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On The Eve Of War

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Vinnie Paz] Yeah... Vinnie Paz, baby Yeah... yeah... yeah [Vinnie Paz] This is raw, all across the board, Liquid Sword Chamber If it's coming from my jaw, then it's pure anger Heavy metal rap, with a four four banger We can settle that, let the mic cord hang ya I play homage to the best of them, like Christopher Wallace And bring drama to the rest of 'em, with biscuits from copers I'm with Allah Justice, and we raw gritty Picture how, in a dial, to New York City I brought a four with me, we can capture the ring And now we more merciless than the Statue of Ming And ya'll are more purpose, listen, the pastor is king You gon' die, like a brawl with a gat in the Bing It's a passionate thing, the way we make classics Genuine brill yitz orinate madness Yeah, we all spin on the same axis And this chrome thing here, leave your frame backwards The police always try'nna aim flame at us So I don't mind when the fuckin' brain splatters I don't mind, that we all gon' die soon I return to the silence of God's tomb [Chorus x2: GZA samples] "There's no escapin', once the blade starts scrapin'" "My sword, indeed, make more niggaz bleed" "Wannabe MC's is shakin'" "So swift, naked eye couldn't record the speed" [Interlude: sample] I don't believe what I'm seeing, I don't believe it.. Ladies and gentlemen, at this time We ask you to please rise (you'll never quit No one will ever get it, there's no thing quit) [GZA] Imagine a rhyme in it's prime, from off the baselines Skyscraper verticals, support the hang time Evidence that was left at the scene of the crime Trace back to a few, from out a group of nine Who performed well, regardless to the price of the tickets Off or on stage, whatever, still kick it With the footwork, of Freddie Adu, it's all new Now the rap commisioners, they wanna clone my shoe But the road's narrow, and it's difficult to climb With the heat, the wind and the fallen rocks combined It's hard to stay in line, the course is an obsticle Within each chamber, the force is unstoppable Lyrical swordsman, blades sharp, I cut out your heart M.C.'s want no part, in any type of conflict Because then I respond quick, it gets Vick The problem goes beyond sick [Chorus x2] [Outro: (sample) Vinnie Paz] (Wearin' red trunks with silver trim, fightin' outta Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) This is how we do (His game is tight, and there's nothing to do) Pazmanian Devil, Frank Sinatra, Jedi Mind, Wu-Tang What's the deal, baby? GZA/Genius, Stoupe on the track, yeah My man Soop on the boards Those who dare oppose us shall stand knee deep in the blood of their children Is that he who fondles the pleasure of Allah Like him who has made himself reservin' the displeasure from Allah And his abode and how, and it is an evil destination...)

Say What

LL COOL J "10"
[Chorus] Most thugs front when they get the chance (say what) Some thugs hit the blunt when they get the chance (say what) Live thugs stack chedder, then they make plans (say what) I, Cool J, NY2K Rule milleniums with my compadres They tounges sway with really nothing to say They pack guns, but I stack funds I'm second to none My hot streak's just begun You wanna bring beef You got to serve it well-done You ran the wrong way, now you livin' on the run Not some, each one's a bum, every one Coughed up a lung, became my son Flames I brung, platinumn weighs a ton Heavy on the chest, I pitty all the rest I put 'em to the test I spit it like I'm blessed I testify I have no need to lie I buried many, still many wanna die I zone out crazy, starin' don't faze me Got ya whole strategy shook It's too daisy [Chorus] Clack, relaod, clack, reload Got ya pictures sittin' in my lap He explode Duck when you hear the rat-tat-tat 'Cause once you cross over baby, ain't no comin' back Beleive that I flows when I hit that Strive till I get that Never mind a set-back No time to wet that A lyrical hi-jack, you don't wanna try that Creep wit' my CD, don't let 'em know you buy that One in the snips, one in the whip with the low jack Call a 911 to get the LL back Original bells, LL Rocked them till they fell Competition bailed Looked like mince green when mic had 'em swelled Wrote all them rhymes and never gonna sell Meanwhile, I'm countin' prezzies in the the 'tel And in the meanwhile, I throw my baby in Chanelle [Chorus] Unh, I'm lyrically hot tonight, come on Unh, I'm lyrically hot tonight, come on Layin' low to catch you on stage so I can run on Matter fact, you not on my level, I throw my son on Mission is complete, technique is unique Defeat the rhyme weak and mine ya knee-deep Rewind a rip beats and give jeeps the heat Even if you walkin', wit' ya walkman in the street Actin' gassed up, but you really on need How you countin' your paper kid, without a GED Slow down, let me do my thing now, hold up Maybe that's the reason you stressed, quick to roll up Put the L down, picked the other LL up Maybe we can straighten this out before it's toe-up Watch me closely, boom! I'm a blow-up And spend the whole rest of my life stackin' dough up [Chorus] Whoo, Vinnie Biggs, you hot with this one, dawg Roundtree Rock The Bells Unh, Brian Daughtery Unh, all my peeps, my peeps, my peeps across the land Know what I mean we gonna keep gettin' paper This is real This is real, right here Rock The Bells It's deeper than the deepest blue sea, dawg Know what I'm sayin' I'm feelin' it like you feelin' it ha ha, word up I'm lovin' it like you lovin' it baby Rewind it, it's short

