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JENNIFER LOPEZ lyrics - Rebirth

Whatever You Wanna Do

Original and similar lyrics
Come on man, give me something I can move to Give me some of that funk Yeah Yeah Wooo Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Pulled up, at the red light Cutie popped up on my left side Window down, waiting for my reply Not a word, I saw it in his eyes Tell me something good baby He said whatever you wanna do He pulled to the curb, cops flash by I got out with catwalk shy Short skirt, golden brown thighs Gucci heels, four inch high Baby touch my face My man said whatever you wanna do Now I, I said I usually need some time to get inside So I don't know why you and me feel so right Baby we need tonight We sippin', music all loud Conversation, your lollypop mouth You open up, sweet things come out Whisper to me, what you talkin' 'bout I said I think you know He said whatever you wanna do You stand up, taking my breath It's your song so you do it two steps I turned away, moved my hips slow Your thoughts, fully exposed Now we better stop playing I said what are you gonna do Now I, I usually take my time to get inside So I don't know why you and me feel so right You and I need tonight Whatever you want (hey, hey) It's all good Now I normally take my time to get inside So I, I don't know why it feels so right So maybe we need tonight Baby, we need (hey, yeah) Whatever you want (hey, hey)

Be With You (Remix)

MARY J BLIGE "No More Drama"
(feat. Lauryn Hill) [Lauryn-singing] Hey love, hey love turn yourself around (Turn yourself round) Cause I got that brow You're in love [Lauryn-rapping] They call me L-mahogany cause of the things that I do Like disappearing for a week with my crew Like making sure that all my peoples got loot Like watching out for Babylon in the blue They be like why do she rock so fly On the microphone its do or die Brothers be like oh my You don't know what you're missing Its Fugees and Mary [Mary] I can't deal with the fact That you don't want me around Why you wanna see me down It's so unusual That you don't love me no more Why you wanna close the door I spend all my days And all my nights with you Just tell me what am I gonna do Without you If loving you is so right Tell me how I make it through the night You know that I don't ever wanna leave you [Mary] (I wanna be with you) I just wanna be with you Nothing else I'd rather do (I wanna be with you) I want to spend my life with you, oh [Mary] Let's take this time to think about What was said and done Now tell me why you had to run away from me Now I can't sleep at night Why we have to fight Every day from you I look and I see something new Now tell me what I got to do, uh To get this through to you It's the little things you do for me That make me very happy You know that I don't wanna leave you [Lauryn] I love you I keep Put your number in parenthesis So I can know your borough You mind if I say hello We can make it healthy, you know A strong ghetto love Cause you met me at the club Grinding to some reggae dub That ain't where I wanna be I need a family (That's what I need, know what I'm saying, word) Chastity I'll be if you're looking for a refugee See my love anoints all your joints in the erogenous points I make ya tipsy, read you your fortune like a gypsy (Ha) So lift me to this plateau and don't forget the chateau Cause you without me just ain't natural [Mary] You don't want me there And it's beginning to make me so scared (I wanna be with you) So scared that I might lose you All I wanna do is be with you baby Baby, baby, baby (I wanna be with you) Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (I wanna be with you) I just wanna pick up the phone I know if you do, do ooh yeah (I wanna be with you) Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (I wanna be with you) Oh I wanna be with you

