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JEREMIH lyrics - Jeremih


Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] You see the flashy lights It's like a movie scene Them stunna shades got you lookin like a beauty queen Without a throne American, but international She got her hair done Styled in designer jeans Heels on, and her skin type Maybelline I can't control The way you walkin, girl, you got me gone [Chorus:] When I see her, my mind goes to places I just can't focus when she's on the stage It's the way she switches her hips with her body Just proves she's truly the life of the party now Look at her She got it Shawty knows she's the shit You can tell by the look in her eyes She's like the devil in disguise When she's on the runway Walkin down the runway Sexy down the runway Take a picture on the runway [Verse 2:] The show is sold out They say she's popular When she comes out, everybody's watchin her. She's got the crown Lookin seductive, but still holds a smile She's like an angel I'd say she's heaven sent From head to toe, lil mama's visual medicine you should see This shawty's hotter than the third degree [Chorus] Wait a minute Strike a pose Take a picture (click) And girl I gotta know your name Is it Mary Jane? [Chorus]

In My Sleep

JOE BUDDEN "Padded Room"
[Verse 1 - Joe Budden] Baby girl told me in my sleep I was talkin So it's only natural I asked her what I said? (said) She said she woke up when she heard But she was so damn tired she couldn't make out a word" (out a word) She said she was tryin to see if eventually I would scream the name of a bird (bird) I told her that's absurd ('surd), and then gave her the face like "word?" (word) And then she replied yeah, said it was quite weird, said she was type scared I said "that's a side effect that you get when you trade bad dreams for some great nightmares" ('mares) When I close my eyes (eyes), I escaped the Poltergeist my escape from reality, just what I needed Brings me to a place where shorty never cheated (hey!) And even if she tried and succeeded In this other world I wouldn't even get heated Fuck (fuck) the details, I don't care about why I'm chillin with my grandmother, she ain't die (she ain't die) I was browsing online and seen Mike on a banner That said "you can be like me and beat cancer" Anything I touched, I'd feel (feel) No inspection but it seemed so real (real) Was leavin out the casino with a nympho Yes, Ray it can be so simple (oh) Here's how I arrive a problem with my kin folk Learn how to build me a house with no win-dows And that's when I think I saw a ribbon in the sky but it wasn't from an in-tro 'Cause where I'm at is no rumors or gossip but still got love for Ms. In-fo She said in my sleep I'd be laughin, but shit be funny to me (oh) Look, my ice cream was two hundred degrees if it dripped, I'd get a hole in my dungarees See, my anonymity is my protection (what else?) and me and hip-hop have no connection (what else?) Which got me to reflectin, is that why the mirror won't show my reflection? When I close my eyes, there's no dollars so we can scratch that one as an excuse (or) Or why folks do the things they do (or) or why people act so brand new (let's go) I had wings on flyin out a prison with a ratchet was only there 'cause someone snitched Look (look here), no one's poor but no one's rich just my way of creepin if life's a bitch Took a walk on the ceiling just to get my mind right That was yesterday (so), so in hindsight Since I was able to haul off I took it as God tellin me I'll never fall off (off) Got rid of name brands in the jewelry (why?) most people just use it as medicine Like it take 'em somewhere they ain't never been (but) but here you better off not better than (oh!) Stuck in the room with a elephant Opened the closet and dapped up my skeleton Had a convo with a man with no ears And all of a sudden everything became so clear (clear) Have no fear, I just bought a first class trip to nowhere - everybody goes there But they don't stay the whole year, me? I got three hundred and sixty-five shows there My girl said in my sleep, I'd be walkin (walkin), so I ask baby, where I go? Uh, she said I be walkin slow but she don't ever want to get out of bed, so she don't know I went to see a man walkin on water (and) Asked if he'd ever get things back in order (and) I've been there two years, over a quarter But everytime I open my eyes, it's like torture (torture) He said "please, I gave you a whole 'nother world for you to go do with as you please Just so you appeased, mixed with a couple of signs about real life while you make believe" So I (so I), teleported out of there with a grin Met a bum with a mansion, invited me in Then (then), we politiced, about politics Said somethin about Def Jam, I ain't acknowledge it I went to see a virgin with AIDS, yeah I thought about smashin that (why?) yeah her ass was fat So appealin, tattoo on her inner thigh said "she doin better than she was feelin" (feelin) I think I seen shorty before (like), maybe in a club or somethin Or, maybe in VIP, but wasn't nobody there but me And the club was all red (red) Then she started playin with my head (my head) And then I came Then I asked shorty, "what's her name?" And it was weird 'cause she fucked around, disappeared (uh, 'peared) like what a cruel joke (look) Cig lit but from it was no smoke Flicked in the ash tray and seen Stack's face Flash through a school hallway on a half day Was gettin chased, couldn't tell by who (or) Then a hallway turned into a cliff (what else?) Screamin piff before I was dead Some coward chopped my ass up out that bed Then baby girl told me in my sleep, I was screamin (screamin) so I said that's a lie (that's a lie) She put her right hand in the sky and said "you was, but I don't know why, got to go, goodbye" (goodbye, goodbye ...)

