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My World (Nas Salute)

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They threw rose pedals at the feet of the christ when I entered the center Motherfucker I'm cold as the winter My waves were spinnin like blades on pirellis The christian dior shades was drivin them silly It's big willy I came through with them cats from philly Lakers vs heat floor seats you know the dealy Either you love the kid or wanna kill me I'm back at em On fire like cracked atoms They over the hill like wyclef and proswell I'm over the hills like UFOs at roswell You lame I know you guys well If you can name an mc that's flamer than me you high as hell You can't dance with the chancellor One glancell have you caught up in a trance with a tarantula And if they could then you probably would They come close but it's no cigar welcome to my world You arms to short to box with the center of the prophets Aviator shades the stage is a cockpit Leather pelle Lounging at the sofa telle Sippin sam pelegrino eatin ghirardellis I recline and chill twinklin the rag to shine my grill That's that third ward appeal (bitch) Get at me Me and my chick is like JFK and jackie They can't wait to catch me in dallas top down the grassy knoll and clap me Kidnap my body And fuck up the autopsy But I'm nice like christ you blink twice you hit I'm chillin in college park eatin salmon and grits It's the black ceaser Jesus Hes just, the lyrical monster Boogie man outta the dumpster Black pharoah Jay bowie spittin phat arrows Keep your eye on the sparrow and the fly apparel You ain't ready for war hide your barrel Stay in your lane man chance forf3 surviving is narrow Welcome to my world Deep in the jungle bustin Nickle sacks of cracks from G Packs for stacks niggas on the humble hustlin See that game That's the one they call survival man they poppin at five-oh They lowlife pigs who get it how they live They daddys in them court houses givin out bids Choppin niggas on blocks and leavin wickedness Man they broidered the land then they small poxed the witnesses Rapin babies usin ladies as they mistresses Causing choas and disorder That's why the glock on hold The block on swole I built this city on rock and roll Now I'm banging on Rumsfeld and bells ringing Him and Dickll be in hell singing Woe to the hippocrits and infidels screamin niggas can't handle The wrath of the son of man black pan de ma-yo Yeah the flows that scandal... ous I crush any mc who feel the must Try me, the smallest flea on the dog won't get by me if I was you id be Scared to death, hit a nigga up, leave him right there in his mess This penicillin I'm spillin leave hair on your chest you feel me You can't beat me kill me I'll be back in three days disguised in the garden with my kicks filthy Told you I was nice like christ the rap angels throw down ice I shine like jewerly in light I can make a true believer out of curious dike Shell be saying wearin heat jabs singing hum through de lair I'll be slinging dice hummin songs on the ave Theyll be sayin man He goin off the path, (uh) But that's on the low tho Beatin cats with no glow Tryin to play me like a hoe But this ain't books and poems or tic tac toe This planets moons quasars and high tech radars You niggas on the grid while jay man stay gone of the radar (AWOL)