Can't Get By Without You

911 "There It Is"
(Can't get by without you) (Can't get by without you) When I leave your door When we say goodnight it hurts me more and more 'Cause girl, it just ain't right To end the day like this With no more than a kiss Spend the night just dreaming of the things we're gonna miss If I had my way (my way) Girl, we'll be together more and more each day (each day) We could walk forever lovers hand in hand Can't you understand Girl, you've got to be my woman and I've got to be your man Chorus: Can't get by without you I need you more each day The way I feel about you Needs nothing more to say 'Cause I love you Girl, I need you Can't get by without you, no way (Can't get by without you, baby) (Can't get by without you no way) It's a sad affair Wasting precious time that you and I could share Girl, it's such a crime to hear you call my name It's a crying shame When we're not together Then there's only time to blame There will come a day (a day) Girl, I do believe it's not too far away (far away) When I say goodnight and still be by your side To dry the tears you've cried And I have all the love I need to keep me satisfied Repeat Chorus 2x Can't get by... (Shoop bee doo bee doo doo) Doo doo doo doo yeah (No, way...) (Can't get by without you, baby) (No, way...) Doo doo doo doo yeah (No, way...) No, no way (Can't get by without you, baby) (No, way...) (No, way...)

Long Kiss Goodnight

Notorious Big "Life After Death"
[CHORUS] TIME, TIME FOR YOU TA DIE AS I KISS--YO--ASS--GOODNIGHT I make yo mouthpiece obese like delawese When I release, you loose teeth like Little Cease Nigga please Blood floods yo dungarees And that's just a half of my warpath Laugh now cry later, I rhyme greater than the average playa hater, and spectators Buy my CD twice They see me in the streets they be like yo he nice But that's on the low doe' be the cats wit no dough, tried ta play me at my show I pull out 4-4's, and go up in they clothes Short-change niggas snort-cane niggas extortion came quicker Bought the Range' nigga Ya still tickle me I used ta be as strong as ripple, till Little Cease crippled me Now I play hard-like my girls nipples be The games sour like like a pickle be Ya'll know da rules Move from BK ta New Jerus Thinkin bout, all the planes we flew Bitches, we ran through Now da years new I lay my game flat I want my spot back, take two Muthafuckas mad cuz I blew, niggas envious Too many niggas on my dick, shit's strenuous When my men bust, you just move wit such stamina Slugs missed ya I ain't mad at'chya (we ain't mad at'chya) Blood rushin, concussions, ain't nothing Catch canes, come out frontin Smokin something Sippin White Russians, bitch in the Benz bumpin I laced it wit the basic 6 TV's, a system, knockin Mase shit, face it We hard ta hit Guard ya shit, for I stick you, for ya re-up Wipe the 'P' Mix shots, 'work ya seat up' Go in the ashtray, spark the weed up LONG KISS [CHORUS X 2] UH-I flamin gats, aimin at, these fuckin... Maniacs put my name in raps--'support them' Games dat Like they hustle backwards I smoke backwards, and Duchees Ya can't touch me Try ta rush me Slugs go, touchy-touchy Ya bleedin lovely, wit'chyo, spirit above me or beneath me, ya whole life ya live sneaky Now ya rest eternally, sleepy, ya burn when ya creep me Rest where the worms-n-the weak be My nine flies, baptize, rap guys Wit the holy ghost I put holes in most, you hold ya toast shakey Slip-n-tryin ta break me Look what'chyou made me do, brains blue My team in the Marine blew, six-coupe Skiid it out, weeded out, clean it out The block for distance is, given long kisses bitch [CHORUS X 2] Frank White the menacin, craw-craw's demenacin I got the lettuce in You turn green like cucumber skin got the new hummer in the summer when I was a new comer then drugs and mac-10's Hug from fake friends Make ends they hate'chyou, be broke girls won't date'chyou That's why I relate to, choke yo ass till ya face blue, make you Open the safe too No matter how ya call it(how ya call it) This 'bralick',alcoholic Like his weed green'd out like his brick solid Distribute to kids who, take heart like Valentine, drink Valentine, all the time Slugs hit'chya chest tap the spine Flat-line Heard through the grapevine, ya got fucked foe times Damn that three ta nine, fucked you up for real doe' 'Slink steal slow' As you remorse we feel no [CHORUS X 6]

