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JAY-Z lyrics - Reasonable Doubt

Friend Or Foe

Original and similar lyrics
check one check two, you know what to do primo, cold crush when i give it to you friend or foe yo, state your biz ya tend to dough, ah , there it is me, i run the show, oh, and these kids don't like nobody commin around here fuckin wit they doe for shit you enterprisin though, and i like it but fuck with the big dogs though, i gotta bite ya, look, its out of my hands and you gettin money round here, its not in the plans so hop yo ass out of that van, head back to kansas i'm sendin niggas back up in campuses chance is slimmer than that chick in calvin klien pantses let me guess, they said it was money round here and the rest is me stoppin you from gettin it, correct sorry to hear that, my guess is you got work at the hotel i'll take care of that , you'll see, now please give me the room key you're twitchin, don't do that, you makin me nervous my crew, well, they do pack, them niggas is murderous so would ya, please put your hand back in sight they don't like to see me nervous you can understand that, right you draw, better be picasso, y'know the best cause if this is not so, ah, god bless you leave me no choice, i leave you no voice believe me son i hate to do it just as bad as you hate to see it done now calm your boys, cause i'm findin it a little hard to concentrate with all the noise get the point, i'll let ya go, before ya leave,i guess i aughta let you know, i need those keys and promise you never, no matter the weather evaevaevaevaevaevaevaevaeva come around here no mo'

Feel It

Buckshot "The BDI Thug"
[Swan] Yo, take a walk through the Terror Dome Instead of duckin little niggas, gettin live when they hear the chrome Where them dollars at? What, nigga holla back Is what they screamin, ice gleamin on Jumanji plaque Here to rat-a-tat-tat, on a regular Money exchangin, rearrangin on a cellular We do it up in a Benz or a hoop dog Smokin black, listenin to Snoop Dogg We them troops dog, that be runnin up, summin up ya money block Smack you all up in your funny top, guns cock In the drop top, headed to the chop shop Gettin ten grand, cuz the handle on your lock pop [Chorus 2X] Throw ya hands in the sky if you feelin this You can roll a bag of la if you feelin it You can bump it in ya ride, you can park up on the side You can bump to the vibe, if you feelin this [Buckshot] I'm high when I know I'm sweatin, plus I'm gettin Ready to set like Nino Brown at the wedding You a New Jack, this ain't a City What a pity, I fuck around, I have to give you fifty And if I take 49, and you're left with one See the one that jammed in ya ear, made ya deaf son Take ya breath son, nah, here's the oxygen Fuck it, bring the muthafuckin glocks again Throw ya hands up, when I spit six to tear ya man up Now you can't stand up, fucked your whole plan up Every time the gun jam up, the back slam up Upside ya head, give me my respects [Tone Cappone] Yo, there's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide Don't no one survive, the toast on my side, we both gonna die A nigga and his man tried to front, they both in disguise See before Jesus, the only man chosen was I And you can a dream or a nightmare, and I'm right there Standin over there, wit a bead and a mic there Puff there, Hype there, Russell there, Mike there All them niggas watch me embarrass you, right there From Brook-Nam to Queens, all the way to Yonkers and back Anywhere you go, you see the knights only attack Niggas flipped it on they back, enormin this tracks We bombin these cats, like U.S. was bombin Iraq [Chorus 2X] [Sweet Mellodye] A real hard head makes a real soft ass I thought I told these muthafuckas they ain't in our class Quick fast, I strip them from they stripes, snatch they thug patch Fuck that, I make 'em run and get they wife and come back You dumb black, bum raps is what y'all got It'll take a forest fire, just to make ya hot And I ain't got no time for them weak ass rhymes And then, when you spittin it's three and four at a time Come on now, I hate to be rude and shit But it's only a chosen few that can do this shit I thought you knew this shit, and ran through this shit But you still sample shit, and gettin sued and shit You know you makin me sick, like the flu and shit And stage ya monkey ass, leave the zoo and shit You see I rule wit shit, wit any bit I spit That rap crack, you phat, ain't all that and shit [Chorus 2X]


