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JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT lyrics - Love Songs

I'm Gonna Love You

Original and similar lyrics
Angel in disguise Stories in his eyes Love for every true heart that it sees. Was it just a lucky day That it turned to look my way Or is it Heaven right before my very eyes. He showed me all new things The shimmer of moonbeans I was blind, but now he's helped me see. I was lost but now I'm found His happiness surrounds And now I find that my dreams can come true. [Chorus] Cause I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life I'm holding you safe here in this heart of mine I can't live without you cause my soul would die You know I'm telling the truth, I'll spend the rest of my life loving you It didn't start this way It happened just one day You smiled at me and I saw you, differently. Now I'm a tremble just to be A part of you as we Begin a life that's sure to never end. [Chorus]

Demonology And Heartache

ATREYU "The Curse"
So unaffectionate, so insecure You claim to know a thing or two about heartache And what it's like to have your insides torn out And I believe you I see it every time your pallbearer's palor is obscured by the darkness Dancing across your face, and when the blackness veils your eyes in pain I know what it's like when memories make you wince And love letters read like obituaries And photo albums are the books of the dead I need no reminders, no more reminders I'll forget the past and lay it to rest If I had my way I'd cut the calluses off your breaking heart If I could get past the sternum Cauterize those wounds with Every kiss I could give to you I'm holding your heart in my hand The reason it still beats Am I being too cryptic? Am I being too obscure? Love kills, romance is dead And I don't even trust myself But I love you And you can pull my wings apart And pin me down under glass Until the end of days if it can help you Discover that we share the same pain I just hope you write your thesis Before your subject is dead No life after death

Tell Me Why (Feat Mary J. Blige)

WILL SMITH "Lost And Found"
[Mary J. Blige] Whyyyyyy, whyyyyyy Whyyyyyy, whyyyyyy [Chorus: Will Smith - while Mary repeats in background] I really wish I could explain it baby It's just the world is kinda crazy baby Ain't no pretty way to paint it baby Don't cry, dry your eyes [Verse One: Will Smith] September 11th I woke up about 7 AM West coast time, french toast and my turkey bacon Takin my time awakin, turnin my TV on To my surprise, saw what everybody in the world saw Me and my children, images were chillin My son said - daddy were there people in that building? A cold sweat, frozen with a lump in my chest I heard his question, couldn't bring my lips to say yes to him That night at my son's side, he cried And prayed for the ones who died in the World Trade His palms to God, seeds of qualms with God He just, kept on pressin me, wanna know why Then one week later our bombs were dropped We seein them, on CNN, they just won't stop The infrared, images of brutal attack He said 'Daddy now we killin 'em back,' right right [Chorus] - repeat 2X + (Mary J. Blige ad lib crooning) [Interlude: Mary J. Blige] Souls are captured (souls are captured) Dreams are stolen (dreams are stolen) Hearts are broken (hearts are broken) Evil plaguin he rewardin Hate surrender (hate surrender) Love exaulted! (Love exaulted!) HOPE ELATED! (HOPE ELATED!) Negativity DESTROYED AND.. [Verse Two: Will Smith] Honest to God, why is the bomb always gettin the last word and why, did her uncles have to molest her and why, did all them cops have to be shootin to kill? And why, did all them priests have to act so ill? Tell me why did James Byrd Jr. have to be touched? Tell my why did Malcolm and Martin depart from us Tell me why did the sniper make that little boy shoot And why, is human life always denied for loot? Tell me WHY did MANDELA have to live in a cage Why did my brother Sterling have to die at that age Tell me why did Reginald Denny deserve his fate And why the {*BLEEP*} can't love, seem to defeat hate? Tell me why is it so hard for all the children to eat? Why did 'Pac and Biggie Smalls have to fall in the street? Tell me why did Jam Master Jay have to go that way? Please, what am I supposed to say my kids when they say [Chorus] - repeat 2X as before [Verse Three: Will Smith] Can't explain it baby life is just really crazy I mean if it's world wars or the life of a little baby We got more stores than they got rice under buddha lazy You live four scores and still it be drivin you crazy But for me I try to see the button side Sometimes it be like the goodness be tryin to hide or tryin to flee, but it can't, it's deep inside Sweetie you be the light for others, make 'em believe in God [Interlude]

