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JAY ELECTRONICA lyrics - The Jay Electronica Project


Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Swizz Beatz] Y'all ready for this? I need y'all to put your lighters up like this [Verse 1: Game] Guess who in the building, send New York a fax Tell 'em I'm rollin' chronic up with Jay Electronica Tell 'em it's (Game time!), yeah let 'em know son I’ve been swiss cheesing beats since ‘01 I put the Range in the Rov, the 6 in the hundred Stay blunted nigga I gets money You niggas just spittin' to get cars and cop cribs Can I live? Drive that bullshit off a bridge With a Jesus piece under my polo Entourage, never that, now I ride solo Roll up backwoods and smoke with finesse, yes! I said a prayer then I took off my vest Now I’m walking with disciples, fully-loaded rifles Back on the top like I’m sittin' on the Eiffel Tower I devour MC’s I’m dope aka a hundred keys [Hook: Swizz Beatz] Put ya drinks in the air and get Higher, higher, higher, higher Put ya drinks in the air and get Higher, higher, higher, higher Game and Swizz in here we get Higher, higher, higher, higher Put your hands in the air and get Higher, higher, higher, higher [Verse 2: Jay Electronica] Nas already told you The rap game is like the crack game, cut throat You got to pull your own weight nigga, tug-boat I’m out West now bangin' with the Game and them California top shelf kush to the cranium One love, one blood, the legend is real Word to @Iamdiddy, the President Seal Has been stamped and approved We rock every crowd, you get trampled and booed It's the phantom of the chakra, slum dog opera Rap Radar, Nah Right, Okayplayer mosh up Everything was all good just a week ago What happened to your clique, nigga, where your people go? I got a message for you homie, let your people know We got the game locked down from Inglewood to Tupelo Jay ElecYarmulke and Westside Red Breaking bread like black kings, fuck what you said [Hook x2]

Fat Gold Chain

Def Squad "Def Squad Presents Erick Onasi"
[Erick Onasis] Whoo! Uhh, ah ah, ayahhh, ahh ahh ahh And you don't stop, ahh ahh, word is bond, word is bond Now introducin the sound from the ghetto E Double and Too $hort, what the fuck you thought? I come with the ruckus, It's My Thing when I swing I'm Born to Mack, always strapped, with the black gat Who out there I swear boy wanna get touched Roll up, and catch a slug to the chest, so DUCK I talk the talk, walk the walk, now nigga Five hundred S drivin with hand on trigger Crazy Lestat, check my track record Everything I touch is gold since eighteen years old So what that mean? I rolled the blunt and puff the indo smoke in it, I trip in a minute Crazy holy doctor holdin me cuz I be rockin B Sewin up like Monopoly, nobody's stoppin me Dig it, Funkdafied like Brat, how's that? I stick and move on tracks while I smoke a twenty sack Who said the E can't rock? That's bullshit Suck my dick and get a big fat lick of my balls You wanna brawl? Punk I thought not You might get beat down and stomped like Sasquatch Your girl, like Keith Sweat, I wanna fuck her Psych, I already stuck her Huh, I got rhymes to make your whole head swell up Here's an icepack - homeboy shut the hell up I rock the mic with Too $hort, y'all niggaz know what's happenin Everything he touch goes platinum Eyeeaaaah! [Too $hort] I made a half a million in a week And every nigga on the street got a tape playin me You can't believe it? Erick Sermon, rollin with $hort Rolled from California all the way to New York in big Benzes, G hooked it up Now we trying to squash all that East/West stuff We spent years in the studio makin funky tracks Signed a bunch of niggaz with some tight ass raps It's like Father Dom, it's like Keith Murray Makin millionaires but it ain't no hurry cause we all in it for the long run I won't leave the studio until a song's done And ain't nuthin really hard about gettin my cash A big fat house with a million stashed You other niggaz got this rap game distorted Givin DAT's to the label, straight gettin shorted Claim you gettin paid, but I can't tell You keep rappin in my ear and got me mad as hell You talk a good game but I don't believe in you You smoked a lotta blunts but I got mo' weed than you I guess I see you on the charts in the meanwhile Another face in the crowd bustin freestyles Wishin you could be in the light Promoters pay me ten G's just to breathe on the mic Bitch! $hort Dawg puttin it down with the E Double [Erick Onasis] Shhhhh! You remind me of my fat gold chain Some of y'all are just small change Be a boss with true true game Yeah yeah Dig this y'all, my Music is Dangerous Atomic Dog, coming through the smog with $hort Dawg Ahhh! Quick with the trig Jack be nimble I shoot like G Mob goes liftin through my window Chik chik pow! How you like me now? The man in the mirror it don't get no clearer $hort Dawg, the E Double, and Breed we roll thick Like girls in C.A.U. with the good power-U Owww! Money is the key to fame So I can live it up with the girls on Soul Train The impact, major league dough like Dave Justice Yo Breed, $hort Dawg, show em how we bust this [Too $hort] Like some true pioneers, don't forget it some nigga


