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JAY ELECTRONICA lyrics - The Jay Electronica Project

Because He Broke The Rules

Original and similar lyrics
[Grandpa Joe:] Wh-When does he get it? [Willy Wonka:] He doesn't [Grandpa Joe:] Why not? [Willy Wonka:] Because he broke the rules [Grandpa Joe:] What rules? We didn't see any rules, did we, Charlie? [Charlie shakes his head briefly] [Willy Wonka: springs up from his chair, angrily] Wrong, sir! Wrong! Under section 37B of the contract signed by him, it states quite clearly that all offers shall become null and void if - and you can read it for yourself in this photostatic copy: [grabs a magnifying glass and reads] [Willy Wonka:] I, the undersigned, shall forfeit all rights, privileges, and licenses herein and herein contained, et cetera, et cetera... Fax mentis incendium gloria cultum, et cetera, et cetera... Memo bis punitor delicatum! [slams the contract copy and the magnifying glass down, continues shouting] [Willy Wonka:] It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal! You stole fizzy lifting drinks! You bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sterilized, so you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir! The handling of a heart's a very delicate art cause it's paper thin One irrelevant thought that started out as a spark could be a poisonous dart That leaves a permanent mark, that's ice cold in the day and burns in the dark And makes you never wanna see her face again Tee-hee, what a place I'm in Lead me to the station A one-way ticket, don't look back One cold tear that froze and cracked A whole lot of pain I'm holdin' back Chav said, "Eff that, roll the sack" I said, "If my skull was cracked And blood ran out to the cul-de-sac That could not match me where I'm at" My memories flash me there and back Yup there goes me right there in black Holdin' hands, not starin' back She starts cryin' I start denying, it's my fault And I'm aware of that Man, in hindsight signs be glarin' back Where's the map to show you where you're at? I can hear the crowd yelling, I can smell the tire smoke I can hear the starter pistol where's the track? Ring no answer came home late Jane told Dick she had a date But they was just chillin' and at that moment The right brain says to the left just kill em Make the headlines, make the front page Wild out in the court house man thrill 'em They'll say, "The boy dead wrong," but I feel him

Hellbound (H&H Remix)

EMINEM "The Eminem Show"
(feat. J-Black, Masta Ase) [Announcer] Welcome back, to the stage of history [Eminem] Yo.. Slim Shady! Yo.. I'll fuckin.. I'll.. I'll puke, eat it, and freak you (eww) Battle I'm too weeded to speak to The only key that I see to defeat you would be for me to remove these two Adidas and beat you and force feed you 'em both, and on each feet is a cleat shoe I'll lift you off your feet so fast with a roundhouse you'll think I pulled the fuckin ground out from underneath you (Bitch!) I ain't no fuckin G, I'm a cannibal I ain't tryin to shoot you, I'm tryin to chop you into pieces and eat you Wrap you in rope and plastic, stab you with broken glass and have you with open gashes strapped to a soakin mattress Coke and acid, black magic, cloaks and daggers (ahhh!) Fuck the planet, until it spins on a broken axis I'm so bananas I'm showin up to your open casket to fill it full of explosive gasses and close it back with a lit match in it while I sit back and just hope it catches Blow you to fragments Laugh, roll you and smoke the ashes [Chorus: J-Black (repeat 2X)] I see the light at the end But every time I take a step, it gets dim Tell me is this hell we're livin in If so, heaven's got to be better But if we're hellbound, whatever, let's go down [J-Black] Am I the worst Because I, never go to church (never) I run a red light then sideswipe a hearse I'ma drink 'til my liver rot, see the doc Leave the E.R., then hit a bar for a liquor shot, 'til the liver spot One day we all gon' die But when I die, I'ma be so high that I'ma get up and walk, leavin the concrete bare with the chalk outline still there I smoke 'til I choke and I sex a lot I got a cross on my chain but it's just a rock Now if I pray everynight (night) Do I still have to hold my trey very tight You feel me God I done did so much shit while on Earth I smoke, I drink, I curse, and to make matters worse I bust my gun first, and then I chat with your corpse Since way back, I was one to never like back-talk See me at the pearly gates in line, wearin a Nordface Nickle nine at my waist, God done lost faith Angels greet me but I don't reply back Just show me to my quarters, and oh yeah, where's Thai at [Chorus 1/2] [Announcer] Maxie was seriously wounded but the soul still burns Final battle, fight! [Masta Ace] Analyze the strength of my game, like Lee Corso Call me a lost soul, with a vest on my torso And of course, yo, y'all know I'm no stranger to danger Like Christ in a manger, feel a whole range of my anger I breathe down shit so hard you can see sound And beat down these rap clowns in like three rounds My pen 'bout as sharp as a dagger, walk with a swagger Tie your wife to the back of a black Jag and I drag her Ten blocks, untie the bitch and I still bag her Give her a smack in the ass and a six pack of lager My shit go as deep and as dark as a train tunnel My flows spill like usin the wrong end of a funnel Everyday I grow more older, and more colder Fly you to Colorado, roll you over with a Boulder I know you want to retaliate but you won't dare Cause you fuckin with some niggaz like this who just don't care [Chorus] [J-Black] But every time I take a step, it gets dim.. Tell me is this hell we're livin in Haha.. [Announcer] Time's up! You lose!

