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JEDI MIND TRICKS lyrics - Legacy Of Blood


Original and similar lyrics
[Vinnie Paz] Yeah, I built with Alexander the Great He told the Persians they should stay gone Then he told me about the Oracle of Amar He gave me no clue, where it is Men feared time, yet time feared the pyramids He gave me more jewels, he told me that Amenhotep was a moral tool, I can't overstand hieroglyph So I called Killah Priest, and he taught me how to follow it I walked through the Valley of the Kings With a white robe, white rose and what I will brings And your whole team Judas, my road thin, gold skin like Juicis I speak the dialog of the dead, I practiced the same more tactics In King Arthur's head, so let the swordsmen kill the beast It's a Legacy of Blood, with Vinnie Paz and Killah Priest [Chorus: Stoupe cuts up samples] [CL Smooth "Sun Won't Come Out"] "The Sun Won't Come Out, unless the crowd start this Cause if it was my choice, you all dance in darkness" "And on this burst, you'll gave work to the worst Get the pen from the nurse, and hold the mic up first" "The rhymes, the rhymes, rhymes on the voter Burn him as a sacrifice" [Killah Priest] I paint flows with the feathers from the wings of angels Red ink from saint blood, nigga, you ain't thug Stare into the face of a king's mug Crush grape, feel the wine jug, ill thoughts Build from the mind of rhyme, rose, off the tongue like fine rugs Let me walk you through this, for the clueless I'm Shakespeare'ing, with grey earrings Speak like Tiburians, write novels Spit it like Aristotle, face half Pharoah And half owl, I took the path of Cairo Came back with the Dead Sea Gospel Now known as the Dead Street Apostle We shoot 'em feds, use them hollows Bullets spread, til they meet Diablo Stars in enlightment, Priest meet with Jedi Mind Tricks Reach them climates, where you can't breath Stay high off that dead weed, in the mind is where I plant seeds To grow fruit, of king's so brute, of army troops Mighty men in celestial suits You need healing, my mic give you incredible boost Where I use satellite vision, stare at my alphabetical soup Plus I use the Big Dipper to take, more than one scoop, it's Priesthood [Chorus: Stouple cuts up samples] "Straight up, we serve justice So if they can't be trusted, may you return where the dust is" - Smif-N-Wessun "The rhymes, the rhymes, rhymes on the voter Burn him as a sacrifice" "And on this burst, you'll gave work to the worst Get the pen from the nurse, and hold the mic up first" "The rhymes, the rhymes, rhymes on the voter Burn him as a sacrifice" [Vinnie Paz] I studied element 1-15, with the Eloheim Saw the Canaanites, Sumerians, and the Philistines This is street gospel, if you don't believe In life at Mars, that mean the beast got you You don't wanna see me and Killah Priest hostile You don't wanna see, desert eag' heat pop you This is Mothman Prophecy, walk back To the sand of Iraq, and let the prophet breath Returned all our water in the Tracik seas And walk in the wall with armor that I copped in the breeze Then I shoot the thieves, with a long arrow Studied Imhotep, to be a strong Pharoah It's a war when the God's spit It's Allah, when I split the ice birds, in the often I don't care what the cause is And I'mma ride for my fam, no matter what the cost is [Outro: Vinnie Paz] [Stoupe cuts samples to end] Yeah, Vinnie Paz, Killah Priest, yea Priesthood, Maccabeez, yeah, Army of Pharoah Aight? Yeah

