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JEDI MIND TRICKS lyrics - Violent By Design

Executioner's Dream

Original and similar lyrics
[movie sample] " you don't fuck around with the inifinite There's no way you do that... A painted hill has two sides, the kind you can touch with your hand The kind you can feel in your heart Your soul, the spiritual side; And you know, the worst of the the spiritual" [Jus Allah] I'm leaf-twistin, but still kill your whole belief system I speak wisdom, translated to street diction A past victim of the government for grapple Now I slash you, I'm the slave wit snapped shackles After cash rules, a-alikes move wit me We murdered the fakes involved in the three-sixty Eighty-five face the truth, you're too dumb You burn and failed attempts reachin the sun I grab you and squeeze until your pores bleed Manipulate the earth that you formerly believed Even after you're buried underneath the soil Send a message to hell, nobody grieve for you Your physical mass is converted into ash Allah's wrath is engraphed on your epitab Spend eternity wit the underground forces Your screams echo in deaf ears of the remorseless [Chorus x2] "You don't even wanna test" "Uh-uh-oh, you wanna kill more, God bless" [Ikon] The raw mangler, seven angles of Angular Strangle the pagans who stayed in the pages of Diameter Rhyme shatterer, with nine rhymes I'm hackin you The author will scorch ya with the torture of Josef Mengele Sended you to the squared circle to meet me To beat me won't be easy, you'll face thesis of Meche Blood'll apease me, raps are prehistorical Cerebral of cathedral that leads you into the oracle I'm horrible, I burn wit no time to react Rewind DAT's so fine I pull spines out the back In time I crack minds that's what the brain desire Messiah pulls as Mariah into the rain of fire Barb wire around pagans that read the Bible Genocidal and liable to just cleave your spinal Final hours, the forbidden fruit they fond as Iris Study rappers, bringin wackness like Abolo scholars First in line to try to battle me, I left him limbless Tragic rappers just a fallacy, I left em skinless Beginners, keep your distance because we might be vicious You can find me wit Louis Logic drinkin pints of Guiness "You don't even wanna test" "Uh-uh-oh, you wanna kill more, God bless" [J-Treds] Aiyyo when I rhyme Fortunatley I possess a Jedi Mind So the force is with me (When I rhyme) Son it makes me spit a fresh one So when Treds is done, even a athiest will say I blessed him And when my jam bang, better cop that Fuck all these players who can't hang, get a jockstrap Cuz we drop bombs, better be scared Cuz it's either hop on or be prepared for us to lock horns We engage, when the pen sprays we wage war And then you know what they say, when it rains it pours So face us, cuz you can't change the laws of nature We independent, it's competition callin us major We major threats who deliver, so place your bets We'll bring it minus the Moet, Rollies, and Avirex We just spit shit too amazing, just shit That when you face it you'll see it's a must-win situation Ain't no second chance (anyway), not next to the champs Because it's our freestyle that's gettin grants from the NEA We well in doubt versus these rappers we tell about (Cuz us and them) Difference between takin a L and a bow [Chorus x2]

