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JEDI MIND TRICKS lyrics - Violence Begets Violence


Original and similar lyrics
Ya, ya, yo. Vinnie Paz, people Now everybody, now everybody Now everybody tap on this [?] Know exactly what to say Hey Even when everything is going astray No, no way [?] Just like when pen explode... I leavin' when them plan expose See those... All the people that you have to keep away See trust me then they know... I have been to hell before Befriended the Devil and Skeletor Wish I could visit the fellas more Wish that I could get more bodies through the cellar doors I'm always thinking of others Should probably think of myself more But I don't worry about cells and house cores[?] I'm more into L's than house stores I like wars and whores Cores and shores Liquor and Coors Sex, cigarettes and sycamores Always got one to roll up And one twirled All about guns and girls in this underworld So I got a truckload of guns and gusto But I don't go around shooting ducks and buffalo I like it when the streets are crowded I don't think to be discreet about it Drinkin' blood beats a salad So I gotta put a lot of work in Cause I'm usually thirsty again Before it even leaves the palate. [Chorus] I'm shining out here Jedi Mind grinding out here I'm from Philly where it's filthy Take your diamonds out here Motherfuckers broke eating Top Ramen out here Fuck the police, graph writers is bombing out here Ain't nobody better at this fuckin' rhymin' I swear Any second, any minute, any time of the year I remember when it was nothing but violence out here Now these faggots rappin' like they fucking common out here I'm about to set the mother fuckin' drama out here 45s [?]gebalando? Big lamas out here Everybody think it's sweet 'cause now Obama out here He the third cousin of Bush, he lyin' out here You the lamb I'm the mother fuckin' lion out here Where were y'all when my step father dyin' last year I'm once in a lifetime, Haley's Comet out here God's [?] We Islamic out here [Chorus] Y'all don't wanna fuck with us Y'all don't really want to fuck with us Y'all don't wanna fuck with us Y'all could never fuck with us Don't really want to fuck with us Y'all don't wanna fuck with us Y'all don't really want to fuck with us Y'all don't wanna fuck with us Y'all could never fuck with us Don't really want to fuck with us

Lay Your Ass Down

CHORUS I don't know what you been thinking Don't know what you been drinking But you get out of line boy I'll lay your ass down 50 CENT I been ???? in LA with Dre and Snoop for so long I'm finna crip walk and put some mother fuckin khakis on Nah that iight man I ain't got nuttin to prove I'm rich but I still live like I got nuttin to lose Look man I don't know what you been drinkin' I don't know what you been thinkin' But you get out line and ??? hit you upside the head Media they right whatever they choose The cops stay on my ass so I stay on the news These other rap niggas couldn't walk in my shoes Went through a bunch of bullshit while I was payin my dues They say my music make a gangster want to pop something Well tell them niggas they could pop this and stop frontin' You heard a nigga do you know how I get down Stay with my vest on and roll with a couple of tre pounds In case you mother fuckers want to jump bad now Start some bullshit and imma lay punk ass down YOUNG BUCK Hating niggas from long range for writing the wrong thangs My name Young Buck but I look like an old man Just cause I like ice don't compare me to Lil Wayne I make rap niggas disappear like lil thangs See Buck been shot but not more than 50 I don't dance but I look like signing with Diddy I got plans, grenades, and the G-Unit with me No commands we spray, give a fuck who we hittin Bustin my hand I pay em about 160 Hollow tips, four fifth with the rupper grips Crips and Bloods they show me love like I'm claiming the set These industry niggas know they better pay me my check I get a kick outta seeing these broke ass rappers Ten people showed up that's why your show got cancelled 50 whatever they did to kid is handled Niggas callin 4 these features but they get no answer Fuck yall niggaz! LLOYD BANKS Bitches know it's a privilege If I stop to check her Niggas all I got is hot shit the kids call me Dr Pepper And I don't mean the soda The sixteen top shot loada I'll bend ya ass up like yoga You fuckin with a soulja Selling tickets for a first class trip to a hospital folda So please keep talking so we could spread your feet Have you on your boulevard C walking The birds keep hawking Why? Cause im hurtin every CD I'm walking from DC to Boston I laugh at a snotty chick bitch I don't argue I'll leave a print on your ass Imma karate kid The niggas that I be with got guns On the big body tip and if they pull out You guarding and shit You got me in a heavy gray picture Plus I light up trees like everyday is Christmas