Stay Awhile

Ooooo [4x] [Hook] Shawty lay back, let ya hair down I'll make you smile Stay Awhile, Stay Awhile, While If you want, I'll come rub ya back Let ya stress out, you can say yes now I ain't too proud to beg Shawty lay back, let ya hair down I'll make you smile Stay Awhile, Stay Awhile, While If you want, I'll come rub ya back Let ya stress out, you can say yes now I ain't too proud to beg Stay Awhile, While [Verse 1: Quincy] Stay awhile That's what I told you, you was leavin you came back It made me smile, no we ain't sleepin alone tonight We don't gotta make love, we can just cuddle up What's the game plan, baby let's huddle up Right now, baby let's do it right now, Oh Shawty come here, take off your sandals I'm tryna see how much love you can handle, We'll see Here let me run your bath, it's beautiful watchin you, makin you laugh Pop in a DVD, Race me to the bed So many thoughts runnin through your head Wish I can read your mind I'll wrap you up, you don't need a vine Want a t-shirt, Girl you can sleep in mine [Hook] [Verse 2: Quincy] Good night, No sleepin Gettin dirty, no sweepin No tellin what happens when you stay Take a shot, don't miss it Forehead, I'ma kiss it Girl everything is okay We feenin lust Our bodies touchin, and we lovin how we rubbin There is no space between us It's not a race, I'm gonna take my time Tell me it's all mine You been patient in my waiting room Just slip off yo gown Goin down when I lay with you Close your You plus me We go together like 1 4 3 Baby start channeling the inner freak The night ain't gonna end We just began [Hook] [Verse 3: Kendre] It took a lil while to get you here And I ain't tryna waste no time Girl you so fine, you're a dime And I don't wanna spend it I'ma put that in my penny, bank Come a little closer girl Them Jimmy Choo's that you got on look like they wanna be alone (Boy read my mind) I know, shut up, come on Show it, I want you to own it You my tenderoni Girl the championship belt, I'll hold it You lucky my shawty Take it off so we can get started I'm gone blow yo mind I'ma do it so right When you go back to ya guy, you gone wanna cry So dont, at least not tonight girl You gone, you gone wanna switch it up for me [Hook]

Work It Out

JURASSIC 5 "Feedback"
1-2-1-2 [Dave Matthews] A don't stop stop your dreamin' Let yourself float upon the notion We can work it out, we gon' work it out baby Go ahead lose yourself inside this opportunity That we gonna make it right now, make it right now [Marc 7even] Hey We live and we learn, we crash and we burn Right now my only rhyme is this lesson I learned You talk about trust, I talk about lust It's not appealin' as you truly speak your feelings I'll be lookin' at the ceiling, so concealing I shoulda put my heart on the table Knowin' I was good and able but instead I fed your fables If I could have you back best believe it'd be forever Cause each and every day you would hear those four letters [Chorus] [Chali 2na] Hey These are different times but we feel the same pains The blood of mankind runnin' through the same veins We'd like to make it right some which it remain tame Same crimes even though the names changed And we like different minds workin' off the same brain Passengers on different cars steppin' off the same train In the end, makin' it right's the main aim Different parts of the picture highlight the same frame [Chorus] [Akil] Yo Now if you know what I know you need to work it out If you ain't happy with yourself you need to work it out You havin' problems with your family then work it out The things we go through just to work it out I work it out when the situation seems unworkable unreversible but God is most merciful Many works, Many men converse With soul searches sweat it out when they tryin' to work it out [Soup] With the constant complaint, we either gonna make it fly Or we ain't, I already know what some of ya think I'ma talk a hip hop and how bad its got Then tryin' pull a brother, I'm not lookin' for nobody to judge, you said you ain't I never thought you was I'm just tryin' get with ya and pose in the same picture So this mic thing can move the right thing and do the right thing Made for your life gain, plus my man might sing [Chorus - 2X]

