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JAY-Z lyrics - Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter

Hova Song (Outro)

Original and similar lyrics
[Jay-Z] Who ever thought young Shawn Carter would change the game Used to rap to the raindrops off my window pane Duckin the plain cops, pushin indo and 'caine At the kitchen table late night, no pen, just my brain First album niggaz love me cause they thought I was poor Guess I'm successful; industry don't love me no more Well I'm the same nigga from your corner, bubblin raw Skully tilted, pants saggin, damn near touchin the floor And I come with do-rags to your so-called awards T-shirt with my chain out like fuck y'all all Retrospect ain't been the same since I lost my dad He's still alive, but still fuck you, don't cross my path A&R's had me feelin like moss in the drab So I turned the league out with 'Reasonable Doubt' Get your CD's out, let's go, song for song I'm the illest nigga doin it til y'all prove me wrong Do you believe It's Hova the God, uhh, uhh, uhh..

Asian Pride

Azn Pride
it's the azn nigga fuck the rest Dallas to new york jigga, we the best vietnam to japan to mongolia phillipines to taiwan to cambodia Korea, ah ah, home town china who you got, huh? you got shit nigga, feel the size it's the AZN better recognize got rice, bitch? got rice? got food, got soup, got spice? got brains like us? got skills like us? got cars? got clothes? got girls like us? yo wassup we the shit and we kill y'all fools we got money in the bank from our family jewels can we help it if we rein and corrupt the schools? it don't matter fuck the lot shit we break the rules we got cars we got gangs we got the tools put it up, break it down then we shoot some pool, you fuck with me, you fuck with all bitch, don't think it's cool one on one fuck that it's three on one no duels got rice bitch? got rice? anything you can show that is nice? got hopes got dreams got thoughts like us? Fuck no Hell no your white you'll never be like us Take off your shoes when you enter please or Crawl around on the floor with your fucking knees don't mind the smell you'll get used to it moth balls dried squid and that buddha shit what the hell is that you think i don't see no forks in the house chops sticks only have a taste don't be scared try the lemon tea you don't want thats alright try the FUCKIN HOME WEED Got rice bitch got rice? Got luck anytime you roll the dice? your luck is bad unless you run and hide, cause we thugs for life baby, asian pride...

Say Hi To The Bad Guy

ICE CUBE "The Predator"
[Intro: (guy talking)] Good evening. Police, do not try to adjust your radios. There is nothing wrong. We have takin control over this city as to bring you this special bulletin and we will return this motherfucker to ya as soon as the National Guard move in. [Verse 1:] The cops wanna catch the nigga that won't fetch But I'll blast ya, never call ya master Who is that kickin up shit much faster Rollin on a scooter, you know I might do ya See a black clock and my buckshots run right thru ya I never knew ya Cos I'm not a trick You can suck the biggity-dick, I'm not the piggity-pig I get away quickity-quick on the plane to South Central Never get played by the monkey wrench ho Staedy mobbin I'm just like Robin Hood up to no good, so many bitches on my wood To the right of me and to the left of me Bitch, I got so much game I need a referee Throw a penalty of ass interference Damn, y'all over me, so bitch get on the bitch Here comes the cops so I better hit the fence Better run fast cos the dobermans pinch And I won't play mine in the daytime Goddamn, here comes the canine Four legged copper that wants to use Ice Cube as a whopper But who's the first nigga to outrun a chopper No lie say hi to the bad guy [Interlude: (Cube talkin with officer)] Fuck! (Hey guys, where ya headed) Nowhere, man (Got your licence and registration) Yeah, hold up, right here (Hey, what's in that box back there) Nuttin, aah, nuttin (They happen to be donuts) (Ya got a glazed donut How bout a beerclaw) Aaah... (If you don't have one, I got ta gaffle ya) What You gon' gaf... Yeah! [Verse 2:] See one-time, hit em up cos you know the Lench Mob is down to get em up People think Ice Cube roll with the gangs cos I'm in a coupe de sittin on thangs Ain't gotta tell me twice about the jack see a got a 9 in my lap ta take care of that Caps get peeled on the regular cos niggas try to get me for my cellular Knick knack paddy wack, the mack daddy's back Kidnappin hos like the Patty Hurst jack Have the white ho, where the fo'-fo' Go rob a liquor store, they can't blame it on a nigga row Bring the money to the rooster Had the bitch and the Mob bein the booster Damn, can't stand when the bitch get sent to sample bran and come back up man You wanna point the finger at me cos the OG is sooped like Chevro RD Humpin, jumpin, had the place jumpin Goddamn, gotta break you off sometin You wanna know why I bust in half Now look at you now Huh, and I'm out real fast Get the paper out yo' ass, baby Yo, here we go, listen to the po' Shoot the bo-bo and act like ya know, ho Fuck with the flow and die When I walk by say hi to the bad guy [Interlude:] Ai yo man, there's just one left (I'll make a deal with ya) What (Aah, ya got one of those powdered donuts (How bout that twister If it have cream in the middle, I'm gonna have to gaffle ya!) You gon' gaffle us (Hey, can I reach back there and get one0 Aaah yeah homie, go on and reach ahead here Duck ya head in here man [gun shots] (What kind of cop killer are you)