This Is Us

LL COOL J "G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)"
(feat. Carl Thomas) [LL Cool J] [Thomas harmonizing in background] I'ma give all y'all somethin, word up Word up - all my live cats out there gonna love me for this one Uh-huh.. they gon' be like, 'Yo you, you need to listen to that joint L made' Heh-heh.. word up That's the joint you gotta listen to, y'knahmean Check this out y'all I got the key that fits the lock of a real dog's mind B The answer to the question chicks ask most the time see Why my man cheat and give some bitch my heat Slap me one day then Sunday he's so sweet To me and mine, this nigga's hard to define cause he beefin when he broke but he arrogant when he shine It fucks you up, you wonder if you wastin time Mention marriage, he lit a Dutch and peeped out the blinds What different niggaz feels in they hearts is scary I used to say shit like, 'C'mon baby, you should be honored to share me' She used to throw the cakes up, plus the burger was hairy I used to have to think of shit to keep 'em comin, you niggaz feel me Baby or no baby I wasn't loyal or nuttin Just me and my niggaz on tour, frontin and hittin somethin Red lipstick prints all over my drawers Oh you wanna be an actress huh Well my movie's hardcore Like Dungeons & Dragons; gettin brains in a Benz wagon Step out, jeans saggin, crew laughin Gettin blazed by the fiend for ten bones a piece Nuttin but the dog in me needin to be released This is us [Chorus: Carl Thomas] You know that I do, the best that I can But you don't seem to love me no more, no more I try to please you, and be your man But you don't seem to love me no more, no more [LL Cool J] The flipside of the coin, what team you wanna join You in The Tunnel every Sunday exposin your tenderloins in every rap cat's face, with some ol' flirty shit to say Need to go home, wash your kids up, and put your tits away Me and my clique in motion, champagne and Alize Got your mind bubblin crazy, wanna flip Cool J Spend your last on your hairdo, but you ain't save a dime to put your child through college baby, now have you Go get a job interview, your bad-ass kids a curfew and skip that 'Bills Bills' shit broads is goin through I know this prostitute who said that life ain't cute Child born with a destiny only God can dispute Players giggle and laugh, flashin gats and cash My dogs don't care about you Boo, they like your ass Told me if I call and your man answer, ask for L so he can say, 'No L live here,' our code is ill Tell him you about to catch a flick with Sherell Plottin and schemin in the shower, masturbatin on the cell The neighborhood hustler, that cat we all know That nigga we grew up with, son from next do' My dream was to flow and escape the hell below but the demons in my life set fire to my dough I thought about murder, I vowed my revenge like the devil's pumpin hate through my heart with a syringe This is us [Chorus] [LL Cool J] They say a man gon' be a man, but that's only half the scenario You nag a cat, you givin him a license to fuck a hoe When a man come home late, he want his girl to say hello Not hear all that bullshit, bout, 'Nigga where you go' Fried chicken ready, t-shirt and panties at the stove Messages written down, blunt rolled ready to go Give me a hug, not too long, give me space When a cat got issues don't need you all up in his face Rub your breasts, kick back, smile a little If it's rainin outside, chill, listen to the drizzle Now kiss my chest, call me Superman Pull down my boxers by the Calvin Klein band () wash it, enjoy the flavor, I return the favor This behavior, should save ya from me all night freakin, with a nineteen year-old half naked Puerto Rican, creamy ass leakin Every man will agree, when she nag it's killin me I don't always wanna talk about how the world is shittin on me I sip some Alize and meditate the pain away And get in my own zone where I wanna be alone for solo Reminisce with photos And missed opportunities to make some dough flow, you know Chill, relax baby, support me from the background Believe in my dreams, instead, you and your girls sat 'round complain about, who's tradin ass for cash If there ain't no trust then just us can't last This is us, I know you feelin that Think about that shit, word up [Chorus] [Carl Thomas] Your man, your man, your man Everything we've been through yeah All the places we've been yeah Just don't know if I'll be the same again, ha Ever since you walked all all over me, ha And even if we bring this back together, ha You know it won't be the same, no no no no No no no no no, ha Ohhh I, I, baby I, tried to be your man Whoahoahhohhh, ohhhhh yeahhhhh Hooo hooo hooo Can't you hear meee Can't you hear meee Whoahhhh..