She's No You (Remix)

[Fabolous:] Now if I ride with a dime, why hop out for pennies And real talk, I don't really bring the drop out for many Girl, the way you cop out a mini I look at your OG, baby, my only The dudes wanna get in your zipper Girls hate Cinderella, but still try to fit in her slipper But they can't compare, 'cause it's all that and some here Jesse's back... with Jesse Mac, yeah They got a lot of girls Who know they got it goin' on But nothing's ever a comparison to you Now can't you see That you're the only one I really want And everything I need Is everything you do Any girl walk by, don't matter Cause you're looking so much better Don't ever need to get Caught up in jealousy She could be a super-model Every magazine, the cover She'll never, ever mean a thing to me [Chorus:] She's no you, oh, no You give me more than I can ever want She's no you, oh, no I'm satisfied with the one I've got Cause you're all the girl That I ever dreamed She's only a picture on a magazine She's no you, she's no you They got a lot of girls Who dance in all the videos But I prefer the way you do The way you move You're more than beautiful And I just wanna let you know That all I ever need Is what I've got with you Any girl walk by, don't matter Every time you're looking better I think you're perfect There ain't nothin' I would change She could be a super-model Every magazine, the cover She'll never, ever take my heart away [Chorus:] She's no you, oh, no You give me more than I can ever want She's no you, oh, no I'm satisfied with the one I've got Cause you're all the girl That I ever dreamed She's only a picture on a magazine She's no you, she's no you No one's ever gonna get to me Oh, the way you do Now baby, can't you see That you're the one, the only one Who's ever made me feel this way Nothing's ever coming even close No one's ever been comparable to you [Fabolous:] She's alright, but she's no you Please know, boo I'm cool as when a breeze blow through And it's worse than Chicago Yeah I'm gettin money, so personally I'll go Merci-a-lago Wait 'til the doors go up 'Cause you can see from the torso up They're gonna floss you up I'll bring ya to the best F-A-B-O-L-O-U & to the S, yes I don't want nothin' I don't got I don't need nothin' but you I can't get more than you give me Don't stop anything you do You're all that, all that and then some You know what, just what I need And no girl, no place, no where Could mean a thing to me [Chorus:] She's no you, oh, no You give me more than I can ever want She's no you, oh, no I'm satisfied with the one I've got Cause you're all the girl That I ever dreamed She's only a picture on a magazine She's no you, she's no you She's no you They got a lot of girls who know they got it goin' on (You give me more than I could ever want) She's no you Now can't you see that your the only one I really want (Satisfied with the one I got) Cause your all the girl that I ever dreamed She's only a picture on a magazine She's no you She's no you


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE "FutureSex / LoveSounds"
S-N-double O-P-D-O double Gizzle 'n J Tizzle [repeat] I saw you last night (freak, freak) In the powder room Talking to your girlfriends, your girlfriends Who were lookin' in the mirror (freak, freak) Lookin so fine, Maybeline applying maybe later you'll give me your time And [Chorus] Let me take your picture [x3] Come on baby Won't you pose for my camera Lookin' like a model, lookin' like a superstar You're out of sight I saw you last night (hey girl) In the dicso dancing with your girlfiends, your girlfriends Y'all were dancing to my shit (LILY riff) like this Shakin' hips, maybe I could capture you on camera and take a flick [Chorus] [Chorus 2] So pose pose pose Only for my photos Expose, expose Those things you want to show Just pose pose pose Only for my photos Expose, expose Those things you want to show [Snoop] Hey yo Jt, let me holler at baby real quick, I got this new camera I want to try this out on her one time, dig this Head, shoulders, feet and toes, Work that body go'on and pose Please the crowd, easy now Go ahead baby girl cheese and smile She said Mr. Mr., would it be cool if I took a picture (picture) To hang it on the wall with the rest of the best I had her back in an hour or less He say she say we say play, doggy dog take it easy it's time to expose I'll break off the rolls Now take off your clothes Get real close up under the light And do that thing Sho your right Now close the doors Now you can really give it to me go on strike a pose I saw you last night, (hey girl) at the café but you wasn't with your girlfriends, your girlfriends So I stepped up to ya (hey girl) I pursued ya cause I couldn't stand to wait let's date That'd be great Wait! Stop and picture, baby stop and picture, baby stop and picture Me with you girl, you know I can handle ya Treat you like a queen, treat you like a superstar You're outta sight [repeat] [Chorus 2]

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