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JEREMIH lyrics - Late Nights: The Album


Original and similar lyrics
This one goes out to all sides world wide Let that play ass nigga thumpy be your guide As we go on a ride with playa hatin' killers and hood niggas thrive And lame mah'fuckers can barely survive Catch me rollin' through the city Ridin' with the top off Man, my whip so big when you in it Fuck around and get lost Told my bitch to let her hair down What this shit costs Tell me, baby, if you 'bout that life right now I hope it ain't talk [Pre-Hook 1:] I can put you in the Mile High Club, what's up? Let's take a trip Have you ever read "The World Is Yours" On a blimp? [Pre-Hook 2:] Tell her be free, baby, spread your wings Got your legs in the sky like a plane Let me guide that, I'm the pilot Can't nobody see you 30 thousand feet On your knees in them Prada's Makin' freaky shit come up out her [Hook:] Get high baby roll one, cloud nine, 'bout to go up Lovin' the feelin, the turbulence, girl, when we turn up When we land we can roll out Show you somethin' you ain't know about Tonight we be takin' off flight with a camera to show out I got you in the air, your body in the air How it feel up here? You can scream as loud as you want, and loud as you can And ain't nobody gonna hear it Would you like it better If I hit the west coast? [Pre-Hook 1] [Pre-Hook 2] [Hook] [J. Cole:] Cole World, I got it, I got it, I got it, listen You need a nigga that's gonna come over and dig you out You need a nigga that you know is not gon' run his mouth You need a nigga when he done probably gon' put you out You need a nigga that's gon' put it in your mouth Dick so big it's like a foot is in yo' mouth And you ain't babysitting, but my kids all on yo' couch And oh, you nasty, oh, oh, you nasty Both graduated so fuck keepin' it classy Look, they love me in the Chi like MJ They love me in the Chi like Oprah No nigga could block, not even Dikembe Compared to Cole, boy, you're softer than a sofa And so far my new shit's so fire, nigga, check my profile Who you know make waves in a low tide? Deebo'ed yo' bitch, now she both ours Nigga, little brown liquor in my liver Pretty brown thang in my bed Been a long time since I had to ask for head So God damn don't make me beg But I will if I need to cause for real, girl, I need you I could put you on a flight, we could take off tonight If you scared of heights, shit I got a pill I could feed you Cole [Pre-Hook 1]

Feel Good

Ain't no more sunshine Just rain and cold suffering Generations born to die with their eyes wide open The clock strikes The wrong rights The mob rules The second armageddon igniting the lit fuse No turning back Every soldier's on point Ready to die The confrontation's coming ready or not It's on again It's time to say your prayers again It's not the end Just the beginning of the end [Chorus:] (Is it hard?) Yeah I can hold it down like that! (Is it real?) Yeah you know I break it down like that! (Is it rough?) Don't even try to front like that! I'm on fire baby A big dog will hunt like that! Another day Another busta wanna battle me Another mama crying Now here baby is a casualty I'm ready nigga Slice like a machete nigga Confetti nigga Never spend it on Betty nigga I hit and run Never stressin' to look back When I look back I think about the love I never had Then I wake up I get fucked up and I get even Approach you from the front But in your back a knife I'm leaving (Is it hard?) Yeah I can hold it down like that! (Is it real?) Yeah you know I break it down like that! (Is it rough?) Baby don't even try to front like that! I'm on fire girl A nigga will hunt like that! The sky is falling I don't care (I just want to feel good) Her train's leaving She don't care (She just wants to feel good) The world's dying We don't care (We just want to feel good) It's all over We don't care! (We just want to feel good) [Spoken:] Haha hey, let me get some of that Jack Daniels' Let me check out some of that porno dog Let me hit that joint No, no, no, no, no, no don't take em' off Don't take em' off Leave em' on, leave em' on I like that shit Now roll and light that shit And get on with this shit! No, we can't compromise like that! No, we can't conform like that! I'm saying fuck you and fuck the norm like that! Revolt and transform like that Make a difference Have a motherfuckin' impact It won't stop raining It's flooding The revelation was all true You drew first blood Jesus is coming to take you Coming to break you Make you just like new Satan's laughing Spreads his wings and gets a new tattoo A new platinum chain A new pinky ring The Rolex, the Benz, the huggy bear pimp thing Nigga it's midnight Never forget where you come from Keep your mouth shut Back the fuck up Watch what you doin' Punk! Bitch! Motherfucker! [Repeat Chorus]

