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JAY-Z lyrics

Analyze This

Original and similar lyrics
[the Jay-Z and Tariq verses are from Shaquille O'Neal's "No Love Lost"] what the hell...what the hell... check check check check it out what the hell...what the hell... [Chorus 1: Lord Tariq] People know me on these streets player, I ain't new Lookin at me all funny, while I'm countin my money Suprise, what I do is already legalized Analyze what I toss across, ain't no love lost [Jay-Z] Fo' sure, everythings for dough now flow, you gotta pay a little more now It's platinum, now a days we put the gold down We stepped it up, y'all don't ever want a showdown Get wetted up by the sleeve that leave the Bezzle out Y'all don't like it? Sue me, fuck I'll settle out Ghetto'd out in the vehicle Bent These days I mellowed out, see success make a fella content Uh-huh, you know, this rap star, Poppy Chulo Jay-Z, Hugo, of course player you lost player I know you rappers wanna see me fail But quick to see a 600SL be twelve Live wit it, y'all got dough to get get it I got mine, your little bit of money couldn't stop mine Your block time, too hot, too many hands in your pie Seventy thirty, the nigga you work for work for me Bottom line [Chorus 2: Jay-Z] People know me on these streets and the towns I been through Lookin at me, stay focused, I'm givin em straight poker suprise What I do is already legalized Analyze how I floss of course, ain't no love lost [Lord Tariq] We be the Bronx to BK'lyn, togethor we about a ton or better on the way in, we rhyme related, very underestimated That's why I'm winnin in this world of sins Steady grinnin, money boss spendin Distant from dirty women, Lord, I'm quite influencial Spiritualy and mental, what you into I done been through Preachin my words and don't know what you owe It shows you wanna be me, but won't show it Ain't nothin changed, but players, the game remains the same I had a ten year run, hey I can't complain Took the next step see, from Coke to Pepsi From the bx weed, ridin the south beach on jet-ski Play to survive, you ain't live you just livin You breathin a good one, but where I'm from, y'all forbidden Come around, bad decision, you rather be in prison aint' no duckin what I'm deliverin won't be forgivin in Layin there shiverin, half the night You gotta walk toward the light, everything is aiight I make sure everything you endure stays tight Big [boom] Lord Tariq, Jay-Z, outta sight [Chorus 1] [Nas] I spend nights on corners, see the crack, cop my first mac No longer scared to pump what y'all pump, now I burst back It hurts that, don't seem cream can make my purse fat Without the benefits of a doubt, I hit the hearst black But curse that, tryin to see Nas was your worst match Blowin like Tahitii, throw off NYPD Am I greedy? like I mean EDC me In a fly Salinii gimme frames in the beanie I flip my loot twice a week on my most trifest streets You got no right to eat by the laws of life you keep Ain't no love lost, none taken, none givin Stressin how I'm livin it, thinkin when my loot first came look what I did with it, bought my click glaciers and pagers, rollin ten deep to Las Vegas Copped a live croc, chopped it up, hit my block off wit gators, feedin peoples, from the bridge to Dequatas But now, two years five months and 30 days later I still put out the street flavor But watch that kid right there, a bulge in his night wear Awoke me up the ways I used to be in my heist years Bubble eye small fry loaded four five just thirstin for some person with shine to just walk by Now that I can see the 360, now that its me thats jiggy them cooly heads they wanna stick me, whoa