AB-SOUL "Long Term"
Guess it's got to the point Where I just gotta spell this shit out for y'all, know what I mean? See, y'all niggas hear the name Ab-Soul, right? Y'all niggas think I'm supposed to be talkin' about mu fuckin' The flowers and the earth or somethin' like that, know what I'm talkin' about? I'm a real ass nigga though, on everything Lemme break it down [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like the blood of fallen soldiers above You put it all together and you get Ab-Soul- Lutely, the best, salute me or meet death Like Gaylord Focker met the parents of his girl Martha We're staring at you, will depart ya Thats the 38 special Commentary from the King author not the knights of the round table sponsor But amongst the dopest the west coast has had to offer since the '80s crack epidemic I play drums for the contraband Matter of fact, hit me King Blue you a fool for this one I ain't even gon' spit, just drool on this one My saliva's way liver than yours, rappers Shut your trap 'fore I set it Y'all gassed up like your guns, unleaded Yeah I said it, don't chat, no telling where we headed Close shop when I open fire Cause Soul known to carry the cannon like Mariah Yes I uh Bring it to you raw and uncut No buts like an empty ash tray, what the fuck Matter of fact, lemme break it down for y'all one more time, look [Hook:] I said A is for the apple on the tree I ain't far from B is for the bottom of the bottle of hard rum Dash to the finish line, chasing the S Which stands for my favorite three letter word (Sex) O is for all the ounces of dro I consume U meaning a unanimous decision of whom Is number 1, leaving the L which stands for Love I spread it like a virus, it'll kill you if you buy it I'm with your girl playing games like Who could get the highest at the Hyatt, real fun you should try it I got her wet, I'll send her back to you to dry it You ain't the flyest or the king of the jungle, but you lying And I can see it through ya iris Drink like I'm Irish, think like a genius Fall back I'm all that like Kel and Keenan Add a bag of chips and the baddest bitch I'll be posing with a black in my mouth, grabbing my dick Constipation is an understatement I ain't ever gave a shit You know you hot when You only get 8 bars in a song and it's still everybody's favorite My fault, my god, I'm a problem like a broke condom A editor just told me nobody was in my column Top Dawg 4th wheel and I'm still ill Open up the car door that look like a steel mill I hotbox like cable in the hood And I'm good like wrenches with a sentence, understood? And if it's not I'll leave you with this Top Notch muthafucka, like snot muthafucka, I'm sick Don't get infected Bitch ass niggas T-D-E


JAY-Z "Magna Carta... Holy Grail"
Let's work [x4] D boy drug dealer look Billionaire, billionaire From the cocoa leafs to the farmers To the polo fleece to the bombers R.I.P. to Gianni Now we on our way D boy drug dealer look Billionaire Let's work [Verse 1] Bally shoes, Gucci sneakers Pharrell's a pharaoh, peep the features Unlaced Adidas Top of the world like pyramids in Giza Fila sweats, 88 I rocked a mock neck Carried a nine in my projects Bucket hat EPMD cassettes Now I'm smoking loud in Ibiza Mix the D'USSE with the reefer My whole life is leisure Gangsta lean like the Pisa Eiffel Tower, Hermes towel The Feds perched like an owl Real niggas all feel the hook [Chorus x2] [Verse 2] What you know about going out, head west Maybach, 3 TV's all up in the headrest Mase niggas at Madison Square Garden 20 million sold and we still catching charges Rope chains, Rakim and Eric B Bought my sidekicks Suzuki Jeeps and Cherokees Hoop earrings Coupes with the rear cameras Put that bitch in a cherry M3 I'm not ya average dope dealer Silver Toyotas four runners and four wheelers Me and Teflon Q45 infinite Windows tinted White girl all up in it Britney, bitch MCM seats buck 50 stitch Versace plates got the Basquiat Collab from Versace place Cuban link 5 kilo You life is illegal When your chain can get the RICO Real niggas all feel the hook [Chorus x2]

