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JEDI MIND TRICKS lyrics - The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ...

Souls From The Streets (1994)

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1] My mathematical powers devour cowards as I spra words Like acid rain showers, nations, you can't face them Erase them or I praise them, as my mind excites the wind Like spirits of ill concensions, time will clash On ya cipher, lyric concealed behind whirlwind fire Or flood, draw blood from wack souls as I smack hoes Live concensive, or yes 'em, it's damage That my sintex causes, is irrepreble Cuz vanity of my insanity force ya whole click to be divided You have just bear witnessed to dub side united [Verse 2] Who do you love? Bugs, styles and fresh And numb somes of soul, witchcraft The clutch is the archer's mode, and sure plot Of device, we shot twice, after the same arrow Rush through life, it's off this slug Advise me with words from death, and new com battles Far time left, and pure shot plug that way You marathron, let me down to grace the plate Full stagnant, touch I, but revamp the squad Gettin' loops, saviate on contact [Verse 3] The triflyn four fists, sparks another spliff Bodies left stiff, you can't fuck with my ruggedness My gunshots is leaving niggaz on they asses Smoking all the canibus, like the weed savage Rip dimensions and it matters, take an L You no challenge, I blow up, ya muthafuckin' brain cells And leave you legal, the slang tongue spigel Cocks back the fifth, teflon starts to seek it Criminals on a move, set a threat Sip the moet, and let off the twin techs to ya muthafuckin' chest [samples] [Verse 4] I speak double-double, cause double trouble never do I rumble On a rule, my microphone sever clones It's beyond binocalurs, sence the moody, six chromosomes I'm no more less, no need to flex the evil, trip with the clip I got the 6-1-0 flow, and 0 and 2 is my zip Yo, so call me out in Philly when you down to flip No frill skills, or freestylin' when y'all wildin' I broke cats all the way live, on Velly's Long Island I visualize cream, tech's scrap with infered beams Stash keys, and tease, lickin' back so y'all can My click of criminals, flippin' confortable My pockets full of benjamins, fool surrending When I'm blendin' in, dub side invincible Imperial, for lyrical tactics I react with signs to get ya ass kicked Indeed the face of evil, is the face told by me So I proceed to bleed my people, niggaz say I'm too cerebral Lies, dub side, flippin' perfection through your section Sanity's slippin', whose the next victim to catch a bless [Verse 5] Set a threat, I rip the mic and run race like an auto practice I inflect this verse leavin' heads in they casket Watch this nappy headed villain, brutal torture is illegal I back down clowns with a four pound, as I defeat you Insert the lyrical slugs, that straight's very A nickel plated verse I spit like a hollow tip steady Constantly, drop ya wack back with fire weapon This adolescent, keeps a clip full for street protection Ain't nothing complex about the way I cock my biscuit I set and threat it, bust that tech son, it's not explicit Exquisite, in divine rhymes I drop like jewels The mic I abuse when I choose to break fool [samples] [Verse 6] With this course, I force many emcees out the galaxy Challenge me, I rip apart flows with analogy Now with me, got that establish and wrap ya cabbage with styles You can't manage to damage or even fathom the mental capacity Cuz I harass these wack emcee's, in degrees I splatter universe, and mountain casaulties In the dark, my squad sells, blowin' ya conscience My assumptions, ethotical, unstoppable, anthological I pull the trigger with mystical, my poetic Rip fanatics up, and rich with the sinical [Verse 7] Coming back from the city of Atlantic, it's the hispanic Causing mad panic, with fat static for ya addict Automatic, I stick shift quick if you test me Left the ciphers, layin' lifers, seen in one spot and attended That you get ya crews bruised in black and blues Put ya name and age on the front page, of the newspaper I drape my hood up on my carriage, damage faggots Quit the habits, feedin' on emcee's on maggots Inspect ya gadgets, my style switches cause I flick it Return the mic, fixin' stitches, cause I ripped it [Verse 8] I can't stand like a maniac depressin' That's been submerged in subterrarian eutopia Why's the mansion that I'm representin' Is the feel competitin' in suburbs Which has regenerated the etaric That kicks the subterric poetry on this plain of obscurity One element, top lyricist Intellectin' with, d-u-b squad of imperialist With an innevator as the dictator So we can see you, liver clues with side and system views Heads emulate but can't duplicate, cause this side Can't be tugged, yo, one love

