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Hold You Down (Remix To The Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
This is the remix to the remix of the remix [Chorus] [Fat Joe] Would ya hold me down? Even if the worlds against me Girl I gotta know if ya with me [J-Lo] I'ma hold you down No matter the situation The whole wide world can't take us [Fat Joe] Would ya hold me down? Even if the cops arrest me Girl I gotta know you're comin' to get me Would ya hold me down? [J-Lo] Baby I'ma hold you down You know I'm gonna hold you down (Damn right I'ma hold you down)] [J-Lo] No matter what you go through yeah I gotcha And no matter what they do they can't stop us Who was the one that went all out for you? Stashed cash in bags while you made your move And there ain't nothin' Hollywood wanna jump off If there's a problem I'ma ride Joe at any cost I'll be the one that reps strong for you If all else fails ill do a bid with you [Fat Joe] You got the weight of the world on my shoulders And the x in my chest Man these villains is vultures and I'm sentenced to death But your face is the best crack at it Raps baddest god damn it Ain't no body fuckin' with us So similar to those one in the pants Don't nobody want listen till them things go bam Yep yeah I'm about my cash Got my dough but then again you already know [Chorus] [Fat Joe] This is the t-e-r-r-o-r squad Who else hold it down like ya nigga Joe I'ma spit that ross's 9-2 Take ya back when I hit ya with that flow Joe track Yeah I bought u that pun Jlo's the same Young boys try and mimic sayin' they spitin' that game From New York to new heights to new fights Of course I'm out it let's talk about it Yeah you ain't never been a nigga more fish Yup first they wanna love ya then they wanna dish You haven't seen it all and I ain't tryin' to stress ya at all But I ain't got no where else to go [J-Lo] Joe I never gave you a reason to doubt And there was never a time I didn't look out There's not a situation that we can't get through There's never been a night I didn't pray for you See I'll dedicate my life till the very end Cause at the end of it all I know I had a friend So let them all believe what they heard I'll let my actions speak louder than words [Chorus] [J-Lo] So anytime you need me for whatever You could call my phone We could handle this together Shotgun by your side in the Carara It's all or nothin' that's how we do yeah I talk of everything I'm still that chick To hold you down cause my pockets are thick Cause you know I do that movie shit that runway shit Not to compare me to your average pick [Fat Joe] All or nothin' how I feel these days Hate stronger than tsunami ways I know you know the feeling Talkin' about that tabloid shit Paparazzi they can suck my dick Well I guess I guess they know now When it comes to holdin' you down Everybody know how I get down Yup, yup, yup, yup [J-Lo] So I guess I guess you know now When it comes to holdin' you down Everybody know how I gets down When it comes to you I do anything you ask me to [Chorus x2]


[Hook: Sareena Dominguez] Time is ticking, yeah, its ticking away I waited all my life to say My misery hates company I'm at a loss for words That's a first for me Silence is golden Go through the motions Silence is golden The same colour that my throne is [Verse 1:] Yeah Damn can't believe that my homeboy dead I still feel shocked like I'm shot in the head I woke up and cried till my eyes turned red I wish it was a nightmare that I just had The coroner just put my nigga in a bodybag And his momma turned away cause she cannot witness that And I ain't know what to say When I was standing with your dad Only thing that I could think was "goddamn this is sad" Man we was just laughing on the weekend That was your goodbye, guess it just sinked in No words that I can jot with the ink pen To describe the way I feel, I guess I'm still grieving I wish that I could bring my nigga back He ain't even know how much he meant to me And that was wack That I couldn't even express it Till he laying on his back At his fucking funeral, when I ain't know how to react Yeah, we supposed to get rich together God had another plan for you that was better I said a prayer to your momma and your whole family Rest in peace dawg, you my homeboy forever Yeah, I know you living in the sky I wish I had a better way to tell my nigga bye Make sure you cherish every moment that you spend With your people, cause you never know Tomorrow they could die Uh, you believed in me homie Yeah, and for that I thank you I know you in a better place Prolly up in heaven cracking jokes with them angels Never be forgotten as I'm writing over violins I feel alone like I'm on my own island I think about my nigga every day Like I'm at a loss for words As I drown in the silence [Hook] [Verse 2:] Yeah Damn, there we go, not speaking again? Out the front door a nigga leaving again I rode around the city pissed off About some bullshit you said Make me feel like I ain't breathing again I get back, and we ain't talked to each other for like 2 days Damn girl, who pissed in your Kool Aid? I apologise a trillion times, make it a trillion-one But this time I'm too late Yeah, I guess you fed up with my shit To get through that cold heart I need an ice pick The look on your iris, so lifeless Remember them good times we had That was priceless? Damn, did I fuck you up that bad? You need space now, I guess I expect that I'm trying to break through them walls that you put up But I don't even know where your head at Yeah, I guess I better let her fly away Its hard to cope with the pain, I wanna die today I'll find a fucking hideaway to hibernate I sit and let this liquor wash the hurt Like a tidal wave And oh yeah, by the way If I could take all the hurt back I'd find a way I guess I'll pop another pill so I can sleep And let my brains cook Like I put my head inside a microwave Yeah, now I feel like a loser I knew all the wrong I was doing I would lose her Now I see the light, amen, hallelujah But I'm stuck in my shit Like I sit in cow manure World went crashing when I lost my co-pilot Ringing in my head, somebody turn off the sirens She ain't even talk to a nigga And it hurts so bad Now all I do is drown in your silence [Hook]

