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JAY-Z lyrics - Magna Carta... Holy Grail


Original and similar lyrics
[Intro] Blessings, blessings yeah [Hook: Frank Ocean] I see elephant tusk on the boar of a sailing lady Docked on the Ivory Coast Mercedes in a row winding down the road I hope my black skin don't dirt this white tuxedo Before the Basquait show and if so Well fuck it, fuck it Because this water drown my family This water mixed my blood This water tells my story This water knows it all Go ahead and spill some champagne in the water Go ahead and watch the sun blaze On the waves Of the ocean [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Dope boy still smelling like cocaina White boat, white robe Can he be more cleaner The oil spill that BP ain't clean up I'm anti Santa Maria Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace I don't even like Washingtons in my pocket Black card go hard when I'm shopping Boat dock in front of Hermes picking cotton Silk and fleeces, lay on my Jesus Oh my God, I hope y'all don't get sea sick See me in shit you never saw If it wasn't for these pictures they wouldn't see me at all Aww, whole world in awe I crash through glass ceilings, I break through closed doors I'm on the ocean, I'm in heaven Yachting, Ocean 11 [Hook: Frank Ocean] [Verse 2: Jay-Z] Me and Ty Ty is like Pablo and Popeye Winding dirt roads on mopeds spilling opus Welcome to the magnum opus The Magna Carta The best-selling author Decoded On the holiday playing "Strange Fruit" If I'mma make it to a billi I can't take the same route Swoosh Now that's the sound of the border Swoosh Now that's the sound of a baller Muhammad Hovi my back against the rope, the black Maybach I'm back inside the boat Shepard Fairey they finally gave me some hope Can't believe they got a nigga to vote Democrat, nope I sold dope In trouble water I had to learn how to float On the ocean I'm in heaven Yachting Ocean 11 [Hook: Frank Ocean]

Shoulda Known

ATMOSPHERE "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold"
Naked in the bathtub, sittin' on the porcelin Waitin for that little hurricane to pull your torso And the water don't run; just drips like rain Still drips like a painkiller drips to the veins Fill it up with a bag of that happy stuff Cause the way she runs out you can tell she ain't had enough Good times goddess, my goodness Goth fingernail polish autopilot footprints With a smile that's stitched to the fabric Of bedtime tales that keep them kids out of the attic The mouth of madness, loud and manic The motive of the word, hold it south on the atlas Picture a hole, put your hero in Envision the goal, now zero in Been watchin' your night train track for the last few stops With no desire to hop in How did we end up in your apartment? Pocket full of gossip says this ain't smart When it's all said and done can't hit restart But I'll be damned if I don't wanna kiss you (hard) [Chorus (x2)] Shoulda known better not to fuck with you Ain't got nothin' but too much to lose Lost in the rush, don't know what to do That drug got you like I want you I've got a restraining order against satan's daughter And I keep it at the bottom of this Jamieson & water And when we get there, just sit there and stare From behind your mascara and your thick hair I'm aware of that pain you harbor The same that give game to the names you martyr Apart from the details of substance and what not I fucks wit that hunger of love pistol gut rot Blodshot, gimme one shot, my shot Propped up on enough talk to make the time stop The lines of chalk that that Benjamin might cop Killed the illustrations on them neighborhood sidewalk Then all of a sudden she got silent Pupils like marbles hide behind the eyelids Getaway sticks, go limp in ?ho? place That fucked up smile sucked up most her face Truly beauty, seemed serene, each criticism becomes redeemed Swollow my words no more judgement is through Cause you look like what I feel like when i'm with you [Chorus (x2)]