Shinin' Star

Brand Nubian "Foundation"
Yeah yeah, uhh, uh-huh Brand Nubian, yeah yeah, check it Intro/Chorus: You don't have to drive a fancy car Just for you to be a shinin' star No matter who you are, no matter who you are Verse One: Grand Puba Uhh, now it started it off for me in apartment 6C Project style, ate government cheese for a while Pop Duke wasn't there cos he had to do a bid so momma love stuck with these bad ass kids She used to say keep your head up, always think positive and never be ashamed of who you are or where you live Teenage years I had to struggle doing that Shorty say Don't talk to him, girlfriend, look where he live at Crib probably crawlin with roaches and rats plus cats be in his hallways with the drugs and the gats I used to try and honeys used to walk on by Now I'm damn near 20 and still ain't got no ride Caught a record deal, now them same old chicks that used to walk on by go out their way to say hi But they gets none That's why I'm with the same girl from the same projects that I come from because....... Chorus (x2) Verse Two: Sadat X Well this is that time that you've waited for Three linked from what was said to be extinct You say take my weed-smellin ass home, I'm grown More thirst than if I swallowed sand bags Not fiending enough to go out and grab bags from women I swear if we don't hear this on the air I'll be down at the station Your broadcast from Monday has now been switched to no day With the class team that I'm with, we stay fit Just like the calm before the twister hit Brand Nubian name is gonna blister shit We raise the flags in three places employ black faces from midnight blacks to light tan Brand Nubian straight rate policy for the world For your little man, for your little girl, from Cheryl to Earl Watch how it all go down and unfurl Mark this print, I feel like we've all been sent It's more than gettin money and gettin bent (Word life, cos you're a shinin' star) No matter who you are, no matter who you are Chorus Brand Nubian cats spread Verse Three: Lord Jamar A four-letter word seldom heard amongst my nation Understandings highest elevation, the foundation of creation of motivation, in my family there's no relation They got us willing to be killing off our population, full-time occupation We need to turn it around like oscillation or watch it all burn to the ground from frustration Lord Jamar, I'ma show love to all my people who show To me that's how it's gotta be Peace to Prodigy and Mobb Deep God's working hard on the streets for the love of the peeps Niggas bring their ass in the clubs every week Walk right past the brothers and they can't speak All hands meet to shake, for Pete's sake Let's break the ice, life livin love, love livin life (Yeah) Chorus (x2)

Straight Gangstaism

GETO BOYS "Till Death Do Us Part"
...when the fire dies down what the fuck you gonna do? damn it feels good to be a gansta... yeah, I take y'all way back Seven years old, I'm lookin' up to the ganstas in the hood, 'cause to me and my cousins yeah they represented good, Even when we played cops and robbers on the block, nobody wanted to play the cop yeah, 'cause the cop was a pussy-ass bitch, and if you played the cop, nigga you got your ass kicked! I was a curious child, I used to hang out by the ballroom and study the gansta style The way they talk, the way they walk, the way they act, the way they wore dat gansta hat, Tilted, rim layed flat out, now that's the type a shit I'm talkin' about yeah, Cigarette in one hand, drink in the other, leanin' to one side, cooler than a motherfucker, With the ganstass nicknames, Killin' Boy, Pokey, Big Joe, Go-Deal, Lil Lane, True muthafuckin' mack daddies, bitch on the side, drivin' the '73 caddy, Wid a chrome plated .357 ready to send a muthafucka on a stairway to heaven, I was fascinated, yeah I let 'em influence me, and my momma hate it, But she still gave me love, 'cause my momma understood, that it was in my blood, See I was a psycho, and in a few mo' years she wouldn't have to worry about a Michael, 'cause I'll be makin' my own decisions, yeah Comin' up fast, clockin' cash Straight Ganstaism Yeah... Uh... On and On and On and On and On... Yeah... Uh Break it down Uh Like dat Like dat Yeah Now is '93 I got a name fo' myself, Made a little dough, played the cards I was dealt, didn't go fo' self, now I'm a G, huh and every muthafuckin' body know me, Niggas in the hood, all got love, 'cause they saw me raise up from a muthafuckin scrub, And hoes that I know, from way back befo' they used to say no, all wanna go to the hotel, 'cause they claim that they intrested, and everybody talkin' about the shit that they wish they did, but I surpassed all that, they used to wanna know if I was down, now they don't ask all that, 'cause they believin' what they seein' A young nigga comin' up fast, yeah Sittin' back as a youngsta, peepin' out ma folks, Some were straight G's and some when not smoking dope, I had to cope wid it, be a man and stay strong, even though some folks didn't think that I'd live long, I watch grandpa shoot dice at the liquo' sto' Gettin' licks in the dough ague and the Big Joe, Walkin' out the door wid a gallon of Jack, Sellin' straight cess booze 'cause back then there weren't no crack, A matter fact, to this day, I'm doin' shit like grandpa in every way, I got my hustle on loc I ain't frontin' Jus' a young nigga in this world tryin' ta have somethin' yeah That's then you find and I know, That's how I was raised and that's how I'm a go, I dunno will I ever be a cell mate but I do know I'm never goin' straight... Gansterism Yeah [toke] really doe [toke] 3-2 in the muthafuckin' house doe [toke] Down with the mutherfuckin' GB [toke] and y'all gonna hear the original big baby really doe [toke] and the mutherfuckin' 9 to the deuce! I know you heard that big baby [toke] yeah [toke] We got Seag in the muthafuckin' house doe from Oakland [toke] yeah We got Big Mike yeeahuh, Fattey Hattey yeeahuh We got Big Chief and LeJay, really doe [toke] Say big baby, lookit my deed [laugh laugh] you fuckin' bitch! [laugh laugh laugh] really doe Bido in the muthafuckin' house, yeah Nigga face evil [toke] really doe [toke] they can't fade this soft shit doe [toke] Uh the they can't fade it doe I'm outta this beeyatch! z

