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JAY ELECTRONICA lyrics - The Jay Electronica Project

Just Begun

Original and similar lyrics
[Talib Kweli:] Ay, yo, Hi-Tek? Do me a favor, man, speed it up a little bit From the intro you know I'm so influential, 'cause I'm glowin' like a candle The focus is so essential, dawg, what you tryna get into? I steady the flow, ready to blow like snotty tissue They snitchin' like Donnie Brisco and countin' like Monte Cristo The ghetto full of betrayal like Iago and Othello Your fellow neighbor will slay you, they'll smoke you like cigarellos Police, want that info, they'll grill 'em like portabellos I'm murderin' instrumentals 'cause I rap with the conscience Of felons, killers, and monsters, so revealing and honest We're still feelin' the promise, some nights I kill 'em with kindness Hittin' like Muhammad Ali, you more like Tatyana All this is prob'ly karma: You dishonored the father Whether it's God Almighty, or the almighty dollar We follow the prophets like Islamics or the Dalai Lama Your bullet points so hollow they could prolly pierce body armor Look in the scope, my people still a target [Jay Electronica:] Smile on my face, tears of a sad clown Feelin' out of place as I whistle a cab down If I tip extra, can I huff a cig? Blow my smoke out the window, droppin' ashes on the bridge I'm in New York now, like Akeem and Semi was Tryna get the lobby door open from a semi buzz I just wanna go to the slum And throw my money on the floor like the Notorious B.U.M. (Uhh) Build a home, teach a class, start a revolution Free the mind, heal the body, talkin' evolution This that black Elohim Anunnaki rap That Farrakhan Hakeem Olajuwon Khadafi rap I dedicate this to my niggas in New Orleans Rockin' black and gold stocking caps and fleur-de-lis Shockey hats I'm in the coatroom, screamin' "Who Dat" on the double Servin' gumbo with' a shovel, dawg, I'm on another level Me and Kweli come together like two pieces of metal We magnetizin' the ghetto [J. Cole:] Yeah, now here's the memo I'm a rebel without a cause, a bezel without no flaws And shawty, you straight, but you look way better without no drawers Let's sweat out this alcohol, bet I'm about to ball And never let up, look how I just crept up without applause Fed up with all the frauds and left y'all without a job The center of attention, this is clever, I'm Pau Gasol Really though, I'm LeBron, really don't got my mind On this new school of rappers, I will really go Columbine And throw up the diamond sign, boy you know I'm a shine Flow is in Ramadan 'Cause couple years ago, the game had they pajamas on But now they on my dick, man, I should throw a condom on Ay, 'cause a nigga comin' raw like I ain't got one on And I ain't stoppin' or coppin' no pleas, I just lock and load, squeeze Dawg, I'm on a higher level, I'm on top of nosebleeds Niggas say they sick, but when they write, they don't sneeze Like the nigga on the block wavin' his Glock but won't squeeze Please [Mos Def:] Hold your applause until the ceremony end Yours truly, truly blessed, yet again a noble pla-anted Super magic, abracadabra kid Mysterious master Jim, blacker pen, arrowhead With the long-barrel stem, and his apparel fresh Harbor lights shinin' out the black power grid With the Black Power grip And pure power don't power trip Push the cellar ceiling up and make the tower tip Your Gladwell point, and Babylon polish All about nothin' where it's all about the dollar And mansions on the fault line of a shaky market The devil at the dancehall, thirsty for a partner Get off em There is not a parcel or a portion Or a measure of a fortune more awesome Gorgeous The funky Four Horsemen and one more With Hi-Tek on the score, once more, of course You're welcome, thanks Appreciation for your participation Special dedication Celebration, bitches

Can U Love Me? (Eyes Of A Killer)

