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Who's Gonna Save My Soul

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Love is conditional, I never knew that mary'd put a hole in my fishing boat I got to tripping more She went to bitching more The court of universal law said it wasn't permissable She went to forte, I stayed pianissimo Then I went to forte, and she went to physical Should I go should I stay and withstand the additional attacks on the mental and the physical It's gon get dangerous Why waste time in these child-like exchanges Why waste mind with these child-like games It's make up to break up, Crying all the time baby messing up your makeup Try and scratch my face up She said I need communication jay but you don't say much I know it ain't okay but I from where niggas keep they mouth closed and the gate shut It seem like only yesterday that I was just a kid in christian dior velour Ballies and a shape-up, Spinning on cardboard and trying to rip a break up Life comes at you fast, I went from sleepin in class to sleeping in the streets forgetting where I wake up When I was hit with trial, I went in to survival mode And did a lot of shit a nigga wasn't proud of, so When I be sittin on the couch with a blankhead I be at the homeless shelter jefferson and bankhead A jack sippin dankhead Making sure niggas don't steal my clothes Trying to make a path so I fufill my goals Trying to take a bath so I can heal my soul A little bit of laughter to conceal my woes Who gon save me?


Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus"
[announcer] Mr. Len, a.k.a. Space Ghost, please commence intro Company Flow, perform, J-Treds, prepare El-P, prepare, you have approximately five minutes Fuck the bullshit, Time/Warner will fall Record labels will fall, the Earth will crumble Begin [El Producto] Enter the all city access and encounter the likes of these Regionally no one relaxes, actual No wonder I'ma type to crush contenders with pure chewing satisfaction Pervade your ultraharmonic with the back of your whole mediocre faction Sonic boom head zoom contact off antaxion Elbowed with a vacumn pure death MC's with closed captions Wind up in the willows, catch the whirling dervish Or the dead and dumb millenium is at your service Flow the plaque, instigate lyrics then backfile another MC who thought cause he was dipped in powder blue that he could rock past-el Got your hip-hop essence out of the Cross Colours catalog with analog technology Ask L. Ron Hubbard to break down my Scientology Fuckin up to the chest I bust insidious, Bad Touchin Boogie to break to bumrushin Fresh start taming biofeed this track achieves pain penicilin crack and AZT couldn't relieve Being Sizzlean I will trim the fat like Susan Powders Disrespectin burners like cap, lickin off shots from clocktowers Play ring around the dead nation The Deadhead situation, situated to see-saw creation MC's are helpless like Gadzook keep faggot like RuPaul troop to the new sensation fuck that whole wannabe gangster fascination The illusion is broke, or cock albums mispoke And got the El P rookie cards stuck in they bicycle spoke For those VH-1 crystalized pseudo rip flows Let the liquid talon soak into the seam of your coat Meet the professional dead or alive politrick technician Straight neck capital P for the deep throat dickin I was that first monkey to touch the Monolith, delinquent Up in that crack like white squaw for the weekend and I sunk your Battleship Parked in a hot zone, live to the E. Bola Manifest brain tumors through the phone as you roam in your Motorolas [J-Treds] All hail, J and El the fans rise, we got the grand prize Foes fantasize runner up, the closest they can see it because skills so lenient I've been boastin with half a flow They can't handle the whole weight son, diagnosis, bullemic believe it My best line, too advanced for Pop Warner you got cornered scouting report, can't scramble in the clutch But when I get down, it's third and inches threatenin to score How you gonna tackle the topic when you suck at two-hand touch We're too damn much for your defense break you down, zone weakens Words bring embarassment, Captains look like third string in comparison to this too well known to kick fat flow And beat suckers straight up and down, Tic-Tac-Toe Game over when I blow your mind, but then I aimed over explosive cuts Verbal flamethrower, serving roasted nuts as after battle snacks you wish you wore a cup in your panties So all you pussies in this rap game, time to up the ante What's your fancy Big time skills or small penny Dead to latter my varsity letter, fatter than your JV Only play with the big boys, toys bringin that weak shit Before the battle I hit em off with fat, ladies latest release on cassette They were done from the start Ran for the finish got detoured from the fast route by another One spot holder hold ground for our town, N.Y. For those who don't acknowledge they get left ass out plumbers [announcer] Congratulations Len, you have made it halfway They are falling, their armies are retreating The job is not over, you must continue, please move forward El P, bring out tactic evasion, start, summation equals now Do not fail us, we're counting on you [El Producto] For thoughts I see hot like three males with a cot included Where the Sidewalk Ends and all your linear math gets diluted Infant when he Star Spangled, packed a brand circular medicine and deject wreck-the-tangle Fuck Time/Warner and it's affiliates, for runnin that wannabe Big Willie shit Leave those fancy clothes up to the Pope List all personal posessions in your liner note While I connect wreck genuinely cuttin through these red ropes Son grip the love spigot, yeah that's the ticket This platoon pop 99 Luftballons While the one hit blunder rushes exhaust like city buses I bond, like resin cause for the sake of skill, lost and found Found by DNA patterns to wish you could climb Just a little girl around the way of my set, that's the time Enter the evil opus, focus on rap scrambling Record labels to expect not reaction is bad gambling I know a few true that make we, collusion El P and J-Treds pentrate cranial intrusion [J-Treds] We do this one time so catch it, two of the illest and unsigned Lethal seperate but combined, friction created a frontline a rhyming Got you steppin, tryin to evade us bustin caps in your thoughts But now crossfire catching's added to your job skills top of your resume Submitted applyin, for lyric positions that we occupied yesterday but got the pink slip, labels on some not think shit Requiring, brain absence lobotomy reigns/rains, rapids That trap gets full, by J and El evasion tactics Our equations infinite, punks distortin random access Havin half words recyclin tracks like plastic, please forfeit Flippin the same script, I hope it has reinforcements, or else it's torn to pieces while our thesis is untouched Saved on my PC under the filename of Funcrush Megabytes bumrush, by one punch, upon my keyboard My data's the top secret that mad suckers will fiend for Come from the last to be cut from Dream Team Three We be the ones who shine, prepare for butt, kickin Rarely benchwarmin throwin down, all too often While others barely touch rim and that's when they're butt licking [announcer] Done, job well done They know who we are, they know we know who they are They will fall, they are going to have to repeat Understand, they will no longer monopolize Time/Warner will fall, I'm proud of you, come home