Road To Perdition

[Ronald Reagan:] "And they say if we'll only avoid any direct confrontation with the enemy, he'll forget his evil ways and learn to love us. All who oppose them are indicted as warmongers. They say we offer simple answers to complex problems. Well, perhaps there is a simple answer—not an easy answer—but simple" I got that black on black skin tone, actual-fact syndrome That's why I dropped the jewel on every verse you heard me shit on Okay, it's a Slumdog opera The tale of a king whose name wasn't on the roster My road to glory was Road To Perdition And Act II: The Turn is just the memoirs with no omissions We came a mighty long way from standing near the stove In the cold, the greatest story ever told The realest niggas see the pain in my story boards The true believers say, "Wallahi, I support the boy" My life feel like a highlight reel This is lightning striking, feel how the Zeitgeist feel Get a slight chill [Bridge - Jay Z:] I got these niggas, Breezy! Don't worry about it My swag is on 1.21 gigawatts, 10 trillion kilowatts Hardcore Thriller pop, Michael Jackson, nigga rock Google me, baby, understand where I'm coming from My destiny's to hit a grand slam when my number come All hail the lyrical, Grand Wizard Imperial Nigga signed the dotted line with Hov, that's a miracle And I ain't leave the thugs alone The humble in me will surely inherit the mud we on And shoot up every club we clone The flow is too atomic The poetry's too Qu'ran-ic, the young prophet Muhammad And I could drop a verse to change the whole vibration The whole Roc Nation, the whole Live Nation So pour libation Beware, but prepare for the polarization, it's the globalization Warn all the clergymen and notify Satan I been waiting, this the notarization, I been patient [Bridge] A thousand kisses to the haters cause they made me greater A thousand wishes from a million slaves could raise a savoir A thousand disses to these dickheads at these major labels From Big Daddy Kane to Big Daddy Kane and Abel You pay a cost to be a boss, nigga, I paid the wager Mastered both sides of the force and plus I made my saber Yes sir, I'm a soldier of love Drowning all my sorrows and woes in the club My white boys say, "that shit you spit last year, bro Was like a real fine Merlot and a cashmere throw" Some black chicks say he ugly, white women they love me My Asians and my mamis don't put nothing above me I call it as it happens, the art of quality rapping One autobiographical chapter could start up the rapture And even though I walk in the narrow valley of death All I see is green pastures, bitches screaming from the rafters

The Song Of Words

GWAR "Violence Has Arrived"
In the keep of GWAR, much torment remains Despite all of the bodies hacked in twain So many had died in the viscous campaign That their femurs alone made a fine mountain The Master was no longer GWARs sovereign Of wealth and women they had none to gain What goal was left for them to attain So Oderus did call for conclave First came Balsac, his council was wise His War-Axe gleamed, he was a loyal knight Plus 40 dancing bears he did provide First in prowess, he stood his lord beside Beefcake the Mighty, his ass was wide Brought 80 laden oxen, he was a good ally Jizmak the Gusha, his legion was described For many hours he barked at the tribe But then, timely, the catering arrived Booze, drugs, food, 400 hundred mule-loads high Flattus Maximus, this he did supply And now the mighty brothers of GWAR did bind They willed to journey and slay without plan Bring seige and terror to the cities of man Open Oberammergau Like hell was a womb, it tore And from the womb the creatures poured Troll, goblin, Manticore Siege machine and armored whore There will be battle like never before The Surface World learned of the malaise Black Pope, usurper, he saw through the veil They plan their defense in the land of the wasted Africa, bitter fruit she had tasted Ensign of industry, let it be raised There the camp of the Black Pope was placed His legions breath, through the valleys the raced Charlots they rode, and their skulls were iron-plated Belching fire, freshly painted 8000 Battalions of Knights freshly sainted But before they fought, they were vaccinated To protect them from the AIDS that had been created To continue the reign of Black Pope unabated The people at home, got a version G-rated Here the GWAR invaded Began the violation The War Barges, forecastles swarming Disgorging the troops, formations forming The low drone of the horning Sounding out a call, then a warning A nuclear salvo where GWAR was encroaching Within a second 10 legions were toasting Balsac said, Did you feel something? The Lord was not boasting The enemy is vast, steel carpets the terrain Still they are forming, armor detrains They send forth a Captain, OJ by name Flattus struck him in the brain Burst the helmet, made two parts of the mind Chopped through his gorget, through chest, into spine And the good captains blood flowed like wine Flattus said, So ends a cowards time. Balsac is angry, he'll have no more He hurls his axe, with great effort To smite Regis with terrible force His shield breaks, his hauberk unsews The axe bursts through the chest and torso Bright blood spurts, the guts are loosed by the throw And with that axe the soul from body goes Said Jizmak, That was a heavy blow. Beefcake the Mighty, clotted with spew His sword falls, skulls burst in two The eyes burst from sockets, he is not through Thousands of warriors he does this to Piling up the corpses of those he slew Until it was hard to tell if the pile grew Balsac said, He is a princely lord Said Beefcake, Yes, it's true. Jizmak smites, his hammer whirls Foreheads explode, entrails twirl Breaking open brain-pans as well Red blood flowing as souls speed to hell Oderus smites the Black Pope, exposing his brain The blade continued through meat and membrane Bright blood flowed in the grass where he was lain Here ends this tale, that much is plain

