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JEREMIH lyrics - Jeremih

Hatin' On Me

Original and similar lyrics
[Chorus:] Hi to the haterz I'll see you later Please don't step on the gatorz Do me a favor Just keep hatin on me... on me Ok now, 5 4 3 3 2 1 We we got plenty... ya'll ya'll got none You say you say u lookin for somebody hotter than the sun You prolly prolly like ne-yo but shawty I'm the one I, I o u nawl u o me Ya'll pop champagne... let's pop 3 Tryna get my bills up like John Seed So girl you kno I I'm not free [Bridge:] No one ever thought up in the streets that I could hold it down Talkin that shit while I bring that heat and now I hold the crown Even with all this weight on me could'ntbring me down Go ahead and keep hatin on me So I can wave [Chorus] 5 4 3 3 2 1 We we takin over FE FI FO FUM Yo kno I kno I got your speakers bangin bangin out your trunk This drank that I've been drankin got me feelin kinda shhh I'm tipsy... Ya'll miss me And they hatin cause I've been around the world like disney Really... straight from the And Can't nobody stop me now now now now [Bridge] [Chorus] Yo that be your girl that's jockin me Yo the bass in the drum that's knockin me Anywhere u go they watchin me Cause I'm fly as a birthday flockin me U hot no property And I got monopoly And I can stack it up While she can back it up And nobody in the streets is stoppin me U see the shoes and the whip With the chrome on the lip They Hate Or maybe it's the glare from lice on kit or the ice on my wrist They stare Shit, listen, I ain't get the manager but I don't see why they hate Can u see why they HATE I ain't gonna lie, they make u wanna run and tell somebody [Bridge] [Chorus]


[Hook:] Baby my ride so clean, I ride so dirty I'm about to buy an alligator for my birthday My girl asking me, "Where you been?", don't worry She said, "Baby I crashed the Benz," don't worry. I ride so clean, my ride so dirty I'm about to buy a fucking Lion for my birthday My girl asking me, "where you been?" don't worry She said, "baby I crashed the Benz don't worry." Dropkicks out the drop-top 6 Don't make your fucking kid become a hostage, I got this Stay in the water like the lochness Shirtless rocking a locket Drugs in my pocket It's all for a profit Aim it and pop it, drive in a range in my boxers Lay in the tropics, my girl pussy red like a lobster Orgies at Hofstra My bank account is like a polish doctor My heart is cold, I sing a soldiers opera My drug's as strong as Arnold They found her dead in the gold Impala Hanging backwards out the chopper The room smell like nam chopper Most my crew a bunch of art robbers [Hook] Yeah, I rhyme sick like I play with shit I've driven every flavored whip there is to get Feel like I dip that cigarette in wet stuff I should be on that Sped Ed bus, layin' on the bed with a red head slut These mother fuckers praying that I don't make it I'm on the balcony stoned and naked playing sega Prince of Albania No money, nothing to say to ya I push the limo to the stadium Game 7, Knicks- Heat Me and Spike had to switch seats Cause he kept spilling henny all on my bitch feet Expensive bracelets where my forearms and my fists meet Down in Mexico eating chick meat [Hook] No emotions, lotions on the bed sheets. I saw her walking cause I'm stalking on the dead streets Trying to purchase with a shoulders and a head niece She had a tight pink dress, her pussy was a weapon Said she was a daughter of a Reverend Well thank God I don't believe in heaven Butt cheeks sculpted like a horses hind Shit man, I think that I just crossed the line Annual abortion time Yeah, she got the tat straight from West 4th Hereditary cancer almost took her breast off And over 6 months she said she had a chest cough Well I'm not a doctor, but I know that's not a good sign Matter of time 'til she placed and laced in a wood pine For years she was the hood slime Now no longer having a good time Under earth, she burst into a sudden birth Oh shit, the facial of my cousin Murph Strange occurrences, alignment with the sun and earth, yeah As baby turtles break the sand just to figure out the meaning Instinctively they heading towards the water cause they need it Forever psycho stay the same, they feel it like a fiends wrist Mustard straight from Russia that they brought in on a steam ship My mustache like a Colonel Take a haters facial and I treat it like a urinal A bit disturbed, confessions in a journal I'm sickened by my thoughts so it's tossed in the inferno.