Das EFX "Straight Up Sewaside"
Aaah ha ha ha (Check this out!) Wooh! Check it out (Check this out) Aaaah yeah (Check this out) Ya just don't stop kid ya just don't stop (Check this out) Yeah ya just don't stop word up Aaah yeah! Chorus (x8): Check it out y'all (Check it check it out dun) Verse 1: Dray Books Check this out yo yo Well check it out it's the incredible never edible unforgettable dweller from the cellar kickin terror cos I'm terrible See I be schoolin em, foolin em when I'm speakin it Peepin it cos y'all be keepin it, look how I'm freakin it I got'cha tinglin, tinglin and minglin Border way to go, the radio they got my single in They rockin this, ain't no toppin this when I'm droppin this style that I can buy cos yo I rhyme like a rhinoceros My skill is illy, silly when I work it Quick to flip the lip and rip a nigga out the circuit So step wit it, can ya get wit it when I'm flexin it Takin out these quick cos my nigga Books is next on it I know you're not set, check it, you're wonderin where the heck I've been Chillin stupid, cos there ain't no dooper who got wrecker than the Boogie Banger, it could be danger so back, tootz Cos we're guys but niggas wanna revise they rap books What up kid? I can sell you rugged with the hip-hoppin Throw it, like to see me from my nuts until my dick top What a bummer, it seem to be no MC can get dumber than Me one other, two niggas from the sewer, my shit is new without the *?bagnesia?* Cos G, I be's the man from here to Indonesia Aah yeah, you heard me, see I'm just another dirty dick Drastically, casually I puff the erb to get zone like the Senate, so Chorus Verse 2: Dray, Books Here I come so nigga don't be hatchin it, I'm snatchin it, niggas o'dose when I catch this Niggas in the dark, I spark at them like I was matches I set up quicker, kick a verse with no distortion I suggest MC's proceed with some caution I hip, tip, grippin tit because there ain't no way I'm gonna lift when I erupt like a volcano I'm acid, my crew is massive, you're soft like jello I'm gettin props, a habit like Abbott Costello When I flaunt this, niggas want this, they'll be usin a squeegee when I'm bitchin cos bitch I'm comin to get your ass Comin to get'cha it's the D-Bats so nigga think back to the way I bring this or brung that, I swung that, now look at the way I'm swingin this just like my name was Joe DiMaggio and hell Dray! My 12 guage spit shells like pizaggio We can get it on and my word is bond and fuck who you be G Your crew is easy just like Sunday mornin when I'm yawnin so It's no sense in you losin what you got kid Cos G I be doin the mic like Mr.T be doin the chopsticks Ya gets done like no matter where ya from, jack for fun, I'm nailin rappers like a thumb tack I'm sort've spliffed so I don't think niggas order it Plus I'm the type you might not like to leave your daughter with Chorus (Check this out) [x9] Chorus to fade

We Be Getting Money

JUVENILE "Cocky & Confident"
{Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju-Juvenile} [Intro: repeat 2X] I get plenty cheese, plenty plenty cheese [3X] Cheese {YEAHHHHH} BREAK!!! [Chorus: repeat 2X] While you niggaz steady talkin, we be gettin money 24/7 on the grizzy that's how we hustlin We be gettin money, we be gettin money We be gettin money over you we gettin money [Juvenile] I bleed lighter fluid, I'm on my barbecue So keep you guard up boy 'fore I bark at you I get plenty cheese, I'm a la macaroni I'm shittin on 'em like my money got a bladder on it Thug G hard, somewhere the gangster put a saddle on it Get rid of beef like a trunkload of cattle on me At America's Game, you missed the ceremony That bitch got papers on me, got me an alimony The mayor went and told the chief to put a handle on me Tourists visitin to see what's all the pandemony I parked the Benz, slang and win, they got the Phanton on me They tried to tune a nigga out, I changed the channel on me Bitches fallin in love, they burnin cameras on me Meanwhile these niggaz schemin and scammin on me Go 'head and hate, keep on runnin to what I carry on me I'm at the plate with the bat, I'm doin the Barry homey! [Chorus] [Shawty Lo] Gene Gene with the thing now it's buckwild Shoot a nigga, I ain't care, went to Juvenile When I came home, it was ninety-six Got a introduce, to the money bitch All I want is bread, now I'm hood rich Bankhead Shawty, let's do this Fuck it I'm so rich, so I bless my wrists A hundred carats, you silly rabbit I won't stop now, I had to elevate I'm a millionaire, and I ain't graduate I'm ballin up the boozy, I gotta stomach ache Don't ever wake up, yeah my life great [Chorus] They tried to tune a nigga out, I changed the channel on me [2X] [Dorrough] I'm somethin like a pimp, with a bitch to please From the hood so I'll take a bitch to Mickey D's I get plenty money, I get plenty cheese Livin life high since the first day I hit the weed Bought a Lambo, which now means I get to speed Never know what I'ma do they call me Mr. Trickysleeves Lil' momma out of line? I tell her hit the trees Krystal wanna spend the night I told her wait 'til Vickie leaves D-O-double-R, oh you can't forget G H-Town, D-Town, on my way to T-Town N.Y.C. me, watch me break a beat down Lose a bitch, grab a badder bitch off the rebound See a hater slide him, before my niggaz him Screamin money ain't a problem, watch me stick him up and rob him 24 cal, light weap' revolver Nigga try to come between the money that's a problem solver [Chorus] BREAK!!! [echoes]