Mac "World War III"
Hook Tell me why, Somethings make it hard to smile, momma tell me can you love a child, I got the eyes of a killer (x2) So what you mean when you 14 and your life is a bitch. That'll only fuck the rich, what, poor folks die holding they dicks? Never to achieve, only to grieve, so why we cry when they leave? Is it happiness like we were taught to believe? Is it hell for us, something like eternal jail for us? I feel for us, cause my niggas 'll kill for us. Do God love killers, Do God love thieves? Would God forgive a man who murder to feed his seed? If I'm a rebel tell the ghetto my story, the whole truth. The revelation we can never avoid it like a toll booth And I will never turn my back on the struggle, I'm still a soldier But it's only right, I'll put up my fight and when it's over say... Hook (x2) Look in my eyes and tell me if you see a bright future. Or just the anger of a stranger that might shoot you. In so many words, I wish that I could change the way we was raised. We portray slaves, but got enough nerve to hate the gays Maybe I never understood life for what it's worth. I never liked church, but I hate the streets and doing my dirt But I'm not no hethen, cause I know without believing. Will I fall short your glory for some fucked up reason? And they told me not to question you, where those your words? Or was that something man made up, to calm my nerves? What if I didn't want forever, tell me where will I go? I'm not that killer I just wanted to know. You feeling me? Hook (x2) These are the words of my niggas who came round to save they life For going through this shit that I speak every day and night My auntie told me I had eyes of a killer. And everytime I take a look in my mirror, her observation I see clearer. I can remember, it was back in December of 88'. I was coming home from school late, So I took a walk through the park Right before it got dark, and I was trying to make it home before the dark start. But you won't believe what I seen. I seen some niggas, and they lady teasing, I saw blood, and I seen the weapon. And I was hearing the scream. When them niggas noticed me, I broke cause I'd just witnessed a killing. And from that day on my mind has been gone look, you feeling me? Baby, momma loves you

When Will They Shoot?

ICE CUBE "The Predator"
'Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots' [Brother J] [repeat 2X] [Ice Cube] God damn, another fuckin payback with a twist Them motherfuckers shot but the punks missed Ice Cube is out-gunned, what is the outcome Will they do me like Malcolm Cause I bust styles, new styles, standin - strong! While, others +Run+ a +Hundred Miles+ But I never run, never will Deal with the devil with my motherfuckin steel - BOOM! Media try to do me But I was a Boy-N-the-Hood before the movie, yeah Call me nigga, bigger than a spook But you the one that voted for Duke, motherfucker White man, is somethin I tried to study But I got my hands bloody, yeah They said I could sing like a Jaybird But nigga, don't say the J-word I thought they was buggin cause to us Uncle Sam, is Hitler without an oven Burnin our black skin Buy my neighborhood - then push the crack in Doin us wrong from the first day And don't understand why a nigga got an AK Callin me an African-American like everything is fair again, shit Devil, you got to get the shit right I'm black Blacker than a trillion midnights +Don't Believe the Hype+ was said in '88 by the great Chuck D, now they're tryin to fuck me '.. with +No Vaseline+ Just a match and a little bit of gasoline..' - HUH! It's a great day for genocide (What's that) That's the day all the niggaz died They killed JFK in '63 So what the fuck you think they'll do to me But I'm the O.G. and I bust back (boom boom) Bust back (Boom boom!) peel a cap (BOOM BOOM!) Gimme room in the fire of the sun Here the mack come, here the black come, watch Jack run! Motherfuckers can't gank me Fuck a devil, fuck a rebel, and a yankee Overrun and put the Presidency After needin that, I'm down wit O.P.P., yeah I met Farrakhan and had dinner And you ask if I'm a five-percenter, well... No, but I go where the brothers go Down with Compton Mosque, Number 54 Made a little dough, still got a sister on my elbow Did Ice Cube sell out You say, 'Hell no!' A black woman is my manager, not in the kitchen So could you please stop bitchin 'Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots' [Brother J] [Cube] Yeah, yeah.. 'But when will they shoot' 'Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots' [Brother J] [Cube] Yeah, yeah.. 'But when will they shoot' .. [automatic gunfire] [Ice Cube] You missed, and didn't hit Da Lench Mob either 'Guerillas in the Mist..' without Jungle Fever But I got the fever for the flava of a cracker Not a Pringle, bust the single, here's my new jingle 'Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots' The KKK has got three-piece suits Using niggaz like turkey shoots My motto is +Treat 'Em Like a Prostitute+ Now if I say no violence, devil, you won't respect mine Fuck the dumb shit - and get my Tec-9 And if they approach us A-ight, a-ight - I bury those cockroaches And if you can't deal with my +Kill at Will+ Here's a new gift to get - try my +Death Certificate+ +Amerikkka's Most+, Amerikkka's burnt - it's like toast Like Jordan, I'm goin coast to coast Dribblin the funk here comes the nigga with the motherfuckin monster dunk, get off me punk! 'Jordan.. watch Jordan, aiyyo yo watch Jordan .. YES!' 'You better eat your Wheaties' [M.J.] 'Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots' [Brother J] [Cube] Yeah, yeah.. 'But when will they shoot' 'Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots' [Brother J] [Cube] Yeah, yeah.. 'But when will they shoot' [Ice Cube] Darryl Gates got the studio surrounded Cause he don't like the niggaz that I'm down with Motherfucker wanna do us Cause I like Nat, Huey, Malcolm, and Louis Most got done by a black man's bullet Give a trigger to a nigga and watch him pull it Negro assass-in I'ma dig a ditch, bitch, and throw yo' ass in When they shoot, no, it won't be a cracker They use somebody much blacker What I do I called up the Geto Boy(s) crew Cause +My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me+ too Never died, surround my crib and F.O.I. makin sure nobody creep when I sleep Keep a 9 millimeter in my Jeep - PEEP! When I roll, I gots to roll deep Ain't goin out cheap Met the MADD Circle on Cypress Hill cause it's so steep They'll never get me, they'll never hit me Motherfuck that shit J-Dee Now I'm relaxed Grab the St. Ide's brew so I can max Sittin by the window cause it's so fuckin hot and then I heard a shot - boom.

