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JENNIFER HUDSON lyrics - I Remember Me

Where You At

Original and similar lyrics
You said when the storm came That you would be there with your umbrella to block the rain And you said you'd protect me from heartache, Pain, lies, loneliness, and misery You said you'll tear down the walls That were in the way. You promise things would be okay. And I stood there in the freezing cold And I waited for you but you never showed Where you at [x3] Boy you said you would be there for me Where you at [x6] Now you said you'll go to church stop slanging find a real job And go to work and you said you would stay out the streets spend more time with me take away my doubt and fears And fulfill my dreams you said you would be that shoulder for my eyes to cry on That you would be that one that I could depend on and I stood there in the freezing cold and I waited for ya but you never showed boy Where you at [5x] Boy you said you'd be there for me Where you at [x6] And those false promises is much like fake names You painted a picture for me but there was no frame You made my future look bright and I believed every word I went to sleep on the cloud and woke up in the dirt And now I'm without shelter and the wind is blowing You said you would be there for me boy when the tough got going Said if weapons formed you've stand in front of me When ever I felt trapped you said that you Would be the one to set me free Thought you were my hero but as it turned out you were no show Tell me where you at (where you at) You said you would be there for me Where you at [x3] And I can't see, see, see, see You said you'd be right there for me So I'm waiting on ya right here until you appear and Deliver [x3] deliver boy deliver [x3]

Lovin' You

Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
featuring U God [Intro: Inspectah Deck] Uh yea. In my time I've seen a lot of people come and go. A lot of new faces been to a lot of new places. Wherever we went we always held it down. While we conquered new grounds. It's a universal sound. The Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game. Yo... [Chorus (x2): Inspectah Deck] Not many last in the game Wu Tang come through breakin out the same way we came This is not an act, this is actual facts Nothin but experience placed upon the tracks [Inspectah Deck] We stand perpendicular with no flaws Breakin all laws, plus jaws, the writin's on the walls Heartless, starvin artists, out to get our's Regardless, marvelous doctrics, we shot this Fist of the black lotus, bustin out the steel cage Iron Mic Duel made the front page Outlaws, out for your's, get down on all fours Rebel with a cause, without a force to the score Pillagin with 'donna Cap's, the personna raps Hittin like a quarter back, blistered on the track Fully-auto, cop the mic blow, strike low High-caliber flow move the crowd, twist your torso 2009, block party, Bobby Digital, pop corks to us and the God's we trust, it's adjust To the highs that we bring with the lows and the Mr. Hell speakin out in morse code Runnin wild like dogs out the kennel through the venue Simple chemistry, vitamins plus the minerals Organic vowels, consonants, syllables Condition critical, ill individual Paint a picture too vivid for the visual Material rips through to the gristle [Chorus (x2)] [U-God] Yo, the measures in my music grab you, stuck in my sentence Got to spit from the bottom less pit, speakin my vengeance Masked avenger never surrender my heritage Killah Hill resident, 5'10 be my measurement On land we stand under flags as confederates You think you rule, pitty the fool when the shell drops Hot bodies scream to the extreme, damn, I'm delicate We livin irrevant, intelligent, dirty habit Lake full of fragments, abandon all 10 commandments Damage is done as the records spins, hatred in my features Untamed, thus these cold blooded creatures bust Architect gladiator radiates the power Erupt with corrupt minds, locked in the tower The crook's pressure cooked invasion be destroyed Self-employed paranoid androids [Inspectah Deck] My rhyme cold winds clear streets and slams shutters Basic Instinct to tear the roof off the mother Drastic verbal gymnastics, far from the average Hold the planet like Galactus Lone Ranger ancester scroll with zone bangers Never met a force deadly as my own anger Clutched performer, raised on the blood soaked corners A real life with real tight feds, they brain on ya And not many last on the game Whether it be lies, fly songs or drugs you slang In the beginnin, it didn't come fast amongst the gun blast Strivin, my eyes on lump sums and cash Cash Rules Everything Around Me, surroundin me with champagne wishes But I see long distance, a strong vision planted deep within the missle Mind detect mind and analyze what I sent you [Chorus (x2)]


