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JAY-Z lyrics - The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse

What The Game Made Me

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Memphis Bleek, Sauce Money) Yeah [Intro/Chorus: Jay-Z] I'm what the game made me Not what the fame made me No amount of money can change me I'm what you lames can't be Live nigga what Live as fuck [repeat 2X] [Verse One: Jay-Z] Check, live from the 7-1-8 Either respect the flow or learn your lesson from your weight I'm wishin arthritis on all writers who, Knock My Hustle How can y'all understand the struggle It's hard to live, when you got greedy niggaz in the mix Knowin I outclass three-E niggaz in the six So I outblast til it's empty clips And I outlast niggaz, survival of the fit One life, I gotta make sure it's done right Cause them yet to have a conversation bout reincarnation Ball out, until I fall out Stick thick chicks, try to tear they wall out Hard to think about your future with, nothin to gain Hard to concentrate on school with stomach pain Life's harsh, I know y'all runnin from 'caine but it'll only catch you and track you down With no deal, who you gonna rap to now Start your own record company, that's profound Live niggaz gonna rumble when you back from the war Jive niggaz gonna crumble and fall [Chorus] [Verse Two: Memphis Bleek] Aiyyo whether in the Pinto, or rollin in the six I come through cocky, holdin my dick I never switch shit, cause that's some bitch shit I get the Bisquick take it to the district cause I could never get rich, and switch my style I just cop a little hurt, to the mercantile I'm tryin to get it though, rhymin with this six digit flow Gettin fly is the minimal, holdin somethin is the principal Respect this young nigga that's, holdin the torch Preachin shit like the crack game, don't take shorts Throw it down it's a bet, nigga roll hard til you got somethin icey, round your neck In this concrete jungle get rich or remain humble Never speak the biz, at worst I might mumble Niggaz test it I spit guns, angrily Til all that remains is me [Chorus (by Memphis Bleek instead of Jay-Z)] [Verse Three: Sauce Money] I went from no dough to show dough to money to blow From umm, hoe I don't know, to get deez Never, 'Excuse me miss,' bitch please, never try to provoke Same disrespectful cat I was when I was broke Ain't nuttin changed baby but the different faces I stop or maybe some of the places I shop Now that I run through tracks like cleets with a Air for some of the hottest beats, still catch me eatin at Pete's Fuck the foul cat who screamed out and threatened my life It's all good, here I come kid, dead to the hood til I'm in the dirt, foul cats like termites come out of the woodworks, if they think you stack paper Dead niggaz react later while the cancer spread Teach a team how to scheme before they answer lead You know me, I used to shoot hoops in the park, ain't nothin changed except now I push Coupe's in the dark [Chorus (Sauce Money instead of Jay-Z)]


