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Blood Reign

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Yeah, Vinnie Paz baby 2 G baby Army of the Pharoahs All that good shit [Ikon the Hologram] Yo, yo The law of lower man smashes Through your skull with battle axes We with masses, with the ???? That slashes Crushing opposition like we was fascists Stigmata and four gashes We bashes, the faggots who can't attack it right Take they sternum and then turn them into my acolytes That's the sight of blood that make a child stop That's the rights of thugs that keep it wild hot I hate you, say to pray to a heavenly father It's fatal, like a natal military armada We hotter, warriors from Atlantis Couldn't understand how raw the Hologram is The mantis who use the flame rod 'Cause y'all couldn't physically bruise the name God [Diamondback] Yo the technique, detrimental to your immune Leave you in the dust, let y'all niggas choke on fumes It's the tight mights, aerodynamic, gigantic Straddle while cats is dominant, royal highness North Philly's own home-grown cham-pion Purposely remainin' unknown until June Cold as stone, the stage, my home away from home I, prefer to leave these cloned niggas alone Buildin' a home for lost MC's gone wrong Feel the pressure when my team come on strong, it's QD [Chorus x2] [scratches] Don't ever try to... But can't the skill execute this right Listen up y'all suckas to what I say Breakin out an unstoppable... [Jus Allah] Megatraum is fuckin' monstrous Hoppin' out of Lake Lock Ness Every motherfucker arraigned is left top-less Quell my metropolis, like shit's cop-less Y'all cock-less, we stuff y'all in boxes For stuffed pockets, yo my thugs is thick Thug'll crisp 'em, when we gotta put a slug in your bitch Spotting your dame, Pharoahs we shottie your brain 'Till a nigga ???? chains, the lateral game Like Calgary Flames, puttin' fire on ice Put me in hell, p-puttin' four nails to Christ [Louis Logic] I'm like Billy Goat Gruff under the bridge and Governor Ridge Waitin' to knock heads off, I'm a mean son-of-a-bitch With an itch to misbehave and wave a switchblade In front of your face so close to leave your whiskers shaved To disengage, or rip the pages from your notepad And shove 'em up the hole between your lower back and gonads The only way your rhymes would be the shit You need to read a script on playin' gay 'cause you cats could eat a dick Servin' sucka MC's a fifth of the drunken stylin' Rippin' M-I-C's like a pub in Dublin, Ireland [Chorus] [B.A. Barakus] Hey yo I got a fetish, to see flesh rip With my checks bitch, breakin' the bone where your chest is I dare a nigga to try and battle I'll put the sweat in your palms when you swallow ???? Eat MC's like Chewbaca was eating cattle Defeat disease rip Allah, frequently battle Make the hardest man fall back and start to squeal Haul a fifth to his face, chase the steel This why I got pro deep and stay ???? You useless, FUCK! what I say leave you toothless We oft condone and psycho-drama dispensions Paralyze niggas that put 'em in trauma centers [Chorus x2]

