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JAY ELECTRONICA lyrics - The Jay Electronica Project

Spark Em Up

Original and similar lyrics
Fresh out the gate it's the asiatic Fanatic back at it Spittin black magic Create a world outta black fabric Spark with the light Spark it with life God stay visible My du rag create sound waves I'm jay pivotal Spun the cipher running with christ plus I'm a sniper one with the dice one with the mics and nobodys nicer I payed the price-ah And now I'm heatin up the rostrum Sucka mcs get struck to they knees playin possum Rap guys insane Lyrical messiah, jesus baptize in the flame Sanitize they brain What's the origin Ten thousand sons up in my squadron We break down and build back up to form a organ The flows natural The interglow is celestial The physical mold that's just the clothes for the astral, extra terrestial Emceeing supreme bein All eyes seein Mastered the seen and unseen And what year was that when the atom was cracked In the materials of darkness she laid on her back Shes knows all about you Cause the womb of the mind is the one man That x chromosome came up out you My rhymes like sperm cells thoughts for tales Reproduce like sperm whales sharks and snails Hit your gray matter Then they excrete the data And just stay for 9 months above the bladder This the most mathe-matical Style that you've heard of And every verse I spit bitch it kicks murder And like roberta flack I'm killin you soft Drawin you up in the fire midst revealing your thoughts when allah and his christ bust thru the ceilin with hawks In the face of the earth meet the tip of the drills with a spark That's the judgement It's grievous man This population face to face with this jesus man Came to his own but they mispercieved the lamb, 400 years of slavin for the seeds of abraham