Rap Superstar

EMINEM "Slim Shady LP"
(Eminem Speaking) Most people don't see how much work is really involved in this rap shit I didn't know it I didn't see it I never saw it until i was actually in it You really gotta be in it To understand what its like But you always gotta People always gotta see your smile You always gotta put on that fake You know what i'm sayin No matter what u just been through (B-Real) So you wanna be a rap superstar And live large a big house 5 cars, you're in charge Comin up in the world Don't trust nobody Gotta look over your shoulder constantly (B-Real) I remember the days when i was a young kid growin up Lookin in the mirror dreamin about blowin up To rock crowds make money Chill wit the honies Sign autographs and whatever the people want from me Shits funny How impossible cream manifest in the games that be comin with it Never the less you gotta go for the gusto But you don't know about the blood sweat and tears and losin some of your peers And losin some of your self Music has past gone by Hopefully you don't manifest for the wrong guy Egomaniac in the brainiac Don't know how to act Shits deep 48 tracks Studio gangsta mack Sign a deal emcees wanna make a mill But never will Till he crosses over still Feelin no hate But fantasies come wit these Just to sacrifice the taste of makin cheese You wanna be a rap superstar in the biz And take shit from people who don't know what it is I wish it was all fun and games But the price of fame is high And some can't pay to play Trapped in what you rappin about Tell me what happened when you lost clout The rout you took started collapsing No fans No fame No respect No change No women And everyone shits on your name (Chorus) So you wanna be a rap superstar And live large A big house 5 cars The rent charged Comin up in the world don't trust nobody Gotta look over your shoulder constantly To be a rap superstar And live large A big house 5 cars The rent charged Comin up in the world don't trust nobody Gotta look over your shoulder constantly (Noreaga Speaking) When you sign to a record label You don't know you sign your life over And these Witheboys don't care about you Cuz the minute you fall off They'll find another Noreaga And they'll find another Capone-n-Noreaga And they'll find another B-Real So you need to just keep Stack your chips up Do what you gotta do while your hot And mafuckin get out the game Stick to the drug game And the drug game is even worse Because if someone jerks you You can shoot em and kill me But in this game if someone jerks you You gotta be humble (Eminem Speaking) No matter what you just been through Shit has gotta be right You gotta approach people You gotta be on the up and up And everything gotta be all good When you see someone slap hands with em You know what i'm sayin give em a pound Or whatever it is But you always gotta act like it ain't shit (Chorus) (B-Real) My own son don't know me Sittin up in the hotel room lonley But I thank god I'm wit my homies But sometimes I wish I was back home But only no radio or videos Cuz they show me no love The phony gotta hit the road slowly So the record gets pushed by sony I'm in the middle like monie And the press say that My own people disowned me And the best way back Is to keep your head straight Never inflate the cranium Your crew worried about them honies at the paladium Who just wanna cling on swing on And so on and go on and fall off The hoes fall off To the next rap superstar Wit no shame give him a year And they'll be right out the game The same as the last one Who came before him Gained fame Started gettin ignored I warned him Assured him This ain't easy take it from weezy Sleezy people wanna be cheesey They talkin evil (Chorus)