Shut 'Em Down

LL COOL J "10"
[1st verse] I can shut a nigga down so quick my sounds so sick My talents spread around while I'm holdin my dick My dingling shit flip emaculate Evolutionary flows y'all want more dough Make wit the best get the best all the rest hit 'em less Rip a nigga from the East to the West Just a lyrical maze lyrical days God works in mysterious ways I'm the warlord of war relieve the raw dog Niggas ain't even comin close to my low score Niggas fleein when I'm rippin on the hard core beat That's slammin through your jeep like a 44 Mack to your back Nigga L never got rip by a track I don't fuck around, always come back For the lyrical miracle day one platinum plaque right off the back Looked at every nigga wit the mic on my arm A time-bomb blowin up ring the alarm Cool double O flow well to the LL I'm leave the world looking hard as hell [chorus 8x] I shut 'em down (Get Off Me!!, You Can't Hold Me!!) [2nd verse] To the next plateau niggas bet my flow Betta bet I role wit more control Gotta bring the heat that eliminate who can't compete Spit razors to rip the beat Relentless endless friendless when it comes to the lyrical mack Now off my back stack 'em drag 'em now feds waggin Hear you fassen place on the blood of my veins without passion Mashin take a little time to think the rhyme out How to find out Bump and grind out Pump the lines out I'ma show what the microphone is all about without doubt C to the double O bounce in the bubble eye limo No I ain't checkin for you bull shit demo Everytime you hear me in a battle I'm lethal Nigga too sweet 'n low you aint equal [chorus] I shut 'em down [16x] [after the 8th time] Get Off Me!!, You Can't Hold Me!! [3rd verse] I can take you to the level if I let my phantom Nigga bout to rule the world wit one anthem Kidnapped rap for a handsome ransom Smoke a little Branson on the side of the mansion Keep it thugged out even when a nigga dancing Branson make that trans and keep it dancing I'ma murder every nigga in the game Can't stand the rain Fuck a maintain Gotta leave the world in flames Nigga wanna live life stay out of my lanes Tryin to read my name Here's a murderous combo wit you on your pain Sideways stimulator bringin the flames Niggas wanna feel me spit the whole clips Sing along it will split your lip 45 wit an name on the grip Niggas said you wanna batlle Nigga now talk shit [chorus]

R U Dumb?

