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Jay Z/Rell F lyrics

Dead Presidents (Part 1)

Original and similar lyrics
[hispanic voice same as Intro from _In My Lifetime Vol. 1_] What you think you like me? You ain't like me *motherfucker* You a punk I been with MANY people.. CONNEC TED people Who you been wit? Chain snatchin ? mardi gol *motherfuckers* Why don't you go get lost Get out of here go kick a freestyle or somethin [Jay Z] You're now tuned into the greatest *Motherfuckers* can't beat us, join us, can't fade us, hate us Can't touch it, *fuck it*, can't see em, try to be em Both shows sold out your coliseum, 8th Wonder Locked rap for trey summers, poker faces with the aces under Face one up, to take over, the break's over *Nigga* I'm the God MC, me, Jay-hovah *Shit* knockin, almost a crime, get Cochran Bangin to the hearse where my doctors hand hot land, FBI, DEA, I did crime, got away They wanna see me pay, *motherfuckers* better ride if they try to plant, under the seat of my car even a half a gram, better flame those, plainclothes Same goes for lame hoes, cocaine rapper Rep ya game pros [Wais] We celebrate this, while you sittin back screamin you hate this Try to rape this, get caught in my crime matrix Spittin sperm inside of latex You get, no respect like a child rapist Delegate this, men just givin facelifts Leave your melon spacious, career felon, no hiatus nor Ceasar's, the CIA flooded my block with diseases Informants, heating the spot up like global warming Who start *shit*? My style is laced with arsenic Odorless tasteless, cause of death is traceless I know you wanna see me wasted You call the order, I'll be in Hell Team Roc sweater and ice water Righteous, dominate the global, my life's a novel blazin in Barnes and Noble, idolize the vocals Y'all niggaz is local but that's evident I'm Resident Evil, movin like ? [Memphis Bleek] Millionaire that flow like water, rap *niggaz* runnin I, oughta applaud ya, clap at ya Point the Mac at ya, *niggaz* caught up Brought up in the rapture, my flows torture like a compound fracture, can't *fuck* widdit For the love of sex money and drugs Affiliated with the sets Tecs honies and thugs Let the four power, rain on *niggaz* like a spring shower and bring flowers for the bodies that surround us If you was lookin you found us Movin with speed, tried to play Superman ended up like Chris Reeves Parapalegic, precise minds like the Pharoah's of Egypt Shot through a barrel *niggaz* narrowly reaped it Keepin my Team top seeded with the Sweet 16's bulgin out of my jeans, on the ten-speed weeded Holdin, ? shots with you like a secret It's like a story never told, but believe it... [Sauce Money] Street anthem anchor, quick to trade shots just like a banker Lick a round, *niggaz* hit the ground like Sanka I got ya screwface in forty-two ways, Aim better than toothpaste, Jerry Maguire Show Me The Money like Clue tapes Run up in your spot with a few eights, zonin Known men, home in, all of my homies condone sin Four shots spin ya like chrome rims Put a part right through your dome like the Omen, foamin White sheets got ya wrapped like a Roman Back in New York, honey wants it, just spit blood and talk funny *Niggaz* is cartoons, picture styles that's fully developed like dark rooms, hits fat, cub with a harpoon Heat-seekin, grill huntin, still frontin? Keep squeezin, *fuck it*, I leave the whole street wheezing No *motherfuckers* hope I fail, and gotta provoke the frail Got em scared to drop like soap in jail [Jay-Z] Geyeah, there you have it Just think of ours as can't be touched, tested, whatever Never disrespect this thing of ours Roc-a-Fella family