Genius "Liquid Swords"
Intro: RZA Lot of people, you know what I'm sayin, they be gettin misinformed thinkin everything is everything, that you could just get yourself a little deal, whatever, youknowhatI'msayin you gonna get on you gonna get rich. And all these labels be trying to lure us in like spiders, into the web, knowhatI'msaying. So sometimes people gotta come out and speak up, and let people understand, that you know you gotta read the label you gotta read the label if you don't read the label you might get poisoned... Lyrics: Genius TOMMY ain't my motherfuckin' BOY When he fake moves on a nigga you employ Well I'll EMIRGE off ya set, now ya know God damn I show LIVIN LARGE niggaz how to flip a DEF JAM And RUFF up the motherfuckin' HOUSE Cause I smother you COLD CHILLIN' mother fuckers are still WARNER BROTHERS I'm RUTHLESS my clan don't have to act wild That shit is JIVE, an old SLEEPING BAG/PROFILE This soft comedian rap shit ain't the rough witty On the reel to reel it wasn't from a TUFF CITY Niggas be game, thinking that they lyrical surgeons They know their mics are formed at VIRGIN And if you ain't boned a mic you couldn't hurt a bee That's like going to Venus driving a MERCURY The CAPITOL of this rugged slang, is WU-TANG Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game I DEATH ROW an MC with mic cables The EPIC is at a RUSH ASSOCIATED LABELS From EASTWEST to ATCO, I bring it to a NEXT PLATEAU But I keep it phat though Yo, I'm hittin' batters up with the WILD PITCH style I even show an UPTOWN/MCA style Who thought he saw me on 4TH BROADWAY But I was out on the ISLAND, bombing MC's all day My PRIORITY is that I'm FIRST PRIORITY I bone the secret out a bitch in a sorority So look out for A M, the abbot and the master Breakin' down your PENDULUM As I fiend MC's out with a blow that'll numb the a-ppendix, I'm holdin more more weight than COLUMBIA Index INTERSCOPE, we RCA. clan That's comin' with a plan to free a slave of a mental death MC don't panic Throw that A R nigga off the boat in the ATLANTIC Now who's the BAD BOY character, not from ARISTA But firin' weapons released on GEFFEN So duck as I struck with the soul of MOTOWN While CENTRAL BROADCASTING SYSTEMS are slowed down You're Dirty, like that Bastard It's gettin drastic Read the label and say it loud Another Wu banger Thirty-six chambers, to your area Yeah, the RZA, phat tracks on a disc Rza razor rza razor sharp Another Wu-Tang production kid, comin at ya

