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JEREMIH lyrics - Jeremih

Birthday Sex

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro] Yeah... (yeah...) yeah... [Verse 1] It's your birthday so I know you want to ride out Even if we only go to my house Sip more weezy as we sit upon my couch Feels good but I know you want to cry out.... You say you want passion (I think you found it) Get ready for action (don't be astounded) We switching positions (you feel surrounded) Just tell me where you want your gift girl... [Hook] Girl you know III [x2] I've been feening Woke up in the late night been dreaming about your loving Girl you know III [x2] Don't need candles and cake Just need your body to make good... [Chorus] Birthday sex [x2] (it's the best day of the year girl) Birthday sex [x2] (if hes not, he's not, lemme hit that g-spot, g-spot girl...) [Verse 2] See you sexy in them jeans got me on ten 1,2,3, think I got you pinned Don't tap out fighting til' the end Ring that bell and we gone start over again We grinding with passion (cause it's your birthday) Been at it for hours (I know you thirsty) You kiss me so sweetly (taste just like Hershey's) Just tell me how you want your gift girl... [Hook] [Chorus] [Bridge] First I'm gonna take a dive into the water Deep until I know I please that body,body, (aooh) Or girl without a broom I might just sweep you off your feet and make you wanna tell somebody, somebody, (how I do) Or maybe we can float on top my water bed (bed) You close your eyes as I improve between your legs (your legs) We work our way from kitchen stoves and tables Girl you know I'm more than able to please... Yea You say you wanted flowers on the bed... But you got me and hours on the bed... [Hook] [Chorus]

Berts Blues

Been a-lookin' for a good girl, But it's taking time. A-been a-lookin' for a good girl, A-one to please my mind as well as my time. I've been singing in the evening, Flying through the night. But I hurt my good gal, I hope she makes out right, Flying through the night. I've been picking up the sunshine, I've been drinking down the rain, girl, I've been picking up the sunshine, it makes me think on when I'll see you again. You know time could bring a change, girl, It ain't for me to say. You'll soon be out of range, girl, A-this could only be the way it's meant to be. Fairy castle stark and black in the moonlight, The jingle jangle jester rides his stallion Seagull flies across my eyes forever. Sadly goes the wind on its way to Hades. Would I, should I, could I be a stranger, I shall walk right by and sigh goodbye. Lucifer calls his legions from the hillside. Sadly goes the wind on its way to Hades. I've been lookin', oh yeah, I say I've been lookin' far a good girl, You better believe it, baby, yeah! Yes, I've been lookin' for a good gal, oh yeah! Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, Ain't kiddin' you, ain't kiddin' you, ain't kiddin' you Yeah, I've been a-lookin'!

Nasty Girl

JADAKISS "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye"
(feat. Carl Thomas) C'mon I need a good girl I need a good girl I need a good girl [Verse I] Eyes all chinky She be coming through in the new Cadillac Escalade on twinkies Ma got a perfect face, brilliant ass Her hands and her feet look like a mill in cash I love when I call and she still in class Instead of down in Bloomingdales stealing bags And you know ya man Jada shoot through the hood She look so good that the chickenheads can't hate her Ever seen a dime she a hell-a one Still make her hop out and cop me a dutch, a vanilla one Taught her how to murda the highway Put her up on mean shoes like Roberto Cavale' Even though she look real ill in the Gucci Now you might catch her in Amilio Puchi Since she a good girl that attend college I don't let her give me brain I just let her give me knowledge [Hook 2X: Carl Thomas] She's a good, good, good, good girl Such a real fine lady and a lucky girl I don't want no nasty girl I don't want no nasty girl [Verse II] I'ma show you the kiss of life sorta like Sade G-class 5, the seats go sideways Wit the see-through roof, OOF! Rims so big they leave dents in the highway My good girl ride wit me She take over the wheel everytime I pull over to piss She shake it up in the club when I'm over them hips Waking up to the turkey bacon over the grits Orange juice and the newspaper over the clips Later on she gon hook up spaghetti She ain't worried 'bout Herm S shit she got it already She said she knew about the game cause her father was heavy Then she asked could she borrow the Chevy I could zoom in the jag She going shopping need room for the bags I sped off in the joint like it's Raspy's world Cause (I don't want no nasty girl) [Hook] [Verse III] She's a good girl, I love her for that She got mad dough, I love her for that Her moms is cool, I think her lil' brother a rat Everything else is straight though other than that She dont play no games, I love her for that Or hang wit no dames, I love her for that I told her roll for dolo, leave the chicks Attitude, reflex leadership And the sex is incredible, I love her for that How she fit me in her schedule, I love her for that And she like making love by the lake for hours Or just chillin' on the block, on a crate for hours This Jadakiss, and Timbaland This is Raspy's world And I don't want no nasty girl [Hook]

I Got It (Remix)