JOE BUDDEN "Halfway House"
[Joell Ortiz] Aiyyo Joey what you said, 24 right? Aight cool, I got you Uhh, I define gutter - every time I rhyme I climb up another notch, hip-hop got my spine smothered But I'll be fine brother - my mind hovers above all you jive suckers wishin, that's word to my mother You throw a shot at me, I'm throwin a shot back Yours is on a joint, mine's whistlin by your top hat Yeah I'm cool but you violate and I'll cock back Open the mac's mouth and black out like I do not rap I'm sick and tired of niggaz lyin They fifth is lyin in the second drawer next door to some bullshit they iron Y'all be makin up stories the little kids is buyin I do everything my +Penn State+ like a Nittany Lion I ain't gotta mention the streets on a song to get in a nigga ass on these beats like a thong, pause Veterans co-sign me, the up-and-comers scared The pretty girls go "Papi, here's my underwear!" Never in a hundred years I thought I'd be a rapper But in less than a hundred bars I knew I'd be a factor I'm PS4 in HD and the screen is plasma You're Atari 2600 with a weak adapter Between us the gap's so crazy I'm Gucci, Louis V; you're Gap, Old Navy I get coochie in the V, you attract no ladies You're suburb, I'm gutter where the gats go crazy! [Nino Bless] Look, you know, look Fuck a lecture, ain't tryin to be Pun's successor That term's done fucker, what up whatever You birds is food, I'm about to pluck some feathers I'm young and clever, plus clutch under pressure Yup! Who does this better? Walk around with medal all on me like the front of Shredder I lust for cheddar you owe me Leave holes in your vest that'll open your chest like a sunken treasure I'm somethin, like a phenomenon Droppin bombs for fun then dine in hell during Ramadan Whatever I'm rhymin on or whoever I tear 'em apart; swear on my pops No, fear in my heart, shit, been through it all Done swam with the sharks, snapped fins with my jaws I'm all that, and a bag of the baddest piff off of a brick of hash mixed with acid hits like sick cracker shit Get back, dumb birds I ignore the hype Click-clack, Yung Berg'd if you flossin ice Dawg, cross me twice, can't afford the price It'll cost you, I'll off your life! You soft, I told you I'm raw white when I'm on this mic Still mourn at night, don't wanna see mornin light And I feel like I'm forced to fight When the (Chips) are down like Ponch fallin off his bike (AHHH!) Of course my metaphors are type awesome, right? I got 'em in awe, my aura's Jordan like What's really poppin? Who diddy-boppin? You wasn't really, now you all Common and really conscious I ain't with that silly nonsense, I really pop shit My gun stay cocked like Biggie's optics I, I stay evolvin but grown bitter On your grave they're carvin "Fucked with the wrong nigga" [Crooked I] I don't write I kill a pen, leak its blood on the page I breathe bars like oxygen locked my lungs in a cage Instrumentals get fucked on the stage A pedophile unless I dig in the crates and fuck with somethin my age Forever vow, to never smile when I'm at peace Only when I'm eatin the deceased like quiche Only when my enemy's internal organs are a smorgasbord in a feast The Dahmer with melanin led 'em in the belly of the beast You'll be missin until fishermen see your corpse I'll be in Michigan stickin a chicken in my Michelin ready to pigeon pitch again from Switzerland to New York I was whippin Bentleys before them pictures up in the Source I'm a gorillas behind these bars, on some zoo shit Shoot you while you're talkin on some news camera crew's shit Sicker than flyin in past tense on some flu shit Day-old asshole flow, I drop new shit! Exclusive! You don't want it in fact I'll have the doctors operatin on the front of your back Tryin to keep your stomach intact The spiritual you, leavin your body, he don't wanna go back That's when the tunnel go black; I send your soul to the atmosphere Fuck outta here, and your ringtone rap career! It's Crooked I, the face of Eastside Long Beach Put your ear to the street so you can hear my heartbeat [Royce Da 5'9"] Nickel! Yeah I hope niggaz know I'll show up to your show I'll show up where you go, show up to your do', fo's will explode shells 'fore they hit the flo', I know niggaz know I got a open window flow, I air shit OUT In the D they used to call me Mayor Royce Now they call me Clay Davis Guess why? "Sheeeeeeeeeeee-it" Cause when it come to them words you know I wear shit out I write rhymes like, white lines on a nose tray Ice cold Ice Cube flow like O'Shea Ridin shotgun with Chris Martin my DJ Not the white boy, but I'm down for the (Coldplay) Forever stay violent, better stay silent Hammers stay hummin like strummin the mandolin violin Speakin of, I done played a tune of violence More than my nigga Charles Hamilton played Sonic I wrap niggaz up, clap niggaz up, scrap niggaz up Either that or we gon' slap niggaz up Dump dirt on you - right before I go into my Maino mode if I smell the scent of Yung Berg on ya 'Til it ain't no mo', ain't no dough Get into his ass cause I ain't opposed, I'm a livin anal probe I'm a lame-ophobe, matter fact my nigga JumpOff Can I keep goin? (Why the fuck not!) When I was a teen, I used to pack a three-eighty Now I'm spittin sittin between Shady and Jay (ohh!) I pull the jeans down on my bitch and then wave Cause the pussy Max B wavy when she ain't shave I leave the booth smellin like somebody ain't sprayed I would talk about Kimbo but I ain't crazy I'm like Marty McFly goin back in time and dissin his momma nigga you can't fade me [Joe Budden] They say he a bastard for real, then they see the ass on his girl So they wonderin, why's he so mad at the world? I take it out on tracks, I R.I.P. it So even to the producer it's hard to I.D. it Bars tremendous, it's in your best interest I insist your men just, do your best Bush rendish Endless, move more than two inches My blood'll boil like I got a big skin cyst So end this or see me maƱana Or see the speed of a llama, underground primadonna That ain't hard to find, pop a E in a Honda with hands like E. Honda, he a monster! I love war, it's like my pet peeve kinda But for us to even BEEF you should be honored! My DICK gettin hard, I see vagina, pause Nah, rewind each line each time Speak mine and meet 9, mano a mano When it rains it pours, grab a teflon poncho You now fuckin with Mouse, the head honcho Nigga I could fix yo' house in my condo! I walk around like ratchets been legalized Just me and the desert eagle, and an eagle eye Closed casket, now you havin a boxed wake Zipper over your head, dudes callin you Crotchface! So y'all could bump "Swag Like Us" But the next time rap's discussed, add this as a plus Don't nobody hit the pad like us And would get up in that ass but the fag's might bust (bust) And since poppin tags is a must (what?) I hit the bank - all I do is withdraw Chicks removin their drawers now, your crew is in awe How you ball? Your jewels from a cubicle in the mall You gon' need another processor, to process it I'll set it, I said it! So keep runnin around hot-headed, 'til you get hot leaded 'Til everything but your torso on you is prosthetic Digest it, niggaz is pie-thetic Rap what you can't afford, y'all must got credit All you gotta know is Crooked I, Royce, Bless and Joell With Joe spell, NO L!