3 Little Words

One look in your eyes I knew we two would always be together And there are, 3 little words that say it all I love you Never believed in love at first sight But I believe what I'm feeling tonight 'Cause when I saw you across the room I felt my heart going boom, boom, boom I looked, I fell so hard Girl I know you can tell that I'm hooked, oh you, oh girl You know I'm falling for you because [CHORUS:] One look in your eyes I knew we two would alwayz be together And there are, 3 little words that say it all I love you Girl I realize That I wanna be with you forever So say those 3 little words I wanna hear I love you I was waitin' for a sign from you Hoping you'd feel the same way, too When you looked at me and smiled My heart was goin' a thousand miles I stopped, turned around, I tried To keep my feet on the ground As I stepped to you, we touched I knew you were feelin' it too because [CHORUS] I know it's written all over my face And girl you can believe it's true 'Cause time could never erase These feelings I have for you [CHORUS]

Don't Let Them

ASHANTI "Concrete Rose"
Say that you want me Say that you'll never leave me You gotta tell me you need me Don't let them take your love away [Repeat 2x] Some say that I am a fool to love you And some say that I'm to dumb to know whats right for me But only I can live my life, and only I can feel my heart ache I never claim to know know everything but I know when your loves away I can't sleep and I can't eat and I can't live and I can't breathe So don't make a fool of me, just love me [Chorus 2x] Now they say that me loving you will hurt me And they say its a matter of time before you break my heart But even when were far apart I always feel that you are with me I hope and pray almost everyday that our love never goes away Cuz I can't see where I would be without your love all over me So don't make a fool of me just love me and say [Chorus 2x] Baby your all, all that I need, need in my life, right here with me [Repeat 2x] [Chorus]

The Road

Jon And Vangelis
She came, as in the book, Mickey Spillane That Saturday night dark masquerade Had filled his friend with lead, the same, sweetheart But then, as nothing happens quite the same Investigation is the game He had to check her story right away-he dead Sam Space his buddy Archer first to go he got it She spelt it out, how could they know the 'Fatman' got it -he dead Her sister didn't really live at all-confusion-he dead His chase led to the Fatman, to face the friends of Mr. Cairo That night, the double crosser got it right Pretending he was really dim He slipped to Sam a double gin (Mickey Finn) He woke, the boys had gone, but not his gun They'd left a note to lead him on The chase to find the Maltese Falcon-you bet- Early thirties gangster movies Set to spellbind population From Chicago to Hong Kong Via Istanbul the Talking Tong Dirty rats thru' prohibition Money flowed thru gangsterism Acting out his fantasy In Hollywoods vicinity The best part for the best rendition Al Capone he sent to prison Citizen Kane came fast and quickly Conquerin ol' New York City Poking fun at superstition Media became television Give me Cagney anyday Or Jimmy Stewart for President Or Edward 'G' and all those guys Who always shoot between the eyes Between the eyes Between the eyes Father love do you work, do you work for Mother Chances could call, and accept that, be no other Science as it might, disappear correspond with colour Chance is the fruit, will outlive, what is now the brother Call for total wealth to distribute like a picture In black and white, give it joy, give it, let it hit you Spoil our existence by extreme gift to population Father love do you work, do you work for Mother Tell me straight be the Godfather be no other Media Kings give us now give us total movie Now being here, being now, being here believing One on one to talk to you Like film stars they get close to you You've mirrored his appeal He wants you so, he wants to be beside you Then you pass by giving him the other side of you Like the mystics do So that every time he moves, he moves for you Soul and light can always see The metting of true love and she This silent night and I, I guess a lonely mind might see I've seen love on the screen I've seen a screen goddesss and me-oh How often this, how often, this the power of you And so, I must confess Whatever I see I'm meant to be there with you With you with you With you, with you Silent golden movies, talkies, technicolour, long ago My younger ways stand clearer, clearer than my footprints Stardom greats I've followed closely Closer than the nearest heartbeat Longer that expected-ther were great- Oh love oh love just to see them Acting on the silver screen, oh my Clark Gable, Fairbanks, Maureen O'Sullivan Fantasy would fill my life and I Love fantasy so much Did you see in the morning light I really talked, yes I did, to Gods early dawning light And I was privileged to be as I am to this day To be with you. To be with you

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