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JAY-Z lyrics - Unfinished Business

The Return

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro] Halt! Who goes there? It is I sire Tone from Brooklyn. Well, speak up man what is it? News from the East sire! THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS HAS RETURNED! [Verse 1: Jay-Z (R. Kelly)] Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the freshest of them all? I love ‘em all but none of yall can fuck with the double suicide doors on that black phantom, Fuck em all We got hits like a 30 shot clip when we throw one in the air everybody hit the floor Holla atcha boy, boys, when we boys so we bringin out them toys Lane to lane on the dana danes We give you noise man when the year change we change, nigga we right here We can go bang for bang We can go clip for clip nigga chain for chain We can go bitch for bitch got a pretty young thing That I keep by my hip like my celly that ring, sing! (Me and Michelle at the hotel while Jay and Tone on the way to the after party got the ladies sayin OH! Best of Both Worlds) Best of Both Worlds and we rock the globe You knamsayin Ya boy H-O wit Kels we not playin Losers lose so when we does what we do we win Then win again like de ja vu Then we win again like MJ do Three-peat then retreat the waters that’s blue Young scrappy this what grown men do lets move! [Chorus: R. Kelly (2x)] In this arena, arena All we wanna see is them hands up, hands up This is for them hustling boys and girls It’s the return of Best of Both Worlds (Nothin can hold us now!) [Verse 2: R. Kelly] Now all the ladies love Kels cause Kels is fresh And plus Kels got “superpimp” ‘cross his chest I got a phat gold chain and I drop top Lex And when im rollin thourhg ya hood I be causin wrecks Man I’m a gigalo, Air Force Ones and fresh linen I be in the club while my chrome still spinnin Ladies line up in a single file line just to hit a ?? I’ll sing ‘em a few lines like (Me and Michelle at the hotel while Jay and Tone on the way to the after party got the ladies sayin OH! Best of Both Worlds!) Shuttin it down you knamean Kels and Jigga man bacl on the scene Step up in the club so fresh and so clean Ladies be like damn! BLING! BLING! BLING Hov rap and I SING! SING! SING H to the O and the R&B King, before we do a show its like CHING! CHING! CHING! So Lodi Dodi, we likes to party, we don’t start fights we don’t bother nobody The good news is haters we gat a lotta dough, bad news is it’s the return of Best of Both… [Chorus] [Bridge: R. Kelly] We on a world tour wit Jay and my man Goin each and everywhere wit the mic in our hand London, Paris, New York, D.C., Detroit, From Chi-Town to Cali We on a world tour wit Kels and ya man Goin each and everywhere wit the mic in our hand Philly, Jersey, Dallas, St. Louis, Miami Best of Both comin to ya city! [Chorus]


CYPRESS HILL "Skull & Bones"
[Verse 1: Sen-Dog] You better hope I'm chained up, shackled with a yard I'll snatch you by the neck, bide you like a tech Wreck fools when I disconnect, make you sweat Shit your pants, get in yuor step on my advance Catch a glance of the legendary brother who carries Your body and buries two more lyrics in styles varied Fool what You ain't got nothin' to say I been backin' up east side LA, all day Blowin' up the best techs, the best flex Havin' the best sex, fuckin' in Wessex The hardcore shit, I know you like it raw 'Cause ain't no other Dog breakin' the last straw [Chorus (2x): B-Real] You better bounce, nigga, smoke an ounce, nigga 'Cause you rollin' with the Hill and what counts is uh, Can you hang with us You wanna bang with us Cypress Hill, worldwide, Los Angeles [Verse 2: Sen-Dog] I don't bark, I just bite, mangle and maim niggas up Check your strap, they mangle us and pick us up Fool, now you tremblin', I give you three seconds To break out before you resemblin' a dead man A hole through your headband My gat's in my right hand, my plug's in my left hand, punk Cypress Hill worldwide, you just a local Don't anger me, or you can hear it in my vocal You don't want that strap on my hip To deal out, the repercussions dug a fat lip I'm buckin' at the room soon to the boom Fuckin' with your head like the 'shroom you consume [Chorus] [Verse 3] [BR] Bitches, you're all thick-eyed, a weak ride I take money-money, make dummies all night Use the mic, bruise the mic, we choos the mic When you sorry niggas go off and lose the mic [SD] We choose a life right, we roll with crew tight See the light at the end of a tunnel - a gat barrel Wettin' up your flyest apparel, a cane ray You forget me and I'll be back to refresh your fuckin' memory Remember me now, Cypress Hill soldier Up and down the boulevard, big money folder You bring descript sequence with no defense The whole defense hittin' the bones while you sleepin' [Chorus]