Magic Affair
ManiacÂ… the name is Swift Homicidal the title, to take a life as a gift Cold crush, rhyme, rhyme, lady, scratch, and even music maker Bounce an' MC on the court like a ball player Proven by the lyrics on the mike as I extend the cut Making music, as the girls move and shale their butts Suckers with the heart, try to battle even cheat me They can't compete, nor they defeat, or even beat me With the silly dictionary rhymes they spond When the mike catches fire, it will melt and bend Then I'll use the court as a whip, as I teach this lesson I'll whipe the knowledga in your head, so you can't stop guessing Who's the best MC upon the MIC, SWIFT Executed lyrics by me, will leave you violated Make your body get the shiversq, eyes dilated Suckers perpetrate, and try to dis me That's why the suckers watching me like TV Survival of the fittest, is very vital Got my weapon on auto, boy, I'm homicidal Dangerous, mike packing and ill My peotry is my ammo, and it's ready to kill I'll put your head out with a quickness if we battle you know I'll make you wish you were in prison, sitting on death row Chrome plated, highly polished, and I'm running the joint I penetrate, like a hollow point Homicidal, is what I feel in my mind I have 100 ways to kill you while I'm saying this rhyme Perpetrators, can't even compare to this I cock the hammer, pull the trigger and dis Sucker MCs biting rhymes like these I'll point my weapon in your face and then I'll start to squeeze Your mind get's nervous, your face is cold sweating Beacuse a butt-kickings, what you're getting I lived a rough life from kid to a man When I think of things I've done I say Damn ! What's the deal, you know it's real Always feeling illy ill, my mind just says kill I'm never wrong, then again I'm not right ya'll Menace I'm homicidal Swift the name, dissin' MCs the game, To dis a sucker MC is the claim of my fame I like to grabthem by the face, punching them in the neck Burning up their stale rhymes, 'till they give me respect Cold destruction is a code, causing rapper's commotion Setting world on fire like a TNT explosion Rhyme, not a song, I neither sang nor I sung I can cut a man to shreds, or break a tree with my tongue Got my face on a poster, wanted dead or alive Reward tall duckies four thousand or five If you want to take the duckies wish yourself a good luck Cuz I kill in cold bood and I don't give a fuck Come along or bring your posse, play brave and the bold I'll be rocking, cold shocking, 'till I'm 80 years old Proud and I'm black, giving squeezers no slack I'm even deadlier then PCP caine and crack I'm the mercenary, killing punks at will I hate it when the brothers are acting ill It's time to get busy, and fight ya'll Word, I'm homicidal

