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Swagger Jacksons Revenge

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It's the return of the black moors with no fez It's eerie like that documentary on lisa lopez Pentagrams pyramids conspiracies with goat heads Knock down the levees, knock down the projects, Start another project, build another object A drive-thru touch screen doctrine for me to digest, Just horses with our blinders on Drivin by the obvious Riding by the obvious Flying by the obvious Uh huh, regardless who you vote for, if the mind don't grow and the poverty line don't go But the dope keep coming and the t-v keep flashing images of a sports car Then you bound for a coke war The meek get clowned by the cope law The sheep get drowned in the folklore Then lulled to sleep by tom brokaw, Hm what a pity, the hope on a politicians tongue never ever trickles down to the city Yeah, so if a nigga put a presidents mask on and run up in the bank with a mac saying gimme gimme I ain't glad at em, but I ain't mad at em... I ain't mad at em Look, if anybody ask you who I be Say a painter with a felt pen who drew ali I'm like cassius when I blast molasses Out the ass of the masses From fulton street mall to gratiot I'm handing out free at last kits Yo jay, where yo staff at? Green said you threw it, Yeah, I outgrew it Some blog said you blew it Nigga fuck yo blog Jigga man said you can't knock the hustle dog I'm on the same launching pad that shot russell off That's why I stay dougie you can ask tumbling dice...


Afu-Ra "Body Of The Life Force"
[Intro: Rasheedah] Desfrutar de ti Hmm, oh, yeah yeah yeah Oh, oh [Afu-Ra] You know I'm comin though hotter, drip sweat meltin ya collar Afu-Ra takin care like I'm ya father Some call me papa, through I'm rollin wit the rastas Straight up and down, I'm like the sauce over the pasta I'm well connected, to all my people's doin salsa One of my trademarks, you'll catch me drinkin Malta You need some paprika to freak the I let you know I came through just to reach ya I do it one more time, bless this feature Will take with nothin unlike, self I mover I heat it right up, burnin like it's lava Test you leavin wit hoes like Godfather Sounds soakin off honeys like it was lather Study lessons and plant seeds to nurture Praise due to this, show and prove with this Knowledge yourself, Life Force'll make you move with this [Chorus: Rasheedah] No hay nada, que me sostenga Yo estoy lista, para desfrutar de ti Quiero tu calor, arridedor, de me ser Oh, oh, oh, there's just nothin that can keep me from you, you, you There's just nothin, when all I want... [Afu-Ra] Sound Bombing number one right, hate blow it like it's dynamite Destined too keep ya molecules shakin right Flippin my script as if I was a gymnast I'm fusin coast's together like I'm a chemist A yo, you leavin the party yo I ain't finished A dred shakin so hearty so what's your business You callin my cell phone, sayin who is this I throw to down to expand my interest I take it higher, to master engraver You know the chicas want that papi chulo flavor I do it for the north south east west behavior Wait a minute, hold up yo, yo there go my pager Beeper beepin, ringin comin from my celli If ya ever had days like this, then tell me Praise due to this, show and prove with this Knowledge yourself, Life Force'll make you move with this [Chorus]