Chingy Jackpot

CHINGY "Jackpot"
[Robotic voice] This is another Trak Star production [Record scratching] [Chingy] Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh Who am I? [Hook 2X: Chingy] + (Girl) (Chingy) what's up? (Why yo eyes so chinky?) I dunno (Is it because you've been smoking and drinking?) Maybe so (I've been thinking) huh? (Maybe you come get me) and do what? (Wine me, dine me, take me home and eat me) Okay [Record scratches at end of hook] [Verse 1: Chingy] Chingy Jackpot, 'pop' like a crack spot Ladies on the strip, keep me with a fat knot, 'Lac drop Rag top on the jag drop, uh Phat stop you know that's hot, huh Mack spinnin wit the piece in my pocket People hop out, I'm releasin a rocket (bloaw bloaw) For a piece of the profit, St. Louis we the topic Let the women jock it, pimpin, you know how I get Once my album drop, all you heavy waiters better watch it Vokál, yeah I rock it Step in the spot shit, men leave I was somethin hot quick 'Cris holdin that bottle, won't you pop it I threw the key to the city, since I locked it Girl I don't want no brain, give me a pop quiz I get multiple choice head, derty watch this [Hook] - 2X [Verse 2: Chingy] They tell me what you tell me, you ain't gotta be in a rush Errything I do is top secret, that's on the hush (shhhh) Cat handlin hard in the city, makin women blush From 314 to 617, gotta give it up Treat my women like a structure, workers work the streets Twerk ya meat, go get it till it hurts ya feet Hurt in ya sleep, get wit me and we could ching all night Hearr the slots ring all night But if you try to get at the drama, I'll bring all night We keep Atlanta throwin bows And New Orleans, we got the thugs showin golds Take it to New York, and party at Madison Squarre We'll hit Cali and smash a model chick wit long hairr No hatin on my part, let the ceremony start Crowd around us sumthin new, sittin on top of the Arch STL, where I dwell, Northside of the streets They keep a quarter piece freak for the sheets, now speak uh [Hook] - 2X [Verse 3: Chingy] Uh, I got tired of being broke dogg (fa sho) Ice Sleeve won't you pass me some smoke dogg Can I come up without jealousy? 'You ain't gon make it', what they tellin me So I showed them, it ain't that hard Can't play me, cuz I ain't got a whole card Got Lee way in my hometown (STL) No mo' jokin cuz it's on now Who gon' stop, me not a soul Strap, in, now, let's, roll Keep it, real, what-eva I do Got's up Keith, comin from U Squash that, mind ya own, beats There's a new ching, in the streets Watch ya step, or I'll ruin ya rep Now let's 'get it' like Puff and G-Dep [Hook] - 2X [Chingy] Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh Who am I?

Plug Me In

Sing of the week shit they beat us on the radio Live as stereo so once again here we go To all my real cats who love to hear the real rappin I still understand the reason that you feel that Yo, I'm a crook like Donald One Shit sat up like coins listen everyone joins in the session Know when I'm about to teach a lesson In love when micronesses starts remising Listen, raps of the hook as Elves run take it like a man kid it's our turn Shout out to all my peeps getting green like they suppose to Yo from the fam understand, yo we don'ts do Love the way of goin down baby No doubt these bitches weak arse on the style Until the day I'm up an gone I'm gonna get it on An' let me warn all your foes you gettin shitted on From day one we had hot mix Yo I thought you cats could chill shit I got this Inner smile, time to take respect first semester cats Keep it come through an' get some extra arse Plug me in I see you wanna be down but you don't hit the liss You could either give that or you can get with this Man I promise just to hit you with officialis An' all I ask is you don't get me nor my pistol clips So recognise the guns blast for the love of that Are yo good for me pull my blast I'm a see that arse Until then I'm a rhyme kid and still shine But when I spot him I'm a get him doubt him bottom line That future rap, yo I'm crap cause I play the streets An the way yo niggas live that's what I say the beast Keep the cheddar in my pockets ain't no bubbly An when it trouble me, honey make it a double G Helby fam represent New York City Hang on the siss, an we get criss pretty All my keys throw your L's up, you know it's on I'm a keep this here strong until the flow is gone Plug me in Let me get a mic a checker, one, two now I came through this show these niggas how we do now Cadillacs be seated an we gettin weeded As long as I've been in this game I have been indefeated You can't fuck around my shit is at a puntin radies Top or not still hot ain't nuthin changed All these are G subs in uniform You violate the fanzine now you'll be gone Out the flame y'all you now how a nigga came An' by the time I'm at the door you know a nigga name Mr. Cheeks MC, did you get it yank it Wish an' rest I got some guess up in my naughty sweats Love the Benadet, elves we throw Sue Wynette We hate enough to get in they well, fill your stretch Get, an' meanwhile while you be talkin that same shit You whoop a nickel this game kid Plug me in

Platypus (I Hate You)

GREEN DAY "Nimrod"
Your rise and fall  Back up against the wall  What goes around is coming back and haunting you  It's time to quit  Cause you ain't worth the shit  Under my shoes or the piss on the ground  No one loves you and you know it  Don't pretend that you enjoy it or you don't care  Cause now I wouldn't lie or tell you all the things you want  to hear.  I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU  I heard your sick  Sucked on that cancer stick  A throbbing tumor and a radiation high  Shit out of luck  And now your time is up  It brings me pleasure just to know you're going to die  Dickhead, Fuckface, cock smoking, mother fucking, asshole, dirty twat, waste of semen, I hope you die HEY  Red eye, code blue  I'd like to strangle you  And watch your eyes bulge right out of your skull  When you go down  Head first into the ground  I'll stand above you just to piss on your grave