Trife Livin'

TURK "Young & Thuggin'"
Trife, trife, look, look... [Verse 1 - Turk] I been through it all dawg From killin, to hustlin, to set it off dawg On the block like it's legal gettin my grind on When it's hot I'm duckin them people with my fire arm Look I be straight thuggin Tha block is where I'm from niggas head bustin' I told the chopper where the drumb play with me and I'm bumpin' Dawg, you don't want none of this trouble Dawg, I shot you when you can't get fixed cousin I'm Trife Livin, and the only thing I know is the block How to go get it, when I need it, and a run in your shop Think I'm not Look you could be ass if you want Cock the glocked, throw you dog ass in the truck I plays it raw Cause ain't no rules to this shit dawg Soon as it hit dark, that's when I do you in fall I'ma guerilla, untamed one at that From TC to wilder willow is where the real niggas head [Chorus] I'm trife livin only thing I know is tha block How to get it, when I need it, and a run your shop I'm trife livin for all y'all niggas that think that I'm notYou could be run up if you want, and I betcha ya get shoot Whatever it took to survive I was down with it - [2X] Even though if it meant to do or die, I was still with it Doing bad I'm sick and tired, so I got to get it If you got it you better hide cause I'm gonna get it [Verse 2 - Turk] Why you hustlin I'm scopin' you any move that you make Look here you slip one time, give tha dope, coke and yay I don't play I know I look into somebody face But I'm solo down I got ten under my weist No trace, no case I do my dirt by myself Round get erased You get down bad with me round I'ma spray you down like a roach in tha project Either get it in your dome, your back, or your chest If your not from uptown don't come around My set if you do get chooped down Nigga I put that on my first son I'm trife livin disrespect me, cuzen you done [Chorus] I'm trife livin only thing I know is tha block How to get it, when I need it, and a run your shop Im trife livin for all y'all niggas that think that I'm not You could be run up if you want, and I betcha ya get shoot Whatever it took to survive I was down with it Even though if it meant to die, I was still with it, still with it [Verse 3 - Turk] All the house I sold out Got kick in and bought it up Now I'm getting my grind on out tha project cuts Ain't nothin gonna stop me for doing my thang Fuck sarge and his boys I'ma do my thang Young and Thuggin I live wild and fall, man Bout head bustin', look here at any time, man Nigga like me will never do bad, nigga Long as they got a gat and a ski mask Look here I go get me a nigga quick Duck tape him and bring his ass straight to the bricks Tell his folks that I want about a half fam If they don't come with it look, send his head to 'em That's how I play it, homes I don't give a fuck about no nigga Who ever could get fucked I play for keeps and tha streets fall Trife livin and that three it's how I live, fall [Chorus] I'm trife livin only thing I know is tha block How to get it, when I need it, and a run your shop Im trife livin for all y'all niggas that think that I'm not You could be run up if you want, and I betcha you get shoot Whatever it took to survive I was down with it Even if it meant to die, I was still with it Doing bad I'm sick and tired, so I got to get it If you got it you better hide cause I'm gonna get it Cause I'm trife livin' only thing I know is tha block How to get it, when I need it, and a run your shop I'm trife livin for all y'all niggas that think that I'm not You could be run up if you want, and I betcha you get shoot Whatever it took to survive I was down with it