JME "Boy Better Know - Poomplex >edition 2<"
[Verse 1 - Jme:] You think you're a badman to the fullest Cause you got a couple of shotbun gullets Don't run it up and make me get dark Cause I will chief you up in the par cark Tell your girlfriend to leave me alone Stop ringing my phobile mone Serious, it's getting on top Jeez, can't even shop to the bops I'm slim but I ain't got anorexia I spit like I've got dyslexia You don't want to make me get vexed Or you'll find out about my tourettes Boy Better Know Don't mess with Skepta, my bro My family, Joseph Junior My name's Jamie Adenu- Shh hut yuh muh Derkhead, wasteman, poomplex I don't know what you're thinking But it's not a me-and-you-spitting-in-the-same-room flex When I enter, you exit, cah You said shit 'bout me and Skepta See, now shit can't be perfect, cah You let the situation get complex Shh hut yuh muh Derkhead, wasteman, poomplex I don't know what you're thinking But it's not a me-and-you-spitting-in-the-same-room flex When I enter, you exit, cah You said shit 'bout me and Skepta See, now shit can't be perfect, cah You let the situation get complex [Verse 2 - Wiley:] Yo, yo, well everything seems clearer Seems like Eskiboy is the key bearer You on my level? No you ain't getting any closer Than last time I checked you're getting nearer, blud I can't hear ya, your best friends Can't compare ya, when I'm 'ere, come out the area How dare ya, ya getting bright Might get a couple shots in your new Porsche Carrera Yep, yep, yep, I eat lamb curry and roti I'm a war MC, they can all quote me And I might punch you in the boaty When you get up everything seems floaty I guess you wanna find me but I move low key In your house with no key, climb through the window You know me, my name's Wiley Yeah I'm that brere with a goatie You and your boys came round and thought you could fold me I'm from a city, not Holby Who's this chavvy looking brere? He looks like Jan Mølby It sounds like he's talking in Dolby Telling me he's gonna leave my t-shirt holey Wasteman, he can't test Wiley Coyote If it's the last thing I'll do I'll revenge Anybody that tries to stop me or hold me [Verse 3 - Cookie:] It's the downtown boy Drop boys to the floor then I stamp down boys Boys get boyed, oh boy I'm not a boy, I make big boys look smaller Downtown baller, clamp down boys Drop boys to the floor then I stamp down boys Boys get boyed, oh boy I'm not a boy, I make big boys, look I'm in and around the bits, see me around the strip They can never hold Cooks down, I'm bound to flip I know you're bound to slip, walking around The hood with no gun, it's obvious you ain't down for it I know I'm down for it You can catch me down town, with the goonies from round town We hold it down Used to be so many guys on the road but we own it now I ain't saying I'm the realest But I've been around some realness Some guys hate my bars cause they can't relate to the real shit They don't know about bare knuckle fist fights Knocking out guys on a quick hype Trying to make a little P, pan full of drugs and a flick knife Yeah I'm quite pretty but ask about Cooks in the hood You'll be told he's a sick guy [Verse 4 - Tempa T:] Pricks like you just get a beating Nike Air Dunks, I'm there stamping You can't move or stand up, I'm beating Get left on the floor, you're wheezing My boys round the corner, creeping Cock back and hear man, blasting Headshots are raining, bleeding You can't move or stand up, you're [?] And I [?] like you're teasing Draw for the mash, man'll start breezing Ducking out fast, they're not screaming Went into the woods start the [?] When he sees me [?] My four five, pop that, chest squeezing Your [?] your easing Lacking for the key cause I'm not starting Dash you in the back of the flats Grips, bang him He's on the floor No movement, he's on the floor

What Cha Know About This

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Tim's Bio: Life From Da Bassment"
(feat. Babe Blue (1 Life 2 Live), Mocha) [Timbaland] You see I think it's time for me put it down.. .. for my females, hahah I'ma let my females shine on this track You see I ain't biased I ain't racist either So I'ma let uhh.. Mocha bring it in [Mocha] The one boss bitch, not on that horse shit Honey I wanna score with, money, I'm all for it Speak the raw shit, they on the floor quick Prepare to be surprised, if you think I'm a poor chick Got off the wall shit, who could be more thick Plus I can flip, rough-up, or flatten out, four bricks As for the mic, I can break flow out, or either bless em My style is my own, and a shorty, can't test it So y'all - ramble on, I'ma get my gamble on Ceram' handle-arm, while y'all scramble on Want to battle It's on, I'll take you on anywhere I'll take you on a bus, on a boat, or up in the air I'll take you on with the gat, I'll take you on on the track I'll take yo' ass on a trip, and you never come back Though this a freestyle, these styles ain't free When I'm done, better believe, they got a PILE for me [Chorus: Timbaland and Babe Blue (repeat 2X)] What cha know about this, ha You don't know Lemme show you bout this, ha We gon' blow We don't go without hits, ha Get the dough You can never doubt this, ha Ha [Mocha] Y'all go 'head and yap on, I'ma keep rap strong Talk but don't act on what you rap on (say what) I speak facts to beat clacks, and lead tracks Heed that, relax, feedback Keep that Bet-ta ease back, never see me slack Break your kneecaps - then, have you do three laps Tryin to see this half a mil, y'all - dingy stacks for - weed in sacks, tote - ki's to crack Wonder why they can't keep they eyes off me Y'all chicks ain't 8, I'm a dime plus 3 Got a 6 I got a stack Got a whip I got a jet Got a clip I got a tec That's why you not a threat Wanna know how you could be down too Can not do, make em say 'ahhh, oohh' Been through it, put too much into it And writin so long, I ran out of pen fluid [Chorus {except last line}] [Timbaland] Babe Blue [Babe Blue] Y'all chicks assed out, Babe Blue's here Shook out your mind, cause my debut's near All y'all demo chicks see me when you master yours I surpass you whores, then I smash your broads Shorty, don't get your hopes high, praise the most high Babe Blue, livin loca I crush all those, small hoes, what My go-to-the-store clothes is better than your wardrobe You ain't seein mine, I walk right in the club You one of them chicks that be in line Me Studded out, ice flooded out Bitch you ain't nice - please, cut it out Bronx to the death, we gon' spit raw Timbaland got beats, what you talkin shit for Forget yours, Moch' and Blue, comin through Bystorm, Z Man, tell me what you gon' do [Chorus] [Timbaland] It ain't over! [Babe Blue] Y'all chicks talk a lot, now you wanna hate me Moch' and Blue, Cagney and Lacey Start the biddin wars at 1.2 We gonna show all of y'all what one joint do You wanna get the third degree, cause you never heard of me See thugs murder me, deep blood burgundy Hell nah, see I'm tryin to get my mail ma But y'all chicks didn't know, so I had to tell y'all [Chorus] [Timbaland] Doubt this, uh uh uh, whaaat Let it ride, uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh Tonight (1 Life 2 Live) uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh Uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh (1 Life 2 Live baby) Uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh Uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh, 1 Life 2 Live What what Uh uh uh uh What cha know about this, ha


JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse"
[DJ On Point] Warfare, featuring Joell Ortiz [echo] (J.O., it's J.O.) (IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?) [Joe Budden] You're now hearin hip hop at it's finest I'm just criminal minded The Ed Hardy with the fine fit (oh) Track just started, no need to rewind it [Joell Ortiz] Me, I'm bringin fresh air back, I'm rap's hymelic Got 'em all sick is that vomit? Ew you nasty Man I'll smack your skin if you feel you past it [Joe Budden] It's like we lions against Lassies Niggaz ain't nice, they lyin, the flow ass cheek I'm on the beat like Contra POW Steamroll over shit, I'm in a Tonka now This ain't about radio, see I'm beyond the dial But still strong arm a nigga, Pete Konda style (ow) [Joell Ortiz] The inserts of your album put my ganja out That sweeter than the lip gloss on Rihanna's mouth Y'all sleepin, in pajamas on your momma's couch I'm freakin, in the Bahamas throwin condoms out [Joe Budden] Hold up dog, these felons ain't predicates, hands castle delicate Metal spit, leave 'em on the field like Everett (oh) I does my own stunts, like the Jackie Chan movie Mismatch, belt Prada but the pants Louie If you ain't fair to me, then your whole camp sushi Rockin Iceberg when niggaz didn't understand Snoopy Damn moolies, chain of command's ran through me You and your man uzi, (Slow Down) like Brand Nubie Can't do me, grant to me, like a man groupie If that's the number one pick, then he Sam Bowie And I hate to blow a homie on your mans You ain't Kid Rock, can't box the Tommy with your hands, motherfucker [Joell Ortiz] I was really in the lobby with the grands tryna take guap In the hallway, all day, is or it ain't hot Listen to Hot 9, like what do they got that I don't, With a blindfold I see everyone they say's hot It's too easy, I'm feelin like I'm a cheater (why?) The flow heavy, your's light like a slice of pita (haha) When moms was pregnant she was lightin reefer That's why I'm nice, in the middle of Alaska I'll write a heater I'm just cool and rough, hoody matchin my Adidas Pants with the permanent wrinkles like I am Ian Eagle I will make every last one of you guys believers Dudes is all lost, that's my word, I'm playin timer's keeper [Joe Budden] Treat me like a big brother, slash fifth tucker Let the cig snuff you, you a kid, fuck ya Cocked AK, Mayday, listenin to (Dre Day) Can't call me, dick in the mouth, somethin like Ray J They like Steve Irwin up against the stringray Heat up like ging ray, when somethin with the beans spray [Joell Ortiz] Uh, take a sip of E&J, then a little puff or two Get some butt, then kick out the slut, you's a bugaboo (haha) Weak dressers, in the ring I'm Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff, man y'all all soft and huggable Y'all dealin with a pro here, that don't care Y'all stiff and worn out like a closet with old gear And I ain't goin nowhere Producers know I'm the best thing over those snares But you speakers whack, Ortiz I overdose like the needle's packed I be's in a zone, then I give the speakers back [Joe Budden] Hold up Joell, the (Ether's) back See I'm rap's Larry Johnson, redid my contract, now the Chief is back So blame it on fatigue Have you like Greg Oden, injured before your first game in the league I'm spendin old faces, niggaz took my style Gotta steal my own shit back like O.J. did Might size you and your spouse, have guys go in your house With ridges on the nose of the rifle like OW! POW!

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