Beneath The Howling Stars

CRADLE OF FILTH "Cruelty And The Beast"
Midwinter wrongs the rites of Spring Her spinal chill rakes the earth Whilst pensive souls at zero sing Woebetidings of rebirth Under cold stares of Mars maligned Near-suicides cross their hearts And unborns writhe in tepid brine For something wicked this way starts Beneath the howling stars Elizabeth, paragon of vice Watches the sun set pyres alight As Bane and Tyranny, Her Dobermans sleep Like spellbound paramours at Her feet A chatter of bells without Raise hellhounds, teeth on edge From sleighs hastened through snow lit red Guests espied from the garret ledge Great gloomy mirror tell Her face She will outblind them all That heavenly bodies would fall from grace To possess such a lustrous pall For beauty is always Cruel... For beauty is always... (Let destiny in chains commence... Damnation under Gods seeking recompense Enslaving to the whims of this mistress) As the dance ensued Elizabeth's mood Tempered by the craft of a vitreous moon In slick black iciness it grew To consume The wench Her tower tombed Tending to Her costume Bore the brunt of the storm When the needle askewed She has Her dogs maul the bitch's wrists through Restored to jaded bliss This evisceratrix Descended to the ball With painted blood upon Her lips Passing like a comet so white As to eclipse The waltz wound down, transfixed Devoid of all breath in the air Even Death paled to compare To the taint of Her splendour So rare and engendered 'Pon the awed throng gathered There... Beneath the howling stars She danced so macabre Men entranced divined from Her gait That this angel stepped from a pedestal Had won remission from fate By alighting to darker spheres Delighting in held sway For She was not unlike the Goddess To whom the wolves bayed Whilst envy glanced daggers From court maidens, arboured Who whispered in sects Of suspicions abroad That Elizabeth bewitched See how even now the whore casts Her spells upon the Black Count Whom Her reddened lips hold fast Tongue unto tongue Swept on tides without care For the harpies who rallied Their maledict glares A halo of ravens tousled Her hair Chandeliers a tiara For passions ensnared Phantasies sexed When their eyes, moonstruck met Their friction wore a way Through the sea of foreplay Lovers at first bite She an Eve tempted to lay Gasping at rafters Flesh pressed in ballet But caprice, honours leashed She absconded the feast To prowl wonderland Beasts in hand from the Keep Of Feudal dilemma Well mantled in furs Through cullis to watch Dogstars howl at the earth On this violent night Unholy night Winds lashed their limbs together As the ether vent its wintry spite She wished His kiss on Her frozen landscapes To excite the bleak advance From castle bowers Wherein small hours The Devil never came by chance A lone charm tied to Her inner thigh Sent lusts nova as hooves trod Cobbled streets where lowlives fleet Were flung to a wayward god Midwinter wrongs the rites of Spring Her spinal chill rakes the earth Whilst pensive souls at zero sing Woebetidings of rebirth Under cold stares of Mars maligned Near-suicides cross their hearts And unborns writhe in tepid brine For something wicked this way starts Beneath the howling stars Pounding upon the pauper ridge Earshot of a hunched beldame Elizabeth teased, would He dare to please Such elderly loins enflamed? To this He feigned a grim disdain Playing to Her slayful eye But the hag replied... This girl that chides Will soon be as plagued with age as I Her consort laughed a plume of icy breath For Elizabeth's grace could raise A flag of truce in burning heaven Or the dead from early graves Yet still She seethed This proud Snow Queen Embittered with the cursed retort And because He sought Her loves onslaught He gutted the crone for sport Soon in full moon fever they were wed Lycanthropic in the conjugal bed Littered with aphrodisiacs To tease dynastic union And beget them further maniacs Elizabeth Free reigned, now a Countess Outwielded and outwore Her title like a favoured dress Whilst Her errant Lord Whose seasons savoured war Stormed black to fell the infidel Her embers, tempered, roared.

Hung By A Thread

Gypsy Kyss
So here I stand : Face to face with the world So curled up in reality : Suffocating in the womb of moral receipt Often I feel the blood as it flows through my veins Gushing life through my heart. Pumping thoughts to my brain Hang myself out like a sheet soaking wet For I long to feel winds that I haven't felt yet Sometimes I feel I'm hanging by a thread Burning candles at both ends Close to falling off the edge Sometimes... I don't know if I can hold on anymore Now, I stand accused of all the things that I've done But my violence here is in protest : For I'm not a guilty one I only believe what I see fit to believe I pretend to be desperate to get what I need And I'd raise my fist to the injustice I'm faced at But, I'm unable to fight with my hands tied behind my back So hang me up high, in a tree, facing north I'll be burning my bridges as you're slapping the horse It's too late to run And it's much too late for running away You see it in the eyes of caged animals You see it in the faces of women scorned It's not anger that makes the cobra strike It's fear and only fear through which hatred is born You see, it's sitting here in silence where bitter thoughts are sewn It's one free life and sanity we want sacred as our own But there are other planes I'm looking for in my search for peace truth It's the shadow of fear and hatred that has put me in this noose

