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JAY SEAN lyrics

YMCMB Heroes

Original and similar lyrics
[Tyga] Ah.. ah.. life, life, I'm living my life, life Got a bitch with an ass so nice, Night time taking off your tights Have a G night, night, getting head on a flight flight 20 hour flight, I ain't never been a hater motherfucker I ain't got no time Young money like the lakers in their prime (prime prime prime) Make money off a mother fucking rhyme (rhyme rhyme rhyme) T-Raw in the bitch like, with a bad bitch trying to get a ring in a prom (prom prom prom) My swaggers is nice, word is bond she might not know my name, but she know my song 'Really Raw' Tyga dog, tiger blood I eat your heart out (out out out) Lick my paws, Hannibal Lecter I'm so involved Follow along, Jay Sean pass the patron, We shining hard up in this motherfucker [Chorus] So hit the lights, lights, lights So hit the lights, hit the lights Tell them all, tell them tell them hard .. So hit the lights, lights, lights So hit the lights, hit the lights Tell them all, tell them tell them hard .. [Jay Sean] Baby hold it and let me holla on the remix for a moment So watch me kick it then I'm gonna flip this script and own it To all the haters, I made it and I be balling (yeah I be balling) Yeah I'm the motherfucking man and I'ma brag and I'm glad that your listening to every word So you can sit and analyze and think of every curse so you can try and describe what you think of this verse So go ahead take your time and rewind it back, it wont change..? So many million sales they be up on plaques, on the walls in my crib as of matter a fact (hahaha) Yes it's me, come all the way from overseas Took that spot from the Black Eyed Peas Number one billboard entry Don't get me started this ain't no petty party I'm hardly new to the game, I served my time in the army Quarter of a billion views up on YouTube, U.K's number one most viewed Come out of the dark, I don't mean to be rude But it's true somebody.. [Chorus] [Busta Rhymes] Its Buss Rhymes baby Back in the kitchen I'm cooking and I think you better listen Look I hit them again, while I give it to them, a kick in the door And I shook them again let me spit it to them, oh shit Coming and going and I be running the show and I be knowing they knowing And I be gunning and blowing and I be stitching and sewing up everything up in this bitch, let's go Everybody know that I'ma come and I'ma kill 'em when we step up in the building And you know that I'ma hit them, and I do it how I do it now I gotta get them, explosive Every time I grab a microphone you know I must rep Everybody know it ain't a henny kill a dupstep And I murder everything while becoming a suspect Better hit the lights Better know that I'ma come and I'ma run them off You know it ain't a secret bitch you fucking with a boss Bring me any bottle it don't matter what it cost Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Yeah we got them wilding in the building right now The king is up in here you better bring the right crown Cause .. you better turn the light now YMCMB Do you really think you really wanna test me When you niggas know already who the best be So I hang them then I cut them, I bang them then I shut them Then I hit it up you know its only right Then I'm gonna hit them in the front, I Hit them in the back then I really think that people really need to see so.. [Chorus] [Cory Gunz] Yeah Cash Money till the end of me We family, he's a friend of me Make real nigga moves, you pretending to be Get it like Lebron give it, can you get to me Little nigger wanna .. for the pay Baby girl dug how nigga feel the day Thugging in public while my broads say they love it Couple of years back had pictures on my budget My main chick ? on her stomach see chief posse? thug runners? Stunna man say it other niggas get done in My team get to it, other niggas run from it Tune got me touring the world that one hundred Niggas did it all, still I ain't done nothing Jay Sean got us in the U.K gone Gone nigga gone hit the stage strong Watch what you say, long as the pay long Niggas think I'm a joke get hit with the trey long Word to Wayne I bet they herd the name So he reserved the lane for me to start to flame Taking the boat, we don't take the plane Hoe girl shake it, you deserve the change All she really want is a few furs of fame Pop champagne, Wear the chain Nah me and T ain't letting them wear the chain Unless she likes all that with her brain Bruce Lee flow on the track, clear the frame Hood be the niggas since Wayne and Mac Maine Tez Slim, the don and stunna man YMCM that will never change Tell them other niggas behave and act sane ?..begin right here is the action [Chorus]