Don't Front

JOEY BADA$$ "1999"
[Verse:] It all started with this patch reheard And after that it came the sexual worst I'm meeting shorty up to patch her a verse She played body and I collide With the vibe when I'm inside the walls I cut my dotties on the side 'Cause I decide that she all mine's I keep her in my eyes all the times Not because I don't trust her I just can't get enough of her On the phone late until her mom dukes Because of her, she played the hustle up And I'm like mad 'cause most Man swammin love and ain't afraid to admit it Be blowing up a lime man I swear I'm addicted, but It's all cool 'cause when I lie for ya I fool They say men lie and women lay naked that's all for me Don't be so mad after the first night Right, so what the fuck is love at the first sight If you ask me and not the stupid analogy Makes it cover flaws in the female anatomy [Chorus:] But I'm a keep gradually telling these bitches Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front though I got some weed and some front though (Don't front) Hey you know I always hunt hoes I tell 'em leave but don't walk through the front door Now don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Check (Don't front) [Verse:] It's like a massacre when less occur I got a massive urge but I had to learn Heard you had it on locks on pass away I sat you heard sit back observe That she make me feel good Is all I ask of her And the clouds they would've known We would've crash and burn I pray long and hard Hoping things will last with her I ain't mad at her But I really wish that it ain't have to hurt Let's be blunt we're best buds Both knew our role this is more than just a crush I used to pick a rub long before I lust to touch But know I really even see it, Everybody hurt not even the Lord Force that we can keep up If you don't wanna know start campin on the love Everytime that we would kick it I make sure I had some toe I thought I knew her better than anyone would know Begged her at her friends, but home then I would take her Didn't know that she was a hoe That only wanted my paper Whenever I was with her, my mind was just relaxed Could've been the high time because I swore we were a match in I admit it girl you fine as hell Don't know your perfume but you exhert the finest smell You try to find it, I follow a trail She left a few all other aside off the jail That's all a part of the tale [Chorus:] But I'm a keep gradually telling these bitches Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front though I got some weed and some front though (Don't front) Hey you know I always hunt hoes I tell 'em leave but don't walk through the front door Now don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Check (Don't front) [Verse:] Hey yo don't tell me be patient With no doctor prescription Emotionally pretentious And provocative figures Should've known you missed a note Like the eye would switch it Remember hate the game But she spot in some glitches It's a simulation yeah It's demolation Take off your shirt Let me feel manipulated My heart like in Himalayas But yeah I got the slayer I'm crushing on you sweetheart But yeah I'm a player Sort 'em like I see 'em Baby let me coach you And I know I'm not the first jerk to approach you So this ain't nothing new to you, nothing unusual Nothing you ain't used to so my Nothing is useable [Verse:] We all try when you go by We all hide, trush is I'm never home And I'm calling that's where The heart lies So label me as heartless There's nothing I don't care I just learned to use my heart less The insanity and alot stress It put me in a state They just started taking the tone on me Kept the secrets from me Kept emotions how I hold belief Always kept the L so I know defeat So everything will feel much better as soon As you know I'll leave Now sure if this is the less of me You think I'm mediocre I was still body with a glove on You know I'm coma, I'm in animal pause But you got it off When it flood I used to always feel like Noah And I know I know her Had this kind of skills I have to show her I told her I'm the nigga She seein' on the posters Came back through And I put it in the hostel Just had to teach her one type Put it down, don't really give a fuck though Don't front And tell your bitch don't front though Don't front