Battle Ready

OTEP "Sevas Tra"
KUAN!! simple souls overload as i explode data banks cuz the earth & space gave birth to this paleface supreme -- linguistic -- mental machine your brain cells swell - the intellects extreme fire fills my veins as eye proclaim my resistance to the mind-swapping parasites that feed off my existence as eye -- skin the burn to relearn the royal plan somewhere out beyond the edges in the depths of spirit land its authentic, apocalyptic destroyer damaging challengers -- resurrection, disorder a monument of crisis - eye strikes this - your dead line my nest with your soul -- cleansed in bloodshed [chorus] BATTLE READY! poets gonna take control BATTLE READY souls violate parole BATTLE READY violently invade your home -- breaking the bones OF THOSE WHO POSE commanding the mic -- striking up a verb-fest mass destruction is my function - time to put it to the test in combat --- attacking since way back in the days eye drew praise for the way that eye slayed facts formulating flows in revolutionary science its the catastrophic prophet from the anarchist alliance freaking techniques -- this creature of speech ewe feel the fury of devastation cuz ewe ewe tasted defeat eye'm alone on my throne in this universe of fear royalty divides my soul -- in this role eye'm revered as the pinnacle -- lyrical master -- queen of disaster eye ruin brain fluid -- the UNKNOWN IS WHUT EYE'M AFTER [chorus] shaking up the world -- just like the 2nd coming of christ -- when eye write -- thrice divine with this goddess sight wurdz will flow -- wounds will grow ewe know -- bones will be exposed from the force that eye unload its THE SOUL EATER!! -- mic bleeder with the voice of chaos eye got the nectar of the gods flowing from my mental pod gather the flock -- alarm your block tell them the shepherds have come & got the keys to unlock a holy war -- thru your veins it courses more lyrical artillery than the armed forces supernatural -- styles be volatile its the mind manipulator -- the WAR CHILD [chorus] [bridge] COME! SHADOW SOLDIERS! we came to defy - ewe living life as a lie we embryonic satellites need our freedom to fly TO WATCH EWE DIE! -- agonizing cries are heard in stereo eye'm visualizing battlefield scenarios in the line of fire -- watching empires fall into attack position -- ELIMINATE ALL!!! MY SPECIES!!! [chorus] [outro] MY SPECIES! NO SURRENDER!

Lil One

LIL' WAYNE "Lights Out"
(feat. Big Tymers) [Lil Wayne talking] Fuck, Man I been on this block all day Hot my shirt, Hot Boy that look like Baby That aint Baby That is that nigga Let's go [Baby] Say Lil One [Lil Wayne] One Whats happenin' with you big dog [Baby] Look I need to talk bout some serious shit [Lil Wayne] Like what, Look I aint have nothin' to do with killin' [Baby] Slow down, I'm talking bout some get money shit an how its gonna go down [Lil Wayne] Well holla at me nigga, Talk to me, Let me know somethin' Cause right now I'm tired of husltin, And these rocks aint doin' nothin' And to tell you the truth I feel like I be out here for the fun of it I swear if I don't hit a lick by next month I'm done with it [Baby] I understand, But you ain't listenin' you just talkin' I said I could get you paid, Is you with that offer I know you see me comin' thruogh everyday pimpin' In a Benz, the Jag, and a Ferari [Lil Wayne] Yea, But I like that Bentely [Baby] All thats cool shorty, You can get this if you with me Let me run it down to ya bout this shipment I'm gettin' in [Lil Wayne] I mean I'm sayin' it sound good, I like that [Baby] What thats a blunt [Lil Wayne] Yea [Baby] Light that, Nigga I'll be right back [Lil Wayne] Aight cat, Don't be playin', This worth my while [Baby] Lil daddy I play with hoes, Is you a hoe [Lil Wayne] Nah [Baby] Say I got work, I need to flood it all over I can't do it all myself, So I need me a Lil solider I been peepin' ya Lil ass, I see you grindin' an shit [Lil Wayne] I been peepin' you to, Nigga I see you shinin' an shit An you don't even know how long I been tryin' to find me a brick To make it flip and take the chips and go an buy me a whip [Baby] Fuck a whip, That could wait You worry bout your cake Once you make enough to play Go buy a Z-28 [Lil Wayne] A Z-28 Boy go head, Once I get change I'mma go an cop me a Range or two platinum chains [Baby] Well look I ain't fuckin' with ya You to young from the start [Lil Wayne] Man that aint even got anythnig to do with it Its dedication and heart [Baby] Dedication and smarts Don't put your heart in this game Cause when you fall to deep in love you get caught in this game [Lil Wayne] Well correct me when I'm worng And acknowlegde me when I'm right [Baby] Lil bitch, If ya hard head ass listen I might [Lil Wayne] B I'm all ears [Baby] Get yo ass in this car [Lil Wayne] Unlock the door [Baby] Its unlocked [Lil Wayne] Don't holla at me You ain't my pa [Baby] Now stop playin', Look I got a hundred bricks just came 50 ki's of raw dope, and 50 bricks of cocaine Pays 5 a piece [Lil Wayne] Every week [Baby] Just move it together I'mma knock off my Lil section You take care of ya area [Lil Wayne] Ughhh, Nigga I been waitin' to be the Don round here I'mma have Coke and Dope Its gone be on round here But how you want me to sell this Zones, Quaters, Halfs, Ki's [Baby] However they ask for it, Just give it to them Lil Weezy [Lil Wayne] I'm all for it cousin I'mma get me a million If power get between it I'mma split me a nigga [Baby] You better, But when I get you this shit nigga Let them have it I bet you be on the block workin', Directin' traffic [Lil Wayne] Like you park here, You park there, You meet me in the cuts [Baby] Say Lil One [Lil Wayne] Wassup [Baby] We gone fuck it up [Lil Wayne] Nigga what Nigga what