Dr Dre "The Aftermath"
Intro: Dr. Dre Ai Aiyo Butter is, uhh, Hands-On in the house Well check it out, put some shit on for em Let's get it on, kick it Ha yeah, hell yeah Yeah that shit sounds dope Aiyo Kim, what you got to say Verse 1: Kim of Hands-On Well boy you're movin me There's somethin physical about it The way you're makin me feel The way you're touching me, can't explain Oh, I just can't keep still When you're kissing me it gives me what I need Hold on tight and baby do it all night (Check it) This is the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on I wonder how boy, you make me over Chorus: Hands-On Now tell me away, cos I can't stop from how you mean The things you do to me Has got my body wanting you more and more Oh baby, it's got it bad Your love has got me open Bridge: Dre Yeah No question, kick back, watch my dope eye rise Still an everyday brother with my eyes on the prize Take my time analysing every song that dies Flossin the fliest rides from hits you memorise Been doin this since days of N.W.A. Took it to the next level when I use to DJ Got family and fans from New York to L.A. They keep it real cos they know that Dre come with Bombay G's up, ain't nuttin changed, yo freeze up! When I come thru, player haters, women one-two The dotted Maxwell from only a minimum of set sales Clutch your tails for honeys waitin to exhale Keep writin til the next millenium Tape one hit when I serve these fiends, stuff mo' potent than Bolivian Welcome to the Aftermath Aiyo Crystal, what you got to say? Verse 2: Crystal of Hands-On It's like I'm glowing about the animal attraction That grows between us And then my friends ask me just where the hell I've been They think I'm crazy, they don't understand When you're next to me, I'm lost in ecstasy Don't let go cos I'm about to explode (Aftermath!) This is the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on Baby please don't make me over Chorus Interlude: Hands-On You touch me at the spot Ooh boy, you got me high (that's right) And when you're loving me down, I never want you to stop Just take it easy (say what?) Baby boy, you babe, you touch the spot I swear you got me open Chorus to fade ¡¡

Hurry Home

JERRY REED "A Good Woman's Love"
You left and said the test of time would tell us how we felt Well weeks have gone my love is strong but my heart's about to melt If you're not sure then please come home if only just for me And when I'm strong and feel secure again then you can leave So hurry home my baby I need you by my side The lonesome's gettin' lonelier and growing deep inside A memory only keeps me warm for so long when you're gone So hurry home my baby hurry home Hurry home my baby hurry home I know you've got to be away but why away so long The distance only changed the time and drags it slowly on Your voice inside a telephone is emptying up my soul And only one thing fills it that's to have you here to hold So hurry home my baby I need you by my side...

Hey Luv (Anything)

MOBB DEEP "Infamy"
(feat. 112) [Prodigy & 112] come here (112) listen listen listen come on (ooooo) yo-yo (luv you ... need you...) (let ride, lets ride) [Prodigy] Yo..hey luv i wanna hold you and talk to you, put my arm around ya shoulda and walk wit chu be that one headed sherif give my world to you, i kno that nigga dont be doin what he supposed to doi got much more to give than homie do, and you so fine i just wanna roll wit chu you a queen bitch, ya need a king to close to you ya need a nigga like P that just flow wit chu, and i gotta try cuz anything possible, and you just might see things the way i do i just wanna get next to you, friends wit you burn hundreds wake up in the bed wit chu i luv when you walk how that body move, pardon my mouth IM just bein honest boo i would pay for air time just to vole wit chu kisses and hugs till the next time you swing thru [CHORUS] [112] (So many things) So many thing that i wanna do wanna kiss wanna touch wanna taste of you (Wanna taste of you..oooo) Cuz i only wanna be with you you, Girl you know anything that cha need i got it, Million dolla shoppin spree i got it anything that cha want i got it..You kno i got it (ask P) you kno i got it [Havoc] Ma, i want you in the worst way, and i aint thirsty or nuttin but when i say sumtin boo, i go hard for the one. Hit my cell, imma take you out to eat, and kill any misconception that you got of Mobb Deep throw that bug in ya ear and its about time cuz a nigga like me. Been wantin you for years. bump heads here and there, but neva got the chance, best to those who wait once i get up in them pants aint no one minute man, suppose to be wit him betta change those plans anything you gots to do, lot to screw. He must be out his monkey ass mind how the hell he gettin tired of you let me light that fire that yah body desire, get yah back to bein sexy, single free like mya. cuz i treats em right, you kno how i rock in where ever you at girl I'm on the next flight (sooo many things that i wanna doooo) [Chorus] [Prodigy] sit back i got this, babygirl ya straight fo'sure rest a sure you in the arms of strength Baby i die for my love ones make no mistake IM not that man i keep my gun on bake [Havoc] And its a cold world,yah man dont undastand yah pain and i kno you gettin tired of the same ol' same he expect to keep you locked, wit that 5 caped ring lets coop that ol real whil 112 sing. [Bridge] 0o anything you want and anything you need lets make this tuff uff and come wit mee hee o0o anything anything you want and anything you need girl ill come running.... [chorus Till end]

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