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JEFFERSON STARSHIP lyrics - Blows Against The Empire


Original and similar lyrics
What you gonna do when you feel your lady rollin' How you gonna feel when you see your lady strollin' On the deck of the starship With her head hooked into Andromeda C'mon Hijack Gotta get back and ahead to the things that matter Amerika hates her crazies And you gotta let go you know gotta let go you know gotta let go you know gotta let go you know or else you stay SPILLIN' OUT OF THE STEEL GLASS GRAVITY GONE FROM THE CAGE A MILLION POUNDS GONE FROM YOUR HEAVY MASS ALL THE YEARS GONE FROM YOUR AGE Hydroponic gardens and forests Glistening with lakes in the Jupiter starlite Room for babies and Byzantine dancing astronauts of renown The magician and the pantechnicon Take along the farmer and the physician We gotta get out and down Back into the future Beyond our own time again Reachin' for tomorrow It's so fine Starshine THE MELTING ACID FEVER STREAKIN' THRU MY MIND MAKES IT OH SO DIFFICULT TO SEE YOU AND OH SO EASY TO TOUCH YOU I MELT WITH YOU FEEL WITH YOU MAKE LOVE FOR YOU AT YOU AROUND YOU I LOVE YOU Dear Brumus, the ship'll be ours and you got to roll with it Though your master's head's blown off you got to go with it Roll with the natural flow Like water off a spinning ball Out - the one remaining way to go Free - the only way to fall The light in the night is the sun And it can carry you around the planetary ground And the planetary whip of the sun Will carry you well past Gideon And the people you see will leave you be more than the ones you've known before Hey - rollin' on We come and go like a comet We are wanderers Are you anymore? The land is green and you make it grow And you gotta let go you know You gotta let go you know You gotta let go you know Or else you stay MANKIND GONE FROM THE CAGE ALL THE YEARS GONE FROM YOUR AGE At first I was irridescent Then I became transparent Finally I was absent

Whose World Is It

VERSE 1: There's a very good reason Why there's not just One person in this world We gotta do what we can Oh, there's a reason Now there must be a plan If we want to make it work Word of mouth Hand in hand CHORUS: Whose world is it anyway? Who do we think is gonna make it right? Whose world is it anyway? Who are we hurting? After all, it's our fight. VERSE 2: There's a time for laying low There's a time for sticking your neck out On the line I think now's our time 'Cause there's a real real problem What are we without the air we breath? No one should have to be without CHORUS After all, it's our life. We've gotta make it stop But it begins with just one drop We will do it, in just one day But if we never stop The earth will crumble Fall apart And the children will be left In a helpless land Who's gonna make it right? Who's gonna make it right? We've gotta make it right Or no one else will. There's a reason Now there's gotta be a time Gotta stick your neck out On the line

Some How Some Way

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
(feat. Beanie Sigel, Scarface) [Chorus] (Please believe that) Some how some way We gotta make it up out the hood some day Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some way we gotta make it up out this life [Jay-Z] Weather we dribble out this motherfucker Rap metaphors and riddle out this motherfucker Work second floors, hospital out this motherfucker Some how we gotta get up out this motherfucker Some day the cops will kill a motherfucker I don't always want to be this drug dealing Motherfucker damn Wish I could take us all on this magic carpet ride Through the sky I Use to play the hall up fifth floor me and my boys we All poor getting high I seen the worst of the worst I deserve every blessing I received I'm from the dirt I planted my seed on unfertile land Myrtle Park Marcy, Flushing and Nostrand and Still I grew some how I knew the sun will shine through And touch my soul take hold of my hand Look man a tree grows in Brooklyn [Chorus] Some how some way I gotta make it up out the hood someday Some how some way I gotta make it up out this life Some way I gotta make it up out this hood someday [Beanie Sigel] [Talking:] To old Nell, Sigel street I ain't forget you Twenty niggas on the block trying to chase that buck Nosey neighbors and haters keep their face on stuck Cops roll up on the pavement break the dice games up Behind smoke kids can't chase the ice cream truck Girls fighting over Rollie young boys hype things up Niggas fighting over Cold young boys light things up All the petty ass wars fuck the night scene up Remember Lil' Eddie man how he light mean up Then they wonder why we light green up Back to back steamers trying to relax but I can't I lean up ain't the L or the refer that steam up It's my head stress to the point I get a fever Thinking bout the block and all the mothers and kids That can't leave and how the Chinks gotta feed'em For the rest of their life fucking wings fried Vegetable rice(gotta be kidding) No breakfast Cap'n Crunch at night Our kids eating lunch at night In their beds all bunched in tight No less than three or four(you know how it go) Two by the foot two by the headboard Man I'm getting scared for them (Yeah I know) Thats how I feel for them And we gotta grip the shorties on the block All they do is smoke weed and drink forties Cop their quarties Enough to get the latest ROC, newest glock, and old Jordies [Chorus] Some how some way We gonna make it up out the hood someday Some how some way We gonna make it up out this life Some how some way We gonna make it up out the hood one day Some way we gonna make it up out this life [Scarface] Right here another lil' story bout this click I claimed Another chapter based on how I get that game Hanging round my neighborhood and bang my street Sit and watch the passer-bys play my sweep South-side sunny side Blocks I run South Vegas, South Paul Nigga all got guns Over here we got this poor () get that there We know tomorrow ain't promise so we get that there Fuck sitting in the living room guarding the steps Working inside a slump house starving to death Serving these nigga flippers, quarter-ounces and Zippers agents snapping your picture neighbors Plotting to get ya Situations is critic I was out here to get it Living it like a savage cause nigga I gotta have it And holding back all the mothers for a minute Pumping hard dog Erase enough to walk it down and fuck it all dog Love being willied and your creek gonna rise I'm be a nigga and these streets gonna rise (Some how some way) (Some how some way) I'm be a nigga and these streets gonna rise [Chorus] Some how some way We gotta make it up out the hood some day Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some how some way We gotta make it up out the hood some day Some way we gotta make it up out this life [Whistling]