OUTKAST "Aquemini"
(feat. Masada, WitchDoctor) [Masada] Mahogany team queens up on the rise Be careful, watch your back, blackbirds don't wear disguise How we comin, comin hard.. camels too slow Stick up kids do anything, hustlers keep loot to show (what) The game is hot you could never be a winner Just begun a game so considered a beginner Masada for real, this shorty here is here to say Mahogany go platinum after after that we just parlay I'm from the Bricks we get kicks, offa loud gun shot licks Fuck stones and sticks, loudmouths get nicks This life is plus I be the bill-be-board, Scarface want italiano, I'm the real McCoy, nigga what Can't be a joke I've been through too many games Niggaz laugh, but my expression wasn't hardly the same Show me respect cause it's due, you keep the fear cause I'll get over and believe I'll come back at you Mamacita, papadonna [4X] [Andre Benjamin] Yo, now You and your nigga shit shaky And at the time your heart feel down and broke like Achy Breaky Lump in your throat, feel like a trachea, oh dummy The pain that's in your chest done made it's way down to your tummy, you wide open, you start smokin wit ya girl She nigga bashin sayin you don't need em in your world Niggaz all dogs If niggaz all dogs, then what you call broads Felines in heat, meowin for some yawn balls Now you and hear done got to drankin Oh now it's really crunk, cause y'all silly drink and your girl done got to thinkin She talkin bout, 'Girl you look so beautiful' You say thank you bein nice you try to change the subject Want some beans and rice But she's back at you like a pit mixed with a chihuahua how much meaner can you get Don't let her have her way with you she's gonna have a fit You're the candy apple of her eye and bout to get bit here's what you do -- you grab her by her neck, throw her on the wall Say, 'Bitch don't ever disrespect me never not at all' These simple words can put a pause to half of the applause Them black ball laws of balance at all cost Mamacita, papadonna [4X] [WitchDoctor] Que pasa, que pasa Check this out Quiet nights like this, might twist one for the moda on the balcony, I got a sofa Nights like this is perfect, for this Spanish Fly Can you come over, somethin, I wanna show ya Told ya once we was gon' take a trip, touch you with my lips where you like it, it's time, don't fight it Piggy-back ride to the sofa, in the microwave I got your favorite Stouffer's, lasagna, that's how much I want ya, fuck flowers The ceremony starts from the shower with the water I got somebody's daughter in the Doctor headquarters, chillin Prepare for this sex drillin, she said somethin in Spanish Got me feelin mannish, me and you fin' ta vanish real quick, feel this shit, got cheese, tryin to make cheese to get you pregnant overseas Maybe make sho' that's my seed Quiet nights like this, bachelor like me is single Talkin to you Miss Bilingual Let's mingle in the crowd, watch them show, pop some Moet Tryin to get you so wet, never been to Spain Never been a lame, horny, ever since I been a tiny Fuckin with niggaz with ageless bodies Talkin to me, while I squeeze it bare Let me talk to you while I run my fingers through your hair Mamacita, papadonna [4X] [Big Boi] Friday night boi, breakin the old school out, boi we cruisin Bout fo' niggaz and fo' hoes, it ain't gon be nobody losin but they choosin Better get in where you fit in cause it's crucial I'm tryin to cut bout two of them girls cause that just what I'm used to I mean that, the first that look my way just gon' get splack packed To the front to the back there's Cognac Got my throat, burnin like burlap Everybody cheezin, knowin these hoes gon' cut like pleasers These hookers they praisin my crew like Reverend Hodo be praisin Jesus The easiest was the meanest, but the skeezer was a beanie she thought we was some motherfuckin genies So I checked her, like the king I am, no disrespect intended Told her, and her silly friends, 'Get out' before they got offended To the Laquinta we went, layin them hoes down on the freestyle tip, geyeah! Mamacita, papadonna [8X] Permecito, senorita, mamacita Mira mira, what's your name Maria Same as mi tia, de Colombia I don't, in Atlanta, Georgia And you don't think I got nuttin for ya You must be crazy I'm out here tryin to feed my baby Lil Bre, can't you see Sheeyit Do it one more time, sheeyit

Made Niggaz

MASTER P "Gameface"
[Master P (Mack 10)] Third ward, New Orleans. To Inglewood. To the motherfuckin world, nigga. Mack Dime. (What's up my nigga) Mystikal, and Master P. (They know, P, they know, they know.) [Hook: (Master P & Mack 10) X 6] Made niggaz from the South to the West! [Master P] Give me a chance to ball, put my name on the wall How many killas done called, No Limit niggaz stand tall Cuz we, mercenary soldiers, gone off a Hennesy and that doja Runnin from the, (Who) motherfuckin rollers Slangin, (What) tapes like cola Nigga, hangin with the big niggaz Penitentiary chances just to make six figures No we fuckin (What) gold and platinum Nigga, we made niggaz and we rappin Nigga, Mack Dime, Mystikal and P Every rowdy bout it nigga won't you follow me [Hook X 4] [Mystikal] Watch me! I'm throwed off, I ain't right! Bitch I'll do you somethin, I ain't wrapped tight! I roll with bullets like () and killas like Versey Managed by TC and paid by big Percy Whole lotta niggaz with me You think I'm lying, but I'm not You know who we are, we ready for war You ready to die fuckin with the wide Tchoupitoulas Say your prayers, them niggaz shottin, Hallelujah! Gotta stop these niggaz from runnin they dick lickers We self made big niggaz, killin these bitch niggaz We paper chasin, goin platinum, in the gangstafied fashion Made niggaz from the south to the west done hooked up with Mack 10 Gotta get real with this shit that's the only way shit gon happen We made now, we was gangstas back then! [Hook X 4] [Mack 10] From Inglewood to the NO, Mystikal, Mack and P No Limit soldiers, Hoo Bangin see we got the Recipe I stay ready nigga, with a vest strapped and all Hit the rizzo and ball from LA to the Mardi Gras No discrimination, hittin blacks to amigos Slangin compact discs like they kilos A real hustler, recognize another nigga with scrilla Game recognize game, and killas recognize killas Never aim to loose, always wanna be a winner Transactions in New Orleans over jambalaya dinner Cuz what you say you want, that's it, that's what you get, you can't switch Cuz Silkk'll shock you nigga, and make Mia shoot your bitch We tatted up, bauggeted up, the jewels glare Make the haters stop and stay 'How we do that there' See Mack and Master P, been up to seven figures Hoo Bangin and No Limit, two sets of made niggaz [Hook (till fade)]