Leather Face

BIG PUNISHER "Yeeeah Baby"
[Big Punisher] What I gotta do let y'all niggaz know I am +THE NICEST+.. +EVER+.. heh.. Hardcore Commercial Whatchu wanna do, you wanna wile up, you wanna dance Don't matter to me, I got it all locked down baby It's not a game it's war, plain and raw Blood stain the wall, when I bring the chain with the saw Bring the pain to your door like death was knockin Unless you got my ends, I'ma make you twins with the Headless Horseman Hell extortion, sell your soul, live your dreams Don't pay the cost then [bam bam] say hello to the guillotine A killer fiends for blood, screams of thugs like fiends for drugs, I don't need no love Give me your fear, murder, respect, beer, honies and sex want here I'll bend them checks for years, hungry and stressed You fuckin with Chris - fuck Pun - dead the wrath for later Get your calculator, go 'head Decapitator's back forever Can't count how many heads I had to sever Half the niggaz I keep, I put em back together That's the terror, cut open your girl and make a truss out her flesh, like Buffalo Bill You fuckin with reel to reel, rap axe maniac Sound bwoy killer, hack hack chain-react Two for one - double the death, same price What would Big say 'Huh, you know that ain't right' [Chorus: (with samples from 'Scarface') repeat 2X] It's not a game pah.. [sample] We're gettin paid hah.. [sample] It's still T. Squad.. [sample] 'What you came for Surgery, with the chainsaw!' [Big Punisher] Word to 'Pac and Big, my glock so big it can rock a bridge Drop the midsection like the top of your wig Ain't no bullshittin, gettin the full treatment Special two heated missles, 'til your crew's leavin witchu I rip you in half - blast that ass through a glass window Laugh a little (HA HA) and dash in the S-Class limo That's how we do it in the South Boogie Where tough rough rookies get snuffed out, for talkin loud to me Why should I even consider your crew Shit on your crew Get rid of your crew, what I'm fittin to do I split you in two, leave you impaired when I blast the shotty Grip you like dope and leave you there with half your body We Rowdy like Roddy, probably robbin your stash Catch a body like Charlie up North, stashin knives up my ass Survivin the task, we the last ones left Blast them tecs with clips, fast as fast'll spit Add some tips for any, bastard bitch, pappin shit Watch me rep til the death from the bassonet, beotch! [Chorus] [Scarface] Watch what happens to your friend You don't want this to happen to you you give me the money, okay

I Wanna Love You

If i tell you that i love you, and i put my trust in you if i say that everyminute all i do is think of you will you do the same for me? are you really down for me? let me know just how you feel and would you give it all for me? how would you feel if i told you all i ever do is remanice of the times that i spent with you rollin' through the park on a sunday afternoon dedicating slow songs to say that i love you, It's for my honey with the pretty brown eye's never givin up on me never tellin lies makin promises together we ride i put this one on everything im glad she's mine and i love it when we all alone never miss a beat when a slow jams on babygirl please understand i want to be the only one to ever hold your hand yea and show me that your down for mine keep my reservation till the end of time your like a treasure i was blessed to find my presious one. and im gonna love you for life (chorus) i wanna love you like you never been loved i wanna rock you like you never been rocked but i gotta know the deal baby tell me how you feel if i change my world for you are you feeling me too? hey girl i'll never leave you a perfect man is what you need there's no such thing so i'll do anything to please you i know you want me girl and i want you too feels just like a dream to be here with you i would drop in a second just to think you'll be gone living a lonely life i just couldn't go on we fell lost in love from the first time we met you was so down for me you showed much respect. i know it's hard to love a nasty boi like me you know you had a choice and who you liked was me sometimes i wish this world was just me and you my love is unconditional best believe is true thank the lord everyday for connecting us two so tell me baby girl what you want to do im that one (?) showin much love to you they wanna know how im rolling? im rolling with you (yea) (Chorus) you know im feelin you girl i just can't lie things just wouldn't be the same without you by my side i loose my mind everytime you come around and im going to do whatever just to prove that im down you broke my game and set new rules and all i wanna do is just rock with you dont be afraid cause im going to take my time and before the night is over you're going to be just fine. (chorus)

