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JAY-Z lyrics - The Dynasty Roc La Familia

Streets Is Talking

Original and similar lyrics
[Jay-Z] Is he a Blood, is he Crip? Is he that, is he this? Did he do it? Y'know, ehh Look.. If I shoot you, I'm brainless Different toilet, same shit, and I'm sick of explainin this I'm waitin on arraignment, my nigga is the plantiff Yeah, I know what you thinkin - fucked up ain't it? I shoulda known better, and I planned to but dog they be takin me out of my zone like a nigga with a handle I sat back and watched it, put the gats back in the closet I tried to tie my hands like an Iraqi hostage Let niggaz take shots at me, no response I just - flip and, pop my collar like the Fonz You give a nigga a foot he'll take you one step beyond He'll try to play you twice, the third time is the charm You wanna conversate with the writer of the Qu'ran or Old Testament, don't test him then I know what y'all thinkin dick, pause Your future's my past, I've been here before I know when you're schemin, I feel when you plottin I got, mental vision, intuition I know where you goin I read your mind's navigational system Everybody whisperin - pst pst pst ss perspirin [Chorus] When the, streets is talkin, niggaz is gossipin Bitches all in your shit, what's the cause of it? I need to know.. geah geah Yeah yeah yeah, yeah.. [Jay-Z] You see me with a bodyguard that means police is watchin And I only use his waist to keep my glock in But when shit goes down you know who's doin the poppin And if you don't know, guess who's doin the droppin S dot again, y'all got him in a bad mood Bad move; that's bad news How many times have I got to prove? How many loved ones have you got to lose before you realize that it's probably true? Whatever Jigga say, Jigga probably do Shit I paid my dues, I made the news I came in the door for dolo, blazed the crews And the streets say Jigga can't go back home You know when I heard that? When I was back home I'm comfortable dog, Brooklyn to Rome On any Martin Luther, don't part with your future Don't ever question if I got the heart to shoot ya The answer is simply too dark for the user And as a snot-nose they said that he got flows But will he be able to drop those before the cops close in? 'Fore the shots froze him, and he's dead and gone from what the block has spoken, my God Everybody stressin, who's his baby's moms? Who he got pregnant, let me tell you, ahh... [Chorus] When the, streets is talkin, niggaz is gossipin Bitches all in your shit, what's the cause of it? I need to know.. chicka-uh-ah, ah-chk-ah-uh-ah Chicka-ch-ah, chk-ah-ah-ah When the, streets is talkin, niggaz is gossipin Bitches all in your shit, what's the cause of it? I need to know.. gi-gi-gi, geah yeah uh, yeah yeah uh Yeah, yo, yo [Jay-Z] I seen my first murder in the hall, if you must know I lost my pops when I was eleven mmm twelve years old He's probably somewhere where the liquor is takin it's toll but I ain't mad at you dad, holla at your lad I grew up pushin snowflake to niggaz that was pro-base The stress'll take a young nigga, give him a old face All I did was smoke joke, think and drink Copped 'caine and complained, front row watch game I seen niggaz before me, with a chance to write they own script slip up and change the story I seen young niggaz go out in a blaze of glory before reachin puberty, scared a nigga truthfully I took trips with so much shit in the whip that if the cops pulled us over the dog'd get sick, SNIFF Smell me nigga? The real me nigga, minus the rumors Holla if you feel me nigga [Beanie Sigel] The streets is not only watchin but they talkin now? Shit they got me circlin the block before I'm parkin now Don't get it twisted, I ain't bitchin, I'm just cautious now So, under the park the extra cartridge now Hit his click Sig' up you fell at it you're dense I get word to the street like Bell Atlantic express I feel the vibes and I hear the rumors But fuck it, I'm still alive and I'm still ?? ?? Allah Niggaz wanna press me, put my back to the wall But pressure bust pipes I know, I spat it to y'all To know me is to love me, you see me, can't be me, hate this Fuck you I got guns like Neo in +Matrix+ Cross the Family, think Mac's sweet like payroll or soft like Play-Doh get knocked off like Fredo Corleone, they find you with a hole in your dome I roll with niggaz that'll follow you and go to your home Thought you ball, but nigga you fall to my defense Catch you while you reachin, clip you then I cross you then I'm leavin Apply full court pressure like four-four ?? get you out of here, pull pressure to the trigger, bullets fly in three's You forever rest under bullshit, dirt lies and leaves I do bullshit, dirt, tell lies then leave Look in my eyes, realize it's Beans Niggaz wanna despise the team; till I play head coach and straight up, divide they team Trade they man for some pies and a couple of things Til the bullet.. ah, motherfuckers!! Yeah..

