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JAY-Z lyrics - The Black Album

Justify My Thug

Original and similar lyrics
Uhh, this feel right right here Quik It's like it's 'sposed to happen this one right here Young! God damn.. .. let me justify my thug on this one right here [Verse One: Jay-Z] It goes one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock rock Five six seven o'clock, eight o'clock rock Eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock, the party bout to pop Then - Roc-A-Fella y'all, it's your boy S. Dot And I ain't never been to jail; I ain't never pay a nigga to do no dirt for me I was scared to do myself I will never tell even if it means sittin in a cell I ain't never ran, never will I ain't never been smacked; a nigga better keep his hands to himself or get clapped for what's under that man's belt I never asked for nothin I don't demand of myself Honesty, loyalty, friends and then wealth Death before dishonor and I tell you what else I tighten my belt 'fore I beg for help Foolish pride is what held me together through the years I wasn't felt which is why I ain't never played myself I just play the hand I'm dealt, I can't say I've never knelt before God and asked for better cards at times to no avail But I never sat back feelin sorry for myself If you don't give me heaven I'll raise hell 'Til it's heaven [Chorus - imitating Madonna] Justify my thug! {*'For you!' - Run-D.M.C.*} My thug.. (hoping..) My thug.. (praying..) for you to justify my thug! My thug.. (hoping..) My thug.. (praying..) for you.. {*'For you! Fresh' - Run-D.M.C.*} [Verse Two: Jay-Z] Now if you shoot my dog, I'ma kill yo' cat Just the unwritten laws in rap - know dat For every action there's a reaction, don't have me relapsin Relaxin's what I'm about, but about mine Don't be actin like you can't see street action Take me back to +Reasonable Doubt+ time You see my mind's on the finish line, facin the wreck I put my muh'fuckin faith in the tec, tell Satan not yet You understand I am chasin my breath I am narrowly escapin my death, oh yes I am the Michael Schumacher of the Roc roster Travellin Mach 5, barrelin, my power can stop God God forgive me but I can't let them deliver me to you Until, I won this race, then eventually My engine gon' burn out, I get whatever is meant for me However it turns out fine - red line! [Chorus] [Verse Three: Jay-Z] They say an eye for an eye, we both lose our sight And two wrongs don't make a right But when you been wrong and you know all along that it's just one life At what point does one fight? (Good question right!) 'Fore you knock the war, try to put your dogs in it Ten-and-a-halfs, for a minute-and-a-half Bet that stops all the grinnin and the laughs When you play the game of life and the win ain't in the bag When your options is none and the pen is all you have or the block, niggaz standin tight, there's limits on the ave Tryin to cop or shot-call theyself cleansin in the cash But can't put they name on paper cause, then you on blast Mr. President, there's drugs in our residence Tell me what you want me to do, come break bread with us Mr. Governor, I swear there's a cover up Every other corner there's a liquor store - fuck is up? [Chorus]