Step Up

KURUPT "Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha"
Daz: Aw yeah! Right about now it's time to get busy Huh, straight out the box, nonstop Kurupt the Kingpin, Xzibit, Crooked I (Wait a minute, um) Crooked I: This is the art of, manslaughter When I'm rockin' I'm more shockin' than droppin' a boom box in bath water You entered the wrong scuffle You catchin' a chrome buckle I uppercut niggas hard enough to break my own knuckles Deliver the sick verbals My shotty spit a round, before you hit the ground, your body spin around, in six circles Diminishin' infamous menaces I'm waitin' to get dicced, if not, I'm a start finishin' innocents Lyrics (lyrics), I'm breezin the region Freezin g's in your legion Freakin' ancient techniques when I'm speakin' phoenician It's all about Crooked These bitches shout Crooked I'll make you say the West Coast aint shit without Crooked I own a vicious label, niggas'll get disabled When I'm spittin' rhymes written on project kitchen tables I load this 4-5 and let slugs dive at ya Now that's for Crooked I, the scrap happy, mic snatcha Daz: Motherfuccers can you dig that, huh? Can you fucc with this? Let's get Kurupt the Kingpin to fucc y'all niggas up Y'all don't wanna see none of this west coast MC shit Yeah, how you like me now motherfucker!?! Kurupt: Terror starts, in the midst of your heart, starts The storm, my vocals float like arts In the mystic state of mind, when I create a rhyme My microphone massacres every year the same time With audio amputations, vocal thoughts of a loud talker Up against the microphone night stalker With a tendency of bashing MCs, like ten of me As you can see I continue mashin' MCs Caboom, the room gets cleared as my views get clearer Extra-terrestrial microphone terror In effect, get infected Tell me what the fucc you expected These venemous injections I leave whole sections, and sections full of injections From these poisenous melodies and selections I select the methods of slow anguish I mangle shit with my language Tell me, have you ever seen one elope With the microphone In a scandal like abilities to make MCs explode Baboom, alone in my own zone So don't compare me to none Not one's nearly Severe, cuz I severely, impare MCs Near me, oppose and fear me, I got plots and theories Sincerely, I could have the spot locked Niggas get stoned for touching microphones with no knowledge on how to rock Daz: Yeah, back in effect, it don't stop Turn your speakers up, DJ Battlecat on the table We fuckin' it up like this and like that, yeah Got my homeboy Xzibit in the motherfuccin' house Alkaholiks! Xzibit: When I was enlisted I came to the table double fisted Sadistic, heavy artillery, for all my enemies Bust shots up in the sky screamin' obsenities Make niggas sport cackies and chucks from hear to Italy It'll be, a cold day in Hell when you see Xzibit fail Act like a bitch on bail, tuck tail, and run See we do it how it can't be done I'm the rough cut, plus how the west was won Or direct descendant of the gatling gun Don't test me son, you fucc around and catch you one That aint a threat, that's a promise I can definitely keep You can't compete wit' 25 niggas wit' heat in the street Ready to repeat, round after after round at you All hell break lose when the whole Pound come through I found that you and yours, can never fucc wit' mine I own shit but gimme some more like Busta Rhymes Cross the line, now you gotta pay the piper I'm The Alkaholik sniper, that be keepin' the crowds hyper It's ashes to ashes and dust to dust Can't stop till me and my niggas is platinum plus My Dogg Kurupt Daz: Yeah, no shit Yeah, y'all can't fucc wit' that That's what I'm talkin' about West coast, we been doin' this shit for years Aint nothin' happenin' wit' that Battlecat (Don't step up) Right, right (Don't step up, unles you wanna get hurt) Huh, huh, huh (Get get get get hurt) Whatcha say Motherfuccas that be hangin' in the battle (Get hurt, get get get get hurt) That's what I'm talkin' about Daz Dillinger (Don't step up, unless you wanna get hurt) Break it down, break it down Huh (mixed with Battlecat's scratching) Motherfuccas can't fade this shit