Jealous Again

Kane Abel "The 7 Sins"
featuring Master P Mia X (Master P talking) haha Mr MR Rogers of the neighborhood should I say that nigga that's uuuuggghhhh bout it bout it I'm rowdy rowdy I'm rowdy nigga The mothafucking Ice Cream Man in this bitch Master P in here with my girl Mia X We bout to lay down some shit once again for ya'll motherfuckers We bout to lay down some rules And we got these 2 little niggas that don't give a fuck about none of ya -Ready to blast on ya bitches -With this gangsta shit -watch your back nigga, my little niggas Kane Abel -some of ya'll know them as double vision -but ya better realize once again its on -TRU niggas in this bitch, we ain't taking no shit for the 9 scrilla -Its all about smoking blunts, blowing on that swishy sweet -Notice I said swishy sweet nigga -When I do these fucking 187's, murder -Down south in the mothafucking swamp, we down there hustling bitch -Rolling on triple gold -But niggas don't give a fuck about none of ya niggas -That ain't real, that ain't true to the motherfucking gizzame -But ya niggas that's bout it bout it and all ya real niggas out there -Ya'll gone feel this shit cause it don't get no realer than this -Once again its on nigga (Kane Abel) Introducing the mafioso of New Orleans Kane Abel balling My gangsta shit sell like Air Jordan Ain't that a bitch, straight out the parrish whipping ass like Tyson Gun fighting slanging ice and fucking hoes like Peabo Bryson Latinos counting cinos I murder Al Pacino What these bitches boosting up shut them down like casinos Getting murderous like the Menendez brothers Dumb mothafuckas banging these hoes without no rubbers And busters hate me like some bump weed Cause babies dropping out they old ladies looking like me Sporting Tommy's and Polos weed blows out my nose Never sweating in my good clothes behind these fucking hoes Who run this Master P, KLC slanging birds So stop stunting dog bitch calm your nerves Born a crack baby grew up to be a g Whip that ass like I had a badge from NOPD Like a second line gangsta niggas with 9's follow me MC approaches I bury those cockroaches Buck buck I got you fucked up like angel dust In gacks we trust cause niggas bleed just like us (Chorus) Its time to get the gack again Cause pussy ass niggas getting jealous again, again Its time to get strapped again Because them nappy head hoes getting jealous again, again (Mia X) I got that fucking regulator busting lyrical rhymes at all you playa haters Fade ya made ya bow down to this slayer Lady alligator still wetting up your earhole With harmonizing gun blows still stomping out the NO Hoes talk that shit but clear the way Because they know I'm getting richer and bagging chips so call me Ms Fri-O-Lay Mia X gots to flex and leave them hanging diamond rocks ?? be banging my name is reighning I'm slanging this with No Limit So you can talk that shit you raunchy bitch but just remember Who finish, me running with these look alike niggas The bad girl behind the trigger getting wreck its the 9 sister (Kane) Rolling 4 deep strapped in the black Montero Shorting bright like Alfonso Ribiero but bitch I'm ghetto Give me no heroin baby roll blunt after blunt Fuck around and roll a thousand swishes in one month You buster ass niggas I ain't scared of death Had a dream I got stressed and blew up your whole project Ask Mia X got bookoo checks I'm like them got to get them papers like them crackers in them skyscrapers Hitting switches avoiding bitches and them playa haters And its time to get strapped again Kane Abel got the gack and we back again (Chorus) (Abel) Take away them chains and pain What remains ?? the king keep a 9 in his grave I seen so many soldiers I swore it was Beirut Them gang signs salute, clack clack they shoot The south coast you bleed if you wanna succeed And I can have your fucking head in my lap for 10 g's And you can ask the governor's name its nigga please And even out in Cali Sam Sneed recognize me Take it to the streets cause that's where I'm from And niggas with gold teeth no I ain't the one Niggas give me what you got I ain't got a fucking thing And back in 91 I jack bitches for medallion earrings So crappy headed nappy headed hoes get back Cause its a 10 to 1 chance that you might get smacked Bitch