The Stick Up

MYSTIKAL "Ghetto Fabulous"
[Mia X] [Mystikal] MC.. (Whoa) This is your motherfuckin time nigga, you ready (Huh bro) You sho' you ready (Fuckin right.. nigga what!) Fuck that mask we don't need no mask they know who we is anyway! What we gon' do, is go in here, handle our business Take everything and break out You feelin me [gun cocks] Well let's let them niggaz have it [Mia X] This is a stick, up, MC's lay it down We got the clout in this bitch so don't be fuckin around Got the rap game locked, spittin what they feelin Makin all the money, got em say we rackateering Y'all fearing No Limit, black owned and operated Uncle Tom's and Lil' Sambo's get annihilated Y'all ain't tolerated, cause only soldiers ride with T-R-U On the Tank full of lyricists, hustlers, and gorillas Killers, and we do what we gotta do to make it happen All action, all cappin, fuck yappin Mappin, out the industry, gon' blow this joint and take the royalties, the publishin and all the points right with us It's the Black Prince and the Biggest Mama Shootin sparks from the top of the Billboard charts Watch out now, don't nobody move, cause you gon' lose Then we takin everything, cause we brought the right tools [ Chorus: Fiend [repeat 2X]] Give it up, give it up, or get fucked up It's gon' happen point blank range, so don't even duck We lust to bust, turnin bitches to dust Always your ass if you don't give it up [Mystikal] Black Prince in this bitch with the Biggest Mom of em all Out of sight, when we unite, like killers and George Slowly, unlock the safe on the wall Stop disrespectin the pistol I'm pointin at y'all Buck buck! Get down, get on your face or get handled Bitch keep still 'fore I make an example Cut up that fuckin remake, and give me that sample Give me the fuckin recoup, you 'sposed to be payin me! Bag the loot then, cover the camera Snatch a fuckin hostage then run out with the manager Fuck it, gotta have my paper, fortune and fame Lay it down so the bitches won't forget my name! [GUN FIRES] Listen close motherfucker If you don't meet my demands, this nigga gon' suffer This ain't no fucking game, and ain't none of this funny If you want this nigga to live, then gimme your company! [ Chorus ]


JA RULE "The Mirror"
[Ja Rule:] Now Niggas Know I'm From New York But Shit I Love Cali-Forn-I-A From Back When Nwa Rocked The Black And Grey Raiders Shit On Some Gansta Shit Niggas Wasnt Thinkin Bout Hoes And How ? I Don 2-Toned The Blues Just To Ride Up The Strip For The Look On Sunset Sun-Up On Sunset Niggas Be On Some Pimp Shit But You Already Know This If You Ever Know This By The Looks Of Me Baby Im Holdin And I Aint Tellin If You Aint Knowin Ima Don Meet Me At The ? Ill Be Sittin Out Front In The Back Watchin The Stars Born And You Aint Gettin Gone At Least No Time Soon Cause We Headin Over To The Viper Room To Get High On Whatever Your Heart Desires But You Can Start Given Head While We Ride Sunset [Chorus: x2] Can We Take A Ride Up And Down The Sunset ? Watch My Body Get So Wet Tonights Gon' Be The Night Baby ? Ill Make You Feel So Good While We Ride So Good While We Ride [Game:] You Already Know Californias The Mecca Of Hydroliks The Switches On Lowridas The Daytins On Gold Wires Westsidas Throw It Up My Niggas Its All Love Im Callin Out Every Crip And Blood In La Essa's Hit The Strip On Dubs Lets Hit The Club My Bitches Start Strippin For Dubs Mami Wassup Lambo Doors Up When They See Me They Show Me Love Honk The Horn, Pull Over And Roll Up The Chronic And Blow Dubs Better Hope It Aint No Gun-Play Cause Sunset Friday Is Crenshaw Sundays And I Love La Like Snoop Love The Six-Tre Where Would I Be Without Dre To Live And Die In La All We Know Is Lowridas And Sex And What Happens On Sunset Stays On Sunset Got The Whole Strip Throwin Up Dubs And Since Pac Died It Aint Been No California Love [Ja Rule:] La, Ghost Ride Ya Whips For The Bay Put Ya Stunna Shades On Sittin On Chrome Candy Painted Impala 6-4 6-Duece Continetals With Suicide Doors Cant Help But Floss When You In Floss-Angeles Just Learn Ya Dress Code B's & C's Cause Its All About The G-Code Niggas Fuckin ? Ridin Down Rodeo With Twins That Resemble J-Lo Uh-Oh They Wanna Get To Lickin And Pimpin The Right Places I Promise I Be Patient Before I Get To Replacin A Bitch I Mean In 2 With This Shit That Means Its 4 Lips At One Time Around One Dick Can Be Doin It While We Hittin The Strip In The Back Of The 6 Sunset We Ridin High On It [Chorus x2] Ill Make Ya Feel Good While We Ridin Baby So Good While We Riding Baby So Good While We Riding Baby And Your Love Just Drives Me Crazy