Never Let Me Down

KANYE WEST "College Dropout"
[Intro:] Yeah Grandmama Told you i won't let you down Told you i won't let this rap game change me, right? [Chorus:] When it comes to being truem, at least true to me One thing i found,one thing i found Oh no you'll neva let me down, Get up i get(down) Get up i get(down) Get up i get(down) Get up i get(down) Get up i get(down) Get up i get(down) [Jay-Z:] Yo, yo first i snatched the street then i snatched the charts, First had they ear now i hav they're heart, Rappers came and went, I've been hear from the start, Seen them put it together Watch them take it apart, See the rollers roll up wit ribbons I see the we poe, we sold then we driven So when i reload, he holds #1 position When u hot i'm hot And when your feet cold, mines is sizzelin It's plain to see Nigga's can't f*** wit me Cuz ima be that nigga fo life This is not an image This is God given This is hard liven Mixed wit crystall sippin It's the most consistent Hov Give you the most hits you can fit inside a whole disc and Nigga I'm home on these charts, y'all niggaz visitin It's Hov tradition, Jeff Gordan of rap I'm back to claim pole position, holla at ya boy [Chorus] [Kanye West:] I get down for my grandfather who took my momma Made her sit in that seat where white folks aint want us to eat At the tender age of 6 she was arrested for the sit ins With that in my blood i was born to be different Now niggas can't make it to battles to chose leadership But we can make it to jacobs or to the dealership That's why i hear new music And i jus don't b feelin it Racism still alive they jus be consealin it But i know they don't want me in the damn club They even made me show I.D to get inside of sam's club I did dirt and went to church and get my hands scrubbed That why i've baptized at least 3 or 4 times But in the land where nigga's pray U con's are getting paid It gon take a lot more than coupons to get us saved Like it take a lot more than do-rags to get your waves Nuttin sadder than that day my girl father past away So i promised to MR.rany i'm gonna marry your daughter And u know i gotta thank u for they way that she was brought up And i know that u were smiling when u seen that car i bought her And u sent tears from heaven when u seen my car get balled up But i can't complaint what the accident did to my left eye Cuz look what a accident did to left eye First Aaliyah and now romeo must die I know a got angels watchin me from the other side [Chorus x2] [J.Ivy:] We are all here for a reason on a particular path You don't need a curriculum to know that you are part of the math Cats think I'm delirious, but I'm so damn serious That's why I expose my soul to the globe, the world I'm trying to make it better for these little boys and girls I'm not just another individual, my spirit is a part of this That's why I get spiritual, but I get my hymns from Him So it's not me, it's He that's lyrical I'm not a miracle, I'm a heaven-sent instrument My rhythmatic regimen navigates melodic notes for your soul and your mental That's why I'm instrumental Vibrations is what I'm into Yeah, I need my loot by rent day But that is not what gives me the heart of Kunte Kinte I'm tryina give us ??? like ??? I can't stop, that's why I'm hot Determination, dedication, motivation I'm talking to you, my many inspirations When I say I can't, let yourself down If I were of the highest cliff, on the highest riff And you slipped down off the side and clinched onto your life in my grip I would never, ever let you down And when these words are found Let it been known that God's penmanship has been signed with a language called love That's why my breath is felt by the deaf And why my words are heard and confined to the ears of the blind I, too, dream in color and in rhyme So I guess I'm one of a kind in a full house Cuz whenever I open my heart, my soul, or my mouth A touch of God reigns out [Chorus]

Don't Make Me Kill

THREE 6 MAFIA "Hypnotize Camp Posse"
(feat. Killa Klan, Lord Infamous) What you boys gon' do [x6] Wha Wha What you [Lord Infamous] I keep seeing images man it's like I'm locked in a simulator Apocalypse slayer, I'm the street nigga terminator Is it in my nature to be another life taker Then I ask 'em why home invader Strapped with the auto and razor These days madness, raising havoc Witness savage, blazing automatics Ending this a highway traffic Very graphic I rob and kick a burglary kidnapping They think it's just 'bout rapping But sometimes we get to capping Niggas snapping You motherfucking bitches make me bored Let's go on If you think the world is really fucking yours If we must fill the morgue Then we will fill the morgue If we must kill these boys Then we will kill these boys Let's destroy All who cross the path A hypnotize blood bath Try to reach and grab You will feel the aftermath I'm the trial, I'm the DA, I'm the lawyer and the judge If you wanna feel the slugs Then I let you feel the slugs [CHORUS:] Don't make me kill, don't make me kill somebody [x4] What you boys gon' do [x8] [Scan Man] Aw shit nigga you done pissed me off Now nigga now it's time for a killing Buck buck shots blasting Who I be Scan fucking Man From the Killa Klan Got my thugs from the south Heavily armed and caused out Better bring it When you bring it Cause if you don't that means you fucked Cause those killers from the world Won't hesitate to pop those slugs Have yo mammies and yo pappys And yo motherfucking grammies Fuck yo poppa was because You too damn greedy with that money Now I told you don't test And you did something, pity You wasn't shit Blaze something about your motherfucking prints The patience of this game You best to learn Trying to have it all You gon' fall We gon' make sure of that Hoe we gon' make sure of that Decipher or stress that Me blasting with my tech You test I'll flex I'll bring the sawed Three buck shots in your vest I'm making motherfuckers feel what I feel This shit is real Motherfuckers who miss Consider them graves Don't make me murder you bitch [CHORUS] [MC Mack] Get your dogs off me, pimping It ain't no slipping I'm running 'em on ya MC Mack from the Killa Klan click Got haters sick Like they had pneumonia Free me from this three way junction Before I proceeding to take his life And though I had them tear da any thugs from the southside Ready to blast on site Weapons blasting nice and fasting Got you dashing Spray this boy Calling up my band of Hollywood niggas Whatever they ready for war Let's let's make a stain A stain on the lane Youngin done hipped me to the game Bitches choosing out the frame Is it the fame or is the the cheese Hoes be trying to smoke on my weed And know that Mac done broke the laws Or pay the dues for the things you see Bitch please break your knees Get off my chrome and get your own Carla hit me on my horn And said your momma aint at home It's a hypnotize, kamikaze Prophet Posse, like the nazis You aint with the camp Wack producers trying to fucking copy Stop stealing buster nigga Bitch go check the sound scan We cashing checks and flipping that These haters will never learn Don't make me kill nigga [CHORUS]