The Way It's Goin' Down

Big Daddy Kane "Daddy's Home"
Hit me, baby (that's right) Hurt me, baby (that's right) That-that-that funk That-that-that-that- That-that's-that's funkdafied-like fonk That's that retarded-like fonk Like you put your armpits in a drum machine Good God Break me off some of that Come on Easy Mo, just let the beat rock from your sweet stock To bounce the complete block, make everyone on the street flock To this here rhymthm, music'll hit em, get em, my lyrics'll fit em When I get with em, girls I'm in em, smokin like bags of ism The one that keep amazin y'all, don't even know who you're facin, pa The Kane has flipped more tracks than a racing car The one who created it and many others imitated it I heard your rap style, kid - hated it Let me show you how, look here, now check my style What I spit out, it'll raise your brow, make you say wow Ba-da-bow-bow, come on, now let's get down And sway, sway when you hear the music play Hip-hop hooray, this is what I want you to say Hey I'm in love with Big Daddy Kane He makes the party swing He turns the mother out And rips apart things Then I go... Da-da-da-da-da Yeah, I like the way it sound And I love the way it's goin down Da-da-da-da-da You know I like the way it sound And I just love the way it's goin down Now, what's this b.s. you're sayin And don't try to act like Martin now with all that 'i was just playin' No need to grief or mourn cause now the beef is on Boom-bow-boo-bow-bow - kid, your teeth is gone Just cause you rap that don't mean that you catchin wreck with me You step to this, I give you mic-o-vasectomy I only know one person that can come next to me No, that's a tattle Cause I can't count my own shadow A battle I gots to have it Unless you're gonna rob me like they give Riddick a win for Chavez Cause tryin to go against the Kane rappin Is like a pimp tryina pull a nun - ain't nothin happenin Clear the way for the one, champion, true black don Gun gettin the job done take a look, hon Back up, son, you know you can't get none Come on, I'm on a whole other level of rap And it's like that, now show me where the party at Da-da-da-da-da Yeah, I like the way it sound And I love the way it's goin down Da-da-da-da-da You know I like the way it sound And I love the way it's goin down The B-I-G D-A-D-Y, no, back up and add another D Come back to the K to the A to the N to the E Live from New York, the one and only I give it to you raw for my homies And to the ladies: I take em lookin somethin fine It don't mind if we bump 'n grind If you're with me, jump in line Because if in my wallet I can find one prophylactic Then you better believe, girl, that you're gonna get your ass dicked Hard type of rappers extinct like a dinosaur The kind you saw rhyme before But now you never find no more Steppin to the Kane with some drama to be startin Because I put em all on ice like Tonya Harding Back up, boy, I got the whole convoy Rollin with me on a mission that's to seek and destroy So, to all the people that's been tryin to talk about me You better change your name to 5000 cause you're Audi And if you bring on your crew, I'm steppin to them too Just put the beat on and watch how I swing through The groove, with more style than a backstroke Drivin past my competition like cab drivers do black folks That's the way I move, I always stayed a Smooth Operator with data watin for you to play a groove To turn it out without a doubt and show what I'm about Good lookin, Brooklyn, yeah, we in the house