Baby Blue

ACTION BRONSON "Mr. Wonderful"
[Hook - Action Bronson:] Why you always all on my back? Why you gotta do me like that? Why you gotta act like a bitch when I'm with you? Baby girl I'm blue [Verse 1 - Action Bronson:] Because you treat me like shit I paid for the bed and never even slept in it I paid for that crib and never stepped foot in And now somebody else is eating all the pudding Things change now my dashboard wooden All black Benz like a young Doc Gooden Thug shades cause I'm stone crazy Girl, we grown, stop playing on my phone, baby All your childish attempts to make me angry fall short Which only fuels the rage you have, because you have nothing Understandable, I'm shining brilliant with 5 Brazilians There were times I used to hide my feelings Now I'm butt naked in the Lamborghini And motherfuckers can't see me Wait 'till the chick see me on TV, I make the shit look easy Who would've thought I hit you right back? [Hook - Action Bronson:] Why you always all on my back? Why you gotta do me like that? Why you gotta act like a bitch when I'm with you? Baby girl I'm blue [Verse 2 - Action Bronson:] So many women wanna call me, baby And you wonder why the fuck that I ain't call you lately Some would say that I'm the symbol for sex and uh Others would hate, but I don't give em no breath Go on a date, I'm at the crib with the chef and uh, that's me And you could order whatever The specialty is white snake and underwear sauce You could probably catch me somewhere where the sun is next And I understand that's only cause I'm popular I'm getting topped off in the front row of the opera As Bocelli sings the celly rings I gotta go you'll never know how good it feels to lay in bed with king I'm not exactly flawless, but I'm gorgeous just like a horse is I know the thought of me succeeding makes a lot of people nauseous Still I'm on the back of the boat taking pictures with the swordfish [Hook - Action Bronson:] Why you always all on my back? Why you gotta do me like that? Why you gotta act like a bitch when I'm with you? Baby girl I'm blue [Verse 3 - Chance The Rapper:] I hope you get a paper cut on your tongue From a razor in a paper cup I hope every soda you drink already shaken up I hope your dreams dry like raisins in the baking sun I hope your titties all saggy in your early 20's I hope there's always snow in your driveway I hope you never get off Fridays And you work at Friday's that's always busy on Fridays I hope you win the lottery and lose your ticket I hope it's Ben and Socrates poop all up in your kitchen I hope the zipper on your jacket get stuck And your headphones short, and your charger don't work And you spill shit on your shirt I hope your tears don't hurt, and I can smile in your face Cut my losses, how Delilah changed my locks to fade I hope you happy, I hope you happy I hope you ruined this shit for a reason, I hope you happy, igh [Hook - Action Bronson:] Why you always all on my back? Why you gotta do me like that? Why you gotta act like a bitch when I'm with you? Baby girl I'm blue [Outro - Chance The Rapper:] La La La La

I Am

G-DEP "Child Of The Ghetto"
(feat. Kool G. Rap, Rakim) [Kool G Rap] G Rap with my nigga G-Dep We about to do it Gorilla style, u heard It's a Igloo-Badboy collabo thing u know Y'all niggaz ain't ready for it Coming rambo style nigga 2 guns up Y'all niggaz better duck down I'll get your cap lifted off Thats how we doing it for the new millennium u heard [G Dep] Regardless of the wait i'm gonna stay straight ghetto Everybody high, don't nobody say hello Even when the sunshining it ain't yellow Get out of the borough If u know it ain't thorough Niggas play ball, AWOL, on the furlow Still came down on the furl and pumped hero Red and grey Macs Keep it clean as Ajax Ghettos sling cracks While u niggas pay tax Now how ghetto is this u can catch me in your hallway taking a piss One hand on my dick one hand on a spliff Burnt lips from the roach clip, yellow tips If we aint closed it I get ferocious Know this whole shit will leave me in them roaches In your car motion I cause commotion And i probably need some lotion But i don't get fucked [CHORUS] [G Dep (sung)] I am (a ghetto nigga) A ghetto nigga you can tell in a talk On the corner selling the snort It's hell in New York Won't stop for a minute cops telling you hawk Fake guards telling you pork Settle for shorts Running from court New ports, criminal thoughts On the blocks bodies acourt Nobody supports [Rakim] It's a ghetto nigga thorough niggas that get cake Five boroughs of niggaz do his a flip weight Change garments to trick Jake, u dis jake I want it yo I got warrants in six states They come in a stolen whip with switched plates Stickers hate I never leave a bread to trace Only evidence I leave is hickies on chicks' face In the corner with the crooked niggas But yo shit's straight We start war to leave with these seven revolvers Sell case never test the floor Sticky yank slicking enough y'all I'm a man enough to put on a dress To creep up like grand-moma and bust y'all Get close enough to part your vest and tux off Who would have thought the lady with the car would crush y'all Too smart to get caught But I got fam up north So if they put me in coughs I'll call fuck y'all [CHORUS] [Kool G Rap] Knock back the hammer smell the Pop that cantelope For the venom in my python spit It ain't no antidote Jackpot from crack blocks I was a man of dope Snapshots to get your camera broke You hoes used to plan a gross With the hands toast Close and stand opposed Rubber bands she knows Grams of the coke Razor blade tuck the side the line The banter of the coke Watching niggas die with my hand on their doe Singing with the bass And wash up the land when they float Choking on your own words Should have watched the ground when u spoke One last final approach Make your whole family ghost Bust bottles of cham and and we toast Till your photo stamped in the post Sex gland cut off jammed in ur throat Man are u gross Bitch hanging from the lampost We shoot from up close Blow canners the most Catch an overdose Nigga we own the coast [G Dep (sung)] I am (a ghetto nigga) [X2] [Fade Out]

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