Ace Troubleshooter
So this is who I become When You leave me to myself A burned-up, hollow, angry, empty shell An actor on a barren stage An even-keel with unchanneled rage Sinking deeper into hell Bind me to You Pierce me straight through Consume me with Your fire Ravage my heart Tear me clean apart And still be my Desire As I descend it starts again Sliding down, spiraling Gasping on the breath of corruption Fighting undertow Holding on, realizing My own hopeless helplessness Finally letting go All is madness as the flames engulf me Oblivion Refining fire making ashes of this life Burn, Fire, burn Clean this holy temple Resore Your holy Name In the onslaught of Your love And now, as gradual as the fall The dawn of hope The brilliant sun sending all the shadows fleeing Sweet daylight A new man rising from the ashes Clothed in white, bearing a new name I leave it all behind and take to flight


J. COLE "Friday Night Lights"
[Intro:] Hey I got a dolla in a dream But it's all a nigga got so it's about that green And I'm all up in that spot Hey [Verse 1:] Yeah the mental state of a young black genius conflicted The fast life I done seen on the screen is addictive Money and clothes I done dreamed about And all the hoes that I thinked about Ey tell me am I wrong for visualizing material shit I neva had Waving gats instead of flags the American dream Why do we cling to the villians? Knowing they killin' My niggas high enough to swaing from the ceiling Ink from the pen spilling on my notebook Filled with dreams, this is my whole book Still the screams from girls shot and killed fill my head on a daily At times I question God can you blame me they can't tame me? My voice screech through the street I'm a beast on em Oh no he will not fold you will not see a priest on him He will not slip or lose his grip they got them cleats on em But never will he run unless you call police on em [Chorus:] One time, two times, three times Sometimes I scrap sometimes I'm throwin up the peace sign It's two sides to a nigga though I said It's two sides to a nigga yo Ey look sometimes I'm feeling high Then I'm feeling low Lord will I die will I survive let a nigga know You say you know me but what side did you get to know? It's two sides to a nigga yo yo yo [Verse 2:] Yeah some pussy niggas put out on me and my mans Wasn't for the pistol we drop em right there where he stands But still we never ran foolish pride made us stand right there Not understanding we could lose our life there And then the hit us, thinking bout the close calls from long distance Ugh as lil niggas in the Ville we was trippin Type of nose ass niggas to watching the fight until it's over They ran when the gatts came out, I moved closer Foolish what was I thinking? wasn't trying to be cool it's Just the thrill of the danger get so filled up with anger When a stranger get to violating He sleeping on me wide awake, bitch I, ll annihilate him I'm tired of wait on my ticket out this motherfucka Hope they don't kill me before I get up out this motherfucka I gotta go, Now can I be that nigga I thought I was? I gotta know Will I make it like I thought I would? I gotta blow [Chorus] [Verse 3:] Yeah I seen heaven, seen hell The two faces of the Ville One side dreams, the other sides real One side schemes, the other side deals What the pain brings another mother cry still Why the fuck am I here God? That nigga died why the fuck am I still alive? I feel ashamed cause the good Lord done brought all this success to me And all I seem to focus on is all this stress on me Bless homie we breathin Cold world got me sneezing Wrote this when I was broke so hey I guess we even Though it blows fighting demons trying to stop from bustin semen In an unfamiliar bitch I know my niggas feel this shit How could I fuck her raw? And I just met the hoe My dick took over it ain't never felt this wet before I'm stressing in my mind but it's way to late to stop it Make this shit so bad, I had a condom in my pocket Let's change the topic Before I go berserk I'm so alert, riding down 95 Naw I ain't finna to go to work I'm headed back home ain't staying that long I'm chasing dreams shawty I'm paying back loans I'm paying dues that a nigga paying tax on I'm tryina blow like a nigga playing saxophone I'm playing daddy to another niggas daughter Don't worry even Jesus never saw his real father I don't bother me at all though Yeah say it don't bother me They got me thinking bout my mom though Man I can't wait to sing this song I be like, I be like [Outro:] Hey don't cry hey ohh no We ain't gotta worry bout the money no more We ain't gotta worry bout how them bill get paid We ain't gotta worry how the meals get fed Hey don't cry hey ohh no We ain't gotta worry bout the money no more We ain't gotta worry bout how them bill get paid We ain't gotta worry how the meals get fed Hey Hey Hey