JAGGED EDGE "Jagged Little Thrill"
(feat. Nas) [JD:] Y'all know where we takin' this JE, y'all Nas {I got it} So So Def [NAS:] I'm nasty (Nasty) Never let a pretty face pass me (Pass me) Come on, y'all know when it's easy (Yeah) For me to get a good girl Turn her out to sleazy and trashy (Uh-oh, uh) She's freaky (Freaky), live in the bed (Uh) Make baby girl eyes roll in her head (Woo) This is what you need, my mission is to please Hands to the sky, Nas, JE [JAGGED EDGE:] Your girl said you was out lookin' for me If so, then you need to come and see If you're ready for a night that you will never forget I'll give you pleasure and real love if you let me Baby, tell me what it is You want from me (Let me know, let me know) Don't beat around the bush If you want my body If you want it, girl, I got it, girl Come and get with me Girl, I'll turn your body inside out And bring ecstasy If you want it Baby, come and bring your body to me (Bring your body) If you need it, girl, I got it, got it (Oh...ooh...) Got-got-got-got it, come on Could you follow me, girl You need to come with me I've searched all around the world Finding you is like a dream When you wake up You won't feel the same about me ‘Cause you'll realize You're life won't be the same without me, whoa... Baby, tell me what it is You want from me (What you want from me) Don't beat around the bush If you want my body If you want it, girl, I got it, girl Come and get with me (Oh...oh...) Girl, I'll turn your body inside out And bring ecstasy If you want it (If you want it) Baby, come and bring your body to me (Bring your body, baby) If you need it, girl, I got it, got it (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Got-got-got-got it, come on (Let's go) Just you (Just you, girl) and me (And me, yeah) Baby, just bring your body (Bring your body) to me (To me) Tell everybody (Tell everybody) to come by me The things I'll do to your body You'll love me and we can be [NAS:] Girl, what's your astrology Virgo, if so you the same sign as me Geminis are fly, the kind I need Love Aquarius and Pisces Can't leave a Libra I live life day to day, let a player play Supportin' my women All my Capricorns and Scorpio women Leos and Cancer, girls be bad Only sign I can't deal with is Sag' Confusin' my enemies, never losing Clever movement, act smooth with the women Be amused by my energy or they choose me I tell just ‘em the music's my remedy I just swell ‘em and leave ‘em swollen Girl, this is something that you need to know [JAGGED EDGE:] If you want it, girl, I got it, girl Come and get with me Girl, I'll turn your body inside out And bring ecstasy If you want it Baby, come and bring your body to me If you need it, girl, I got it, got it Got-got-got-got it, come on If you want it, girl, I got it, girl Come and get with me Girl, I'll turn your body inside out And bring ecstasy If you want it Baby, come and bring your body to me If you need it, girl, I got it, got it Got-got-got-got it, come on

Like A Drum

JAMIE FOXX "Hollywood: A Story Of A Dozen Roses"
[Jamie Foxx:] I really need to see you babe, tell me when you're on your way I roll one up for you babe, pour one up for you babe I've really been missing your body, sex so good like "Oh my God" I know you like it when you on top, do it babe, do it, don't stop Baby send a text or a call, hit a nigga when you get off Girl I know you want that raw, girl I know you want that Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hell yeah Cause she ain't got me feeling like a star, I'mma meet you right where you are [Hook:] Feels good when we smoking, fucking, kissing, licking, stroking, touching Feels good when we cum together, rainy days are perfect weather Girl you get wetter than a storm, dream get you in real form We hit it like we 'bout to shoot a porn, uh Yeah, and I'm gon' beat it like a drum, beat it like a drum Beat it, bom bom bom bom Bom bom bom bom Bom, bom bom bom bom [Jamie Foxx:] Girl I've been waiting on you, when you gon' come come come come? Beat, beat 'til your legs get weak, and your shit cum, numb numb numb numb Girl I'm in the mood for some cake, it ain't even my birthday I'mma still put it in my face, ooh I just love that taste [Hook] [Wale:] Recently thinking 'bout you a little more Thinking teching your temperature with a, a call Far too long, you probably involved, press ignore This the type of thoughts for hours after the liquor store Chemistry, let me into your energy I'm German with every 100% of me And I find us a rhythm making you quiver It's so different I'm into your symbol like instrumental beats Fall back, fall, I'mma leave for that son and go back Fall back, fall, when I leave I need drum roll, please And applaud when I depart, break you off any song playing these com But be cautious, I beat the breaks off you, no days off, everyday Team [?] [Hook] [Jamie Foxx:] If you want it, you can get it, you got keys to my address Put your keys in your ignition, get here soon as you can get it Get a nigga up and it's gon' go down, get you so wet then a nigga might drown Matter fact, thinking 'bout it got me going crazy, baby where you at, where you at right now? Hurry up girl come pull out the stick, all this D that you 'bout to get Feels so good, yeah feels so good, once I get in can't pull out the bed Bom bom bom, just like a drum, no I ain't done, got me shooting like gun I want it all the time, girl it ain't a hit and run, every time we do it you be feeling like the one [Hook]

Why Can't We

MONTELL JORDAN "Montell Jordan"
Girl I've got a question, here it is How much longer 'til you let me taste your lips You can make a nigga wait if that's your thing But anticipation drivin' me insane I'm losing my composure Tryin' to keep my cool You start me, then you stop me So what am I supposed to do Sometimes you be actin' so scared When you know in my heart that I care [1] - Why can't we, just get past the smalltalk and formalities Wanna tell you that I want you, but it seems so hard To let down my guard, and reveal my cards Your body's convincin' me, so why can't we Get right to the foreplay, and right now we'll be Got me dippin' in your ocean, did I go to deep I'm just tryin' to see, baby why can't we Now I'm working hard to build your trust in me But I can see that's not gon' happen easily When you're livin' in your past and in your pain It's so hard to let your roses bloom again, again I'm never gonna judge you Girl you know it's true I'll take care of your garden That's what I intend to do You won't have to be so scared Cuz you know in my heart that I care [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] C'mon baby, don't hold back, don't hold back [Give it to me, give it to me] I can feel you comin' on now (let it go, let it go) I promise I won't hurt you, it'll be okay I won't give you more than your body can take Yeah, yeah Your juices might flow like a river 'Til your body shakes, here is my plan So you can come when you want As long as you want, as loud as you want Come on, come on [ad-libs] [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] Makin' me say, yeah, ooh [Repeat 1] [ad-libs to fade]

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