[Verse 1] I'm meetin up with the governor 3-2 and the Hillwood Hustla Comin straight out the head though From the brain representin my ghetto Its a trip how they die young In the hood in my Cadillac flyer, thru the 'Wood Wit my homie Iatola in the Clover Pink soda mind of a noter Lean on my shoulder slang coca 20 g'z on my team Villanova Blow marijuana in the sauna While my niggas move dope on the corner V-12 motor vida loca Now your bitch trying to give me her panocha Fat sweet roller in my trocka And my girl called the cops cuz I choked her Copa Cabana thankin Santa For the keyboard that came wit the sampler Turn up the Clarion wit the stelly on She wit me cuz I am the champion [Verse 2] Its the same ol story though Nigga died cuz he fucked wit the wrong hoe Its the sign of the times man By second thank God that I'm alive man Peace to my dead g's Fell short trying to stack up they benjis In the midst and the fog Boys wanna squab All on my dick like corn on the cob You aint shit but a job for one of my killer How many niggas must die by the trigga Im a sipper ima swerver first degree murder Smoke a fried stick and get wetter than a surfer No reversing my nature 90 pounds on my pager I dont love you I dont hate you but I will misplace you In the gutter for the fuck of it Gangsta nigga chuggin shit candy on my mothership And haters they can suck a dick [Verse 3] So this what it came to yall the same crew Old friends Southeast niggas claim blue But I dont gangbang I claim no color She lost her son what if that was your mother I sit back in my '92 blue 'Lac And I support foundations like LULAC I went to Alma in second ward offa Sherman That was back when niggas jammin to Pee Wee Herman Smokin with my teacher but not the preacher I remember fuckin Liz on the bleachers 1986 wasnt making hits I was chasing chicks having bad relationships Now I fuck Asian bitches fine Haitian bitches Romanian Italian some fucking bang delicious I went from pain to rich and I remain malicious Shoot em up and leave em laying in some strange positions

Inkredible Remix

JADAKISS "I Love You (A Dedication To My Fans)"
[Rick Ross] Trae I see you! Rose' (In-Inkredible..) You know what it is (Maybach Music) My attitude is fuck it, house big as Publix Shoppin is a pleasure, pinky ring a nugget Niggaz like the ride, sip lean out the bucket I lean to the side, white whip, Michael Douglas Hard times, call for drastic measures I call my dog, he bought a mac 11 Forty rounds hollerin WHERE THE YELLOW AT Nigga dead serious, chopper with a shoulder strap Microphone Michael Corleone, I know I'm wrong The man up above love for me to sing them poems So sing along, you know the song I sing Bring them things along, I gotta feed the team It's ROSE! I need hundred bottles Yellow bitches, all of 'em swallow H-Town, nigga three-oh-five I can move them packs, each and every night [Trae Tha Truth] Uhh, gyeah... Triple black pan the mirror Phantom of the streets Quarterbackin bricks on top of these glass cleats All these stones around my neck and wrist part of the streets Used to temper somethin in danger, now it's part of my seats I'm in the hood under surveillance buncha haters watchin Couple choppers out for dinner, failin ain't a option Reclinable seats, invisible ceilings Competition is murder, haters I'm killin Fuck a money machine, I don't count it I blow it Bitch my money conceited, it look good when I throw it I'm a asshole, therefore my temper is reckless I'm the city of Houston, you can tell them it's Texas The king of the streets, somewhere deep with guerillas Behind somethin that's tinted, bitch you see the gorillas These other niggaz yellin Truth, they only imitation And when I see them it's fuck 'em minus the penetration [Jadakiss] Uh-huh... ah-hah! Yeah, uhh I'm gettin situated, I know you bitches hate it I'm in a new Aston, the one Swiss created I can't give you a dime, but I can get you faded Before you become a member you get initiated (uh-huh) A lot of racks, big ice, heavy weapon The hood still love me cause I never left them (uh-uh) I distribute it (yeah) I get rid of it (yup) It's all comin back (uhh) every bit of it I'm territorial, it's your memorial (yeap) And don't feel bad, I'm talkin to all of you This is real shit, and that's nonsense (uh-huh) I got AK's (what?) I got Thompsons I got investors (yeah) I get sponsors (uh) They scared of the crew (scared) I'm with monsters (what?) And ain't nothin forsure but we touchin the raw (uh) And they gotta let us in or we rushin the door