Rock Y'all Spot

TWISTA "Mobstability"
(feat. The Speedknot Mobstaz) Haha, heh, last time for the mobsta Get up in here and do our thang, heh That's how we gon' do Hahahaha [Twista] Get down to the club Chokin' on sticky and everything was loved, oh yeah Look here now Then on came the lights, hey All the niggas and bitches in the party was feelin' high Liffy Stokes bring it [Liffy Stokes] Tonight's gon' be the bomb, it's warm and calm I got to take this cool in my arm with an ounce in my palm I done took the bottle with Don, and I'm back for sure Actin' a fool, gettin' skully, mixin' henny and mo With plenty to draw, and we gotta blaze by the door With too much M to the O from rushin' the dance floor Mob style runnin' wild through every section and aisle Drinkin' River, pissy now, collectin' numbers to dial Talkin' loud, flash the cheese just for the haters and keys That try to catch me sooner so they can cease without the cheese Through mobstability, y'all be killin' me With that weak shit, a nigga just came to party With my guys and women probably pitchin' couple of innings Break em down through my winnings and come out Detroit grinnin With my paper and ladies on the E doin' about eighty Tryin' to get to the () so that freaky bitch can lay me [Chorus] When the mobstas rock y'all spot Watch all the niggas and bitches start dancin' Big ballers wave y'all knots 'Cause y'all the ones playa haters can't stand with The mobstas rock y'all spot Watch all the niggas and bitches start dancin' Big ballers wave y'all knots 'Cause y'all the ones playa haters can't stand with [Mayz] I'm bendin' curves through the gym straight smokin' and drinkin' Westside, mob style, and the mink and the lickin' Trippin' on the cutie that's winkin' 'Cause she know we got the shit that rocks her block And put the boom in your box and make your speakers pop So I take this as my cue to make sure shorty don't snooze The mobsta's rockin' tonight at the House of Blues With some mo and some crews and now she lookin' in dues Talkin' about bringin' our homies and puttin' on dancin' shoes It's like that y'all, let your paper stack tall So when you hit the club you can ball and get some numbers to call Don't worry about the playa haters leanin' on the wall Because when they get the gold and start to ball They gonna have to fight us all to the end Playas get a glass and a set of twins In different clothes so they can be a thug's extend 'Cause when this party ends another begins it don't stop So flash your knot and beep me at my guy's red shop [Chorus] [Twista] Hey hey, oh suki-suki now, look here now, what's cookin' now Shook it shook it, child, shake it down, let's boogie now From the hood and I be the chief, feelin' good as taters and waiters With playas with the ladies pullin' up in big-ridin' Mercedes This party gon' fade me, smokin' with the brokes and the brothers Cherry gators, yo dawg, this pocket's full hundreds and rollers I'm kickin' it out with tippin' dippin' off from the laws In the glance of an eye with drawers, while they hustlin' just to ball () so I bought a drink, sport a link, recall the mink Hoe figure she was pretty and think maybe I ought to wink And she takes a glance, party'a boomin' so maybe I got a chance This cutie got too much booty and I asked her to dance Flippin' 50s in my hand, champagne all up in my face Takin' pictures, () close 'em all bitches' probably in the place Straight po pimpin', I'm trippin' () it's the weekend Steady quickin', take a pimpin' and pay the scraps for sneakin' 'Cause when the... [Chorus til End] Throw it up, are you a true money maker Throw it up, 'cause you a big time playa [Repeat til End]


