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JAY ELECTRONICA lyrics - The Jay Electronica Project

So What You Sayin

Original and similar lyrics
Jay electrolysis probin the globe like a geologist Puttin all of you pussies on display like gynocologists Listen, I'm on a mission Most of you niggas just spittin The wise comprehend-iction hypnotize with the rhythm Lyrical circumsicion toss the shmuck in the fire Yea your mans and them is nice but they ain't fuckin with sire I'm a higher power devour all you idolaters You satan worshipers nation perverters thirstin for dollars Jay coldplay putting the clock on your chess game I'm a varsity letterman you a fresh-mayne Every line of every verse of every song is a quotable Catch me in mexico meditating with quetzalcotl fuckers I'm rainin fire on you lame suckers My tongue is the burner the barrel the biscuit don't make me buck it spratt I'm outta that mac I came into rap carrying the south on my back And I'm ready to scriddap I ain't where you from son it's where you live at I never kiss another niggas bum to get me did-dap I used to sip the coke and rum blowin dime sid-dacks But now I'm wagin war with wicked men in high places So what you sayin Every page of my poetrys like a rhyme from the clip The mic is always in my holster right on top of my hip Niggas get flipped When the hollowtip spit at they melons You niggas is missy misdemenor my niggas is felons holla My and big dame lord of the rings the twins towers Knockin other motherfuckers out the ring like apollo creed You wanna get bleed the blood run up And get done up until sunup Down south they call me white man cause I hang mcs Get em open with ease Then pick em off like fleas nigga please You ain't go no ends in my casa Que pasa My flowll fuckin swole ya bumba rasta Loch ness monster It's like RAAAAAA when I strike ya Suplexin niggas like rowdy rod piper John allen muhammad snipe ya It's a cost to be the boss and I paid the price-ah Nobodies nicer I'm cold as the north pole nobodies icer Shout outs to mr porter, d-twizzy, and obie tricer Shady, you can catch me in the D now baby it's all gravy Still reppin UPT what is you sayin I'm trapped in the game like pacmayne chasin the ghost Drownin with water in my throat got leaks in the boat Squeezin the toast It's not a op-tion I got pac on Makaveli the don bumpin at me And my glocks on, zone in Like robert dinero I'm ronin Struck em up with the omen From adolescence to grown men Walk a mile in my shoes it proves you a soldier I paid a lot of dues to prove to jehovah That I can carry the cross the castle the crown Everywhere I roam is my home lifes my battleground Sallhuddin abdul farrad muhammad To come up at by night ridin elijah the comet (uh) I caved chest in the brave chessman Masterin one twenty lessons is my profession So get to steppin Or catch led like zepplin These rap cats look real but they really not like wrestlin Check the solar commander I'm light years off of the scanner Satillite dishes and cameras a bad mama jama The most thorough examiner My microphone is seven thousand ninehundred and twenty six miles in diameter The son of man Son of t man from out puran Master the air in the land from here to iran Jay electronica revolve the world Them philly cats say I like that boy he raw but he thorough What you sayin