Bathory Aria

CRADLE OF FILTH "Cruelty And The Beast"
[I. Benighted Like Usher] Snuffed tapers sighed As Death left impressing His crest of cold tears on the Countess Benighted like ill-fated Usher The House of Bathory shrouded 'Neath griefs dark facade If only I could have wept In mourning by Her side I would have clasped Her so tight Like storm-beached Aphrodite Drowned on Kytherean tides And Kissed Her For from Her alone My lips would have known Enigmas of shadowy vistas Where pleasures took flesh And pain, remorseless Came freezing the breath Of raucous life hushed unto whispers Benighted. Inhaling the pale waning moonlight that crept Through the crypt of Her Lord who so lucidly slept Benighted. Exhaling the wail of black widowhood's toll Waxing eternal night entered Her soul [II. A Murder of Ravens in Fugue] Now haranguing grey skies With revenge upon life Gnathic and Sapphic Needs begged gendercide Delusions of Grandier denounced the revolt Of descrying cursed glass, disenchanted in vaults Encircled by glyphs midst Her sin-sistered cult With hangman's abandon She plied spiritworlds To Archangels in bondage From light to night hurled Cast down to the earth where torment would unfurl....... But soon, Her tarot proved Hybrid rumours spread like tumours Would accrue And blight Her stars To better bitter truths Of cold bloodbaths As bodies rose In rigid droves To haunt Her from their Shallow burials imposed When wolves exhumed Their carthen wombs Where heavy frosts had laboured long To bare their wounds To the depths of Her soul they pursued Wielding their poison they flew Like a murder of ravens in fugue And knowing their raptures Would shatter Her dreams She clawed blackened books for damnation's reprieve Baneful cawed canons on amassed enemies So Hallow's Eve As She received Like Bellona to the ball Those enemies Fell-sisters heaved Her torturies Cross stained flagstones To Her carriage reined to flee But She knew She must brave the night through Though fear crept a deathshead o'er the moon Like a murder of ravens in Fugue For each masked, jewelled gaze held dread purpose Horror froze painted eyes to cold stares And even Her dance In the vast mirrors cast Looked the ill of Her future If fate feasted there.... [III. Eyes That Witnessed Madness] In an age crucified by the nails of faith When rank scarecrows of christ blighted lands An aloof Countess born an obsidian wraith Dared the abyss knowing well She was damned Her life whispered grief like a funeral march Twisted and yearning, obsessed an entranced With those succumbing to cruelty Crushed 'neath the gait of Her dance A whirlwind of fire that swept through the briers Of sweet rose Her thickets of black thorn had grasped... She demanded the Heavens and forever to glean The elixir of Youth from the pure Whilst Her lesbian fantasies Reamed to extremes O'er decades unleashed Came for blood's silken cure But Her reign ended swiftly For Dark Gods dreamt too deep To heed Her pleas When Her gaolers were assailed With condemnations from a priest Who'd stammered rites In the dead of night For maidens staining winding sheets And She postured proud When Her crimes were trowelled And jezebelled to peasant lips Though She smelt the fires That licked limbs higher To the tortured cunts of accomplices So ends this twisted fable's worth And though spared the pyre's bite By dint of nobled bloodlined birth Her sins (crimes) garnered Her no respite Forever severed from the thrill of coming night Where slow Death alone could grant Her flight The Spirits have all but fled judgement I rot, alone, insane, Where the forest whispers puce laments for me From amidst the pine and wreathed wolfsbane Beyond these walls, wherein condemned To the gloom of an austere tomb I pace with feral madness sent Through the pale beams of a guiltless moon Who, bereft of necrologies, thus Commands creation over the earth Whilst I resign my lips to death A slow cold kiss that chides rebirth Though one last wish is bequathed by fate My beauty shalt wilt, unseen Save for twin black eyes that shalt come to take My soul to peace or Hell for company My soul to Hell for company