LIL' WAYNE "Tha Block Is Hot"
[Lil Wayne] Got a early call from Kisha Kisha wanted me to meet her She said she thought it was time to make the relationship get deeper Said cool then l'm gone be there What would be a good time to reach ya She said what about ten but l thought eleven would be sweeter Cuz she wanted me to see her Said l needed a teaser But shit who got the keys to my Beamer I rolled me up a blunt and got the Crystal out the freezer I hopped in the two seater And playin with Macita Vroooom speed up run faster than a cheetah Only thing on my mind is how l'm gone get all in this cheap slut Should I use a rubber cuz I heard she was a freak They say she But I don't want HIV Her name's on my beeper I called her on the Nokia And told her come pick me up As soon as I got in the house she got on her knees and grabbed my penis Ate it up like some peanuts I said oooohhhh Kisha This what I got to meet her She drunk it like a 2 liter She blow like a pro Oh no I got to keep her Told her l'd be back about eleven I'm gone creep her But don't go to sleep I got some more meat to feed ya [Turk] Now I'm hot I wonder was up with Kisha tonight I'm gone give her a call See if it's alright For me to dip through She said it's all gravy First I got to get somebody to watch my baby Baby it's all good I'll be there in a minute But I didn't know Lil Wayne was already hittin it Soon as I pull up I see my dog runnin out He saw me dippin in but he didn't know Soon as he pulled off I knocked on the door Sayin to myself look at this dog ass hoe Its cool what you do You know I like my shit sucked For you to swallow the cum and put ice on my nuts Call my nut now I'm up I'm gone holla at ya Kittie I got through lil tonight me and the H-Beezey I can't be late I'm gone see ya when I could Here's Juve on the hip Let 'em know it was all good [Juvenile] Ooohh Oooh there she go On the way to the corner store Lil Turk let me know He done fucked the same bitch before Say lil mama where you headed She told me for Danny Hop in the back seat of my car and she spread it Say baby slow down I don't wanna fuck ya first I want you to suck on my dick until my nuts will burst She was a fool with it She said she had a good teacher she went to school with it Cuz she knew what to do with it I didn't want the bitch to have my car smellin So I took her in the alley with some K Y Jelly Pull your shorts and your draws down to your knees Put the rubber on the dick handle that please I hit it she sucked it Hit it she sucked it and sucked it I got tired of the pussy and now I said fuck it Say boo I gotta ride My baby moma beepin me and she stay way on the other side I hit B.G. on the celly And told him that the bitch was all good and you have it not to telly [B.G.] Bitch hold on do I know she fucked three of my dogs I caught her walkin out the alley down by the mall She fucked Wayne, Juve, Turk I know she ain't got no wores But she told me she'd do a damn job on them boys She provided the number later on gave her a call Told her what I was thinkin and she was down with it all Can't deny it she was a fool kept that dick standin tall What she'll do to a nigga she'll be against the law That's how Hot Boys play it when we finish we toss Baby when you finish Manny Fresh down the hall After this episode that hoe won't be able to walk After two or three steps that hoe might fall Now you know then Hot Boys sad ha Get in the bitch head End up doing somethin bad ha Kisha got did right yeah Fucked the whole Cash Money click all in one night yeah