Shallow Days

I just keep moving on... (moving on...) I just keep moving on... (moving on...) time and time, a brother asks why the rhyme is not laced with a gangsta touch I said Simply because I don't live that way still kickin' them rhymes rugged and rough But that won't sell, cause you gotta keep it real so that we can feel where you're coming from Because these streets is ill so if you ain't killing niggas in rhymes your whole sound's just bubble gum I said I won't contribute to genocide; I'd rather try to cultivate the inner side and try to evolve the frustrated ghetto mind The devil and his army never been a friend of mine But niggas don't wanna hear that shit said the brother who was obviously totally misled and yelled out murder murder, kill, murder instilled in the influential (walks ?) of our kids' heads shallow days, you never wanna let a brother be a brother fully inner to the outer caught up in all them hollow nights can't escape cause everywhere that I look people front, and it just ain't right (repeat) I said Don't you know the powers that be are using people as pawns, devouring we until they see us all gone and outta the scene and as I passed the chronic, he said look at where I be, I tried to get a job for real, but all the homies (hit licks?) and rob and steal and keep fat pockets caught in a rut to catch ground this way's in, plus who could you trust? I said I'm all about protecting mine, but neglecting minds for getting left behind. Why don't you change your environment? He said This is all I know, plus my fam's all that I got, I can't go I said You gotta make it for the fams Damn, he said I didn't make the ghetto, The ghetto made the man I said You're more than just that, shook his hand, said Damn, you gotta find a way to break the devil's master plan, peace shallow days, you never wanna let a brother be a brother fully inner to the outer caught up in all them hollow nights can't escape cause everywhere that I look people front, and it just ain't right (repeat) The word peace is just an expression used to say bye when it's time to jet and them red black and green medallions was all just part of the trend, I guess Hardly ever them around brothers' necks no more Instead of that gold (gats ?) inspiring gangstas and macks who at the young age of four be seeing more drama than war veterans instead of learning God's laws and hip-hop is ((all the ways ?) till we enlist that ??) to express how we be feeling about this and that but music does reflect life and kids look up to what you're portraying and mimic what you act like It's time for a new day an era in rap, conscious styles, makin' them aware of the happenings but their ears seem more steered towards self-annihilation so then they might laugh and write this off, like I'm out here just blowing wind, maybe label us soft or unreal, something they just can't feel, while they yell murder murder murder, kill kill kill I just keep movin' on (moving on ...) I just keep movin' on (moving on ...) shallow days / hollow nights (repeat)

Against The Wall

BIG TYMERS "I Got That Work"
[Baby talking] Hey Fresh! We back at it baby [Chorus: Manny Fresh] Here baby doll, up against the wall And through the sound, he broke it down Only one more Hypnotic, and that's when he shot it I'm not lookin' for love, up in the club But I wanna go home with you, girl [Verse 1] [Manny Fresh] I'm not your man I'm a pimp, baby please understand But you hot, and they not, so we can hold hands In a long truck, Cadillac Surround sound, front to back 'Forever? Forever, ever?' Forever, ever black Ridin' in the sunshine, crankin' up the Alpine Rubbin' down shorty's spine, she is fine! Love 'um, leave 'um, go back and retrieve 'um If their hair is bad, then I will weave 'um [Baby] Kick back in the Phantom, two clips and a hammer Cruisin' through the hood on them Deion Sanders Nothin' but red whips and all them candy Two chicks, two chickens that flew from Atlanta, aye Laid back in a Maebach, countin' stacks Got work, go to work, nigga count that Summer shine, summer time, and we on the grind Birdman got them chickens and they ain't flyin' [Chorus: Manny Fresh] Here baby doll, up against the wall And through the sound, he broke it down Only one more Hypnotic, and that's when he shot it I'm not lookin' for love, up in the club But I wanna go home with you, girl [Verse 2] [Manny Fresh] I'm cool, I'm hip, I'm fresh, I'm good I'm diamonds up against the wood, richest nigga from the hood Four amplifiers, four 24 tires Fuck professional liars, fo' show enter our fire In a big black Chevy, starch real heavy Peanut butter reclinin', with the Steve Harvey line in Look at me! [Baby] Let me slide and ride and get inside And take you to my hood where it's do or die Where the whips is clean, we hustle for nickels and dimes Chips, green, the liquior was hard as a crime Custom machine and 'dro be on my mind Lace my team with life and bricks for dimes Ghetto soldier and you can't stop my shine Fresh, Stunna, bitch respect my mind [Chorus: Manny Fresh] Here baby doll, up against the wall And through the sound, he broke it down Only one more Hypnotic, and that's when he shot it I'm not lookin' for love, up in the club But I wanna go home with you, girl [Verse 3] [Manny Fresh] Sean Paul on the wall, break it down, do it girl Lift it up, let it flow, shake it fast, there it go Make it wobble, make it jiggle, put the pickle in the middle Push it back, make it clap, in and out, that's a wrap Good bye, so long, I got to go, I'm goin' home But you my favorite friend, let's bump and grind next weekend [Baby] See you fuckin' with your boy, remember who gunna ride? When trouble hit the hood nigga, who gunna die? When shit get ugly nigga, who gunna fly? But when shit get bubbly everybody wanna ride me Benz, Lexus, the coupe, the jets Nigga holla at the boy, baby pimpin' the flesh Like in Stalled Evoy, third world is the set I'm a worldwide shiner bitch, I drove the best [Chorus: Manny Fresh (2X)] Here baby doll, up against the wall And through the sound, he broke it down Only one more Hypnotic, and that's when he shot it I'm not lookin' for love, up in the club But I wanna go home with you, girl