Let Me See Your Hands

SHYNE "Shyne"
Let Me See Your Hands [Shyne] Let's go Shyne, pro, bust pipes get right Bang, stop, roll head throw the dice White Air Force Ones, monies in rubber bands America's number one dope man Racin through the city with Uncle Paul and Diddy Hennesey frontin, lookin brock and gritty Tryin to meet somethin, so I can skeeet somethin Five with it, slide with it, P hit it, I hit it What's it all about? Servin yea every day We roll, send a foe mix those and bulletholes Livin in vein, ice flowin through my veins I'm light in the change, 'til they put it in my brain Bulletproof sedans, rich bitches throwin me kisses, takin my pictures License to kill, I ain't with a lot of talkin Try conversatin from the coffin [Chorus 4X: Shyne] All my niggaz wildin, let me see your hands (WHOA-O-OH-OHH) All my bitches stylin, let me see your hands (WHOA-O-OH-OHH) [Shyne] Just tossed the bail so now I'm free Bout to get in the kitchen to cook a key Who you know that could double up like me? The hottest nigga up in N-Y-C I'm that nigga comin through, doin what he does Rocks in his ears lookin like light bulbs Desert snubs, pierce your skull Criminal mindstate, I bring sale weight I just happen to rhyme great, pipelines and gates in fifty-nine states, raisin the rates Got my mind right, like Al Pacino and Nino I head to Capitol Hill to kidnap Janet Reno Monster flow, words droppin and shockin Gun cockin and poppin, somebody call Cochran Boats of coke at the port Import, export, have my bitches transport [Chorus] [Shyne] Get pussy in a bed full of dough, nose full of blow The feds is in town I gots to get low, uhh Pants saggin low, get at bitches like yo Hop in the truck bitch let's go No time to waste, nine in my waist, ready for war anytime anyplace, fuck it just another case One life to live and I'ma live (??) Gettin mine, bottom line, we'll be cuttin dimes or rhymes Cold hearts, shootouts and fast cars 'til I'm behind bars or in the graveyard Blast a foe for capital the master flow is masterful y'all vaginal Bling'n hard, bracelets to the necklace Lookin like effect (?) the flow is infectious Pocket fills, multi-million dollars deal Flip more bricks than Tetris, what you feel? [Chorus] [Chorus] .. [Chorus] [Chorus] {*fading to end*}

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