[Mick Jenkins:] Started from the bottom of the map Move to the Chi like fifth grade Running like the water from the tap Move with a mind like what switch blades see I ain't never been the type of nigga that'd change with the fame, you could put it in quotes Been down to ride for my niggas had pegs, on a Mongoose sitting on spokes Handcuffs sitting on the peanut butter loaves Living on the rim of the glass of the water Don't you see people out here pimping your hope Living on a whim, lower class getting slaughtered, killed Niggas in the streets on the pipe no kilt, it's a skirt motherfucker you know it Pull the triggers to the beats Taking lives, no guilt Got the summer feel like it's snowing, cold Shoulders, murders, mowed us down Damn, you could tell these niggas need a drink Sun get hotter streets get colder, damn You could tell these niggas need a drink Spit his flow like is coming up the sink And the shit hot like it's coming in the mink Never dumb it down, make a dumb nigga think Ginger in his tea make a dumb nigga drink Grippin your heart and grippin your soul Grippin that iron, I'm dropping that zinc Gotta move smart I didn't learned from the dope Just what I'm gonna do, with the coke and the ink Like oh no, they locked a nigga up for smoking purple I'm free, I'm screaming, "free my niggas" 'til the world blow I'm screaming "free my niggas" 'til the world blow Save Money she gonna do it for the free [Chance The Rapper:] She gonna do it for the freak Dinner reservations with a Navajo Indian in her family like a lot of hoes Lot of hoes done said they was not a ho Now the Leprechauns done lied about they pot'o'gold I'm bout my green like an avocado guacamole I'm from the Chi, she say she shy but she gotta go Prodigal Solid gold Chains bought from college shows Staying out in Hollywood Wayne out of Hollygrove Kamikaze comma Common Keef and ComicCon Ye and me and King L Katie here's a comet coming Kamehameha, Chi may have made a spirit bomb Here's a ton of acid, ready for it here it comes, (WOOOOO!) Uh, I'm just having fun with it Vic just brought the beef up, Mick just brought a gun with it You think you could stomach it? Umf, tummy ache All you did was shadow box All you did was run in place Started from the middle of the class, multi-entendre And now I can do what I wanna Shouts out Shetandra and Shando, shouldn't have shined a light on me [Vic Mensa:] Staring at the bottom of the bottle Pour it out for the fam take the shots In the land, shoot first think last that's the motto Money on my mind Mega Millions on the rise, scratch off like I'm tryna win the lotto Lot of baller niggas done lied about their jump shots Tryna play the shooter 'til they shot him (pow) Got 'em (pow pow) Shoes off and kick up my feet Talk dirty, never brush my teeth Tell em I'm Rosa Parks, they can suck my seed I ain't giving up my seat Saw my face through the stain glass window in church Demons in the night when I sleep Stole the collection cash out the pastor's purse Gave it to a bum to get something to eat Paper twistin, bend it backwards Flip the script, dyslexic actors Atom smashing, passing, bombing, writing it off my taxes Uncle Sam done put a deficit on my debit card Me, Mick Jenkins and Chancelor, chances are you no competitor (OnGaud my nigga)

Open Fire

ERICK SERMON "Double Or Nothing"
featuring Redman Passion Intro: (laughing) Yeah coming to you like yeah you know another one of those flavorishis mackadoshis sour cream and onion type flavor. Redman: I rule the world like Kurtis Blow with my afro blown I'm torn out the frame drunk style stagger like Ned the Wino For black albino I'm like suicide on vinyle The type of antidope shit you have to keep away from my nose And I'm the, bombest rhymer, check my steez My vocals are like vaginas, wet an MC's when they open My identities, blows facilities to ememies please test these abilities I'm rugged, I pack a 24 studded, karrot automatic, 45 nigga slugger So ring thee alarm, when your TV is on, I react freakin' to songs When bitches see me perform, bitches say I strickly brake vertibraes Bones back, chinky eyed like Japs I blow states off the map Just by eye contact Hook: Don't get it twisted and if you do, you best to move on move on Rock, rock on - Redman (x4) Erick Sermon: Yeah, I shut down things for the moment, what? Paying my does for them fake ass crews (yeah) Who be claimin' to be the shit y'all stop Gimmicks, hard core lyrics for an image I'm stompin' 'em the beast wompin' 'em Brain damage is caused, girls drop they drawers to the ground I be's the Effect like Wrecks, rhyme skills be shooting off like two black techs Somebody stop me I'm smoking like Mask Shut your mouth, he's a bad, uh, like Shaft The E-Double bring the dopest material, way out cosmic type Alcoholic whisky type funk for your sissys (word up) Huh, I take it to the streets, if you can't run up on my turf then get some cleats I let one nigga slide in 93, but this year, he's fuckin' history Hook (X4) Passion: Strick nine rules the mind on the verge of destruction Blood starts to boil like a lyrical combustion, eruption Insane no pressure no pain, niggas falling off it's strain to maintain They be killing me, trying to preach to me, teach to me I got a PHD in funkology You got your bachelors and your masters in the field of dramatics The lyrical are bringing the static from the attic, so cock your automatics I've had it up to here, you niggas are in danger You better stand clear, no hugs no love and kiss mainstream America They just ain't ready for this, cause I'm nice as shit Niggas be having fits, the Squad of Def be smacking hits after hits And what's goin' on in your mind I can feel it Tremors in the body has caused for the healin' Hook (x4) Outro: You know what I'm sayin'? Things is hot in the tunnel out in here you know what I'm sayin'? Ah, N-Y-C streets is love, it's hot in the summer, um, spring, winter and fall things are just lovely, sweet sour sauce. Doin' this y'all feel this. I feel you.