Push The Envelope

Anyway you're OK, I'm away to the day when you wont pray for a better day. Never say stay wide awake, be always late, for devils sake smile when you're afraid In the gray, be a slave, everyday, create a wave, create your own fate But you will fail, ...(the only line I cannot get)... lack the will, you'll be chasing your tail. Push the envelope, wild child, come on [x2] Come on [x3] Now Come on [x3] Single mind, wastin' time, doin' fine most of the time, sure you walk the line Make it shine, for the dime but always shines left behind there's no better crime You will climb, until you find you sat in grime sublime, But you decline, to the blind, I'll stay alive yeah ! I know you know that you're divine. Push the envelope, wild child, come on [x15] Sometimes you feel like you're running around in the clouds, Sometimes you feel like you're living your life wasting time, Oh you're so true yet so blue ~ is it all in your mind? Tell me, amaze me, seduce me, you still make it mine. Push the envelope, wild child, come on [x4]


ICE-T "The Seventh Deadly Sin"
[Intro: Ice-T] Every year the same shit happens More fuckin' funerals, dead homies Niggas out here killin' each other I don't know why And when it happens to you just can't turn the other fuckin' cheek Gotta get back for your dead niggas Yeah I'm caught up to [Ice-T] Sometimes I sit and wonder how many motherfuckers gonna die this summer Gunshots from the hummer Now the sawed-off riot pumps lead across your beds They said: 'Mama, less you wouldn't strike back' mack ten, eleven, twelve, hit us and then puts us to hell They started it, there's no way to mend it, we'll end it My crew'll hit the matresses, G.O.D. Father style - all prepared to get buckwild Half my niggas ball, other half ain't got it all They stay up at nights waitin' on a combat call Drinkin' hard liquor, smokin' mad loop and shit So high, sometimes I even gotta load they clips I ain't mad at them though, they dumps the ammo in you, suspend you in here, hell yeah It's the time that the real niggas live for retaliation Move on 'em, show, improve on 'em All you punk bitches just stand back and watch Me, I'm oilin' up the Heckler & Gotch I gots no love, for them busters, who put the work in I can still see my fuckin' boys' body jerkin' I ran over to him, put my hand on his chest Hole like an apple in the side of his neck His eyes glanced up, his body jerked once more There's nothin' else to do but to go to war Slide the hollow-tips in the chrome four-four Roll down the windows, hang the heat out the door Catch all the fuckin' bodies that I can tonight Double-back on your bitch crew, broad daylight [Chorus: Ice-T] There's no innocence allowed in these ghetto streets Grab your guns, buck 'em off, when ya hit your leak Tell me what would you do if they killed your best friend Could you keep your cool, would the wounds mend If I said 'peace', I'll be a motherfuckin' liar ('I'm lettin' off until my arms tired' - [cut and scratched]) Retaliation [Ice-T] Been packin' straps so long I gots some permanent bruise in my leg Better that than dead Now it's time to show you what I'm trained for in this Rally up the wolfpack-attack relentless Make ya understand it was the wrong crew ya fuck with Now it's on bitches, guys are darker than shit You musta not a known when you fuckin' hit that day Or maybe you di, you're dyin' anyway And not just you, some of your family To tell you the truth any fuckin' body we see You might just wanna turn yourself into me To save your hood pain of my crews' treachery You fucked up, we know who you are, where ya live We got your place ran up to a cop on the tick We'll hit your block so hard, you'll swear it was an earthquake Squeeze off the fully-auto, make your whole crib shake I know you're breathin' hard, livin' on your last day Or maybe, you're laughin', thinkin' that you got away I don't give a fuck, I won't sleep Till one of us lays me and my nigga That's the fear of these triggers If ya smart, ya probably make a break out of state We'll just snatch your kid, grab your fuckin' bitch and wait I'll catch ya down South, lay your ass out straight There's no where to run, it's time to meet your make You got one chance, arm your whole damn crew I couldn't stop my fuckin' niggas if I wanted to [Chorus: Ice-T] There's no innocence allowed in these ghetto streets Grab your guns, buck 'em off, when ya hit your leak Tell me what would you do if they killed your best friend Could you keep your cool, would the wounds mend If I said 'peace', I'll be a motherfuckin' liar ('I'm lettin' off until my arms tired' - [cut and scratched]) Retaliation ('Lettin' off until my arms tired' - [cut and scratched])

Terror Squadians

FAT JOE "Don Cartagena"