It's All Bad

Chino XL "Here to Save You All"
Intro: Yeah, crazy ups and downs you know what I'm sayin'? Crazy how the world runs, word up. Check it out. Bring it on. Hook: Lord I try to keep positive, but this life is full of strife And I'm tired of trying to conquer it Lord always thinking negative what will go wrong will go wrong Until the beast in me vanishes Verse 1: First of all I was born under a bad sign, confinded to torcher Never saw what life had to offer Time slips away like pop singles on the radio Chino never had the doe, I was determined though Sabotaged at birth, cursed by an evil angel to strangle My aspirations from every angle From a street corner to a demo deal from Warner Hardcore performer, crowd warmer, thought it was on but it wasn't I never got no budget, stuck like a glue trap It goes to prove that Being the greatest lyricist can't paint the full picture It's a full mixture, I can't get no, no satisfaction Like being blind watching a movie with no closed caption I need some time to ease my mind, I'm bested Fuck Mr. Wendal my Development is Arrested All I wanted to do was rock with my fast ass And blast past the mass, collect quick cash Did what I did best create, but began to hate All these flake music people makin' artists wait But I'm a be up there one day And soon to slam wax innovate rhymes that my fans consume I view this world through my notepad Thus expanding my vocab to win, till then, it's all bad Hook (x2) Verse 2: When I was merely a sophmore, went to Atlanta on a false tour This ain't what I prayed so hard for Dreams broken into individual particles like porcelain Figurings attached to me like barnacles Now I'm suppose to be happy like Bobby McFerrin Keep faith, the only thing holy is the drawers I'm wearin' 89' I aimed to graduate, no exaggerate Evaporating positive energy from inside of me To the point where my love for God no more provides for me Of course lost pride, obviously the force rides To paradise nobody invites but puts the Bill Of Rights 1430 SAT proving ya, I'm a spick that'll die respective like Rahoul Julia So cease with, all that street shit Expect MC from Chi kid, you gets the wicked priest shit Until I see fit, to open my life strife like the pearly gates of heaven For ? entertainment this is my expression Prepare wealth and I'll share self, maybe I can help But I'm lost but I be large anywhere else The ill eagle, twisted, war novelist The problem swallowed us, it takes an activated mind to follow this And true to realm to be ourselves, not to follow a fad or give in to trends Till then, it's all bad Hook (x2) Verse 3: Unanswereed prayers plays the background, I pull my baseball caps down I hide the tracks of my tears from rapping peers I finally got on and soon he wasn't a moment to I lose my mind, I lose my friends, my daughter and a coma too I'm going through a strange tug of war inside my mental wall Record just went platinum, I'm slapping 'em, I'll show you all Cover of Rolling Stones, Vibe even TV Guide Was filming my first movie in L.A. when I heard my baby died Shook it off without a thought that she was beautiful Soul Train Awards I go to not my daughters funeral I stay drunk and high like I'm imperial Surrounded by more white groupies than a Rakim video Now life's a tour to me, except the way I was rejected formally Disrespected neighborhoods I know supported me It's eating me, suicide attemps repeatedly What I worked so hard for, ultimately is defeating me I'm paranoid my own mom can't avoid being a tabloid So she wasn't shocked when my baby flopped Caught in the industry, spending money feverishly Now I'mve been robbed, I can't believe my laywers did this to me Next album was filled up with tragedy and despair Fans with smiling faces with no real purpose for being here I call the dear Lord when in Billboard I plummet from 3 to 10 I guess failure is my new trend Thought I was all that, now I just fall flat, splat Vails of crack, my old friends won't let me call back So where in mind can I find myself a misty storm invisible to God I'm falling off like TJ Swan Hook (x2)

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