Rinky Dink / Whatever Ho

PROJECT PAT "Ghetty Green"
(feat. Hypnotize Camp Posse) [DJ Paul:] Yeah you muthafuckin' hoes Y'all know the muthafuckin' dead Hypnotize Camp and Profit Posse in this muthafucka Get one of these gold plaques on the wall before you talk some old muthafuckin' shit Bitch, it's whatever nigga We in this muthafucka for the 9-9, 9's to your head ho (Mafia, Mafia, Mafi-ya, ya, Mafia, Mafia, Mafi-ya, ya) [Juicy J:] Glock 9's, Tech 9's, any kinda gun bitch Evergreen gats have got these cowards on the run bitch Kill 'em like they convicts Know they hear them guns click Doped up like a muthafucka (Cough, Cough, Snort) You could catch me in the same hood, on the fuckin' same block With a pearl Rolex watch, and a knot, and a glock 9 o'clock clock nigga like to slang cuz I be hustlin' weight and We gon' put a end to you hoes and you niggaz hatin' [Lord Infamous:] I'ma be every fuckin' piece of skrilla cheese out here I can make I'ma break every fuckin' bitch, fatalities that I can bring I'ma millie my pillie but killie, killin' everything that I wanna kill You weak ass niggaz don't want Lord Infamous from South Parkway to get ill Long from the norm, we get dumb with a bomb, with the guns you bitches y'all best get steel Scarecrow, Club House, yes it gets ill So, all y'all listen closely don't you ever forget Y'all wouldn't, Y'all never be shit with out us bitch Don't forget [Cruchy Black:] Killin' ain't shit Bitches ain't shit Niggaz ain't shit Bodies in a ditch How many niggaz done talked that shit About the Project fuckin' Pat, Thug Posse ya bitch Niggaz gon' talk, bitches gon' start Muthafuckaz gonna get they bodies in a trunk All I want is cash Muthafuckaz have Get down on your knees Gimme all your cash [ScanMan:] Whoa, muthafucka watch yourself, just watch your back Cause still we chillin' with Pat Straped with them gats Be ready to attack All you hatin' ass niggaz that wanna jump, yo punk what's up You better come up real with your muthatfuckin' shit, cause boy, it's gonna get rough Situation's gone bad, for you niggaz claimin' killaz Automatic triggaz pullin' drillin' holes inside your liver How you figure, I was gon' let you talk that shit and peep these streets Sayin' 'That ScanMan boy's a bitch' know watch them throw lights out in my head [DJ Paul:] Killin', buckin', buckin up in Gunfire Bullets rickin' off the walls, nigga this is Warfare Suckaz claimin' they got nuts You don't know these elephants Specialize in takin' notes Specialize in nappy hoes Niggaz this is serious, I can't play no games no more Niggaz actin' curious, but I think they know the score Bitches know the Hypnotize medallion show what click you claim Hold it up strong, only those, who stay real, or maintain', in this game [MC Mack:] Alot of niggaz talk that shit and end up gettin' the wig split It's MC Mack, the nigga known for smackin', jackin', Cracker Jacks Busta ass nigga, run you mouth and get your ass blowed off Watch me put my ski mask on, come a gat back now trick now drop it off Shoot a super soaker in a minute don't you give a fuck about another nigga if he's speakin' use your counter attack Rollin' like a nigga smack a nigga like a nigga smack a bitch, you crump, you ain't no busta Ain't no love lost off in my heart, there's no place colder Won't you come a little closer nigga, you won't be rollin' our [T-Rock:] Socialists up actin' miss servin' sevens Have 'em in jail suspended, in the middle Started rivalries civil Homies swithin', actin' fickle But if you fuck with family ties, we leave you triple That nigga there know his gun a missle, Lord don't flash on him, only man ain't chival Erasin' ample businesses all in the name of the T-Rock Suckaz eat pot, swallow D, and get punished for three rocks Bangin' the hit stops, it won't be over, 'til your heat pops Away from the gravity, stand and point your a Tech and see him drop [Gangsta Boo:] Yeah I know, I know Down, down, baby goin' down, down Sweet dreams baby, Rock-a-bye baby Niggaz wanna run up, we be flexin' the Tech and Be pointed at ya we comin', and I bitch, I bet ya, I bet ya You wanna hit 'em, but nigga you an't forget 'em, forget 'em Because you sorry, and sorry ain't nothin' but venom I know bitches out there lovin' me, niggaz got dreams of fuckin' me Fuckin' me ain't the story gon' fuck you up more than me [DJ Paul:] It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever, whatever ho It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever, whatever ho It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever, whatever ho It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever, whatever ho It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever, whatever ho It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever, whatever ho It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever, whatever ho It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever, whatever ho It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever, whatever ho It's whatever, whatever ho Whatever [Project Pat:] Alot of gunfire, bustin' on you hoes to get my point across Ridin' in your hood and let the muthafuckin' bullets toss Tossin' me a berries pack, now I'm tossin' you some dramma Ridin' with my congregation, and we smokin' on marijuana If you wanna go to war with us, we prepared to bust Caught that niggaz slippin' at his place, shot him in his face Now I race, from the scenery, blowin' on greenery Know I got a temper but you tricks wanna be mean to me It's the weak, told to tell 'em, Julius Caesar, how he rolls Newspaper, told to tell 'em, how he just got lnocked of his toes You should know, that we rollin' deep, hittin' like a train Kiss the floor, don't be lookin' dumb cause I don't explain I maintain, killaz catchin' drinks, Project cathin' cappers Shootin' at your muthafuckin' lane, they be catching vapors Playa Haters, violatiers, bullshiters, this for y'all Boy I keep a big gun, you don't want none