[Fat Joe] Terror Squad. Ungh. Now why you wanna go and fuck with them Platinum status, motherfuckers. Eat a dick! Now who's the underated pro, they scared to play on the radio Who lives the lyrics, all my real niggas already know Flow for flow, no crew can step to us And blow for blow, I'm pretty sure that you heard the rumors I give tumors to niggas and comas to bitches No one's against us, roll with the riches and float with the fishes The revolution has started thats why I'm undercarded My Squad will turn to the most feared into the dearly departed As hard as they come, they all fall like the Great Wall Make no mistake, I take you straight to the state morgue Swarmin informers like cops at drug corners Feds got the bugs on us, tryin to lay the law on us They want us in jails, with bails too high to bond, but am I the Don Shit, I'll be out by the morn', word bond My game is on lock, till you bawl cop And its never ever gonna stop [Prospect] Yo, yo, I play the game with caution Sun changes, gave power creative activities bring fame and fortune Why can't you live this All day hands on bitches With financial ventures, enhance the riches Gotta hold the cake, my grandmoms had dreams but it seems I couldn't graduate or go to Drake It hurts at nights I gots to reimburse the vice Niggaz is worse than shiest for the merchandise My words precise, cause if not I wouldn't speak it I rock shit everyday of the week, especially the weekends Outside, these pretty clothes I live, but with the titty-ho Knock a nigga out, for the shit he stole We already degraded, me and my family the most hated Bitch were barely both made it See the thinly related, to everything in the street I'm sellin coke, crack, and dope, plus swingin the heat Chorus: Triple Seis We got drug dealers and bug niggas, who love killin Slugs killin, ya touch feelin, just for the thrillin We bust feelins, dump bodies in crushed buildings Terror Squad's everywhere, it's just us illin I thought you knew you had... Drug dealers and bug niggas, who love killin Slugs killin, ya touch feelin, just for the thrillin We bust feelins, dump bodies in crushed buildings Terror Squad's everywhere, it's just us illin (And it don't stop!) [Cuban Link] I got rubies on my Uzi's and gems on my Mack 10's Diamonds on my nines and golden bullets just to match them Platinum magnums with silver clips, real begets Shit, I'm gonna milk this bitch till I'm filthy rich Filled with chips from the floor to the ceiling Just flossin and chillin in a Porsche full-a-women I'm one in a million, get on the deal already My skills are sharper than a steel Maschetti Realer than the military Killin every track I'm on, Link and Joey Crack the Don Flippin in my Cuban Caddy, wit the hazards on [Triple Seis] So, come on if you gon' ride with us, live niggas Hop with us, quick to try to triple five figures [Big Punisher] Your style is unoffic', niggaz like you stay on my wanted list Pun and Prince, we're walkin on kings, like a son-of-a-bitch Fuckin with this is hazardous to amateur battlers Average niggas get lost in the course of embarassment Of course you dont have a chance, I'm the boss in your emminence Get tossed in the ambulance with the force of an avalanche I'll torture your fragile ass with rhetorical paragraphs For all of you that'll laugh at a historical aftermath! I come equipped, my tongue and lips are like a hundred clips Look behind you, I'll blind you like when the sun eclipse Ain't no second chances, I glance at niggas make em wet they pants The chances are slim if Twinz done swing the rest of the ransome The best and the champion, that means I'm far beyond Dionne read my palm, told me to get on and put my army on Come along, follow the Don, my motto and song Live for tomorrow, cause today's almost already gone Lets get on, split your belly with the Maschetti, long Tears your arms of your shoulders, and tell you to, hold on I know it's wrong, but it feels so right I used to bust steel all night, but now I gotta deal, alright Chorus *2X* [Armageddon] Fuck a Toe to Toe, give me a forty-four and a foe to blow To make it more dramatic, I quote Jehovah holding the scroll Open your skull, show you shit you ain't supposed to know Break the world in half and spit the ocean from coast to coast (Just to let you know) That I'm zone coasted And play the visuals from the top of my verse back in slow-motion Assassinate the Pope with no emotions So why should I hesitate to crush a campaign like I wasn't votin My brain floatin away, above you niggas like I make time pause Checkin my Rollie watch my diamond Roman digits Golden riches, better hold em bitches Cause we robbin niggas way before the translation of Holy Scriptures I was Armageddon before the motion picture The last nigga to drop his verse and have the globe shiftin My Squad's hard and far from Puritans Robbin and killin men like we proud to be Americans Chorus