EPMD "Business as Usual"
Slow down baby uhh Slow down baby uhh You can get rugged, though, hard like P Trying to play my man but you couldn't touch me You faggot to comp rapper on a quest You get your head flown, boy you must be smokin' sens So many often wonder if MDs paid You're goddamn right, punk, stay outta my way 'Cause I clock Gs while you clock Zs And I don't smoke crack, I smoke M.C.s So pick up a pen, cop a squat, and take notes A rapper suffred from bleeding, sprains and slit throats My style deadly psychopath or schizophrenic Rapper choke like a curburetor, freeze up, and panic 'Cause I clock pesos, don't sell ileyo Another name for cocaine, mi amigo That's Spanish terminology for friend Now sit back and rub my bozack as I send Bass funk with beats that thump Kickers and amps cold lined up in my trunk My system cranking, my headlights are blinkin' Brother ridin' my tip, L, at the same time thinkin' Damn, how could a brother be so nice 'Cause I'm the capital E-P twice M-D-E twice I choose to squeeze, some choose to fight I like to write but then again some bite While you were bangin' on tables, I was bangin' Snow White Yeah slow down baby The ripper, the master, the overlordian Playing M.C.s like a old accordion I get the inspiration from a necessary station Them sayin' I was vacationin' You can't cope with your weak-ass throat Tryin' 'a sneak a peak in while I freak the notes Major M.C.s become minor B flats So retire the mike, get your chains and your bats Here's your chance to advance, gettin' your stance I'm 'a shoot the holster off your cowboy pants Pure entertainment, tonight's your arraignment You're quilty, face down on the pavement No holds barred, it's time to get scarred You and your squad better praise the real god The undertaker droppin' thunder on fakers When it comes to lyrics I'm as freaky as Seka So lay the mike down slow and careful 'Cause mine is fully loaded and I have another handful A clip to slip in and start rippin' Divin' and dippin' and givin' punks a whippin' Just in case you wanna go a few rounds and so I'm down so that you clowns will know Me gettin' burnt or hurt won't be tolerated I got rhymes up the (huh) forget it, I'm constipated Yeah slow down baby When I come around homeboy, watch your nugget I master on the beat down, my style's rugged When I attack the microphone, close the zone Rap sees danger, can't roam Security is packed and wall to wall can't fall A rap tank is full so I can't stall My microphone is filled with premium Any whack M.C. that flexes, I'm creamin' 'em Not with lotion, bust the motion, flotation When I'm rockin' the mike I'm like coastin' Underneath fatigue at my peak You still seek the style 'cause yours is extra weak New method, rip the stage at my age and get loose and kick Like Bruce in a rage-I'm on a rampage Yeah slow down baby Slow down baby