Letter To The Game

JIM JONES "Vampire Life: We Own The Night"
Second floor my hotel I'm rollin up bout to blaze And zone out to this Frankie Beverly and Mayes As our days about to pass and them days in the past He set my mind free so my mind free at last So much that I don't even drink from a fuckin glass Id rather find the first fountain I can and do it fast Didn't understand a dream of a king now do the math Coincidentally on your birthdays I ditched the class Cause the younger me, dumber me was chasin the cash Chasin the ass, low life with his face in the grass Ridin home from school in front of the bus Not even thinking bout how Rosa Parks done it for us How she stayed behind bars and she done it for us And she stayed behind bars till she won it for us Sometimes I wanna give up or at least take a break That's when I close my eyes and see Coretta Scotts face Cause Sometimes I wanna give up or at least take a break That's when I close my eyes and see Coretta Scotts face... [Sample] [Nas:] Uh Word up Game Standing at the pue panoramic view of the seating Greeting, I've been meaning to do me some letter reading, to the King He forever breathing your messages never leaving Some of your homies, phonies I should say it when I see them Them sleazy bastards, some greedy pastors, jerks Some should never be allowed in Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Atlanta Some people be patient I know this ghetto grammar But I'm a street dude normally I just speak rude Martin Luther, the martyr, the trooper, hate killed him Noble peace prize winner they duplicate the feelin As a kid I ain't relate really, I was sayin Dreams speech jokingly Till your world awoken me First I thought your were passive, soft one who ass kissed I was young to be honest, I was feelin Mohamed I ain't even know the strength you had to have to march You was more than just talk you were the first real Braveheart We miss you Feels like King be in me sometimes. [Sample] [The Game] The word nigger is nothing like nigga Don't sound shit alike like Game like Jigga One came before the other like aim and pull the trigga One is slang for my brotha, one is hang and take a picture The rope ain't tight enough, he still alive go fix it Pour some gasoline on him, call his daughters black bitches Make him pick cotton, while they momma clean up the kitchen The same cotton in white tees that's the cotton they was pickin If Dr. King marched today would Bill Gates march? I know Obama would but would Hillary take part? Great minds think great thoughts The pictures I paint make the Mona Lisa look like fake art I feel the pain of Nelson Mandela Cause when it rains it pours I need Rihannas umbrella For Coretta Scotts tear drops When she got the phone call that the future just took a fuckin head shot I wonder why Jesse Jackson didn't catch him before his body dropped Would he give me the answer? Probably not [Sample] Second floor my hotel I'm rollin up bout to blaze And zone out to this Frankie Beverly and Mayes

Troubled Waters

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
You replicas overlooking the guidelines of acoustics Miserable attempts result in miserable conclusions Paragon pen dragon tactician on freeform Then a comfortable silence try to combat cliques That unexpected Sephotus cyclone shifts Worked up you're shooken, jetted to the side I stagger this vagabond wondering menstrual forms of phobia Worst fear the terrace stricken muted The roots of all evil I've rooted pinnacle Poised with pride pouncing to break your stride, forsaken Agony rides inside the heartache wretched condition My intuition felt you slip up You tripped alone what are you aiming for? Or do you sus tries to classify your genus, distorted fetus Evolve, type unsolved, you lack the malediction Malleable martyrs get molded, then folded under pressure Thou perceives a slaughter suspension Bridge over troubled water drown, sound study intensive My square drops two erasing lines like tetris Relentless agent hush horrendous circles on my pavement Two sticks to burn basics the lie adjacent to my placement On the game board, lunge forward and wind-up impaled by the same sword Choose your weapon, stains splattered upon your flag Taturag shielding the exterior inferior Stall face to face with a forms that force your downfall Admittedly suspicious, a decadence, your network's on hiatus Permanent, provoked and choked upon the potency The parrow be the penetrating agent pierce the insides Why the cold sweats at midnight? Why the dim light? Why are we staring at a true from the inside? Why the pen slide with vigor on a put down? Like while I put my foot down stomp your city A-E-S-O-P scoping through the bur, opening minds behind the smirks I've seen misery, I've seen disgust dust ridden ruins Iron clad oracle test three COM unit disperse silently Over confidence leads to irony Plot twist full hardy Icarus shifted in facets of my form Forbidden aspects of the swarm a thorn upon your side A storm upon the rise, Adam, I or crush come brush upon the red zone Crook you're shook you started poorly Your powers parted pace uncharted territory Disoriented malicious god you'll burn your bridges This craft requires first drafts Graphs, gritted blueprints of nemesis perimeter Hunting by night compute, twenty one mic salute One life polluted, concerned muffle moans From the nine rings of Donnie's hell burn you in your slumber Sleepwalk then pulled under now Whipping through the willows is the warden of this garden Slipping through the silhouetted skylines Aesop sidewinds jaded Don't wind up war painted into the jungle the solution's not intrusion The starving institution broke your main frame I pose the question, are these waiting games worth it or worthless? While I comb the crowd for clues your nyebony hands be my purpose Our planet is the pivotal point In which this network slowly turns to filter kicks We out-box the berserk bewildered by the wilderness My clench is frantic clutch manners falling through underbrush Touch fools that duel with a dominant The evil-minded tried to triple six me but he missed me Intervene; emcees appear as red blips on my color radar screen

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