HAYSTAK "Car Fulla White Boys"
We gonna break this down and roll a blunt YEAH ( Verse 1 ) Since the seventh grade I was told I would never excel Hopeless, I would either be dead or in jail Destined to fail But I done came to far to turn back Just poor white trash from the wrong side of the tracks I learned to add and subtract And I never went back To that lil' school I had been sent to Find some shit I could get in to Been through more by the time I was eighteen Then most people go through before they thirty I'm from the motherfucking dirty ( dirtyyy ) Trouble-maker, hard-headed motherfucker In one ear and out the other I got a brother named bubba Different daddy same mother Remind me of when I was younger lil' bad motherfucker My told me son it's time to settle down Momma your baby's a player and I get around I be up all night gone on that Hennessey and weed The only thing that helped me deal with all this jealousy and greed ( Chorus ) If I had a dollar for all of y'all That wanna see me in my grave I could just pack up and move away And spend the rest of my days getting paid If I had a dime for every time Somebody tried to insult my game I'd be in the islands doing fine Counting money sipping some champaign ( Verse 2 ) Wooo, inhale the weed smoke, ease my tension I was a bad boy, in and out of juvenile detention I grew up making bargains to get back on the streets I concentrated on paper just to get back on my feet I'm money minded, saw my people progress Paranoid, I'm underneath a bullet proof vest Staying stressed, peeping out the curtains knowing death is certain I know them killers is lurking Ha, Ha, Smirking when I ride by they broke ass I aint stunting 'em, cause they aint making no cash I'm gonna let them royalty checks accumulate We so good with it there's nothing you can do but hate ( Chorus ) Repeat 1 ( Verse 3 ) Whooo I gotta be thinking I'm get my ass killed Filled with strap kneel Cause over the passed years it's bad here in Nashville This one's for the homies that lost they life up on the battle field Way before the record deals we pack steal, that's real Dropped a CD at every jackhead club Out to get me thinking I'm a million dollar motherfucker But at night I can't sleep, I toss and turn Visions of Benz's be bought and money being burned I might not hit the billboard but I'm keeping it crunk And I get much love in Beechwood and lil Will's trunk you know no eastcoast to westcoast may not see that I get big love where I be at, Bitch believe that So many setbacks I got to try to overcome I take another sip of liquor just to keep me numb I know these haters love to catch me straight buck me and laugh While that AK 47 shell cut me in half Yeah, then you woke up you hater Why don't you do something with your life Get money boy, get up off yo ass Stop hating on me and mine and get ya own That's what the hell you need to do Bring the hook back boy ( Chorus ) If I had a dollar for all of y'all That wanna see me in my grave I could just pack up and move away And spend the rest of my days getting paid If I had a dime for everytime One of y'all tried to insult my game I would just... ( Haystak ) First thing you know, Stak'll be a millionaire What couldn't I do if I had that ( ha, ha, ha, ha ha )

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