True Loyalty

50 CENT "The New Breed"
(feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo) [50 Cent] Unh, yeah..I like the way this feel right here yo...turn me up in the head phones just a lil' bit yeah.. [50 Cent + (Lloyd Banks)] There ain't shit in this world deeper than loyalty and love (Except loyalty and love, between thugs) For you, I pull up in the whip and spray the whole strip (For you, I walk up close and lay a nigga's kin) For you, there ain't a damn thing that I won't do I'm a Thug, this my way I show, my love for you (Nigga for you, I get the coke, I'ma turn it into cash) For you, if we go broke, we gon' rob a nigga ass (For you, if we get knocked, I'ma have to take the weight 'Cause with a record like yours dogg, you ain't stayin' upstate) Nigga for you, I kill a whole God damn crew (Why) 'Cause I know you'd do the same thing too...haha I ride, you ride for me, my enemies your enemies How could you not love a Thug like me [Chorus] Would you ride for me (you ain't even got to ask) Would you die for me (nigga, they blast you, they blast me) Would you cry for me (shit, when I die I don't cry for me, just keep reppin' Southside for me) Nigga, you ride for me (you ain't even got to ask) Would you die for me (nigga, they blast you, they blast me) Would you cry for me (shit, when I die I don't cry for me, just keep reppin' Southside for me) [50 Cent + (Lloyd Banks)] (Nigga, I'm the stem, you the crack I'm the clip, you the gat I'm the glock, you the mac I'm the artist, you the trap I'm a pen, you the pad I'm the Dutch, you the bag I'm the knife, you the stab I'm the driver, you the Jag) I'm the ice, you the bezel I'm grimy, you ghetto I'm the bow, you the arrow I'm the shell, you the barrel I'm a pimp, you a player I'm dope, you the hustler I'm a nine, quiet me down, you the muffler [Chorus] [Tony Yayo] You can catch me in public housing, wit' bundles of D Or in the Santa Monica mountains, bundled up to ski Since, time is money, I rhyme on the clock And walk through the strip with a nine in the ox You seen the ice, you know it's top notch And when it comes to dice, I'm seeing' shorty to the shot box Banks stop, guns pop through your tank top And leave you wet up like a sonar range drop When I grind, I wear the same thing tomorrow When you grind, it's Showtime at the Apollo Damn near every rapper gotta hide sixteen Well my flow's like a ho that's sixteen I ran through niggas, dismantled niggas They mad 'cause they see me in Cancun bitches But I'm ghetto, straight from the 'hood my nigga If there's no toothbrush I'ma use my finger I got so many minks, and so many leathers The crib is surrounded by animal protesters I'm a grown man, still livin' like I'm young With the mind of an old man, full of wisdom Here the cops come, task force van Rock so much ice, I'm called Jack Frost man And while we sippin' on cris', you sippin' backwash man Your team got heart, but your heart's in my hand You want sixteen bars, in song format Or sixteen cars on your mom's doormat...wha