Tangled Up In Blue

INDIGO GIRLS "1200 Curfews"
Early one morning the sun was shining I was laying in bed Wondering if she'd changed at all if her hair was still red Her folks they said our lives together sure was gonna be rough They never did like mama's homemade dress papa's bank book wasn't big enough Me I'm standing on the side of the road rain falling onto my shoes I'm heading out to the east coast Lord knows I've paid some dues Getting through Tangled up in blue She was married when we first met soon to be divorced I helped her out of a jam I guess but I used a little too much force And we drove that car as far as we could abandoned it out west We split up on a sad dark night both agreeing it was best She turned around and looked at me as I was walking away And I heard her say over my shoulder we'll meet again someday On the avenue Tangled up in blue I was living in the Great North Woods working as a cook for a spell Never did like it all that much and one day the ax just fell So I drifted down to New Orleans where I happened to be employed I was working for a while on a fishing boat right outside of Delacroix And all the while I was alone the past was close behind I'd seen a lot of women but she never escaped my mind And I just grew Tangled up in blue She was working at a topless bar I stopped in for a beer I kept looking at the side of her face in the spotlight so clear Now later on the crowd thinned out and I was just about to do the same But she was standing there at the back of my chair she said 'don't I know your name' Well I muttered something under my breath as she studied the lines on my face And I must admit I felt a little uneasy when she bent down to tie the laces Of my shoes Tangled up in blue I know I know I know She lit a burner on the stove and offered me a pipe I thought you'd never say hello she said you look like the silent type And she opened up a book of poems and handed it to me Written by an Italian poet from the thirteenth century Every one of his word rang true and glowed like burning coal Pouring off every page like it was written in my soul From me to you Tangled up in blue I lived with them on Montague Street in a basement down the stairs yeah There was music in the cafes at night and revolution in the air That's when he started into dealing with slaves yeah something inside of her just died And she had to sell everything she owned and she froze up inside Finally when the bottom fell out I became withdrawn The only thing I knew how to do was to keep on keepin' on Like a bird that flew Tangled up in blue Oooh yeah Now I'm headed back again I got to get to her somehow And all the people I once knew they're an illusion to me now Some are mathematicians, some are carpenters' wives I don't know how they all got started don't know what they're doing with their lives But me I'm still out on the road headed for another joint We always did feel the same we just saw it from a different point Of view Tangled up in blue I know I know I know

Nowhere 2 Hide

DJ Pooh "Bad Newz Travels Fast"
featuring Mista Grimm (What goes up Must come down Biz Markie ) [ VERSE 1 ] MC's you need deeper concentration Cause wack rhymes and crews lead to non profit organizations I attack like anxiety with the variety From the western society baby Seeing is believing but looks can be deceiving You might think you're coming with it nigga but you're leaving With lyrics I'm conceiving Morning, afternoon and evening You can't wait My shit's special like a .38 (You got a problem?) I smoke some boo boo, now I'm spaced out like astrology Getting in MC's asses like proctology It's seems that everybody's going through a phase Thinkin they can bust, but they're weak like 7 days All 12 months for every ounce I get 12 blunts Get the munchies, eat up 12 MC's at once Thinkin that they wasn't, when they know that they was The one with the style young, they still got the peachfuzz (What goes up Must come down) (What goes up...) (MC's) (...must come down) [ VERSE 2 ] When I get stoned like Fred Flint I begin To smoke MC's like Marian, bury them Cause most be comin unnatural like a cesarean I wish my rhymes were meat and MC's were vegetarians Cause when it comes to biting, I don't condone it Besides, you couldn't manage my style if you owned it I got gruesome rhymes in my mind And they'll jump on a beat Infect it when the rhyme is injected Metaphors are connected Booty lyrics are deflected And the mic is intercepted Cause I never ever leave it neglected I'm tryina hold my position What kind of man would I be if my rhymes weren't in mint condidtion They say (Hey) Grimm's nowhere to be found But they catch me on camera beatin MC's down Always tryin to ponder what I'm pondering They need to find theyself, because they're somewhere lost and wandering (What goes up Must come down) (What goes up...) (MC's) (...must come down) [ VERSE 3 ] As we mix a little lyric and track Like coke and cognac Premium blend You're gonna need a driver, designated friend Cause I intend to seep in your system Hit hard, make MC's change agenda Disregard their rhymes, return to sender I got soul like Dr. Scholl eatin a bowl of neckbones I like my shit loud enough to where it blows your headphones If you hear any noise, it's just me and the boys makin hits Assassination other crews, posses, and clicks The main thing's to get down and say my peace Whoever disrespects, I'm Rushen like Patrice I'll never cease with the funky, funky vocals and beats Cause we need more rappers around flauntin new styles and speaks I know we're amped to get the money, cause we need it But if your lyrics ain't tight, the whole purpose is defeated You can't shine and be on top with the wack sound It's time to watch all the burnt out stars hit the ground