What What

D12 "Devils Night"
(feat. Da Brigade) [Repeat * 3] All my ladies say What What What And all my dogz say What What What Ladies and gentlemen may i grab your attention Its the dopest M.C from the midwest Did i mention So clap your hands and stomp your feet And party on down to the Bizarre kid beat Throw your hands in the air so i can feel it 'its the big guy rappin with the idiotic _' Forget your small talk watch Bizarre kid get wild Garauntee to get your girl warm like a reptile Big chubby guy comin straight from 7 mile Your girl heard my style And said 'oo he's foul' So tell your man to stop trippin bro Or he gunna get rushed by 10 guys he dont even know Representin the _, moneys wut im gettin *still gigglin bush* , my styles forbiddin Its the big guy, do the butterfly to the ground And the base head bounce Man i got that packed down Man forget the night We gunna party till the day And im a strip dance at your girlfriends cabera [Repeat * 3] All my ladies say What What What What And all my dogz say What What What What Does Bizarre roll with Slim shady - Yah yah Quick to drive up in your Mercedes - Yah yah Datin ladies nearly 80 - Yah yah Now who in this rap game could fade me Some of you rap guys never heard of me Somtimes I be in Dallas or even North New Jersy Forget the Moet we drinkin Hen dog all night And pass the _ so I can get high as a kite A slow song come on its time to dirty dance And right now Im grabbin any girl I can Grab her butt cheeks and hold her real tight And tell her me and you were gettin 'wild the night' Gimme your beeper number and checks before you leave 'Ai yo call me tomorow and ask for Steve' Oh no this shit I couldnt beleive Me and _ grabded her by her knees Snatched outta her weed And grabbed the car keys [Repeat * 2] All my ladies say What What What What And all my dogz say What What What What Now everybody throw they hands up This aint a stick We came to this jam To buy _ and play a game of pick up With any big butt freaks thats done for tha cause And yo Bizarre was at the bar down _ Im still game spittin while you still get in Still gettin down how we livin Wild like we outta prison Run our mouth, kick in doors And im talkin to a chicken head that could be yours Slam dancin with girls just to see they chest bump Now everybody bu bu bum bump bump And get down to the sounds that we can cock jump Or mess around and get your whole dam block jumped Watch you beeper when Im walkin throught the crowd Witch one of ya'll actin wild, gettin loud You still screamin that sumebody steady hatin on you We in the parkin lot 50 deep waitin on you Da brigade actin up and we still scrapin Walkin back up in the club like aint nuttin happened What What What All my ladies say What What What And all my dogz say What What What All the D.J's play my cut cut cut

Writing You A Song

JONNY DIAZ "They Need Love"
With this first line I should catch your attention Say something 'bout your hair or maybe mention That I love your big brown eyes or are they blue But does it really matter cause you know I'm writing this for you I could sing like the beach boys and call you a betty But I'm sure you own a mirror and know that already Should I tell you in my mind I call you dear Maybe that would not be wise cause maybe you would think it's weird I'm writing you a song and don't know what to say Do I have writers block or do you take my words away But you're the kind of girl that loves that sort of thing So I'll put it in my song to make you fall in love with me This isn't easy but at least it can't get worse I'll just do my best to win you in the second verse Well it's almost over and I haven't said a thing I just hope you can figure out exactly what I mean to sing (girl cause) Here is where I'll bridge the gap Of both the song and our two hearts You should appreciate the pun Cause that might be the best part Things aren't coming out this time I don't know what the difference is But all I know is that you leave me speechless

2nd Kelly

Hey yo, R. Let me handle my business I just wanna take over the show for a minute Not the whole show, just a little bit Now that he's outta the way Can I talk to you for a minute Can I break it down and break you off Some of this computer lovin' type of shit Lookin' at you from the inside of this internet I'm in the mood, and my tongue is in the mood Ladies, can we have a little fun Can we play a little game Said, can we have a little fun Can we play a little game I got something for y'all Can I give it to you Now listen, 2nd kelly what you got for me, y'all say I got some down low, down low, sing it for me Now 2nd kelly, what you got for me, y'all say I got some 12 play, 12 play, sing it Now 2nd Kelly, what you got for me, sing I got some bump and grind, bump and grind, sing it y'all Now 2nd Kelly, what you got for me, say Do you mind if I stroke you up Do you mind if I stroke you down Ladies, ladies, tell me do you want more I said do you want more Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na sing Now y'all having fun Too bad it's time for me to get up out of here But before I do I wanna blow the roof off this place with this last one Are y'all ready All right, now everybody let me hear you say Ooh na na na na na na Ooh na na na na na na Yeah, now, that was loud, right But I think y'all can get a little louder If y'all what Kelly to come back out here With what he about to get dressed in Y'll do it louder come on here we go, come on Ooh na na na na an na what Ooh na na na na na na I know y'all must be trippin' on me Damn I wanna go half on a baby

Chillin' In HK

JIN "Say Something"
You know I gotta say something Lookin' at, lookin' at, lookin' at me Look who got back on the M-I-C Been gone, for a minute not makin' a sound At least it's how it seems cause I've been out of town Based in Hongkong, don't knock it til you try it I mean it out here, no Jenny Craig diet Been less than 2 years, I can't believe the hype They hear what I'm sayin' and they see it like Skype I make it moves, yes an assortiment TV and film, multiple endorsements I'm on a mission, far from just chillin' Spittin' in my native tongue, oh what a feelin' Ain't the words not sayin' I'm the best? But when I kick a verse I'm Hiphop in the flesh Tell me, why would you try to ruin this? You know how long I've been doin' this? 15 years, 10 in the game Go ahead, pretend like you don't know my name No rookie, I certify veteran I ain't really worried 'bout who you think is better than Jin, me, I'm more of a gentleman They're fighting for attention like Leno and I make my own name, cruisin', zonin' You can have a spot, yo call me Conan Old Brian, not the barbarian Stay away from beef like the best vegetarian I'm all about positive thoughts More than dollar signs you see God in my eyes Still perform when the cheques get paid All the ladies go Gaga when I step on stage It always goes from Just Dancing To ducking Paparazzi and Bad Romances Switch my style like the beat does here This is just a sample, can I get a clear? Absolutely, no need to be shocked I can say anything and still make it sound hot like... But I'd rather say something

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