Big Dogs

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Redman) [Redman] Def Squad, Wu Tang [laugh] (check it, check it out) [Verse 1: Method Man, (Redman in brackets)] (Yo yo Method Man, yo yo Iron Lungs) (Call us gorillas in the myst) (Raunchy vocalist) Your code name (Doc) (Whats yo' name) Hot Nix Who them slick kids puffin that shit holdin they dicks (Yo them same two drivin yo whip fuckin yo bitch) Hold me down son (Yo, I hold you down with the pound) You got a lot of buiscits (Ayo but where they at now) Diggy down yo we resevior dogs, you puppy chow-chow Got my mittens on the kitten, lickin it now-now (Yo we bring the beef to you, infest it with the mad cow) Disease (We set to load) Cock and squeeze (Booya!) We too hard to hold off (One arm slam ya like Nicoli Volkov) When i dip dip dappa (dappa) The anti-socializa (liza) Everything be ice cream from __ (We rock ya, knock ya fuckin whole team off the roster) (Starting lineup, Iron Lung) The funk docta [Verse 2: Method Man] Johnny blaze the ghost rider (uh) Ghost stories by the campfire (uh) The night breed (vampire!) Duckin from the head rushin (uh) Wu Tang production Precussions bringin reprecussions I hold my mike sideways bustin (bustin) Another one bites the dust and Cardiac arrest Clutchin your chest suckin your last breath In awe, period meth Nigga, dyin from papercuts, Bleedin to death Down these mean streets johnny quest (uh) From ASCAP to NASDAQ Get that money sack (uh) These habitats aint no place to raise family at (family at) These alley cats be at war with these dirty rats So watch you back when you come to the slum There aint nowhere to run from the iron lizard lung Blazes on stunts I be dippin in the sun My plates bear no one My uzi weighs a ton (Word up) [Verse 3: Redman] Pon Cocked The don juan doc Send crews back to the shoe shine box Connect the dots My description Black mel Yellow da mellow I make it hard for mc's to run neck and elbow With d-o Penal code We both to duck when he hear the bike Wit the squeaky clutch Swallow this hard act to follow You could parachute off my slang and use my rhymes to toggle I'm tense, so smooth i cant be fingerprinted I stomp harder in slow motion Yo fuck your appluad Bitches still rush me like they rushed the store Before the soul train award Incorporate a law Whoever aint raw get they hand chopped By jamal with the wu sword (whoo-ee!) My crew specializin Snakin yo bitch Robbin you while you on the floor Shakin your shit I'm doin me now i'll do you (Yo who you) Doc I bomb shit through the conflicts crucial I be da black el nino I mean yo I'm supreme like the team show With the pay to cream fo (To see you sit down) Yo, na we get the fuck up (And leave the one you wit) Then take off of usher Thats right, six double oh with chrome pipes U.S. marshals out to pen us up like Snipes (Throw it in drive) Fuck takin me and meth alive! (Yo, you look that-a-way) You look out the other side!