Tougher Than Leather

RUN DMC "Tougher Than Leather"
[Run-D.M.C.] Unconceivable, unbelievable Grammar like a hammer information receivable Sent by the Lord, here and abroad with words well adored now they can't be ignored! [Run] The force of course that makes Run the boss so get lost because I just toss a punk Make way today and if I may I say I make pay with Jay, so get away OKAY Gainin weight, I ate the whole plate today Never rate the great, I go state to state Just peep and keep but don't sleep or weep Get deep to leap or I'll beep the Jeep Put down the clown, get 'round the town I found the sound that I pound the ground Get paid and laid, not 'jayed or 'fraid so I stayed and made, not a bad debate Got a group to troop, with a shoop de shoop Shoot hoop then scoop, on this loop to loop Goin off and off, not soft of course Just black and back to go back and forth Go to school and cool, and pull Got soul and gold and cold hold a jewel Upset the vet, a vet met a Jet Just let your , and I'll win the bet Got a punch to crunch, cold munch for lunch not Grady or the lady from the Brady Bunch Got cheese in Lee's like he's in jeans Charge Visa freeze, on these with ease No dope to cope, just good to go There's hope to Pope, big nope for no Quite clever and never, we're together forever Run-D.M.C. and we're 'Tougher Than Leather' [D.M.C.] Strong and mighty hard as can be lie press strong as Dee Never frightened I'm writin fightin for what's right Let's keep it in the night I'm creepin with my mic I got to go for broke, and I ain't no joke I won't yoke and choke, 'cept you suckers I smoked Bumrush and crush, leave em in the dust This is a must to rough, Only strong survive, and the weak will die As long as I'm alive I keep my head up high because I'm strong in body, and smart in mind I was born to rhyme, as a gift to mankind No punk or chump, never givin no slack We'll be killin a villain and like chillin, 'Yo black!' I got a , it's me you run from I'm the king I do my things until my Kingdom Come! [guitar solo] [Run] .. cause .. I'm Rough and tough, cold huff and puff Don't bluff the stuff, got enough to rough Go long and on, no longer song Go on and on just for past the dawn Put preach and teach, with a speech to reach all streets and each, with beats for treats Got the King Supreme, may seem the clean with a beat and a ring, no dream machine Not a gang to bang, out to hang with slang talking yang and tang, about everythang Just brothers and others, like fathers and mothers who discovered they love us they think that I've been above us No crime or time, just rhyme and I'm full grown and own, no phone or dime Just cut the stuff, til you get enough cause we're rougher than tougher and rougher tougher than tough! [guitar solo] [Run-D.M.C.] Ah with a voice like thunder, words of wonder over all standin tall and the suckers fall under Posessed with power, cowards will cower Ducks we devour hour hour after hour Three man riot, you can't deny it We're so ill that you can't defy it Gonna live, POSITIVE, forever, AND EVER Run-D.M.C. and we're 'Tougher Than Leather'


JOE NICHOLS "Revelation"
Somewhere in Vietnam A nineteen year old soldier stumbled from a bar room He said I must be seeing things That bourbon hit me like a baseball bat In Belfast, Ireland a little lady dropped her shovel in her garden As she raced across her yard to ask her neighbor Mrs. Clancy "What was that?" In Memphis, Tennessee a teacher raised the window closest to the river And the children in her classroom swore they heard a choir singin' down the street In Washington, D.C. a private secretary's lips began to quiver And the President just put aside some papers and rose quickly to his feet I lay in a cheap motel in the arms of someone else's woman When a loud explosion rocked the room and turned the morning into night I jumped out of bed and ran into the street with hardly any clothes on And as the sky lit up my heart stood still and i could feel my face turn white All at once the clouds rolled back and there stood Jesus Christ in all his glory And I realized the saddest eyes I'd ever seen were lookin' straight at me I guess I was awakened by the penetrating sound of my own screaming It didn't take me long to stumble out of ben and fall down on my knees AS tears rolled down my face I cried, "Dear God I'm thankful I was only dreaming. If I never go to hell Lord its because you scared it out of me."