Sixty To Zero

All the champs and the heroes They got a price to pay They go from sixty to zero In the split of a hair They see the face in the window They feel a shadow out there They've got the places they can go They've got the people who stare They've got to walk in their shoes They've got to see what they see They've got the people around them Getting too much for free All the pimps and the dealers All the food they can eat All the screamers and squealers When they walk down the street Yeah. He's just a rich old man He never cared for anyone He likes to count his possessions He's been a miser from penny one He never cared for his children Never cared for his wife Never made anyone happy That's the way he lived his life And one day in the sunshine He got a bolt from the blue Unloaded all of his possessions Sold his investments too And now he lives with the homeless Owns 900 hospital beds He prefers to remain nameless It's publicity he dreads Yeah. There's a judge in the city He goes to work every day Spends his life in the courthouse Keeps his perspective that way But I respect his decision He's got a lot on his mind He's pretty good with the gavel A little heavy on the fines One day there was this minstrel Who came to court on a charge That he blew someone's head off Because his amp was too large And the song he was singin' Was not for love but for cash Well, the judge weighed the charges He fingered his mustache Yeah. Well, there's a clown in a carnival He rode a painted horse He came from somewhere out west He was very funny of course But that is not what I noticed It was the incredible force With which he held his audience While he rode on his horse His jokes were not that off-color His smile was not that sincere His show was not that sensational Reasons for success were not clear But he still made big money One day the circus was his Now he's married to the acrobat And they're training their kids Yeah. Now the jailhouse was empty All the criminals were gone The gate was left wide open And a buck and fawn Were eating grass in the courtyard When the warden walked in And took a rifle from the prison guard And said to him with a grin To shoot those deer would be stupid, sir We already got 'em right here Why not just lock the gates and keep them With intimidation and fear But the warden pulled the trigger And those deer hit the ground He said Nobody'll know the difference And they both looked around. Yeah. Well, the cop made the showdown He was sure he was right He had all of the lowdown From the bank heist last night His best friend was a robber And his wife was a thief All the children were murderers They couldn't get no relief The bungalow was surrounded When a voice loud and clear Come out with your hands up Or we're gonna blow you out of here There was a face in the window TV cameras rolled And they cut to the announcer And the story was told. Yeah. Well, the artist looked at the producer The producer sat back He said What we have got here Is a pretty good track But we don't have a vocal And we still don't have a song If we could get this thing accomplished Nothin' else could go wrong So he balanced the ashtray And he picked up the phone And said Send me a songwriter Who's drifted far from home And make sure that he's hungry And make sure he's alone And send me a cheeseburger And a new Rolling Stone Yeah. Well, the Sioux in Dakota They lost all of their land And now a basketball player Is trying to lend them a hand Maybe someday he'll be president He's quite a popular man But now the chief has reservations And the white man has plans There's opposition in Congress The bill is up against cash There's really no way of predicting If it will fly or it will crash But that's the nature of politics That's the name of the game That's how it looks in the tepee Big winds are blowing again Yeah. There's still crime in the city Said the cop on the beat I don't know if I can stop it I feel like meat on the street They paint my car like a target I take my orders from fools Meanwhile some kid blows my head off Well, I play by their rules So now I'm doing it my way I took the law in my own hands Here I am in the alleyway A wad of cash in my pants I get paid by a ten year old He says he looks up to me There's still crime in the city But it's good to be free Yeah. Now I come from a family That has a broken home Sometimes I talk to my daddy On the telephone When he says that he loves me I know that he does But I wish I could see him Wish I knew where he was But that's the way all my friends are Except maybe one or two Wish I could see him this weekend Wish I could walk in his shoes But now I'm doin' my own thing Sometimes I'm good, then I'm bad Although my home has been broken It's the best home I ever had Yeah. Well, I keep getting younger My life's been funny that way Before I ever learned to talk I forgot what to say I sassed back to my mummy I sassed back to my teacher I got thrown out of Sunday School For throwin' bibles at the preacher Then I grew up to be a fireman I put out every fire in town Put out everything smoking But when I put the hose down The judge sent me to prison Gave me life without parole Wish I never put the hose down Wish I never got old.

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