Streets Is Talking

JAY-Z "The Dynasty Roc La Familia"
[Jay-Z] Is he a Blood, is he Crip? Is he that, is he this? Did he do it? Y'know, ehh Look.. If I shoot you, I'm brainless Different toilet, same shit, and I'm sick of explainin this I'm waitin on arraignment, my nigga is the plantiff Yeah, I know what you thinkin - fucked up ain't it? I shoulda known better, and I planned to but dog they be takin me out of my zone like a nigga with a handle I sat back and watched it, put the gats back in the closet I tried to tie my hands like an Iraqi hostage Let niggaz take shots at me, no response I just - flip and, pop my collar like the Fonz You give a nigga a foot he'll take you one step beyond He'll try to play you twice, the third time is the charm You wanna conversate with the writer of the Qu'ran or Old Testament, don't test him then I know what y'all thinkin dick, pause Your future's my past, I've been here before I know when you're schemin, I feel when you plottin I got, mental vision, intuition I know where you goin I read your mind's navigational system Everybody whisperin - pst pst pst ss perspirin [Chorus] When the, streets is talkin, niggaz is gossipin Bitches all in your shit, what's the cause of it? I need to know.. geah geah Yeah yeah yeah, yeah.. [Jay-Z] You see me with a bodyguard that means police is watchin And I only use his waist to keep my glock in But when shit goes down you know who's doin the poppin And if you don't know, guess who's doin the droppin S dot again, y'all got him in a bad mood Bad move; that's bad news How many times have I got to prove? How many loved ones have you got to lose before you realize that it's probably true? Whatever Jigga say, Jigga probably do Shit I paid my dues, I made the news I came in the door for dolo, blazed the crews And the streets say Jigga can't go back home You know when I heard that? When I was back home I'm comfortable dog, Brooklyn to Rome On any Martin Luther, don't part with your future Don't ever question if I got the heart to shoot ya The answer is simply too dark for the user And as a snot-nose they said that he got flows But will he be able to drop those before the cops close in? 'Fore the shots froze him, and he's dead and gone from what the block has spoken, my God Everybody stressin, who's his baby's moms? Who he got pregnant, let me tell you, ahh... [Chorus] When the, streets is talkin, niggaz is gossipin Bitches all in your shit, what's the cause of it? I need to know.. chicka-uh-ah, ah-chk-ah-uh-ah Chicka-ch-ah, chk-ah-ah-ah When the, streets is talkin, niggaz is gossipin Bitches all in your shit, what's the cause of it? I need to know.. gi-gi-gi, geah yeah uh, yeah yeah uh Yeah, yo, yo [Jay-Z] I seen my first murder in the hall, if you must know I lost my pops when I was eleven mmm twelve years old He's probably somewhere where the liquor is takin it's toll but I ain't mad at you dad, holla at your lad I grew up pushin snowflake to niggaz that was pro-base The stress'll take a young nigga, give him a old face All I did was smoke joke, think and drink Copped 'caine and complained, front row watch game I seen niggaz before me, with a chance to write they own script slip up and change the story I seen young niggaz go out in a blaze of glory before reachin puberty, scared a nigga truthfully I took trips with so much shit in the whip that if the cops pulled us over the dog'd get sick, SNIFF Smell me nigga? The real me nigga, minus the rumors Holla if you feel me nigga [Beanie Sigel] The streets is not only watchin but they talkin now? Shit they got me circlin the block before I'm parkin now Don't get it twisted, I ain't bitchin, I'm just cautious now So, under the park the extra cartridge now Hit his click Sig' up you fell at it you're dense I get word to the street like Bell Atlantic express I feel the vibes and I hear the rumors But fuck it, I'm still alive and I'm still ?? ?? Allah Niggaz wanna press me, put my back to the wall But pressure bust pipes I know, I spat it to y'all To know me is to love me, you see me, can't be me, hate this Fuck you I got guns like Neo in +Matrix+ Cross the Family, think Mac's sweet like payroll or soft like Play-Doh get knocked off like Fredo Corleone, they find you with a hole in your dome I roll with niggaz that'll follow you and go to your home Thought you ball, but nigga you fall to my defense Catch you while you reachin, clip you then I cross you then I'm leavin Apply full court pressure like four-four ?? get you out of here, pull pressure to the trigger, bullets fly in three's You forever rest under bullshit, dirt lies and leaves I do bullshit, dirt, tell lies then leave Look in my eyes, realize it's Beans Niggaz wanna despise the team; till I play head coach and straight up, divide they team Trade they man for some pies and a couple of things Til the bullet.. ah, motherfuckers!! Yeah..

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