You And Me

LL COOL J "G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)"
(feat. Kelly Price) [LL Cool J] [Kelly Price harmonizes in background] Yeah, uhh, uhh Word up And you say New York City A-ha-ha, word up (Take me away, baby) Uhh, uhh, uhh.. uhh Damn, you and your man had beef so he left you Uptown, teary eyed, on the back streets for me to scoop up in the Bentley drop Long as God hold me down you know I had to stop What the deal ma You wanna use my cell You runnin solo This block foul as hell You said my ex be beatin on me He mad jealous even though he be cheatin on me Mmm, I said miss, let me tell you somethin bout who's makin major moves and who's frontin Huh, who's talkin loud but ain't sayin nuttin And those who get the one they want but keep frontin He don't appreciate the well til it run dry Love is blind, it's hard to say goodbye {goodbye} But smart birds choose to fly cause we livin in the hood girlfriend, it's do or die Here's my definition, of love everlasting I would trade all my cash in, for passion Tiffany jewels and designer fashions to hear happiness is mine for the askin Every day on my knees I pray that I would run into someone that make me feel this way What you think, you wanna ride with L Some things are meant to be baby, you never can tell {I wanna ride, with you baby} [Chorus: Kelly Price] Every night, every day I just sit and dream about you You and me.. you and me.. Hold me tight, ecstasy Makin love til ever after Baby you and me, yeah.. you and me.. [LL Cool J] Now we dippin on the FDR It's one of them lucky nights when you can peep out the stars We speak without talkin and the world is ours When I glance over at ya I can feel your power You schemin, L want a one-night stand I'm schemin, she probably in love with her man But we keep on rollin, hopin there's somethin more Dreamin about tomorrow and what life got in store Livin, no drama, we can chill, relax Sex all night in the morn' count stacks Sip Grand Marnier and maybe puff a dime sack but only in moderation, we ain't livin like that, y'know We jetted up the tavern on the green to talk about love cause the game's extreme Domestic abuse and everything in between Cause I want you to think of me when you need a shoulder to lean on I'm from Queens, I'ma rep to the fullest but I'd rather chill with you, 'stead of dodgin bullets Glock in the stash I don't really wanna pull it on some so-called thug cat, that's faker than acryllics He said your fam be ridin your nerves And you hate him for never givin you the life you deserve Remember, the one who hold a grudge is foul And everything you ever wanted is in front of you now Whassup [Chorus] [LL Cool J] I promise you, dreams do come true There's trials and tribulations that we all go through When your heart's bleedin, how could the sky seem blue But listen up shorty, this is what I wanna do Be there for you, baby care for you When my dogs stare at you never sharin you And to my ex-girlfriend, never comparin you And do the things that your ex never dared to do Time to bounce baby, I'm takin you home Look at the moonlight sparkle on the 20 inch chrome The rocks on my hand got a life of they own plus the blend tape's bumpin and it's settin the tone Should I jet to the hotel, is now the right time or should I be patient and explore your mind You said you grew up in the ghetto and it hurt your heart Tried to live smart but your dreams fell apart You dated hustlers and brought 'em customers They totally destroyed whatever trust their was Now you hate men and everything they stand for cause you wanna be treated like a queen, not a whore Close your eyes, don't be afraid to dream Open your heart to this cat from Queens Whatever you wanna do, however you wanna do it Back to back baby, we can get each other through it [Chorus 3X] [LL talks over the 3X] Knahmean Word up Yeah, yeah C'mon, c'mon C'mon, c'mon Yeah.. I just want you to think about that, y'knahmsayin Late at night when you layin there and you feel like the whole world is fallin around you Remember these words that I said There's somebody out there for you baby Might be me, you never know, ahahah Word up, stay strong shorty Keep your eyes up to the sky, knahmsayin Don't let nobody tell you you can't make it And don't let nobody around you tell you that it ain't possible to make your dreams come true Word up, uhh Knahmean That's real Queens represent, rock on [Chorus (to fade, with Kelly Price ad libs)]