A Film Called

[Featuring Bilal, MC Lyte] [Common talking] Yea,Yea,Yea You know, they call me a pimp, and you know what that mean I'm a Person that's Making Profit. See I pimp internationally I'm nationally recognized, locally accepted I pimp with the truth, that's the only method [Common] Seen her on Madison where Vice Lords be Travelin And Chevy windows be rattlin and badder than any other broads that I've seen in these parts Her body language spoke like a smart remark, eyebrows arched Thick lips, blond wig, nice tits, ass the size that I dig Asked her the name, one way to approach her See she had game, she needed me to coach her Expose her to some paper, freedom and culture The way a righteous pimp is supposed to [MC Lyte] As he came closer in his eyes I seen fortune I ain't having it like abortion Walking with this stick holding his tip Looked like a Black Panther that was trying to pimp It was cold as shit, I'm waitin on my ride Act like I didn't see him I tried [Common] Motion denied (pause) I felt the vibe like Roy Ayers She was used to seeing pimps in furs and gators Told her I'm an innovator, a gentlemen of leisure That's in tuned with nature, hold Common's hand I'm a take you to a pimps promise land Where no man can break ya, break ya, break ya Chorus: Bilal (singing) Pimps, ho's, hustlers, plans, dealers, customers, and bodies stuck in it, Oh my god Pimps, ho's, hustlers, plans, dealers, customers, and bodies stuck in it, Oh my god [Common] {hey girl, come on over here, check it out) Make your next move your best move, choose me [MC Lyte] How I look working for a nigga in a cuffe' If I was on a track you couldn't produce me With them shits on your wrist looking goofy [Common] (yea ok) I pimp without a pause, for the cause, I'm a rebel You been on the streets I'm trying to take you to another level You used to the same game, cats saying the same thang Nigga you gone ho underground or ho mainstream [MC Lyte] Nigga you must not know of me I'm the mack here Ought to have you ho for me (Common: get real now) Pimp yo punk ass Have you write me poetry I'm from a land called cash You too slow for me [Common] You know why? I'm thinking bigger than Bagets Birds in slick cars Or have you on the corner trickin in strip bars If you become mine the world would be ours Respect the game, and universal laws [MC Lyte] What, I oughta pimp slap your ass and make you fall against the wall (Common: try it) Why you in the game if you ain't even trying to ball I know pimpin ain't easy but damn you barely surviving We can't ride together cause you ain't driving (Common: oh it's like that) Chorus [Common] (this, this, this really how I look at it check it) You and I together is like Ashford and Simpson Picture us elbow to elbow at the hustler's convention [MC Lyte] Think I'm gone risk my ass then give you the cash (Common: yep) That shit is the past I got my own stable (Common: where at) I oughta pierce your navel and put you on the track Matter of fact I been looking for a ho that's abstract [Common] Girl you getting beside yourself I'm trying to guide you Help you see inside yourself I pimp with vision, I'm a help you see the light Have you covering your body and have you eating right [MC Lyte] (is that right) I'm pimp ho's, pimp pens, (Common: Say what) Pimp rhythms, pimp flows, Pimp men (Common: and pimp what) Pimp systems Got stores called big pimpin (Common: Where) Down South In Texas I ran the best ho house [Common] (So) I pimp from Brazil to um, Tokyo Have Japanese broads sayin 'choushi wa dou' (MC Lyte: Yea right) Bring'em back to the states to turn dates from Europe Made the dirtiest of hoes seem purer [MC Lyte] (HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) (Common: Why you laughin) I'm laughin cause you funny I'm make bitch niggaz like you have my money I get six hundred off yo skinny ass weekly You'll get all the right tolls in that dashiki [Common] Yo, what ever happened to loyalty Don't you want to become royalty On the streets selling ass and oils for me But you on this ho-asis and really I can't reach you Fuckyou then I'm about to be a preacher [Common talking and Bilal Singing Background] Well there you have it ya'll The story of pimps and hoes ya'll know how it goes It's been the oldest profession The whole thing is like a lesson Ain't no second guessin Pimps ya'll, hustlers All that good shit Yea, yea 2000 and forever It'll be here Uh, uh aiight cool