He's Not Real

FAT JOE "Jealous Ones Still Envy"
(feat. Prospect, Remi Martin) Uh! Bringin It Back To The BX! Wit my nigga Fat Joe, long side my nigga Prospect Holdin the BX down Bronx Burrough....Terror Sqaud [Verse 1-Fat Joe] Yo, everybody talkin gats, really don't pack em 98% of these rapper's is all actor's Stay frontin, like you wild and'll spray somethin Come to find out, you ain't never slanged nothin Think it's the game, gon lose the sport I seen dude's get bruised through fort Then choose the court, a new's report They just pursed the court If you even think of bustin, they ass'll sooth your thoughts A damn shame, I'm from the streets where it's fair game Nigga's will ift you off your feet wit the Can-yan Three in the chest and one in the part For disrespect you, get left right in front of ya moms Joe is the Don, you clean, then show me your arm's For these track's, I'ma fiend like a soldier in 'Nam Only the Bronx will blow your ass outta ya Lugz Fuck love, here we believe in nothin but slugs [Chrous-Prospect&Fat Joe] [Prospect] Always you see him in the club frontin wit the ice grill.... [Fat Joe] Be like, he's alright, but he's not real [Prospect] Actin like he got a money, cause he never hold steel..... [Fat Joe] Be like, he's alright, but he's not real [Prospect] Always see him wit bodyguards around like he kill [Fat Joe] Be like, he's alright, but he's not real [Prospect] So if the feds after indictment's, we know he gon squeal.... [Fat Joe] Be like, he's alright, but he's not real [Verse 2-Prospect] Yo, I squeeze of gats and spit facts when I breath on tracks Got that hot shit, that make you ease on back I'll make you leave the game like Ma$e, and get ya name erased Walk threw from place to place, and change the chase I'm givin him terror, for the new millenium era Automatic Semi's wit the fully clip and the leather Poppin champagne like we celebrating whatever Switch to the chin, shoot top, hair and a feather Versatile, walking threw the aisle, hurtin the crowd Even got the god in the cloud, observing this style He love the way I do this, leavin nigga's clueless It's Prospect, it's off wit ya head, you should've knew this My twin, cock and squeeze, we stoppin G's You better follow up, these nigga's can't rock wit these Straight up, I speak life threw the mic though Sprayin the town, and layin it down like whoa! [Chrous-Prospect,Fat Joe&Remi Martin] [Prospect] Always see him in the club, frontin wit the ice grill.... [Fat Joe] Be like, he's alright, but he's not real [Prospect] Actin like he got a honey, cause he never hold steel... [Fat Joe] Be like, he's alright, but he's not real [Prospect] Always see him wit bodyguards around like he kill [Fat Joe] He's alright, but he's not real [Prospect] So if the feds after indictment, you know he gon sqeaul.... [Remi Martin] Be like, she's alright, but she's not real [Verse 3-Fat Joe] Yo, ayo I'm lookin for the perfect mami to ride wit me Only wear she like to rock is 560 Swear to her mom's if it's on, she'll die wit me Puff blunts, like to get high just like Whitney Thug type, 'Set It Off', like Jada And this chick go both ways, don't hate her Back in the block, they use to try to play her Till the Don out her to the qualities much greater Net Worth, put the tool in the skirt Which you fools know about gettin head in reverse About, clockin grips, and coppin whips You muthafucker's stay frontin, stop poppin shit Let's not forget, who be gettin robbed wit the choker Man, I'm still rockin my same chains from 'Flow Joe' And you know Joe stay wit tha mack You hatin the fact, you can't do nathan to crack YA HEARD!!! [Chorus Till Fade] [Intro to Prodigy's 'Keep It Thoro'] 'Oh y'all nigga's killa's now'


[Busta Rhymes] Aiyyo Kardinal! [Kardinal Offishall] Yes rudeboy? [Busta Rhymes] Talk to the people then, please! [Kardinal Offishall] Put some fire on this one [Intro: Kardinal Offishall & Busta Rhymes] Yeah yeah you know Circle Clique up in the place you know Kardinal Offishall in the place you know Busta Bust in the place you know Flipmode Squad in the place you know The whole T-Dot in the place you know New York in the place you know Get yo ass up [Kardinal Offishall] It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine Now you can catch me and my niggaz in the limousine An eight-seater, rollin' ten niggaz deep With five chicks and niggaz in the back in the Jeep Cruisin' the streets, word, get down, to the beat You don't stop til them niggaz lick shots At the dance with a new dance, this is how we rock When we drop, showin' y'all that we just can't stop Yes, from the T-Dot, nigga We don't say "You know what I'm sayin'?" We say "Man, the shots sprayin'" For the niggaz in the back (Clap, clap) See me with the new rap attack, in fact It's like that, at all times when I rhyme good Rep every hood, North ??? to the wood Then back to the streets and adapt, we maintain I maim whack cats standin' at a close range Tryin' to show y'all people that it ain't a game And it's all love, if you check what I'm sayin' Now what I'm sayin' is it's on tonight My niggaz (Rock BaKardi) let me see what you like [Hook: Kardinal Offishall] My niggaz in the back show love Straight from the man up above People gettin' down in the streets Middle finger, plus a nigga makes beats Gangstas, keepin' a tool at the waist No more gun shots in the place Cause niggaz lickin' shots when the mic gets hot And my people rub a dub to the bass [Busta Rhymes] (Flipmode!) Straight up, I hit up and shoot on the block Get up and grip on the spot Whip up and pick up a Glock, I make the blood spill up Spit up and pick up a shot Drip of it stick to your socks, bitch Take a trip, controllin' the strip on your block, bitch See I ain't finished stickin' the dick in your crotch, bitch Now sit and watch, bitch Another notch, you turnin' my shit up and rock A little too eager to drop (C'mon, what!) So, let's do it a bit quicker and split up your knot A short circuit, like an electrical shock So say it to shepherd niggaz, so say it to flock (C'mon!) Before I send a bitch to go take what you got Actin' like he didn't know the bitch, then you must have forgot, bitch Rip up a nigga, stick up and kick up a nigga It could be a million dudes, go rally your clique up my nigga (C'mon!) Before we make you want to go ditch on your niggaz Switch on them niggaz, before we bring the bitch out of you niggaz [Hook: Kardinal Offishall] [Kardinal Offishall (Busta Rhymes)] Yo, yo, last letter in the episode (Let me see who to ??? from those who don't know) Put your right foot in (Now wait, step back) Repeat with the left and add the (Clap, clap) How we move makin', too much at stake in The rap game these days, we got (Itchy man) trigger finger look A little itchy man, while I stay Ichiban Tryin' to get money man Y'all stay funny man, I'm a lesbian Only like women, dun'know that's the master plan Stan, why you tryin' to look like me? (You best stay home chillin' out with your wifey) This thing here's for the strong at heart, and the strong of the mind We need warriors, not your kind Trust me dude (Don't mean to be rude But I'll eat the food) Kardinal stamped it, double octave Rappin' like a bull on the mic, never dropped it If it ain't Timbs, then I'm rockin' some Nikes Party people tell me what you like please [Hook x2: Kardinal Offishall]