On & On

JOEY BADA$$ "B4.Da.$$"
[Intro - Joey Bada$$:] Mama I just booked a first class ticket to my destiny by the way Yeah [Bridge - Maverick Sabre:] Maybe I'mma fly away Maybe I'mma fly away, some day [Verse 1 - Joey Bada$$:] So gullible just like my first love Stay humble, but I knew that I was first up Picked up the pen and that's when I drew my first blood Spit my heart again, cause the pain'll never end Happiness is temporary, always has been I just lost one, but sometimes I win I always spread love, but sometimes I sin I only trust some, that’s why I keep a few friends Funny cause I used to see my circle never end Always kept like 47 friends in my circumference All that’s left now is the radiance They still here, trying to find love on this atmosphere Things get severe for everybody, everywhere This is my moment of truth, right here Swear I ain’t scared of no man I see the omens I pick 'em up and keep it rollin' The omnipresence is omnipotent But I keep going, 'til it’s all said and done I show all my soul purpose but I’m pretty sure there's one There’s a reason why I’ve come, new season's just begun This the death of a psychopomp but a birth of God's son [Hook - Joey Bada$$:] Don’t mourn me when I’m gone, celebrate my travels Whenever you need me, just take a plane to the astral zone I’m headed home, I’ve been hurting too long Time don’t stand still, so you gotta move on On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On & On [Verse 2 - Joey Bada$$:] I had a dream I seen my name on the gravel stone And read here lies a G followed by a poem I couldn't see the words but I'm sure what's in his own Funny that I write most when I know my feeling's wrong With both shoulders that my head is always on I trudge through harm's way with heavy boulders on my arm I feel strong as I walk through the many storms that Rain on my parade, seen the dust cry for days I'm feeling like a young prince, I'm drinking today My name ring bells all the way to heaven's gate Though STEEZy told about me, yo I know he always watching I guess there really is a heaven for us hip hoppers I really miss my partner But I know he with Big Poppa, 2 Pacs, and the big L rolled proper And that's a big pun, know that I'mma join him When my time come, but the story just begun, so [Hook - Joey Bada$$] [Bridge 2 - Maverick Sabre:] One day I'mma fly away One day I'mma fly away (Fly away, fly away) One day you will fly away (Fly away, fly away) One day we will fly away (Fly away, fly away) [Verse 3 - Dyemond Lewis:] My clouds grey, I hope my pain don’t show Looking in the sky I wonder where them rainbows go They say that if we reign, them pot-of-gold’s will show Even skating down the block don’t feel the same no more If I ain’t looking, I still see it all My vision’s jaded, too much bitches rubbed the crystal balls They stay scheming, y’all like the sheep to the shepherd The trees to the leaves, you needed but not needed So I work alone, lone wolf, stay creeping I'd rather hunt on my own then be owned and not eating I’m not eatin’, not blamin’, I’m just sayin’ Go to bed with hunger pains while these other niggas caking, they too fake No rappers rapping for years waiting 'round for that big break Break a arm, break a bond before I go break the bank Break a hundred, that's fifty-fifty Long as [?] and Whitney's seen different cities, different titties I bring no money with me, I'm on my grind man, no regrets when I die man 'Til we fly man, 'til we fly man, 'til we fly man You gon' miss us when we fly man [Hook - Joey Bada$$] [Bridge - Maverick Sabre]

Bricks & Marijuana

TRICK DADDY "Thugs Are Us"
(feat. Kase of Lost Tribe) [Kase] For my niggas, in the feds My niggas in the pen My niggas ain't gone neva see the streets no mo This one for you nigga Free Buddy Roe [Hook: 2x] Look I been scuffling years your honor That's why I'm traffickin' these bricks and marijuana Shit [Verse 1:Kase] I been put in the world Living my days ducking k's Was bursting bitches jumping out they Benz's on blades I been scuffling years you honor I swear the God I wanna do for my kid's you honor If you was me then you would see how it is you honor Through all the drama and this rain Nobody felt my pain I went to serving after fame Then shit changed You wonder what am I to do Niggas on my block Am I supposed to be a fuck nigga Let 'em rope my spot When Jeb Bush pushing life If I tout my weapon Now Ronald Regan was selling guns But it ain't a felony A house on the hills with all these bills I gots to sell 'em My shawty waking up with out his Christmas What the fuck I'ma tell 'em When I be juggling selling bricks Will heaven take me Now 25 plus life Rehabilitate me These crackers calling me a monster But they help create me Shit [Hook: 4x] Look I been scuffling years your honor That's why I'm traffickin' these bricks and marijuana Shit [Verse 2: Kase] Ain't seen my momma since the last time we hung out Now six years to be exact Cause she strung out My getting jobs looking shady, on my application Now have I ever committed felons Look at this shit I'm facing And now these streets don't get no better for my young niggas Now the muthafuckers that's coming up is the gravediggers And I can't seem to trust my niggas And I grew up with 'em Folk in my mind at times learn not to fuck with 'em When I was stuck who could I turn to Nobody but Jesus I'm in this world looking up to the gangster's Looking up to the leaders Granddaddy had a stroke and grandmomma broke Who the fuck gone feed us Y'all wrapped us in ropes and put us on boats But y'all really ain't need us Muthafuck that shit I got tired of the struggling in the jungle Can't let a nigga fuck me about this coke So I learned what was and what wasn't I'm getting them things at 17 At least gone cop a dozen You lose yo life Shit ain't no joke That's if yo coke is buzzing Shit [Hook: 4x] Look I been scuffling years your honor That's why I'm traffickin' these bricks and marijuana Shit [Mystic(Talking)] Now what I'm talking bout Got niggas doing the dirty dirty Now what I'm saying But it can't last dirty to long Nigga gotta clean up somewhere So, you know what I'm talking bout Take a nigga advice and get in and get out baby boy Cause it ain't all bad But it ain't all good Now what I'm talking bout And the hood dangerous watching out Everybody shouldn't be po-po Dealing with the dope dope So you better watch out boy Get in and get ouuuut [Hook: 2x] Look I been scuffling years your honor That's why I'm traffickin' these bricks and marijuana Shit

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