Wrong Side Of Da Tracks

Artifact "Between a Rock a Hard Place"
Verse One: Tame One I'm out to bomb like Vietnam under the same name Tame One The bad one, ink flow master bastard with the Magnum I tags up quick, and then I steps to the exit When it's time to get sefted or flex on some fresh shit Some wack crook stole my black book I know who took it I know his whole tag because the fag writes his name crooked The ink I use might stink, but you gotta think I got my props Hoppes, cause my tags don't shrink I'm taggin and baggin bitches cause my name, is famous in the street Cause they know my name's from cruising in the Jeeps So yo, grab a can and put your man up and stand up For the fresh never stale niggaz off the third rail Deep dark and black like the Magnum I pack It's that Artifacts chat from the wrong side of da tracks Chorus: repeat 2X The Artifacts are from the wrong, side of da tracks The Artifacts are from the wrong side Verse Two: El Da Sensai I load my backpack with spray paint Girbaud couldn't spark the Tagging up a train I catch the pound take a trip To the train yards and think back, when I used to write that Shit that used to hit, had all the mad color tips Breakin was my thing I used to spin the back I never thought I'd spin the wax, with tracks to make your hands clap I could've went the other way but no haps I got my dap on the map with the Bic down to a spray cap Niggaz used to doubt to my clout but now I turn em out They shout my shout out uptown, like they wanna be down Avoid the crowds that wanna stab me in the back enough of that Watch the third rail track, cause I don't wanna get zapped Pieces I burn to show my name no shame Don't wanna put the blame down on my nigga Tame Brothers don't wanna see me grow to get my cash flow I have no remorse, so check me out in The Source Chorus (2X) Verse Three: Tame One, El Da Sensai I burn my name up quick like a Thai stick As red as my eyes get I still rocks the fly shit Back with some ultra flat black catchin wreck in a sec Wet paint, ain't shit, when I'm on the set I'm live like the third rail, on time like a fast train The name Tame alone got fame so fuck a last name I tags mad when I drag a fat sack of ism Comin out with New Editions like Mike Bivins I get a sticker from my nigga with the bag of em Write my name on em then I peel off the back of em And stick em to victims of underground systems Let the toys bring the noise, me and my boys are gonna diss em In conclusion don't snooze when two niggaz from the Jerz Kick the mad graffiti slurs and kick the bass to the curb The Artifacts Jack, bringin the art of facts back Some seem to forget about the ebony that caught wreck So remember this you're tender when you slip in to enter The Artifacts zone cause graffiti's still growin To kick ass pizazz slash let me tag Why is that black? Because the wack jack was known as a fag So don't cross the path that's the gat to your back The Artifacts out, wrong side of da tracks Chorus (2X)

Abusing The Rib

i wanna follow the footprints across my lovers stomach i wanna call out her name before i plummet i wish i had a map of the terrain so i could step around the landmines avoid the beasts under the bed that breathe at bad times i wanna find these here so-called treasures the pleasures the trinkets the never-ending weekends acknowledging that i'm still just a piece of the sequence but seein these different footprints got me needin to show my WEAKNESS TIMELINES, timezones i cross em with my eyes closed memorize the landmarks and learn the cycles the weather patterns how the seasons affect the east and the west of each region learn the cycles forget about the fact that many trails have been tracked maybe it's a plus that there's a path if this was some uncharted land i'd have to be a smarter man willing to travel the farthest to unravel the harvest and natural resources are unlimited exploration only required some desire and INITIATIVE take your time to find the right way to climb it ain't safe to play games with natures mind if i could show you you would never leave it i wanna ride a train up my lovers arm stop off at the brain to hop out and find out whats goin on cut through trees and ride through rocks synchronize the universal sundial to my watch i've seen a lot but not quite as much as her to top it off the memory and the imagination blur but i know she's been put through hell i can feel it and i know she's touched heaven as well tryin to steal it it came on and it taught her a song IT strung her along and it caught her when her guard was gone now to the break of dawn she's tryin to fill what fits and all her family and friends is tryin to seal them lips but i ain't dumb i can HEAR that train come from miles away settin obstacles to stop the arrival i'm gonna blow up that iron and wood road from what i understood those be the ORIFICE of its survival my recital another tantrum because she's highly excitable swinging a random no happy endings always off to a bad start addictive VOYEURISTIC to the trackmarts and if i could show you you would never leave it