JOEY BADA$$ "Summer Knights"
[Intro:] Yea... back in this muthafucka Reportin' live from a lyrical high One time [Verse 1:] Yo, with not a damn thing on my mind But this rhyme, in a matter of time To make this whole shit allign Like I planned out, nothing in life gets handout Just stand out, ever since I had to pop my fish and panned out Pressure board 'til I'm fanned out Now we the pop off the band So they can't keep their hands off of the man now Divide their man, give 'em that S vitamin Baby Cham style Gots a Trini girl to soak it up, ShamWoW! Damn child, you're killin 'em Fillin' 'em, drillin' 'em with serums, of pure adrenaline High blood feelin' like the thermostat cracked left mercury spillin' Your favorite rapper tryna earn stacks from nursery children True emcees write their verse and rehearse it a million times Just for the rebirth of the feelin' prime and golden Shawty ask what I'm holdin', teasin' 'em Knowing the magnum blast squeeze magnesium Used to be mad premature now I'm at premium From lookin' up to niggas, to lookin' up niggas meetin' 'em Meetings with 'em, give 'em a high pitch like curveballs and helium Young scorcher trying to evolve like Charmeleon Million, yeah nigga, just tryna get a million [Verse 2:] Got the bomb nigga, Baghdad, I'm blown away from a bad pass Walk on grass, blow skunk, Ishamael so funk in the stash My SB's, enter money I never had I was more authentic, vaporize when I got heated Never jealous, solid as a rock n' roll full plate No po' peddlers, just some Pro fellas Who you know better? Never lost my groove I don't know no Stella It's a cold world without Coachella A shady bunch, like under Interscope umbrella But that don't phase me once, people say I'm crazy but Call me young Evel cause I crazy stunt I mace these punks, drop swank like it's knowledge to ya Mr. Bada$$ is the scholar's tutors Swank the lord and hallelujah Still praying to the allahs, gods and judahs Balance out my lows on the low high Niggas ain't know I sit so high Balance out my lows on the low high I'm like a low high Yo, yo, yo, yo hit 'em high, hit 'em low Leave 'em with no direction to go Yo, yo, yo, yo hit 'em high, hit 'em low Direct-less Indigos

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