Going Crazy

Ever since the day you went away and left me lonely and cold, my life just hasn't been the same, ohh baby no. When I looked into your eyes the moment that I let you go, I just broke down. Baby if I ever get the chance to be with you again I would sacrifice, cause the feeling that I feel within, no other man would ever make me feel so right. It's nice to smile when I get your phone call at night, but I'd rather have you here with me right next to me, I miss the way you hold me tight. [Bridge] I gotta let you know I feel so weak without your touch. I never thought that I could ever love a man so much. I gotta let you know, I think that we are destiny. For you, I'd cross the world. For you, I'd do anything. [chorus] Thats right baby, Im going crazy, I need to be your lady. I've been thinking lately, that you and me, yes, we could make it just ride wit me, and role wit me, I'm in love with you baby. [2x] Break it down now, I'll tell you what I feel from the moment that I meet you it was so damn real, my heart seems to skip another beat every time we speak, can't believe I feel so weak. Tell me that you really need me and you want me and you miss me and you love me I'm your lady. I'll be around waiting for you, put it down, be the woman for you. I'm fallen so deep for you, I'm crazy over you. I'm callin', callin' out to you what am I gonna do it's true, I'm not frontin, It's you and the other I could no longer go on without you, I'll just break down. [Bridge] [Chorus 2x] Crazy, Lady, Lately ohhhhhh Baby


Lay back, enjoy the fall lover I won't hurt you I take it all on if you trust me Don't hesitate let it go, let me know, baby show me I don't read minds but I'm trying my best to read yours Yeah Let me know, let me know Yeah Let me know, it's all for you Help me help yourself I want to give it all to you but Don't make me second guess, I don't want to play games no more For sure I've got your back, I've never wanted anything more than you and your sexy smile I love you so try not to blow it this time Yeah Let me know, let me know Yeah Let me know, it's all for you Everything inside you, about you I want to know, taste, hold, love you anytime I want to Let me show you, let me give you everything I have saved just for you I know you love me but I'm gonna need more than what you're giving me I want to feel you but I feel empty You gotta help me, you gotta meet me halfway There I see you, can you see me, closer now Just tell me, show me, what it's gonna take to get you to trust me, love me like I know you can Yeah Let me know, let me know Yeah Let me know, it's all for you

Full Steezy

Capone -N- Noreaga "The Reunion"
[Chorus: Capone *singing*] Girl, you are so sweet (so sweet) Say that is what you are (what you are ma) See me I'm from Q.B. (Q.B.) And you can be my star (be my star) So come sail away with me (c'mon, c'mon) Let's cruise into my thug world (let's go) And we'll get high with each other (hear ma, hear ma) uh-huh, do your thing ma [Capone] You say you lookin for a lover Boo, someone you can talk to I walk these streets, tryin hard not to hawk you Laugh when they stalk you, playin my cards Weighin the odds, I see your face like a mirage Your hair tied in a bun, with a chopstick through it Your frames make you look erotic, exotic twist Don't know I'm a thug, but I'm sentimental Cried when Cochese died; a villain need a girlfriend too Love it when they play shy - and if I ever fall in love see this babyface? Swear I never tell a lie Gossip got you hatin me so much right now Like Kelis, ready to call police, give 'em all the heat You know I'm on parole, so you chose not to beep for a week Couldn't see your man goin up creek Fuck the B.I.'s, the letters, and the short-eye pictures I'ma ride for my bitches, if they ride for my niggaz [Chorus] [Capone] I see you workin hard, the wrong man got you cursin God Earth in the physical flesh, a certified star You make your own, I know you tired of spendin days alone All cried out, I'm wonderin if I can take you home We can lay up, breakfast when you wake up A covergirl, lovin your world, fly no make-up Ain't nuttin change, I stay sunk in the Range I get brain, switch lanes when I'm pluckin a dame Hit your job on your lunch break, the spots they can take Make a date later this week, so we can celebrate Knew my hustle, you never did try to knock it The first true thug in your life, I got you in the pocket Wasn't with the sneakin thing, the hill showed your appeal You keep it real with the feminine feel I still love the stretch socks and your Reeboks I love my mami's, konichi-wa, and your nani-nani [Chorus] [Capone] How does it feel for you to be in my world Even my girl shoppin sprees Monopoly cheese, coppin you pearls Sautee or foreplay, all day From the bedroom, to the hallway, I'm all in her toes Open my nose, love it when you go downtown Hold a freak too, I'd love to see you, in somethin see-through Beep daddy, I come and eat you Speedin in a Caddy buck on the (?), room three-two The spot next to (?) low, nobody gotta know I left the studio ma, yeah, we gotta cop and go But don't sweat it though, I got us round trip to Mexico Chanel thong to go along with your X and O [Chorus]

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