Death Metal

Originally performed by Possessed Arise from the dead and attack from the grave The killing won't stop until first light We'll bring you to hell because we want to enslave Soul will be frozen with fright We'll break through the crust, leave from our crypts Protected by eternal life Lay down the laws from our satanic scripts Bringing you nothing but strife Death metal Ruling your cities, controlling your towns Entrapped in your worst nightmare Piercing your ears with the horrible sound Casting my elusive stare Lucifer laughs, his needs are fulfilled The Flames are now burning hot Bodies are burning, the people are killed Torture the reason we fought Death Metal Kill Them Pigs Now we take over and rule by death metal Enjoy our long wanted reign Blood's what we want and we won't settle Until we drive you insane Attacking the young and killing the old Bleeding with every heart beat Darkness has feelen and your soul is sold Claws will dig into your meat When the sun doesn't rise and the day is like night Know that your life is at its end Rendered helpless so scream out fright Death metal came in the wind Death metal

Neva Die Alone

Capone-N-Noreaga/Noreaga/N.O.R.E. "The War Report"
[Tragedy Khadafi, through voice processor] Huhuhahhahahha.... oh shit! Haha... The invincible - CNN The unstoppable - CNN Lebanon, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria - yo, yo, yo [Noreaga] Yo icepick, Arabic, Saudi Arabia My clique roll thick, rip shit, like WrestleMania Saddam Hussein - president of what I claim Still the same name, tied to this shit like I'm to blame Then maintain, gettin' this CREAM with bloodstain 2-5-to 'cause the crew stuck in the game A quarterly, you vs. me, and try to slaughter me The door was locked - top lock stuck, bad luck Come out the elevator - k-tone, like Nigga what? Arab Nazi - play the low, [???] What up though - 151, we smoke 'dro Brown bags - tons of hash get smoked Yo that real shit - pro'ly make you bleed down your throat Then choke - coughin' up the murder I wrote I smoke spanky - hit it hard, mega hard Then burn it down under the ground around guard I rented - bitch on my dick then I presented Diploma - keep her wide open in TONY roma' Back shots - Holiday Inn about to bone her And cold own her - drop her off inside Corona With pistolo - call me tomorrow on the 'Rola The Ayatollah - strike back you're just a soldier [Capone] For them thug niggas holding their gats and never scared I'm prepared - every day get bent on beers Play the corner close - quick to jump on the toast Dead shot - take your knot, dun and get ghost While you talk fronting - walk fronting like a villain Soft something - so hot what a feeling Mo' with the ice chillin' Roll dice make a killin' Wanna see twice a million No love for a got civilian Mix-a-lot in the spot yellin' For a second, freeze dealin' Back to business Pump 'til the pack finished Stack spinach Mad bent, crash renters Full enough to whip somethin' A-alike twist somethin' Henny got my shit sunken Stay drunken Wit' a bop, holdin' your cock(yeah!) Pushin' weed drop(hahaha!) Yeah the game don't stop(don't stop nigga) Let the beat drop Bring it back to the top Just for them thug niggas, chicks and hard rocks Street to cell block Rock to Comstock Movin' like a flock of Arabs in war-lock [Tragedy Khadafi] Makin' on blocks a four-carat stone Infrared chrome In Kuwait I await skull and crossbone In my own zone, Motorola flip-phone The infrared on the Giorgio Armani specs Blowin' tecs at the opposite sex For the six-figure check, my slug injects When the god lay to rest My seed is next I was blessed with a thug's caress And a dime's finesse Titanium chest and bubble vest (Yeah... titanium chest and bubble vest...) My pop's dead now it's too late to warn me, inform me D's wanna plant ki's on me Eternally I wanna sleep Without the venom of a snake nigga tryin' to creep Stakes is high and a thug's blood runs deep The Jakes wanna see me layin' under six feet Or so it seems, now my team work against me They can't stop my money move - it's too intensely Khadafi, I plant bombs where the Feds be I'm like Moses in the middle of the Red Sea With infrared and a case full of hundred G Leadin' my thugs to the land of [?Kiami?] With no cops, pure coke growing on the tree Arab Nazi Tommy Hill and Nikes on Guerrilla rap song Yeah- CNN guerrilla rap song

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