Why You Wanna Hate For

(feat. Noreaga) [Memphis Bleek] Get your ones, get your guns Muthafucker it's on New millenium, and what Bleek re-born All the haters eat a dick Who I'm riding with bitch You know the game and the name I ain't change for shit I toke cuatro cinco, when uno says Keep uno in the head, you wouldn't fuck with this My guns German, bullets burning Where them bricks I'm searching I need the money urgent And I'm rushing, you slowing me down, ain't no holding me now I'm out the gate, on the throne and I'm holding it down All my niggas on the run, you's to eat for a reason Fuck around and holla wrong, me and NORE come in squeezing And these streets is mine, M-E-M-P-H, I got style I make it look good being wild With da game I got, anything I got I hate everything in site, whether aiming or not [Hook (X2)] [Noreaga] Yo, what you niggas wanna hate for Why you niggas all running outta state for You ain't thugs and you niggas can't take for Now you snitchin' why y'all wanna turn states for, ha [Noreaga] What, what, I do this shit for the streets Just left Iraq, bout to meet with Bleek Aiyo, and we both got weed in tons When me and MemphMan, smoke the call us lazer lungs! Thugged Out, Roc-a-Fella, big bank acounts On the sky-tel with big type, and bring the ounce Clip on niggas, niggas just be seeing me cussing How you dig up with my style, the way I be rushing Just to style you head in You drove to a dead end So what you gon' do now, once I but lead in I say what, what, now y'all say what, what I say, that I'm a thug, now y'all wanna be thugs And I admit that I'ma hustler just hustling drugs Yet I do this shit because crime pays I'lI rock a cescear and doo rag And I don't got waves (don't got waves, don't got waves, don't got waves) [Hook (X2)] [Memphis Bleek] Yo,yo,yo, niggas wanna turn states Just hand me the eight Have a crib in Iraq, for the Memph escape Where the D's won't find me Trees is lime green Hoes give head just to ride and watch springs Niggas gon' hate, 'cause we trying to get rich My steak got A1, I can taste the chips Give them facial hits, from the chrome thou flip With the serious scratch, get them pinacles back You can take some nigga, you wouldn't take some of these My bullets heat up and burn, nigga, feel my sting For the 9 double 9, these streets is Bleek All my niggas on the run just got to eat [Hook (X2)]


BILAL "1st Born Second"
[Intro] This is a song that makes me spill out all my guts Sometimes Sometimes, I wish I wasn't me Sometimes, I wish I was drug free Sometimes, wish I saw the exit sign first Sometimes, wish I knew the truth without searchin' Sometimes, I wish I could go where I never been See what I never saw, do what I never did Or walk before I could crawl Sometimes, I wish my eyes wasn't so red Sometimes, I wish I had breakfast in bed Sometimes, I mean it's worth it Since I did all the work last night Sometimes, you ain't good to me as I am good to you And you don't see my attention the way that I do Sometimes, hurts when you should be nicer than you are Sometimes, you take that complaining shit way too far I mean, I thought it was cute in the beginning but now I think you only do it cuz you know I hate it Sometimes, you got me wishing I didn't have home training Sometimes, then it wouldn't hurt me so bad When I dream of knocking you in your head Then it wouldn't hurt me so bad When I envision my foot up your ass Sometimes, wish I knew life with no pain, yeah Wish I held the keys to this game Sometimes, I pretend cuz I'm afraid to be, afriad to be Sometimes, I hope I live to see twenty five Sometimes, I wish I could be like Moses Round up my people, move out the ghetto And live a better life Sometimes, I wish I didn't try so hard Sometimes, who knows truth any way They don't know nothing, who needs that approval The sun in your hands player Move at your own pace, listen to your own mind Do your own thing, yeah yeah I'm saying it because I love ya And I wanna grow with you, yeah yeah But you wanna run in the other direction So I got to stay on my path until I win I win, I win, I win I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win Oh sometimes, sing it with me I wish (I wish in love) And I wish, oh I wish (I wish in peace) Oh sometimes (I wish in hope) I wish hope (I wish true) I wish true (I wish clearly) Hey I wish so clearly sometimes (Wish with no fear) I wish with no fear (I have no fear) I have no fear (Have no doubt) I have no doubt (I don't doubt) I don't doubt (Have no doubt) No, I don't doubt (Have no doubt, I wish love) I wish love, hey hey [Ad lib until fade]


JOE "Better Days"
Alone It's like being in a crowded room with no familiar faces Alone It's like thinking that I see your face in unfamiliar places Alone It's waking up to a empty bet you used to lay your head on Alone And I don't wanna be alone anymore See I was wrong Not afraid to admit I was such a jerk Can't believe the things I did I made you hurt You don't deserve that Never know just what got until it's gone Now I'm shook-up (I can hardly sleep) Now I'm choke-up (I can hardly eat) Now we broke up and it's killing me I'm falling, I'm falling baby Don't wanna be, don't wanna be Alone Never brought a rose Never said I love you Oh baby Never realized I couldn't live without you Always heard you talk Never really listened And I never said how beautiful you are If I had another chance Promise I'd be twice the man I was Yesterday If I had another try I never tell another lie I swear Give you all the love deserve

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