On Da Grind F Daz Dillinger

[Daz] It's been a long time since you've heard from us Dat Nigga Daz Dillinger, Young Gotti Kurupt And now we back wit a little rhyme We can't stop, can't quit, 'cause we on da grind [Daz (Kurupt)] Yo! (Gangstafied back on the block) Straight up D-A-Z, K-U-R-U-P-T Doin' it like usual, you know what I'm sayin'? You can't stop You can't rewind the time You can't think about the past So look forward to life And keep on the missionin' on the grind fo' yours [Hook - 2x: Daz] We can't stop, can't rewind the time Off of dollar bills nickles and dimes On everything homeboy that I'm down for mine Until we get we it be out here on de grind [Daz] I wake up with the birds, early as fuck Stash my dope in the cut, serve the clucks Lil' bitches around the way they know what's up They wanna bust, wanna try to smoke a nigga weed up It aint shit to flip a double up And I love when I'm comin' up I got thangs for these suckas when they runnin' up Tellin' all yall fools yall aint one of us... nigga [Kurupt (Daz)] Get a glimpse of a fact - plus that, Blaze Move into the hood with all the O.G's That help me get paid homie, we a unit Doin it how a gangsta do it Run through it And stampede the block like bitch Your on the wrong side to be servin your shit (yeah) Jack nigga, Daz and Kurupt the Kingpin Back on the smash with heaters to reclaim the ass [Hook - 2x] [Kurupt (Daz)] Yeah nigga, half a day gone by Ganstafied, givin' it just livin' my life It's hard to survive Without grabbin' my 9, and pump 5-50-5 45, Milli Mack eleven Gunshots non stop to funk pop Then pop baby glocks (Homie you ridin or not?) Me and the homies are the first to bust And y'all cowards dyin' tryna be like us Gangsta [Daz (Kurupt)] With three mouths to feed, it's the life I lead I guess I'd die in the life of greed Mothafuckas 'round here die to bleed For set, joints nigga or half a key I remember when I came up Niggas ranged up, some Crip'd up Some niggas flamed up Crossed your name out, stragg'd my name up (Quick to thow the gang up) What up?! (Yeah!) I guess I'm blessed with the gift of rap Or I'll bless you with the gift of crap Like that, White and Black, Mexican and Jap Homeboy do anything fo' a scrap [Kurupt] Mark up yo hood like this, anybody killa DPGC fuck y'all niggas Deep inside we feel like fuck y'all hood Hell nah bitch nigga it ain't all to the good [Hook - 3x] [Kurupt - Over the 3rd Hook] Yeah that's what's wrong with y'all niggas Yeah homie, you gotta get ya hustle on Don't let these bitch niggas move you of the block The gangstas is here fo'eva, Yeah, huh, huh, yeah Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt the Kingpin Daz Dillinger, Kurupt Young Gotti Huh, '99 millenium 2000 Like fuck a bitch! Put it on the catalogs homie Classics

Tip Your Hat

MICK JENKINS "FreeNation Presents, The Pursuit of HappyNess. The Story of MickalasCage. fool..."
I'm just trynna be happy [Sniffles] Groovy Tip yo' hat for a G if you fuckin' with that chill Blowin' by yo' dolo and you fuckin' with that kill Live yo' life in slow-mo and you promo what is real They can't tell you what to wear because you free Tell 'em bout the J. Crew socks and the Tommy Hilfiger sweater Middle of a Alabama summer, field nigga weather Value Village trippin' 'bout to catch a deal with the cheddar Wicker Park pickin' niggas catchin' deals with the leather Loafers I was rockin' They were jazzy, I was stockin' Had a horsey on the jacket Didn't have another option [?] bracelets on my wrist I can't remember when I copped 'em I been fuckin' with that fly shit for the longest, fool Tip yo' hat for a G if you fuckin' with that chill Blowin' by yo' dolo and you fuckin' with that kill Live yo' life in slow-mo and you promo what is real They can't tell you what to wear because you free Tell 'em that I'm straight up out the Chi And I'm fly 91st & Langley, neighborhood guy Went to Hirsch, off the 9 Seen to many in a herse from the 9 Lot of busted holes couple of them fine Nevermind Afterschool, we was cool Chillin' on the Grove after 'bout a year Shit changed, started gettin' chose Seen a homie shot On the spot Seen shit stole Seen a couple fights When it's hot, niggas get froze That's just how it goes In the hood Mama taught me good Niggas didn't try me, understood Wish a nigga would Shorties on the block On my jock I was feelin' good Got a couple numbers at a party then I told them hoes to juke, fool Tip yo' hat for a G if you fuckin' with that chill Blowin' by yo' dolo and you fuckin' with that kill Live yo' life in slow-mo and you promo what is real They can't tell you what to wear because you free Aw Oh (Put them shoes on and keep my paper runnin') Yeah, listen up (Put them shoes on and keep my paper runnin') Tell 'em bout the A-Life loafers with the tassels Camo on the cargos, laces be a hassle Tell 'em haters all about this vintage shit I'm thriftin We don't listen Save yo money, this a different type of pimpin' Can you buy that? It was $35, 000, $35, 000 cash money Wha-No, I get one-$35, 000+1, right? The one I gave you No you gave me 6, alright? That was one I had one that was 6 and the $35,000 + 6 + 1 makes 7. $35, 000 and 7, alright? Motherfucker, can you buy that? Tip yo' hat for a G if you fuckin' with that chill Blowin' by yo' dolo and you fuckin' with that kill Live yo' life in slow-mo and you promo what is real They can't tell you what to wear because you free

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