Downtown Assassins

Snoop Doggy Dog "Tha Doggfather"
INTRO:(*mobster Corleone talking*) VERSE ONE:(DAT NIGGA DAZ) Yeah Vision 88 kilos of cocaine smack-dead in your face The street value of that is what you dream to make Run an illegal business,racketeerin Smugglin,doin things from handin a gun,is what they fearin Bodyguards and hitmen like some Al Capone shit Heavy artillery got the cops on my dick Different locations,spots where it takes place If you show them my money,your ass is gettin f-laid There's four major games that run the city of G's The violators,the Gambinos and the Corleones and me The violators and Gambinos they run uptown Me and my cousin Corleone we run downtown Murder's an everyday thang in the city Where you gotta plot chips,jag robberies and do in its Tanadian Nay,the charge of the weapons Hit from verandahs and do a thing unexpected So we plan a plot with an Uzi and 10 shot Buck em till they all drop,circle round the block Let em have it as soon as they come out Unload on their ass,commence to takin them out! INTERLUDE:(DAZ talking) Throughout the streets of Long Beach The streets was infected with drugs,dope pealers and addicts Gangs have taken over 75% of our town as the young youth behaviour is outrageous with crime They feel no remorse whatsoever, as the law enforcements have tried to stop the trafficking of drugs from coming into our country, but they can't The murders have increased more than 95% and the drug amount of which they make is more than 700 million dollars Now wanted by the IRS and we will convict them of tax evasion VERSE TWO:(TRAY DEE) I had no choice or remorse for time for puttin it down Niggas know the scoop is stupid if they come from my town I been around since the Jumpstreet makin it pop Young crook keepin hook,nigga,shakin the spot Had to be a standout not to get ran out Look for help,you help yourself cos there's no handout Since the city Long Beach is only G's and hos You hold on ya heat but them fiendish foes Trust,bust,be aware and I ain't ya curse Cos the niggas that I dared to (?agank?) the first Think I might be deceased 'fore I reach my calling As long as I'm haulin my heat I'm stallin I bring it to ya hard from the streets of life Where niggas get rewarded to grief for strikes Don't speak on the creep,mo' fools is listenin And war story glory ain't worth the riskin Real niggas still get a mob like respect If you represent ya set,till ya bite the deck Who I be?I'm the Dee,nigga check the file Under G you will see not to sweat my style I'm takin em out! INTERLUDE:(Corleone talking some more) VERSE THREE:(SNOOP DOGG) I come through blastin,me as a Downtown Assassin Mashin,may they rest in peace in they caskets Shoot em down in front of Hassans Should've known from the gate,who's the baddest? In my zone,Don Corleone wanted For the murder of forty men Ordered to hit and watch him kill again and again From the U-S-C,I shift ki's,a 120 plane rides Multiplied by G's,87.3 million in a matter o'months Big business and big dollars is all that I want I blaze up to celebrate,new empire to make Toast till we all die,till we burst and break From knives to guns,from the rich to the slums We ran outta dope,I don't think so son While I be gunned by a mark from the enemy park From daylight to reach dark and all the clucks a'spark From when I pick em off like darts Stab em in they hearts Make an example,what I said,ya end up dead Spayed the wall with graffiti like hogs for all my lost Doggs Never reach until I see the blue sky till I die All I ever want is to be left alone Me myself,me my dope,me and my chrome Got paid by cops and judges,I budge when I buzz I got the City of Long Beach goin crazy for drugs OUTRO:(Corleone capping it off)

Raise Ya Thumbs Up

JUICY J "Chronicles Of The Juice Man: Underground Album"
[Juicy J talking] Yes sir once again it's on Juicy J featuring Project Pat Chronicles of the Juice man, North North part 2 Raise ya thunbs up my nigg, it's on fool [Chorus: Project Pat] North, raise ya thumbs up nigga [x4] [Juicy J] North north in this thing and you know we runnin things Everybody raise ya thumb, everybody show your gang March in a cirle man, muscle up until you strain Project Pat and Juicy J, the niggaz with them gold fangs Yes we keep the lighted dope, and we house the freakest hoes Then we ride to evergreen, on the block is where we post Policeman can't stop us, I think they oughta to stop it I'm talkin in that ghetto english, sayin fuck the mobsters Gangsta niggas walk up in the club, high as hell because we full of drugs. What gang you claim/ the way they were them hats Don't get to close be careful we be strapped We put it on the map, we keep our gezees flapped And if you see me in the hood you better give me dap. I'm known as a veteran, my picture should be stacked From smokin sin to Hollywood they wild over there [Chorus: Project Pat] North, raise ya thumbs up nigga. [x4] [Project Pat] If ya ain't from my hood you can get the hell from round here Cause we gon smoke hydro and we gon drink beer It ain't no mu'hfuckin secret case we some thugs It ain't hard, you can peep it we sellin drugs So don't you cowards step wrong spit the west song These automatics have ya ass singin a different song A mega blast from these rocks, got the track jumpin' A North Memphis nigga sell dope I'll tell you somethin' Ya car bumpin ridin clean and you see me bold And now you wonderin why we kickin in your back door This ain't no suburb my nigg this the ghetto, and you gon come through Flosin like a pretty hoe A no no for you off, turn her on niggaz Show some love or you will meet them chrome triggers We smokin bud, sippin syzerp, and poppin pills you need some work Come on through we got the best deals [Chorus: Project Pat] North, raise ya thumbs up nigga [x4] [Juicy J] I done lived in the North round the way I done planted playa seed in the mutherfuckin bay Hypnotize is the label that you don't wnt to hate I done een niggaz make, I done seen niggas spray Brothas on the same block till his hair turn gray still all about a hustle Punchin clock no way. The police hit the block, swallow rocks throw the hate Still on the same block the next fuckin day Project Pat was up [Project Pat] Jimmy jimmy cocoa puff you know how we roll Niggas is gon get shot up trippn with this north Ridin up? dog pullin up them logs Squeeze on this trigger, empty clips then reload If you got beef, my nigga you better bring it The hood buck as hell, the police couldn't tame it Inhalin palm trees something you can hang with Hydro with red hair something I can slang trick [Chorus: repeat to fade]