Niggas Bleed

Notorious Big "Life After Death"
[Verse One:] Today's agenda Got the suitcase up in the Sentra Go to room 112, tell em Blanco sent ya Feel the strangest If no money exchanges I got these kids in ranges Believe them niggas brainless All they tote is stainless You just remain as Calm as possible, make the deal go thru If not, here's 12 shots, we know how you do Please make yo killins clean Slugs up in between They eyes, like True Lies Kill em and flee the scene Just bring back the coke or the cream Or else, yo life is on the shelf We mean this Frank Them cats we fuckin wit put bombs in yo moms gas tank Lets get this money baby They shady, we get shady Dress up like ladies And burn em with 30 380's Then they come to kill our babies That all out I got gats that blow the wall out Clear the mall out Fuck the fallout Word is Stretch, I bet they pussy The seven digits push me Fuckin real Here's the deal I got a hundred bricks, 14-5 a piece Enough to cock a six by the house on the beach Supply the peeps with Jeeps Brick a piece Capiche Everybody gettin cream No one considered the leech Think about it now, thats damn near 1 point 5 I kill em all I'll be set for life Frank pay attention These muthafuckas is henchmen Renegades, if you die they still get paid Extra probably, fuck the robbery I'm the boss Promise you won't rob em, I promise But of course you know I had my fingers crossed [Chorus:] Niggas bleed just like us Picture me bein scared of a nigga that breathe the same air as me Niggas bleed just like us Picture me bein shook We can both pull burners, make the muthafuckin beef cook Niggas bleed just like us Picture a nigga hidin My life in that man hands, while he jus decidin Niggas bleed just like us I'd rather go toe to toe with alla y'all Runnin ain't in my protocol [Verse Two:] Since it's on, I call my nigga Arizona Ron From Tuscon, push the black Yukon Usually has the slow grooves on Mostly rock the Isley Stupid as a youngin, chose not to move wisely Sharper with game, him and his crooks, caught a jooks Heard it was sweet, bout 350 a piece Ron bought a truck, 2 bricks layed in the cut His peeps got bucked, got locked the fuck up Thats the raw vantage, came back, speakin spanish Lavish habits, two rings, 20 carats Heres a criminal Nigga made America's Most Killed his baby's mother's brother, slit his throat The nigga got bagged with the toast, weeded Took it to trial, beat it Now he feel he undefeated He mean it Nothing To Lose, tattooed around his gun wounds Everything, the game, embedded in his brain And me I feel the same for this money and diamonds Specially if my daughter cryin, I ain't lyin Y'all know the signs [Chorus] [Verse Three:] We agreed to go shoot till we silly Because niggas could be hidin in showers with Mac Billy's So I freaked em The telly manager was Puerto Rican Gloria, from Historia, I went to war with her Peeps in 91, stole a gun from her workers And they took drugs, they tried to jerk us We blaze they place, long story Glo seent my face, got shook Thought a nigga was comin for the safe Now she breakin, shut up, 112, whats shakin A jamaican, some bitches I swear They look gay In a black Range Rover Been outside all day If its trouble let me know, I'll be on my way Please I got kids to feed, I done seen you make niggas bleed Nightmare, this bitch don't leave Ron, get the gasoline This spot, we bout to blow Lets get the cash before the cops and Range Rover cats know Its room 112 Right by the staircase, perfect place When they evacuate, they meet they fate Ron pass the gasoline The nigga pass me kerosene Fuck it, its flammable My hunger is unexplainable Strike the match, just what I expected The dred kid ejected in seconds And here come two Opposite sexes One black, one Malaysian We in the hallway waitin patient As soon as she hit the door we start blastin I saw her brains hit the floor Raw laughin I swear to God I hit MaxiPriest at least 12 times in the chest Spint around, shot the chick in the breast She cryin, headshots put her to rest Pop open the briefcases, nothin but Franco faces The spots hot, sprinklers, alarm systems Thats when other guests start to slip in Its time for us to get to dippin I know them niggas in the Range is on they way up Flippin, pistol grippin I know they clippin The hallway, got real loud and crowded They walked right past us I dont know how they allowed it The funny thing about it Through all the excitement They Range got towed, they double parked by a hydrant Stupid motherfuckers