EMINEM "The Eminem Show"
(feat. Obie Trice) Obie, yo', i'm sick, damn, you straight dog... [CHORUS] That's why I ain't got no time, for these games and stupid tricks, or these bitches on my dick, that's how dudes be getting sick, that's how dicks be getting drips, falling victims to this shit, from these bitches on our dicks, fucking chickens with no ribs, that's why I ain't got no time... [Obie Trice] Yo', I woke up fucked up off the liquor I drunk, I had a bag of the skunk won in last nights tunk, pussy residue was on my penis, Denise from the cleaners, fucked me good, you should of seen this, big booty bitch, switch unbearable, french roll stylin', body like a stallion, sizin' up the figure while my shit getting bigger, debatin' on a fuck or do I want to be her nigga, caressin' this bitch, plus i'm checking out them tit's, sippin' on that fine shit I ain't used to buyin', I gotta hit it from behind, it's mandatory, like takin' hoe's money, but that's another story, for surely, the pussy on toast after we toast, her clothes fell like bishop in juice, the womb beater, clean pussy eater, insertin' my jock in that spot hotter than the hottest block, don't stop, the response I got when I was knockin' it, clock steady tickin', kinky finger lickin', and can on, semen's at my tip when she moans, I gotta slow down before I cum soon, and work that nigga, like a slave owner, when I dropped off my outfit, she knew I wanted to bone her, she foamin' at the lips, the one between them hips, pubic hairs lookin' like some sour cream dip, without the nacho, my dick hit the spot though, pussy tighter than conditions of us black folks, we in the final stretch, the last part of sex, I bust a fat ass nut, then I woke up next, like what the fuck is goin' on here, this bitch evaporated, pussy and all, just picked up and vacated, now i'm frusturated cause my dick was unprotected, and Doctor Wesley tellin' me I really got that shit... [CHORUS] [Eminem] Now I don't wanna hit no woman, but this chick's got it comin', someone better get this bitch, before she get's kicked in the stomach, and she's pregnant, but she's eggin' me on, beggin' me to throw her off the steps of this porch, my only weapon is force and I don't wanna resort to any violence of any sort, but what's she shovin' me for, doesn't she love me no more, wasn't she huggin' me four minutes ago at the door, man, i'm this close to goin' toe-to-toe with this whore, what would you do if she was tellin' you she wants a divorce, she's havin' another baby in a month, and it's yours, and you find out it isn't cause this bitch has been visitin' someone else, and suckin' his dick and kissin' you on the lips when you get back, to Michigan, now the plot is thickenin' worse, cause you feel like you've been stickin' your fuckin' dick in a hearse, so you paranoid at every little cold that you get, ever since they told you this shit, you've been holdin' your dick, so you go to the clinic, sweatin' every minute you in it, then the doctor comes out lookin' like Dennis the Menace, and it's obvious to everyone in the lobby it's AIDS, he ain't even gotta call you in his office to say it, so you jet back home, cause you gon' get that hoe, when you see her, you gon' bend her fuckin' neck back, yo', cause you love her, you never would expect that blow, Obie told you the scoop, how could she stoop that low, Jesus, I don't believe this, bitch works at the cleaners, bringin' me home diseases, swingin' from Obie's penis, she's so deceivin', shit this hoe's a genius, she g'd us... [CHORUS] I'm busy, yeah, fuck these bitches, fuck 'em all, get money, Shady records, Obie Trice, Eminem, motherfucker, new millenium shit, yeah, turn this shit off, turn this shit the fuck off...

Lil' Daddy

JUVENILE "Juve The Great"
[Juvenile talking] Whoa! C'mon Whoa! I hear you niggaz heart pumpin c' mon, whoa!, whats up, whoa! U.T.P, U.T.P [Verse 1: Juvenile] he gotta be in too much 'bout everything that he touch out of the roof money get packed up and moved in the truck kill me if you feel I ain't worthy I inherited skills from murky niggaz that's as real as my Saints jersey I stand here posted in the worst of times knowing niggaz after me, gonna rehearse my grind I'm not a prophet, but I could teach you how to cock it and pop it and how to put some money in your pocket you see something you like go 'head and cop it but watch it, niggaz gone knock it trying to get you for your paper when them bitches is jockin' you might do lil' daddy like that, but this is not him don't look for your people to help you, my niggaz done shot them my people done told me I could roll I got a reputation for beating niggaz and hoes stickin' to the G code, 'tees, 'rees, and 'bows pop a Ex, smoke a blunt, if you believe it then Whoa! [Baby a.k.a. Birdman (chorus x2)] Whoa! I got to get it Lil Daddy (so keep your hands up) Whoa! I got to have it Lil Daddy (so keep your hands up) Whoa! I got to get it Lil Daddy, I got to have it Lil Daddy I want that brand new Caddy [Verse 2] I'm way over the top with mines I used to bag it up and take it to the block sometimes Poor niggaz be eating pork, rich niggaz be eating steak I'ma get me a Porterhouse nigga, you just wait you couldn't step on my toes if you was standing 6' 8" It's mister 400 bitches so get that shit straight You better talk to your hoe 'fore I put dick in her face look, I'm wild Magnolia, she better get in her place I ain't a law abiding citizen, I gets ignorant I got a trail of niggaz telling cops what I did to them I ain't lookin for no poppers, ain't looking for no partners I'm looking for mo' choppers to get rid of mo' problems all I got is my ball and my words my momma, my daddy, my chil'ren, my gun, and my herb shit, they got a lot of killers I know but ain't too many gon' make it to see 2004, whoa! [chorus x2] [Verse 3] I tried to play the backround as mcuh as I could cause all the big mouth niggaz be gettin knocked in the hood remeber them lil' niggaz? they done grew up now So 'ret street and marching turned into a clocked up dump we scam on shit because we love that sound we not concerned about waiting unitl the night come 'round hey lil' mama I'm a gorilla, let me pipe that down (puffing sound) yeah, you like that now I'm a professional, the mountaineer of the streets I got old timers paying close attention to me I could get your shit split for the minimum fee (yeah) fucking with them niggaz, got a ten for a ki' got a few princess cuts on the watch and the piece I'll put it on your ass for a profit, capiche? don't get mad 'cause I've been cocking your niece she been giving head and eating pussy like a lot of the freaks [chorus x2] Whoa! [x6]