Soundtrack To The Streets

Kid Capri "Soundtrack to the Streets"
featuring Punchiline Ras Kass Yeah once again presenting Kid Capri Ras Kass the waterproof MC Punchline (Ras Kass) These faggot MCs be on skis with the microphone though But it's all downhill hitting trees like Sonny Bono Name a nigga I couldn't burn and he probably created the Earth in six days I shot at Jesus with a tech fives times Hanging the pope with six strings the name is Ras Kass Might eat a little pussy but I don't kiss ass homeboy I'm righteous and wicked and this acquisition of riches is like Selling bean pods and still fucking white bicthes (Punchline) I rap crazy, you better get fifty niggas to blaze me Or ace me, been rhyming since 220 AD You feel gazy?, I'm top ten with the raps Off the list you scratch, like serial numbers on gats I lace tracks with ill lines 20 bar rhymes My verses got long sentences like jail times Press rewind, listen to jams when I cool out I only fuck a bitch in the park if she juiced out Going new routes to maintain my composure Anticipated while you still screaming to get exposure Rap soldier in the cipher I'm first to set it My lyrics get the U.S. Open without playing tennis (Ras Kass) Vindictive my voice pitch is beyond John Blaze I'm John Cremation, you conversation with aspirations Of me leaving blood stains from Earth to Venus Them so-called rap stars will still be living with they moma like an unborn fetus As soon as you step on stage I'ma destroy you with the truth Like the Ricki Lake show, don't come out the soundproof booth Or poof, plucked in your bubblegoose A lost angel, I strangle at an angle that's obtuse (Punchline) Yo, my styles viscous, put niggas before bitches Collect riches, bone chickens without trickin And stay spitting mad rhymes in your direction Always repping get you open like seasections I rhyme greata set it off without Jada My flava leave a nigga shook like vibrators Rap composer of the hit your styles over I make an MC cry just like Robin on Ophra Give you the cold shoulder guess who rhymes slicker I gross figures, shed light on shady niggas And write rhymes, roast niggas that take mine Gave birth to so many styles I should have my tubes tied One time, when rappers need concentration Embarrass I nigga, like getting caught masterbating I'm fascinating, I make you wallow in your sorrow Clutch the bottle you get your childish style fondled My rap tactics make you want to go home and practice Match this, drop jewels like Biago Rackis I come rough for all niggas that front I'm all that five mics and quotable for the month (Ras Kass) I be on some bullshit like the unamits and vigorous rhyming And until Buchwhick Bill starts dunking on Kobe Bryant I'm applying pressure, check out my melody The eighteenth letter, the first letter the nineteenth letter for cheddar And get a barrette explosive tip shredders to make the rum-redder To make the deader then Coretta Scott King's husband who had a dream I get in you with no Vaseline And burn rubber so I tap that ass like Savion Glover (Punchline) That the sedative cause your shits repetitive And played out, tried to run game but it got rained out Wasn't thinking about this style until we came out Took a detour when some of ya'll went the same route Thoughts about doing Punchline make me tickle When my flow changes like pennies, dimes and nickels Organized rhymes we make the girls realize We humiliate niggas like a small dick size Now you wanna click nines, front and sip wines Take mine, can't mess with Ras and Punchline

U See It

LIL' FLIP "Undaground Legend"
(feat. Chamillion) [talking] Duke E Loud, Lil' Flip, you see what we doing You see what we driving, you see how we living You see the rims spinning, you see the platinum grill Still man in it, uh uh [Lil' Flip] I pulled up in the jag (you see it) Everybody know I got Texas cash (you see it) I'm like Juve throwing up a soldier rag (you see it) In H-Town I throw up a Clover flag (you see it) On T.V. I'm still leaning to the left (you see it) Got a deal but I didn't sign with Def (you see it) Got a deal with Sony now we richer (you see it) Look me up I'm in The Source see my picture (you see it) I got hoes just coming to my shows (you see it) I got niggas just running to my do' (you see it) You se everything we smoke is endo (you see it) It's a truck but it's made by Benzo (you see it) I'm Lil' Flip I'm in the Dirty Dirty South (you see it) I got about fifty grand in my mouth (you see it) I represent for my nigga named Screw (you see it) Some niggas claim red, some claim blue (you see it) [Chorus] Nothing less than 20 thousand on my wrist (you see it) You got cars in your yard but none like this (you see it) Candy frame, I'ma swing on twenty inch (you see it) I ain't got to tell these hoes that I'm a pimp (you see it) Be banging the Jaguar behind the ten (you see it) Hydro chronic smoking know you smell the scent (you see it) Got my heater under my Iceberg fit (you see it) I'm the shit, I got these hatas pissed you see it, you see it [Lil' Flip] You got a Cardier but it's little (you see it) Look at mine I got X's in the middle (you see it) I go to sleep on a Iceberg bed (you see it) I'm feeling smart cause I always get head (you see it) I might ride candy red, or black (you see it) If it's called a Escalade it's a Lac (you see it) If you sitting on twenties then they shine (you see it) If it ain't endo, we call it pine (you see it) Down here everybody got gold (you see it) Still flipping cause we all got hoes (you see it) Still rich cause we all got shows (you see it) Couple of friends but we all got foes (you see it) Down here Lil' Flip run the South (you see it) Owe me money there's a gun in your mouth (you see it) Want a show you better send my deposit (you see it) As far as Sucka Free camp go I got it (you see it) [Chorus] [Chamillion] Pump your breaks my rims be spinning in place (you see it) [Lil' Flip] Don't worry we ain't got bad breaks (you see it) [Chamillion] This frozen water got my gums feeling numb (you see it) [Lil' Flip] I'm like naw cause I know I got a gun (you see it) [Chamillion] Got a thug girl, a slugs hit me brain freeze (you see it) [Lil' Flip] I'm like Alicia cause we move the same keys [Chamillion] Niggas know I got more dope than Homer (you see it) [Lil' Flip] I'm getting head from your gal in the sauna (you see it) [Chamillion] My strap's sticking in my lap but never hit me (you see it) [Lil' Flip] I got some millions but I'm still on a mission (you see it) [Chamillion] A million that dot com tatted on my arm (you see it) [Lil' Flip] The Screwed Up Click written in platinum on my charm (you see it) [Bridge] I'm bending corners in that Lac, I'm gripping grain This that Dirty Dirty what we do is swang We gone ball and we gone never be ashamed Platinum versus, platinum teeth and platinum chains [Chorus] You see it - [4x]