Watch Those

BIG PUNISHER "Yeeeah Baby"
[Big Punisher] Earth to Pun.. come in Pun.. [some whining noise] Yeah yeah yeah.. The levels the levels the levels be good Levels is good, levels is good Yeah.. [Chorus: Big Punisher (repeat 2X)] You got to watch those, jokers who pop those You know those, crusty-lipped snot-nosed Indeed I spot those, actin rah rah, talkin bla-bla that's ca-ca, chill pa-pa, no ah-ahh (ah-ahh) [Big Punisher] I'm quick to dumb out, run up in yo' crib with the guns out Spray your peeps, smack the baby teeth out your son mouth Who can stop me I told shorty I'ma shoot you papi Caught him in the crapper with the clapper; while he was doin caci I'll probably die in jail - make it through life and fry in hell Either way I'ma lead the way, cause only time'll tell I rhyme for real, not that imaginary vocabulary I really will stab you and every one of my adversaries There's no remorse - fuck these thug niggaz, show me the boss Gimme a hustle worth the risk of goin up North I love my freedom, and you know I love my bein So sometimes I gotta get ugh and mug for my per diem I'll see him in hell, we'll settle it there, better it there No innocent bystanders to get hit with a spare Like I really care who catches strays from the Mac Like I really care who you paid to rap on your track Nigga you wack - you ain't bringing nuttin for us I got songs with the Devil and Jesus singin on the chorus You can't ignore us, nigga you know how we roll Sixteen in the clip and one in the hole [Chorus] [Big Punisher] Can't no comp come at me, this battle the Bronx'll back me Got the nicest niggaz alive talkin bout, 'Papi's nasty' Cocky crafty like Rocky sassy Puerto Rock Apache Posse not even the cops could catch me I'm too fast - four-hundred pounds, but I move ass Soon as you spoke, I already smoked you with two jabs My game is tight - you wanna play, just name your price Fame to ice, your brains your life, the game is sheist and I'm the trifest on the field Even in school I was nominated the most likeliest to kill This bastard steal, a full clip and a extra and I'ma blast ya til your whole click respeta Leave you muerta, it ain't me it's the metra 'tate quieta, the bitch got a bad temper Don't surrender - you ain't got a chance You be lucky to leave here half-dead, in an am-bu-lance So take a chance, but expect the worst Put my foot so far up your ass the sweat on my knee'll quench your thirst {OOOOOH! [long slurrrrrrrp] .. 'Thanks Pun!'} [Chorus]

Never Change

JAY-Z "The Blueprint"
('Never, never, never, never change') Ain't never changed, this is Jay every day ('I never change!') I never change, this is Jay every day ('I never change!') I never change, this is Jay [Jay-Z] I am a, Roc representer Hov', summer to winter, Hov', dead or alive Twenty-four/seven, three-sixty-five One CD or three-hundred and sixty pies Whassup to E and Kirk Welcome home to Taj Let no amount of money ruin this thing of ours We run streets like drunks run street lights We collidin with life as we speak We knee deep in coke, we ki deep in ice We flood streets with dope, we keep weed to smoke We all fish, better teach your folk Give him money to eat, then next week he's broke Cause when you sleep, he's reachin for your throat Word on the skreet, you reap what you sew Not out of fear but love, love for the game Roc family first, we never change mayn [Chorus] ('Never, never, never, never change') I'm still fuckin with crime cause crime pays ('I never change!') Out hustlin, same clothes for days ('I never change!') I never change, I'm too stuck in my ways, I never change Who you know like Hov' ('Never, never, never, never change') I'm still fuckin with crime cause crime pays ('I never change!') Out hustlin, same clothes for days ('I never change!') I never change, I'm too stuck in my ways, I never change [Jay-Z] What's up to my Miami and St. Thomas connects (whattup) I'll never mention your name, I promise respect Death before dishonor correct - Yup That's what you promised me, since the ()lee Along with, if we stay strong We can get paid for longer than Pippen's arms Plead the fifth when it comes to the fam I'm like a dog - I never speak, but I understand Where my dogs at Where my soldiers at war Where your bars at Whoa, gotta pause that - whoa Lost 92 bricks had to fall back Knocked a nigga off his feet, but I crawled back Had A-1 credit, got more crack From the first to the fifth, gave it all back If, I'm not a hustler what you call that This is before rap, this is all fact I never change [Chorus] [Jay-Z] What, the streets robbed me, wasn't educated properly Well fuck y'all, I needed money for Atari Was so young my big sis' still playin with Barbie Young brother, big city, eight million stories Old heads taught me, yung'un, walk softly Carry a big clip, that'll get niggaz off me Keep coke in coffee, keep money smellin off me Change is cool to cop but more important is lawyer fees (Uhh) That's how it is now (uhh) that's how it always be (Uhh) I never change, this is always me From the womb to the tomb, from now until my doom Drink army from one cup pass it around the room (That's a family nigga) That's the ritual (yup) Big Ran, I ain't forget you fool And all that bullshit you tryin to get through This is crew love, move music or move drugs Rival crews get your black suits up - I never change [Chorus] [Jay-Z] This is Jay, everyday Who you know like Hov', nigga

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