Groovin' Tonight

[Brian McKnight] Tonight's the night, tonight's the niiiiiiigggght Girl you lookin so fly, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do Said I wanna get it on, mmhmmm Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do Girl you lookin sooooo fly, do, do, do, dooo Said I wanna get it on [Ali - talking] U-City, uh, uh, Brian McKnight, Lunatics, groovin, groovin, groovin tonight Ha ha, yeah, what you think about that nigga Hah, hah, what you think about that nigga Ladies [Ali] Now you could search the whole globe but couldn't replace me You skurred (scared) then face me, you don't wanna race me Fendi fur, Cartier glasses for the blur I'm a do it for me and let you do it for her I got a real bad habit when I wanna grab it So many karats in the ring I'm half man, half rabbit Bitches be like 'ahh man' when they see me with Cardan Puffin on the green, discussin a war plan I used to have rock, now it's stocked with a labtop Fat pot, a six-four with the ass dropped With a dime daughter, dabbed in Estee Lauder I want the new Tims so from the crib I made an order So fuck your bitch nigga, what I wanna take Plus she been on my nuts since thumps and pencil breaks 'Cause I'm a nigga with the hoe, a nigga with the flow Fo' Reel nigga, pissy drunk in the Rov' [Chorus - Brian McKnight] Fellas, we can get it on Maybe even party 'til the break of dawn (break of dawn) 'Cause the ladies are groovin tonight (the ladies are groovin tonight) To the ladies lookin fly (looking fly) If you wanna ride them hold on tight (hold on tight) 'Cause the fellas are groovin tonight (tonight's the night) [Nelly] 'Skuuuuuiieeee' baby girl, you hear me callin you Now I ain't hawkin you, just wanna walk with you Talk with you for a second, spit a little somethin in that err (ear) Whatever it takes to make you come nerr (near) I'm tryna' sound sincerr (sincere), ay Baby talkin to me but I'm starin at her rerr (rear) and I'm like 'oh derr (dear)' I ain't never seen nathen like you before And you the type to make a nigga wanna open your door And to the house up on the hill and the jagged shore As long as you can prove that you wit' a nigga for sure You know I'm young and a thug, so I got issues I did them St. Louis blues, I done paid them dues, ay But nevermind that, how 'bout we hop the next cruise We can cash it or plastic, you choose Get pissed out with the Cristal or the Boones Get ya Xed out, leave ya stretched out in the room, my doom [Chorus] [City Spud - talking] Keep it movin, keep it movin, I keep it groovin, huh Keep it movin, keep it movin, keep it groovin, huh I keep it, movin, keep it groovin huh, uh, uh, uh Yo, baby girl you lookin fly in yo' Donna K Hopin I could give you some love in the right way But I don't wanna give you the wrong impression I keep it mellow, sayin hello You still thinkin I'm a thug fellow So I let you know from the get-go you thorough You a cutie with thighs and you live for the nero But, me and my team drop, shit overseas Then bounce wit' the ounce that's thick and Japenese I'm a goodfella, you know, I'm a made man Got 'em winin like spoiled babies in play pens Put that ass up baby and I hit it from here Now lick your tongue out lady and I put it in here Let me whip that, lick that, and I don't stop Then hit the block with my niggas in, my new drop Convertable, tens and dubs, no matter the weather One-sixty on the dash, chinky eyes and leather, c'mon [Chorus] [Brian McKnight] Paaaarrrtttyyyy, party, hey, hey, hey Allll daaaaayyy, all day, yeah Neevvvvvveeerrr stop, never stop, don't wanna stop no, no babe Neevvvvvveeerrr stop, don't stop, don't stop Baby girl! [(Chorus) 4x]

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