Get It Right

Drag-on "Opposite Of H20"
HOOK: DMX Drag-On, niggas act on Messin wit the team it's gon be a sad song X, will bring the day and the night Cuz we get it right, get it right, get it right, spit it right [DMX] Moves is made, niggas is paid, that's just how it is When my time is up I'ma be out but I'ma try to live I'm eatin day by day, aint nothin sweet about it Act like you don't know what I'm sayin then you read about it Built for war like a armadillo Smokin yo' ass put two through the pilllow Hear my shit through windows Manic depressive and my head hurts Soon as the dead thirst I'll whet him first Now wait a minute it gets worse I can't control what I own inside So I take it out on the soul of that kid that died Spit fire, cross niggas like barbecues Mobbin crews, strippin niggas, robbin crews And put him speechless, when I made him eat this Hollow tip and you can follow grip You be like Kim and aint gon swallow shit Don't know the half, couldn't know the math To understand the wrath of a man split in half But he got what he wanted, shot for three hundred Shit is tight and a nigga that's right gots to run it Aint no question, that's how I get down Niggas know gimme yo' dough and yo' hoe, and here take these fo' Hot things I got things that make niggas spin Put niggas in the wind, where you never see niggas again Bless a nigga with fifties the thin types And a straight blast that'll put pinstripes across your windpipe HOOK 2X [Drag-On] Drag opposite water more than a spot order My flows cause fire then bring holes Takes more than a pump to out this little punk 'less that pump is a twelve, and I get popped, still I burn to hell Call the police and whatever they don't seize And put in they mouth, and catch freeze, tell em throw Drag some keys Don't care how many oyeas I gotta make believe If you nervous, you don't deserve it poppi please Cats stealin gats y'all probably will get hit Well I'm the future let's see y'all copy this, stopping this Since a tiny kid like, mommy buy me this Since she always told me no, started stealin on some grimy shit Like look at that, now look at that slide it in my bookbag I'm who, parents point they fingers at, get from that hoodrat And put it back, fuck tough, while y'all cook crack I'm cocaine, throw me in the pot, I rise to the top With your 5.0, go 'head, look ma, I got four more pegs Stil put them holes in yo' head, til it's mushy like dough bread Cuz that vest only protects that chest And if I decide to get ice, don't get to fascinated Or it's my bullet, your brain, mashed potatoes Double R got me comin hard on you haters Cuz we the streets black and y'all belong beneath that HOOK 2X

Sunny Kim

Tales of two andres... With the money and the drugs I can't resist Like a frog princess that needs a woman's kiss The way I get down is a tragedy They say, “Yeah nigger, Your Majesty” Mind goin' blind in the whim Cover my eyes with the front of my brim My still is the lady, yeah sun duck kim I'ma say it right here Why you fuckin' with him? Why you fuckin' with him? I'm a jewel-lord jim Like somethin' that's priceless worn by Isis Blowin' on weed in the eye of the storm Gettin' snuck in the back of girl's college dorms Homie now what? Roll this blunt. Nigga watcha drinkin' out your new pimp cup? Alcohol yeah, with a little cranberry Hit it long enough it start to taste like cherry I'm in the door Blow on the horn These freaks be thinkin' that I'ma Capricorn Man in a whim I tip my brim Still laxing kim, why ch'ou fuckin' with him? Why you fuckin with him? Pass the joint Fillmoe Lakeview Hunter's point 24/7 there's junk to sell An' no fairy tale An' I wish you well Because when I make bail It's like the flames of hell Or bullet shells that tip the scale Or be washed around Cause it's electric You can detect it You mother fecked it It's gettin' kind of hectic He's gettin' kind of restless Mother fuckers out there say dat he's the bestest I rides around in my car, thinkin' about money and ménage a trios No I'm not a star Blaze this fly Me and my nigga talk shit at the bar Hahh Nah freak you can't braid my hair So you can have me outta line like Huggy Bear? I got clothes to wear That don't compare I get a flat, get a new car Fuck a Spare In my fresh new keen, nicky underwear Ya pipe for a vine? Little sher khan says “why smoke vine, it doesn't hurt your moms And it keeps me calm And that's how I'm God” You gotta keep it sticky like Charlotte's Web Blow a sack on a track, on a baller's bed Hold out your hand baby, I'll read your palm Like Kymo don, My game is on There're 32 papers in a zig-zag pack It take two hos to make one track They say Huey Newton took two in the back What's up with that? My dialog is in the rap catalog And tell the grim reaper you'll catch the God So fresh. (So fresh) So clean, (So clean) You'll see Nicky T on flight six-14 Like Billy Sims I tip my brim And Sunny Kim, why you fuckin' with him? Across state, 'cross county lines In your alpine is the master mind Picture my Van Gough, Your flow design You wanna hear a cat rhyme that I hope is mine Come here, yeah baby is my open line You gotta pretty face Dis' Pisces Hyphee Gin and coke Wu-tang in the Nikes I could never cheat the game in my life, see? O-khan I react like a Pikie My ki' Then Sunny called, Did you hear the phone Because a real rap lord's been left a long It's like rap-capone With dallas chrome Or Love Jones all in your bones Treat a girl like a freak, then send her home Like a ice-cream cone My heart is cold I'm kind of bold