Life Of Agony "River Runs Red"
(Street sounds; door opens; sounds of television, baby crying and Mother in the kitchen) MOTHER: Eh, back so soon? You know, don't you have a decent pair of pants you can put on? You look like a...a PIG walking in the street! Your hands, your face-filthy! You disgust me! I can't believe you live in this house! You repulse me. I want to throw up! (Phone rings) Goddamn kids! (Door opens and closes) MOTHER: Right! Slam the door again on me! You know, you're just like your father! (Voice becomes muffled; sound of answering machine tape rewinding) BOSS: Yeah, I'm callin' 'em now...Hello? Hello? Pick up the phone! Where the fuck are you? What's the matter, you just decided not to come to work today? What the fuck is wrong with you? Ya fuckin' lowlife! Hey, you know what? Don't even bother coming in anymore. I've had enough with you and your shit. That's it, you're fired. You understand me? Fired. Don't come back here, fuck you, and goodbye. (Silence on machine; sound of cigarette lighter; beep) MRS. GLICKER: Hello, this is Mrs. Glicker. I'm calling to reach you about, to let you know, that, uh, you, you're not graduating this year because you are failing two subjects and I need to see you as soon as possible. Be in my office on Monday at 8:30 a.m., promptly, and we'll discuss this matter further. Thank you. Bye. (Phone hangs up; silence; beep; shuts off machine) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Picasso Baby

JAY-Z "Magna Carta... Holy Grail"
[Verse 1] I just want a Picasso, in my casa No, my castle I'm a hassa, no I'm an asshole I'm never satisfied, can't knock my hustle I wanna Rothko, no I wanna brothel No, I want a wife that fuck me like a prostitute Let's make love on a million, in a dirty hotel With the fan on the ceiling, all for the love of drug dealing Marble Floors, gold Ceilings Oh what a feeling - fuck it I want a billion Jeff Koons balloons, I just wanna blow up Condos in my condos, I wanna row of Christie's with my missy, live at the MoMA Bacons and turkey bacons, smell the aroma [Hook] Oh what a feeling Picasso Baby, Ca Picasso baby Ca ca ca Picasso Baby, Ca ca ca Picasso baby Oh what a feeling [x2] [Verse 2] It ain't hard to tell I'm the new Jean Michel Surrounded by Warhols My whole team ball Twin Bugattis outside the Art Basel I just wanna live life colossal Leonardo Da Vinci flows Riccardo Tisci Givenchy clothes See me thrown at the Met Vogue'ing on these niggas Champagne on my breath, Yes House like the Louvre or the Tate Modern Because I be going ape at the auction Oh what a feeling Aw fuck it I want a trillion Sleeping every night next to Mona Lisa The modern day version With better features Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen corner Go ahead lean on that shit Blue You own it [break] [Verse 3] I never stuck my cock in the fox's box but Damned if I didn't open Pandora's box They try to slander your man On CNN and Fox My Miranda don't stand a chance, with cops Even my old fans like old man just stop I could if I would but I can't I'm hot, and you blow I'm still the man to watch, Hublot On my left hand or not Soon I step out the booth The cameras pops niggas is cool with it Till the canons pop Now my hand on the bible On the stand got your man in a jam, again Got my hands in cuffs I'm like god damn enough I put down the cans and they ran amok My hairpin Piece skin rupture spleens Cracks rips go through cribs and other things No sympathy for the king huh Niggas even talk about your baby crazy Eventually the pendulum swings Don't forget America this how you made me Come through with 'Ye mask on Spray everything like SAMO Though I won't scratch the Lambo What's it gonna to take For me to go For y'all to see I'm the modern day Pablo Picasso baby [Hook 2x]

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