Get Me

TWISTA "Kamikaze"
[Verse 1] On a rainy dark early morn, A lethal legacy was born, Ask any rapper around Bout the fuckin mics I left torn But the game won't give me all my P's And I wont leave the chi to get G's Got love for my mc's at home But some of them still hate on me Look how many years I done repped Hustle thru the streets in the Go Inspired by the first rappers ever Signed a contract a decade ago Put chi name on records in the east Put chi name on records in the south Put chi name on records in the west Bitch how you gone open yo mouth To the mutha fuckin industry Why you hate on me and my city Will it be an imbalance of power if yall let chi niggas get G's Or I it us holdin us back Think hard when you rollin yo sack Whatever the case my chi nigga If it's in my means I got yo back What the fucks really going on Does a man bite cause he knows he on Don't he know I 'v already established myself as Twista Coleone Well I'm holdin my city down Aint going nowhere here I stand You know where I'm at if you hate me If you want me Here I am [Chorus] Here I am, [2x] Come and get Me [2x] [Verse 2] Tell me what did I do to deserve All of this madness around me found me in the studio burying myself in work smoking herb Tried to kick me to the curb To the back To the ditch To the dump To the shack But I sprint To the front In a llac With a fifth and a blunt And I'm back In the bitch wit a pump And I'm ready to bust at you hoes Ready to dump lames in ditches Steady makin fakers bleed LB family handle business Come and enter Twista's realm Journey wit me thru the pain The hurt just might make you envision drama that can turn you insane How much of my chaos bring tears How many threaten my career How many threatin to murder me but bitch you know where I live Who the fuck you think I is Yall aint comin at no lil shawty Why you think you can hurt like these years Joe why my lil P's got you salty Think you finna bring out my fears Tell me why my success Make you cry and why my downfalls make you laugh I bet my hydro got you high Never let hate back me down Stand firm like a man If you want me Wanna kill me Here I am [CHORUS] [Verse 3] We got geo like neo and of course we as saucy as Morpheus Or we as sick as sir Marcus aralias alias atheist Against niggas who flow be the achiest Against a aliens and why they hate me is maybe is cause I'm controlling this radius Of this world and this whole universe Don't believe let me spit you a verse And just when you think you the worst I come wit words that make you disperse My allies know I'm too cold My enemies know I spit fast My lords know I 'll bust that thang My gangsta's know I'll whoop some ass Mobster family steady ride LB family steady click When us and other crews collide Choose ya weapon take a pick Load up Click clack It's on finna bust, get back Run home come at me bogus get whacked wit a strap To the back, of the dome Industry niggas get gone Heard yall be speakin big words I'll show you some shit that a blow you down Slow you down Like you sip syrup For chi sacrificial lamb Right here I stand firm If you want me Here I am [Chorus]

Streets Of The Ghetto

Ed O.G. Da Bulldogs
I pumped bomb on the calm with no alarm and never thought that it would get to my moms But when she found out she made me take the pound out and get out with it man I could forget it Now I'm stayin with this girl who got a kid by another nigga whose crew is much bigger But he don't dig it cause his jim hat broke But she kept the baby cause he pumps coke Now her crib is the new weed spot to get the smoke or the choke, it was gettin mad hot The next morning, while she was still sleeping I was creeping to Jenny, here's a note, don't sweat it Forget it, cause it ain't worth it I need to be alone when I'm goin under the surface Now I'm out to hit my workers Two damn niggaz, and one Turkish white boy who got Southeast sewn up Business blowin up, and I'm still growin up Only 17 and got my own crib And still learnin how to live on the streets of the ghetto The streets of the ghetto (3X) Now I got friends cause the G's is comin in Skeezers comin in, and I'm still runnin in and out Taking care of biz on the block I brought my crew, ten new Glocks.. .. just in case trouble knocks Cause nowadays, we don't box I'm eighteen gettin mad green off the fiends Brand new sneakers, a cut, and some jeans is what the businessman wears in the ghetto that makes the whitey petrol But I still can't let go, even though I'm makin crooked dough, the system is easy to beat And my shit's still not complete Because I'm on my way to my first key That was the biggest shit I ever bought G I ain't gettin locked down, so I walk there, lock it up Got my first key, now it's time to rock it up Don't you know where it's gonna go? Right out there... on the streets of the ghetto The streets of the ghetto (3X) Now I'm up to three keys, pounds of weed and sellin bundles Distributin all three, to get all the fundzoes The word around town is I'm the new Nino Brown Twenty years old, I like the way it's goin down I got money to burn -- dropped out of school cause they couldn't teach me what I needed to learn on how to earn big money, big money I got the fortune, and a crib where it's sunny But like a dummy, I started gettin careless Talkin on the phone, so DEA could hear this Date transaction the time and the spot My world crashed on me, when I got caught Now I'm locked, with the niggaz that are trife No more money no more women for the rest of my life Be in a cell, goin through hell Just because you sell, they make sure I fell, oh well Now I'm fitting, with fifty to go And I never see the streets of the ghetto no mo'

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