Young, Rich And Dangerous

KRIS KROSS "Young, Rich & Dangerous"
[Mac Daddy] I was thirteen, first on the block, makin' niggas jock Cuz before me you never saw a shorty rock (rock) My life did a three-sixty Girls that didn't like me in class all of a sudden wanna fix me (Uhh) I went from wakin' up early catchin' a bus To wakin' up late sittin' in something more plush Now no longer am I in a class full of kids I got a one on one, thought I was a day at the crib Everyday was different I didn't quit (didn't quit) I got four twenty-S and didn't have a permit Now I was (Rich as I was rich) I had whatever would please me A Benz, half a million dollar house easy (And who loud) I got the top of the world, brauds makin' house calls Doin' things to me you would'nt believe, y'all Cuz I'm this, I'm that, I'm steady shaking the spot In the position where I can't be stopped (I'm) Young (Young), Rich (Rich), Dangerous (I hear voices sayin') The world is yours, nigga, get it now Get in the game, do yo' thing and don't stop until it's locked down Young (Young), Rich (Rich), Dangerous (I hear voices sayin') The world is yours, nigga, get it now Get in the game, do yo' thing and don't stop until it's locked down [Daddy Mac] (Well I'm) Sittin' on top of the world Goin' from coast to coast Plushed out pre-votes doin' more than most... Niggas do in their own lifetime See, since I was twelve a little shorty I've been gettin' mine Not halfway, almost there in between I'm talkin' 'bout this little nigga gettin' cream Fulfillin' dreams, makin' a name for myself Steady doin' things, learning the game gettin' wealth I went from sittin' in the front to riding in the rear (yeah) I got a five-bedroom yacht sittin' in Lake Le Neer That's where, me and my crew discuss Different ways for us to maintain in this game And keep on kickin' up dust Sold out shows, magazine covers (lock down) Makin' it easier for other little shorties to rock now It's like this (uh-huh), that's how it be (say what) You can't predict the future without mentioning me (Cuz I'm) Young (Young), Rich (Rich), Dangerous (I hear voices sayin') The world is yours, nigga, get it now Get in the game, do yo' thing and don't stop until it's locked down Young (Young), Rich (Rich), Dangerous (I hear voices sayin') The world is yours, nigga, get it now Get in the game, do yo' thing and don't stop until it's locked down [Daddy Mac & Mac Daddy] Now my first name is Chris...A.K.A....Lenny ...with plenty A millionaire before I reach the age of twenty I'm surround by a crew of niggas livin' the same Young (young) rich and dangerous and wear anything Earrings, rings, watches full of ice, hell-a-merchandise Hellicopter flights to little places called "Paradise" Where I'm srrounded by three or four women Poolside drinkin' them drinks with the umbrella in 'em I got the money and the power livin' it grand In this position I could hold the whole world in my hands Shot callin', big ballin', deal makin' I'm wanted For then they think this is nigga here I got it all in I'm just gettin' started and I'm deep like this Oh, I'm destined to be the next Berry Gordy of this business Cuz I'm this, I'm that, I'm steady shaking the spot In the position where I can't be stopped (I'm) [Big Rube] Young enough to make mistakes Exposed to all forms of good and bad, The choices of many are the right choices of few, Rich enough to make mistakes in a catastrophe It won't stop wit dollars. I'm known by millions, Rich with knowledge and that power is dangerous, That's where your fear starts, You tryin' to come froom your poacket instead of your heart. True youths come from within, The only rich man is the one who knows the true value of life and death, danger is present when countenance is absent. Let your mind be the key to unlocking the beauty in your heart and Godliness in your soul, Live in it or rest in it, I'm gone Young (Young), Rich (Rich), Dangerous (I hear voices sayin') The world is yours, nigga, get it now Get in the game, do yo' thing and don't stop until it's locked down Young (Young), Rich (Rich), Dangerous (I hear voices sayin') The world is yours, nigga, get it now Get in the game, do yo' thing and don't stop until it's locked down [Jail cell doors]

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