All In Together Now

OL' DIRTY BASTARD "Nigga Please"
[Ol' Dirty Bastard] Yeah youknowhatI'msayin? It's all I'm sayin Knahmsayin? Yo I'ma tell all y'all motherfuckers somethin, Knahmsayin? I'm a Dalmation, knahmsayin? Motherfucker I'm white AND I'm black, what? You can't understand it? Then FUCK YOU! Knahmsayin? I love this Motherfucker, I need this We work from hand to hand, from country to town, From city to state, from world to world; nigga From universe to universe It's a white and black thing (all the world leaders) It's all, and together (I said peace, and love, from happiness) You understand meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??!! ??, turn me up! Ah turn me up! [7X] [keep repeating 'Ah turn me up!' in the background] White girls shake your ass Black girls shake your ass Everybody shake your ass C'mon, shake yo' ass!! Turn me up! Motherfuckers gettin hot in here Niggaz all gettin hot in here Everybody gettin hot in here Whitey's gettin hot in here Blackie's gettin hot in here Somebody gettin hot in here Everybody gettin hot in here Red people gettin hot in here Yellow people gettin hot in here Blue people gettin hot in here Aliens gettin hot in here Somebody gettin hot in here White people gettin hot in here Black people gettin hot in here Everybody gettin hot in heeeeereeeeeahhhhh The chamber of this banger, is 36th chamber Understand Equality Slang, that of Allah's name Played the rabbit, like you dead Mork from Ork, first take support see me in The Source Yo I take the Eighty-Five Percent brain Cause Black makes what makes rain Dirty brain is like payday to me GOD, Unique baby Who's the Five Percent of the planet Earth? Tell em Poppa Wu, well it sure ain't Poppa Smurf! Got to check your blood, take you to church Ministers down with the nerds Ever since birth, White man always tryin to take the black man's turf Black man built America I named ya after Asia, you ain't my MOMMA! Now her name is Erika, Bo Derek-ah What, you like that slave name? It wasn't 'posed to sound better New Rule order, New Rule order For ALL the maniacs in jail read this letter Be behind me when I'm makin this cheddar Cause I'ma make it more better, for our babies Cause they play in the same schoolyards everyday C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon! You've, got, that WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE White man clock on your wall I'm tired of gettin up goin to work For that WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE man y'all I's got a bad boss These thoughts was fuckin Diana Ross I ain't no ??, makin this money NUH! Show yourself Whitey come on, get the money (GET THE MONEY) My Father Allah walk with Gods Just like the dollar bill walk with God We Trust And I walk this dog, two-thousand two-hundred miles for you Whaaaaaaaaat? Let the ?? know it's done Hey blackie, yo whitey It's all, all, all in together now We gettin paid gettin dressed for the weather now All, all, all in together now We gettin paid gettin dressed for the weather now All, all in together now Gettin paid gettin dressed for the weather now Alllllll in together now We're gettin paid gettin dressed for the weather now Peace! It's all in together now New World Order baby, knahmsayin? Y'all recognize it's together You understand me? It's the Dirt Dog speakin My word is BOND, and my bond is life It's all in together now my niggaz, and my niggarettes My peoples, don't worry about it It's all slang from the same gang I'm black out, and I'm black in I'm white out, and I'm white in SO WHAT?!?!?!

Arts & Leisure

[Verse 1: Kool A.D.] Yo, brown Napoleon Dynamite, white Dolomite, sure you're right Holy Moly, totally tight White America, good morning Erykah Badu, where are you at? Allahu Akbar, do that, do that, do that Do-do that that that Do do do, do do that Do that, show that, pro-black, pro-brown Down, round, getting down, down Yippee-kai-yai-yay, it's a showdown Girls say chill, you ain't too cool to be nice to boo-boo You right, you right, you right, true, true Sorry if I'm acting too coo-coo All the zoom zoom got me acting like the flowers in my doo doo I'm a roll the dice for some new shoes If that don't work then boo-hoo At least you couldn't say I never grew two If I can't win, then it's lose-lose Do it for the kids like Blue's Clues Choo-choo-choose to be Half-asshole, half-bashful Uh, give me like half a glass full Or maybe a quarter that Like a black quarterback In the motherfucking... oh shit, bobbing, ducking Weaving, passing and running Passing and running, passing and running Like a caravan... um, wait Oh was it... I don't even know, buddy Exactly [Verse 2: Action Bronson] As my grandma knits the sweater Chickens with the cheddar Timbos and yarmulkes, you ain't in my genre Bitch, blow me - harmonica Arts and leisure, peace to Jon Caramanica Sam Sifton ate the plate that we feasting on I jerk my penis off at the precinct, dog Since a youth, all proposals been indecent, dog Sense of humor so I'm down for a comedic song Rub my dick like my zipper when I walk Touch of Down's Syndrome, flip it when she talks Gums are purple, teeth monkey Her look is mix with streetwalker and a junkie

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