had Me A Real Good Time

Faces "Long Player"
(Ron Wood, Rod Stewart Ronnie Lane) Thought I was lookin' good So I cycled 'cross the neighbourhood Was invited by a skinny girl Into her high class world Left my bicycle under the stairs Laid my coat across the kosher chairs Made my way across the crowded room I had nothing to lose My reception wasn't very keen So turning on a friendly grin Stood on the table with my glass of gin And came straight to the point (Chorus) I was glad to come I'll be sad to go So while I'm here I'll have me a real good time (Repeat) Dancing madly round the room, yeah Singing loudly and sorta' out of tune Was escorted by a friendly slag 'Round the bedroom and back Wandered across to the door Missed my step and I fell on the floor. Said one word and was asked to leave Kinda' wish I was dead. (Chorus) The skinny girl made it clear That she only came here for the beer The vicar simply reeked of gin On my way home I happened to fall off my bicycle (Good party) I was glad to come, but I was also glad to get home

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