Get Out Of Our Way

Lil' Cease "The Wonderful World of Cease A Leo"
featuring Joe Hooker Mr. Bristal Redman [Lil' Cease] Let the Mony out (yo yo) Let the Mony out (yo yo) *Monkey noises* [Redman] Yo yo this Funk Doc Straight up nigga lay down No time to play now (uh ha) Brace be around your hip from the waist down Keep it calm and don't react Cognac be the Zodiac Lo we back cock so these cats won't relax You see the face through the open mask, body Open gash, hoes throw me cash We gon blow, front row, do tash I'm a what you call a dog *Dog barking* Fucking girls that do hair in mini-malls Lunatic when Doc spit, four patted walls (uh ha) Sick therapy got you back in the raw (uh ha) Cocky mass, I put the axe in the door Massacre, seminars off Branson jars I'll strip your hoe, strip your Benz Even strip that black line on your Master Card Card, card, card [Joe Hooker- Chorus] You're 'fraid to say what you mean You're just too scared to say what you feel You're afraid of us You're afraid of us [Mr. Bristal] BK niggas, hold it down correct (uh ha) Been a long time coming, niggas better start running Do more than top-gunning Dumming like a fifty-dollar sum And y'all cowards don't mean nothing (uh huh) Kept it real with this Rap shit while you try to go Pop I got the Maz' flow down on the schemes and plots (uh ha) If I want, nigga, I could come and take your block So call them, the first one to call the cops Like a lesbi, strictly platinum status nigga, let's see I don't wanna test, B, niggas don't impress me Who got you gassed like Ghetty, funny like Eddie? (uh huh) Bris' flow deadly, cuttin' niggas like a machete Done, I die tech when it's indirect (c'mon) The home team woulda never let a nigga disrespect (c'mon) We carry every object, enough ammo to take 'em (uh huh) Any ghetto project, so what nigga wanna test? (aaaahhh!) Wha [Chorus] [Lil' Cease] Yo, yo, ha ha, yo It's the phenomenonal Cease, kill more than cancer Serious, real thug, no dancer (what) More cheese than cameras, cock them hammers (uh) My fo' fo' leave niggas bent like Montana I'm killer than these cats could imagine when I'm rapping (oww) I make it happen when I'm relaxing Who want action? I'ma give you whatcha bargain for It's not friction, it's like fiction Puttin' these cats outta commission Flows that's devastatin', I'm dissin', so listen If it's hot, then get the fuck out the kitchen We All-City, we all-pretty Niggas rather die just to floss wit' me (ha) Keep it real, fuck how niggas feel (feel) Cuz this direct shit gonna get niggas killed Niggas sayin' Cease can't write, Cease can't rob (yo) Little do they know, I'm ahead of my time Future rhymes, what [Chorus to end] [Lil' Cease] Yo, c'mon Yo, yo, say what Ha ha, yo You afraid You afraid Motherfuckers Yeah, yo Uh huh, uh huh, huh Future sport motherfuckers Buck buck buck buck Huh, ahhhh! Uh huh, c'mon Uh huh, huh Ha ha, ha

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