The Heart Of The Streets

B.G. "The Heart Of The Streets"
If you can catch me not strapped, nigga, you good. Come out the house without the pistol, I wish I would. Haters would love to catch me slippin', but nigga, please. I know these streets too well, they a part of me. I'm a fool, I feel like I'm the best. I'll take your old lady, get my name tatted on her chest. I leave the ass soaked, I leave the pussy wet. I give her back to you then move on to who next. I hold the block down, blue, white, and brown. 'Cross Martin Luther King on VL-- Uptown. I live by the code, I die by the code. Don't rat, don't snitch, don't bend, don't fold. Let's go. When I was young, man, I got lost in the streets. But now my heart in the streets. Man, I'm the heart of the streets. [4x] All the hood niggas can feel me. And I ain't hard to find since I got money in the hood, It's where I still be. Post up, cigarette hangin' from my lip. Glock in my pocket, you see how I extended the clip? No joke, nigga, no game. Dawg, it's all real with me. There's no playing. I walk it how I talk it. I play it how it go. Only three words I tell them people is, I don't know. You say you 'bout this, you say you 'bout that. I heard nigga bust at you and you ain't bust back. You say you sold this, you say you sold that. I did an investigation, nigga, you ain't sold jack. What's that? When I was young, man, I got lost in the streets. But now my heart in the streets. Man, I'm the heart of the streets. [4x] Man, I sleep with the tigers. I eat with the bears. However you want it, believe that I can take it there. It's real in the field, dawg. Kill or be killed, homes. Pop or get popped up, walk or get walked on. Steal or get stole, dawg. Pimp or get pimped, nigga. Shake or get shook, dawg. Flip or get flipped, nigga. Step or get stepped on. Pop or get popped up. Watch what you say on the phone, it can get you locked up. Shoot or get shot, dawg. Do or get done, nigga. If you a man, always stand and never run, nigga. That's how I play it, man. Gizzle a G. If you ain't know, man .. I'm the heart of the streets. When I was young, man, I got lost in the streets. But now my heart in the streets. Man, I'm the heart of the streets. [4x]


JOELL ORTIZ "Free Agent"
[Intro: Barrington Levy] Ohhhhhhohhhoh-whoa, ohh-whoa Thank you Jah for everything Thank you God for everything Thank you for your blessings OHH-ohhh-whoa [scatting] My LORD! [Joell Ortiz] The first time I ever saw me all over again Lizay[?] - I told her that I know it's a him I remember pickin him up and folded him in my arms, I stared long, I was soakin it in I wanted to take him home right then, show him his crib Put his lil' pajamas on, tuck in his bib Walk him around his room, he wasn't much of a crier So he ain't really suck a pacifier I couldn't wait 'til he stepped out that walker Even though when he did she crept out to Georgia Them first couple of years, it was torture But it ain't about that right now, I forgive her And she no longer keeps me away from my lil' nigga I see him e'ry summer and holidays in the winter I can't believe he 10, wow~! I thank you for him every second, but let me thank you again now [Chorus: Barrington Levy (Joell Ortiz)] Why, what you gave to me is so incredible! (It's so wonderful Lord) Why, what you gave to me is so incredible! (Words can not explain) Why, what you gave to me is so incredible! (My two lil' boys) Why, what you gave to me is so incredible! (Lizay, Jariq) [Joell Ortiz] The second time I ever saw me all over again Jariq[?] - my oldest got a bro to defend Chubby as can be, hair fuzzy, he's Jariq Lil' loudmouth had me jumpin out my sleep Give him somethin to eat, burp him and lay him down Watch him doze off, but first he would play around He's still a clown - he pulls up his pants Do this funny-ass dance, I swear I be on the ground I just spoke to him on the horn He said "Daddy, guess what? I wrote a song!" I said "Let me hear it," he said "Nope! It's too long" I said "Oh you wrong," man our bond is so strong I 'member the eye contact we first made Now look at him, school bus to first grade Can't believe he's 7, wow! Thank you for him every second, got another gift from heaven now [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Uhh, what you gave to me The two reasons that I grind faithfully The two people that make too much not enough There's not much to discuss, two fingers go up If it don't benefit them I ain't tryin to chat My life and sacrifice, man they why I rap Why I go everywhere and record like I'm wire tapped Why I'ma hold up a few awards for these fire tracks Said I wouldn't spoil 'em, that ended mad quick I get 'em e'rything, cause I ain't have shit When they smile, whatever I was mad with gets tucked away like a fade on my ad libs Glad my grandmoms got to see 'em grow Argue with my moms cause, she be tryin keep 'em yo I be havin to take my kids back Thank you for 'em e'ry day cause when you made them, you did that [Chorus] [Joell repeats his sons' names to fade] [Outro: Novel] What you gave to me And you gave to me, you gave What you gave to me What you gave to me, so incredible You gave to me, yeah yeah What you gave to me, yeahhhh Ohhh, yeah yeah [fades out]