ICE CUBE "War & Peace Vol. 1: The War Disc"
Now, if the greenbacks don't stack large on my side of the yard I ain't fuckin with it This cake has got to be all icing baby Now I know I'm taking the biggest piece but god damn I'm the biggest fish with the biggest mouth bitch You wanna be rich right (Hell yeah) Well stick with me, do as I does, and be as I be We be stackin chips, packin clips, mackin chicks Laugh at tits, slappin dick, in yo' bitch (bitch!) Makin hoes, take these clothes, from these sto's Walkin slow, there go the po', now here we go Parking lot to the spot, Marriott Cause what I got to make a knot, is very hot Who's at the do', go and check, I got the Tec Tell him that you soakin wet, until he jet Now lift up your fuckin dress, where's the rest Bitch can hide a treasure chest, in her breasts Uh-huh strip search, whip skirts Uh-huh shit hurts, but it works bitch You can jerk niggaz but you can't jerk me Hoe I only tell you once that this dick ain't free I'm talkin greed [Chorus] Greed, give me everything that I need How you gon' deal with the niggaz that I feed [repeat 2X] We smokin weed, you and me Lookin for that currency [repeat 2X] Now bitch niggaz don't mean shit, from where I sit Magnificent blow your back out, if you act out Eighteen deep when the plane soar The bitch threw her tits, asked my click who we play fo' Penetrate the clouds, loud, and obnoxious Surround the airport with feds and helicopters Escorted, detained and deported Scared of the ly-rics, and when they bitches hear us We the clear-est, you can fear us Smile on the day of your dissapear-ance, smoke in mirr-ors Break em all, pull over and jump out Cause I can take em all, all bustas shake em all I'm at the mall, buyin shit, like hot dog on a stick These bitches all on the dick Ice Cube ain't a lick (nope) make me bleed And now you got to deal with the niggaz that I feed, greed Uhh uhh uhh [pigs squeal] (Give me more, give me more) Greed, Greed When you get your hands on it, wanna fawn it Wanna dance on it, everybody want it [repeat 2X] You punks is petty, still we steady, countin fetti I'm the one closin escrow, with the best flow (Do you wear a vest) No Niggaz hit me I'ma turn into The Crow [caw caw] and take a shit on everything counterfeit, the Don Mega Blade Runner, in a beige Hummer all summer It'd take about twelve honkeys, to convict the nigga makin you sick, ask the 12 Monkeys Up in Detroit holdin weed court, all through the South Picked up a ounce in Shreveport My lead give head tunnels (boom!) to any motherfucker disgruntled exit wound, look like a funnel Worldwide, international jet set My niggaz love fuckin bitches that they just met Get it wet, and you can do anything When I'm in Paris niggaz french-kiss the pinky ring [Chorus] Yeah, Ice Cube, trillionaire I own a mansion and a yacht, haha We do it like it should be does Yeah, Westside niggaz is very greedy, uhh Death Row is very greedy Sic-Wid-It records is very greedy Dangerous Music greedy greedy greedy Ruthless Records greedy, Suave House, greedy So So Def, greedy Rap-A-Lot greedy as fuck No Limit, hah, hella greedy, uhh Def Jam greedy, we all know Priority greedy as a motherfucker, hahaha Hey got twenties on my BM, you still fuckin with a GM What can you tell me, nigga [pigs squeal]

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