Sea And Sand

THE WHO "Quadrophenia"
Here by the sea and sand Nothing ever goes as planned, I just couldn't face going home It was just a drag on my own. They finally threw me out My mother got drunk on stout, My dad couldn't stand on two feet, As he lectured about morality. Now I guess the families complete, With me hanging round on the street Or here on the beach. The girl I love Is a perfect dresser, Wears every fashion Gets it to the tee. Heavens above, I got to match her She knows just how She wants her man to be Leave it to me. My jacket's gonna be cut slim and checked Maybe a touch of seersucker with an open neck I ride a G.S. scooter with my hair cut neat I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet. I see her dancing Across the ballroom UV light making starshine Of her smile. I am the face, She has to know me, I'm dressed up better than anyone Within a mile. So how come the other tickets look much better Without a penny to spend they dress to the letter. How come the girls come on oh so cool Yet when you meet 'em, every one's a fool Come sleep on the beach Keep within my reach I just want to die with you near I'm feeling so high with you here. I'm wet and I'm cold But thank God I ain't old I should have split home at fifteen Why didn't I ever say what I mean There's a story that the grass is so green, What did I see Where have I been Nothing is planned, by the sea and the sand

Super Nigga

King Tee "IV Life"
[DJ Pooh] It's the P-double-O-H in the sky I don't need a cape cause I'm already fly like a skydiver, a nigga got drag like a race car driver, plus I'va spit saliva, liver, than McGyver ( BAM! ) Bump mo' bitches than a drunk driver Faster than a crackhead, mo' powerful than a loco when I gotcha in a chokehold I'm here to rid the city of them wack-ass groups Them wack-ass lyrics with them wack-ass loops They fakin like gangsters, turn into a Crip-tonight/Kryptonite They don't faze me, cause we can still fight But look, it's all about comin (up) up (up) up and away without bummin But a nigga don't need no Wonderwoman, hmm, I wonder who she been shuckin and jivin and fuckin Or some bitch named Lois cause the hoe is the lowest and she's Whiter than Snow is ( Too much of that Snow White! ) I think I'll fly back to the hood Kick it with the homies where you know it's all good I'll be the first superhero with a strap I know I'm all that.. ( It's a crow, it's a bat, no it's.. ) [Chorus] [Rashad] The Super Nigga Boogieman is out to make a killin So fuck wastin time leapin over tall buildings Cause I can get loose like fluid Like diarrhea - I can, run right through it I see through walls, 'specially at the malls Ladies dressing rooms is where my duty calls A lot of super niggaz be trickin they powers Givin hoes money, and flyin 'em flowers (But can you think of one thing you ever gave a hoe?) No cause we Super Niggaz, not Captain Save-A-Hoe So back on up look, I'll catch yo' ass so quick and letcho' ass know we the wrong super niggaz to be fuckin wit I flash like lightning, powerful as bombs I flied back twenty years ago and fucked your moms And now it's ninety-fo', ain't shit changed but now you call me daddy, when you call my name Cause youse a silly mortal, you ain't down for combat I'ma Super Nigga, and you an Uncle Tom cat When I'm rollin through the hood they wonder is he the nephew, of Aunt Kizzy or Dizzy Gillespie, and the rest be like That's the guy that's super, the fat track mover So wack MC's come step to these nuts and get your crews cut below half, nigga do the math I'm the M-A-N, mayne I got a fly bitch with an invisible plane Me and her be doin some X-rated shit When I get the skins, in the cockpit She be callin everything from mommy to Jesus Just ask the homies, cause them niggaz can see us Cause them super niggaz too, from the crew So please stay tuned, for more adventures of.. a Super Nigga [Chorus] [King Tee] Mr. Insane King Tee motherfuckers from the boondox I bust the drunken style on my corner with the boombox I'm badder than the baddest inmate at (?) Retarded, but let me show you what this can do Create fright, niggaz scared to touch the mic I shock 'em, amazed cause the wino rocked 'em The best yet to like really catch wreck on the scene O.G. from the Alkaholik team I just scream (AHHH!) let my backbone slip Gotta get it on then take another sip Make it hip, a feeling MC's won't forget Bust crazy rounds then load another clip (well bust it) Like R. Kelly, My mind's telling me no! But fuck that, I kick the ill flow And deep down, I know niggaz is jeal' cause I'm pullin all the hoes and dickin 'em swell But hey, cut the crap, cause like herpes I'm back to give you what you want, I don't front or skip rap with the bo, ba-ba-bye, the wicked with Tha Likwit I'm wild like a winner with the lot-to ticket But kick it, you could grab a comb and try to pick it The nappy head sound comin from the underground Oh shit it's the great, the man with the strap I know I'm all that.. ( It's a crow, it's a bat, no it's.. )