Let's Get It

G-DEP "Child Of The Ghetto"
(feat. Black Rob, P-Diddy) [Black Rob] [Mumbling] [G-Dep] Really, Get smacked silly, you get smacked silly Fucking with these niggas from the, what you gonna do When you ready, shit I was born ready, And I was all ready on fish and spaghetti Creep with the culture, rap I can coach ya, attack like a vulture If I said I get cha, wearing it I'll fit ya, y'all thirteen inches I see the big picture, if it's to get richer, I'd probably get wit ya If not burn it, get hot like a furnace Shoot the video motherfuck city permits We own the city, on the phone with Diddy (* Phone Sounds*) Red bone pretty, when she get aroused like to suck her own titty Put it in the video, ya wanna holla got to follow nigga here we go Get you ticket, the train, don't miss it, Won't reach out, and ya bet I won't visit Till my whole wardrobe is-it listen [Chorus] [G-Dep & Black Rob (Puffy)] Make this money Take this money (Let's get it) Ain't no way you can take this from me (Let's get it) Ain't shit funny (uh) Shake it honey (Let's get it) Take it money Now let's get it (Let's get it) [G-Dep] Creep with your people, though my shit is sweet and low it's no equal Front butch look, once I throw the hook you proceed to get cook With the game and the soldiers sit, When I came, the game that I owed you one Wide big Lincoln, why he died on the side for the stinking Watch the task force task for look Marlboro It's a big chance, big pants, Might guard him with my man's a type barber Better learn quick, cause my clique don't argue You ain't my crew, then who are you For we take off make sure that your seated Billboard read it believe it [Chorus] [G-Dep] Soul Controller, rap Itola, kids hate me when they older I put cracks by the stroller, registered voter, motherfucker quota Give some baking soda and a quota Man I flow straight up out the water, I'm break this game till it say out of order Who's the high scorer, then tear the floor up On the world tour with your whore out in Europe, head on the tour bus Do what them niggas them niggas in the drop thinks cooler All the five quarters, headline supporters, Hitting wives and daughters Brought a neck spray from Esate Lauders Call Puffy to order [P-Diddy] Ayo, call me Diddy I run this city, Send the cops, the feds and D.A to come get me Cats wanna leave me for dead you coming with me Get head in the Bentley red at one fifty Straight lose it, love two things my money my music Might co-write and produce it Drop mine, hot 9 exclusive, got y'all hulking like Bruce did Deuce it, break backs and stacks it's no problem Make raps and tracks and go Harlem Get worldwide coverage, got so many spots I don't even buy luggage Ya love it Make moves major, hide out in Asia, If your girl keep coming around them I'm a blaze her I'm the Bad Boy flavor, light blue gators NOT GUILTY Plus I'm filthy C'mon [Chorus] [Black Rob (Puffy)] I be the east side Soprano, Rob Marciano Flow in their channel with the opposite handle Forty-five sparks turn your day gray flannel Snatch the yay of the mantle, the proceed to dismantle Can't say Rob, how many niggas done tried to play mob, Quit they day job Tired of putting broke niggas under the wing If I go to jail again I'm going under the bing Act like you gonna pull that thing, thing You the only one who gets played for bling, bling I represent eight blocks and sing-sing Almost caught a buck fifty for fucking with Latch in Killer Queens Moves for paper, moves no chaser Bullets out the blazer four-fifths with laser Come and get your shit splitted, newspapers say I did it (We ain't do it) Now let's get it (Let's get it) [Chorus x3]

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