Feel Like An Enemy

Genius "Beneath the Surface"
[Hell Razah] Yeah, yeah yo I'm like a whirlwind spinnin wit words of wisdom In the ghetto only promised a hearse and system We complete like the solar system Play your space, I get hungry off of treble and bass and beat breaks Everyday be a court date recorded on tape Hell Raizah grab the mic and send your show to a wake Cut off a snakehead the same way I cut off dead weight We negotiate wit .38's in a ?nor? face GZA came wit the Liquid Swords killin you all I'm the virus in the street that'll get in your paws See me jumpin outta four-doors wit my road dogs All you soldiers want wars when you don't know laws You be a rap fraud, knock you off the top of Billboard Besides keyboards, only thing I love is the Lord G-G Maccabee, K-P-P rapidly Aiyyo Prodical, niggas is charged wit blasphemy Chorus [Hell Razah] AND ALL THAT HARD ROCK SHIT (charged wit blasphemy) AND IF YOU'RE FEELIN LIKE AN ENEMY (come after me) [Killah Priest] I heard the sweet words from sour tongues Vent poison in the ears of the ?grown-z's? dead head for years Shed a tear for the underwear under the stairs Left naked in the shame from hunger and fear Shots were fired in the darkest moments Niggas missed they targets, hit the homeless when the chrome spit Sacreligious, days of atonement Sing a praise wit a peace pipe for niggas I zone wit Priest I blow bread amongst twelve thugs Drunk a cup of blood We trained the same time Peter sprayed a slug We all trapped in this dream scared to wake up I seen a phantom whisper, grim shadows, shows a blurry picture Streets are filled wit goons and bloody niggas I seen my friend fall, clutchin holdin his stomach Caught him off-guard, foldin his hundred It's like a life never ends, never know when it's comin [Trigga] Vocal imbalance, a code of silence converses violent Live from medalion, ?nometry? dealin equality You could stop to see profiles of me Mic styles of me, lifestyles of me Parallel prophecy, three-sixty degree Complete the formation, salute the salvation A Wu nation, do the knowledge no hatin No misbehavin, lyrical affiliation Artist in occupation together maintainin Brain stainin, metaphor mutilatin This generation, a misleading calculation No elevation, time wastin and live chasin [Prodigal Sun] A day and night crime scene, livin in the time machine Blaze a lime green, six on the spleen over some green Surrounded by crooks, a life wit jux and bloody heist It's a deadly price but the gun fiend for ice price In this hell puzzle filled wit bitches, money and trouble Stitches, for dummy knuckles crummy fuckin up the hustle It's a struggle, in jungle wit sin we fondle men Plus a prison, ain't no division and no religion And inner city chronicle, thugs get caught up astronomical Cash phenomenal, blast at your abdominal Niggas is comical, fuckin wit the abominal Son, I promise you, you won't live to see tomorrow Catch a slug in the back of your head at the Apollo I'm a hard act to follow, rugged Smith like Rollo (Let's mark that ass nigga) Chorus 3x

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