Treat 'em Right

Chubb Rock "The One"
Nineteen ninety Chubb Rock jumps up on the scene With a lean And a pocket full of green The green doesn't symbolize I made it on the top But RoboCop last year was a shock The tone of the Popeye cut shook your butt Kids are screaming; the media says, What... Kind of music is this for you to dance to? The man with the plan and the man demands you Leave the smack and the crack for the wack Or the vile and the nine; keep a smile like that Leave the knife and the gun in the store And ignore temptation Sent by the nation Racial gain causes pain; need a new rep In your hearts and minds never forget Yusef Hawkins And you're walking You don't just run Black on black; remember that; it's important Anyway the shunless one brings forth the fun No hatred; the summer's almost done No time for sleep Jump in your Jeep And pump up the funky beat a whole week Beeper goes off yo smash it and trash it You're too young to be plumped in a casket Just get your boys and bring the noise And just swing it And party people, sing it Chorus: Treat me right I'll treat you good Kids in the crib want dibs on the big man Can he come out? Can he come out and slam a jam? I'm his number one fan, yes I am All these kids realize that I'm the man Six foot three and maybe a quarter of an inch bigger Than last year, but still a unique figure Rob Swinger, Doc No, Dinky, and Hot Dog know That I'm a man who was born to have a mic on Next to me at all time; ready to kick a rhyme That will keep me out of financial bind That's why when it comes to fans I'm never mean Kids all see me between Gates and Green Always say hello Cause I'm a modest fellow Never try and play a super star that's mellow Cause if these kids don't go buy our records We'll be has-beens and plus naked So we owe them So pull out your pen Sign an autograph; you might make a new friend So just get your boys and bring the noise and just swing it And party people in the house, sing it Chorus Party people in the house, listen up I'm the man with the plan and the man rips it up Peace to Howie Tee, good lookin', gee Swinger, Hot Dog, Doc No, Bud, Ev Lover, Dinky Fish and chips with the hippy hippy hips Before the tune ends, give me some lips (ah!) Sanity Crystal, my niece And Lady Kazam, my homegirl, peace And leave the guns and have fun; out! And oh yeah, sing it Chorus Break Well coming back To nineteen ninety Chubb Rock jumps up on the scene with a lean and a hardcore dream The dream wasn't crafted to be pornographic Decency started from the crib, plus kids Don't need to hear all of that on the rap The strength of my vibe placed Chubbs on the map Cause authority, seniority goes far My staff gives autographs plus gives nuff laughs Read my mic, heed my sight, and definitely lead you right Just treat me right Peace Treat me right Treat me right Treat me right

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