Get 'Em Up

ACE HOOD "Gutta"
[Intro] Ace Hood (Ay, Get Em Up) Gutta (Ay, Get Em Up) (Ay, Get Em Up) Chea (Ay, Get Em Up) Gutta, Gutta, Hey [Verse 1] I got my drop top rollin' and I'm heading to the mother land Grippin' on that steering wheel, passenger's a duffel bag Hundred in the Louie, don't confuse me with that other cat Engine in the truck jack, pushing like a super pack Automatic button pad just to keep the top back Ruby red insides, Lamborghini fruit snacks Twenty-two, that's what I shoot, you know them bitches got a mack Back to the back of the lac in case them pussy niggas wanna jet Know I keep that .45, turn you into Cabbage Patch Hit you right between the eyes then leave you like an alley rat 100 for the bracelet, a track, I'm like a magnet Hit 'em with that gutta swag, swangin with the Louie rag [Chorus:] Say I maybe gave a damn but I never gave a fuck Rep your city like a G then put your middle fingers up I got that east side rollin', and that west side smoke South side rollin wit me and the north side folk Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) You rep your city nigga, gon' show it up [Verse 2] And it go, eenie meenie mini mo, catch me slippin' never though Know I keep that full clip, come and get you super soak Call me Mr. Cinemax, shoot you like a movie role Hundred on the highway, let's see how fast the coupe can go New Edition fit the kid, they ship the shit from England That's me in the foreign whip, climbing like the ring-a-lings Yes, I'm on some other shit, don't know who you fucking wit Yes, I keep that .45, you better keep a body guard Benz is in the parking lot so you know the block is hot Tell em we don't give a shit and mother fuck the other side Bitch you know I'm born to ride, H B and some murder minds Open up the suicide doors, call it homicide [Chorus] [Verse 3] I got my black flag swangin and I'm bangin on some gutta shit Just copped me a spaceship, took it from the government White-on-white drop top, call that bitch a cool whip Had to blow the brains out, yeah I keep it ruthless Know you niggas mad but tell em haters I does it Better quit that fussing, don't know what's in the bullpit .45's a motherfucker, hit you and your cousin Think I gave a damn but I never gave a fuck Got that oven heated up and bitch you lookin like lunch Take them heaters to your gut like it's a million uppercuts Then I dip off in the cut and throw it up, who give a fuck? Got that vodka in my cup, bring my gangsta to the front, what's up? [Chorus] Say I maybe gave a damn but I never gave a fuck Rep your city like a G then put your middle fingers up I got that east side rollin', and that west side smoke South side rollin wit me and the north side gon Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) Get Em Up (Ay, Get Em Up) You rep your city nigga, gon' show it up [Outro]

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