112 Bars

Yeah niggaz! Who the fuck you thought it was? It's ya nigga Jay muthafuckin Rock, top dog! Before I get started, let me get a rest in peace to my nigga Pac Gotta go in on this one Yeah, let's go Give me my money and stacks and lace my swishas with kush, nigga Hard liquir fuck up my liver, guaranteed I pick up The west coast like the phone is ringing, hello, Anybody on this phone this evening? Guess not Jay Rock, out the bottom of Watts, Gangsta, ain't shit pop but the water in pots We cookin the crack, distributin' to the block Gettin' it back, I use the same formula for rap I'm warnin' ya, leavin' more dead bodies for the coroner Shootin any witness with a cornia As far as rap, I'm best the rapper out of California Warrior, in the 300 like a sparley, Gladiator, blast a hater, put em in a coffin For coughin', that thera-flu won't do Gonna need more if you don't wanna see the lord Tell me what ya livin' for like 2 times 2 I'm a sureshot like marksmen, you all dead Cold red, money clippers if a nigga fold bread That will feed four people for the next four years I ain't just got ends, I end cold reds [?] Cosigned by the allmighty pac when I drop science Like? I'm not lyin' Put a scar on your face like cymbels uncle Dumb fuck, I was built to tussle Gangbang, murder state, west side of the mississippi Where you can die like a shirt from an old hippie Peep the irony, the heater on me when it's nippy Hit a nigga on Q like I'm from the fifties Roll through the sixties just to fuck withNnippsey Hussle to the death like interpreters I'm hurtin' ya I could close curtain ya, but I'll let you bleed I'm a top dog, nigga, like? Got the game on lock, well I'm still in the ki's Don't get it twisted, honey, I'm still with the bees Like sean carter on the yacht, what you got, nothing, nigga Give it up, circle round the block (BUCK-BUCK a nigga) What the fuck, this is hip-hop to the third degree Murder emcees, send 'em up, throw 'em in a burboun truck Throw some gasoline on 'em, light a match, burn em' up I don't think you heard enough, fuck it, let me turn it up Grab ya bitch, turn her out, sell her for a couple buds Put her on a stroll, bet she'll bring back a armored truck Tell her I'm a city nigga, gritty nigga, grimy nigga Even when you eyes closed, guaranteed you'll find me In the Watts with a backroad, the hood made my heart cold Put me in a loophole, now the nigga do shows Kick flows like I knew martial arts Raving at Peter Parker once a nigga climb the charts All my real niggas follow, I don't fuck with pussy niggas Fuck with real bloods, real crips, who you foolin', nigga? Jay Rock, jack the ripper, rep for every ghetto I'm a still be here even when the smoke settle on a sunset Rollin' down sunset, hand on the wheel Middle finger to the cops, give a fuck how they feel I'm a ride like a freighttrain on ya rap-lames Screaming? got the projects on my back, mane You ain't gotta aks mane, Jay Rock got it Top Dog, aka they got dollas Big like Chris Wallace, fly like weed parlors Sig on my lap, we'll pop your collar From the land where the coolest cat will drop your mama Mouthpiece like barack obama, but still street Stilll creep through your set, I'm a thug I guess Cold stares for the clothes I dress, I'm well aware of that Niggas be hatin', soon as they jump like a car cable Homie gon' be disabled, screaming for help Tryin' to kill me? Better of killing yourself, because Suicide, it's a suicide The way I was raised, either do or die You can die any given time, it's not promised Hop out, spray lamas, come back with the bic mac Hassle McDonalds on our house, what you 'bout? Big money?, for cheap talk Bumping your gums, you'll get your teeth lost Play me for dumb, we bust guns, leave ya street-chalked Do this for fun, we hit ya block, let the piece bump Like pitbulls, get shookup when the flow cook up Tell 'em I got the hookup like candyman on your steps I command respect like a law permitted to y'all Y'all never come brawl with the west coast general Criminal background, tell mama her son rap now No more hustling rocks up in that crackhouse All I do is bring it to you, pay per view Food for thought, brought wordplay, what you brought I brought the big boys with me, my project people Call me Bishop Lamont, stand on top of the church steeple Writin' raps 'til my hands collapse Starin' at the world from a different view like my Crooked I do Hold my beach cruiser as I ride by you With my Glasses on, shout out to Malone Out-of-towners want to trip, then I'm ready to rob 'em See I got that K boy, who wanna pile 'em And that K got a Dot, if I let a shot go Hit you in your Ab, and there go your Soul On my misson ready to roll, let's do this to a living But Jay said that's a felony cause niggas keep on telling If a coward snitch on me, then this what I'll do Pull the rocket out and let it bang loose Then give his mama the blues, like SBI Got hot dollars now, so the FBI All inside of my ride, that's the Cadillac Fleetwood If the west blow, shit, you know that the east would I'm coastal with it, look, me and Mistah Fab Doing fabolous digits, it's a family business In the field with that, then you get stuck up Give it to you every day, seven years of bad luck Who got the gin and the juice, toss it up for my name I don't know how many bars, but this not a game

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