No Alibi

Chorus: If you seen it or heard it,maybe probably I did it maybe or maybe not,I'll admit what I committed exhibit the truth because I'm living proof why I had no disguises,no verdicts,no alibis (Malik B) Look into my window,tell me what you see m-ill-i-tant school of philosophy when niggaz get dealt wit mental velocity connect my sentences and thoughts like apostrophes we represent hypocracy,it ain't no stopping me until I fulfill the term of my prophecy my attitude is scarred by this inner-city urban iller dolo stress on my brain just like a turban who get grazed by the bullet? triggers,who's quick to pull it? the anti-bullshitter,islamic extortioner you're the forfeiter unfortunately niggaz who wanna gyp me I cause humidity so come and get me I'm simply,the cat to lay back I chill and what you the silent ninja intends to injure,now I got you sanity was lost so now I'm found insane I'm seeking streets to jeeps hours,days,to weeks I even speak to geeks I hold my fortune,it's sweet I'm discreet in the streets,but that's just the way I play though I lay low,but over your head just like a halo hell's angel,these thoughts you cannot untangle when I drop jewels,niggaz they wear 'em like a bangel check it out one time for your mind like that chorus2x (Black Thought) Look into my window tell me what you see lieutenant university of philosophy while you not possibly escaping what I'm meditating my shackle of thought tackle you while I'm educating your dome's resonating from inhalation of darkness while I spark the smart shit from what you waiting since you waiting me at the top of the pile wild delaware file,pennsylvanian,sub-terranean style step up into my crevice and taste the medicine of the champagne king like evelyn leaving you leveled and sabotaged, it's all camaflouge like the devil and guns and coke peddling,olympic medaling flashback that of a war veteran,blast at the programmer bringing lashes 'cross your back on some accuracy of a brainwashed Bosnian troop that swooped down through your roof without sound on a lyrical Nat Turner mission,reacting off of intuition continuously alert,no intermission if your ears hurt,you shouldn't listen that means you artificial and my style'll poison your brain tissue your inanes are crippled once the gamma rays hit you my grains habitual and I should never go against the ritual I've been mastering ever since I was among the flavor youth,remain sharper than a saber tooth my deliverance is self-evidance vi-tal,lyri-cal science NOW!!! chorus2x (Black Thought) Who knows what you snorted or who support what you recorded but don't get it distorted,in this orbit you're aborted ????,shit's imported,exported styles,they get sported my paragraphs aortic behold the illest medely got you in the choke hold illadel epilouge,top league plus plush in Vogue slice tongues from your area code student of life with the rugged exterior mode blind a devil with the bold black and gold shine I walk the thin line and hold mine,let the people respond it's mind detect mind swine decline let the power refine build like it's 1999 in this day and time the reptillion rooms,the sextillion tons your armageddon gwan come from the sun untouchable cuts that's unclutchable for some to understand so y'all sit back and wonder damn I like to take this time to show you who I am original man,Black Thought,aka lieutenant Malik B'll be the m-ill-i-tant known to vanish in the atmosphere we up there like the stratos chorus

Turn Of The Screw

Angkor Wat
In between worlds of white and black Lies a world of gray Beneath the sour born showering down Its time on me A thin sharp slice of dime Pushed gently into my heart Time after time after time after time after time Standing vacant behind myself Looking through empty eyes Icy cold black fullness in my bowels Aching for release Splash upon the pavement For the consumption of humanity My soul, My humility Your only bread Something inborn in me that will not leave Standing vacant behind myself Looking through empty eyes And he was a betrayer he was you I became night with you We were empty We became full We were empty We became full Driving Wheel Black Diamond back 69 wire burns cosmos shoulder Red hot wire pierce smoot white boneholder Smoky cold shadows of those not there Cast upon cold stone wall Brocken down by Devil stare Driven beyond threshold of mortal dare Seminal fluid life-like man Driving the life of a dead white man Driving Driving Driving Teased in sublime defeat Feast upon horrid rancid spirit meat You dirt drive, septic seven thigh Shallow, yellow, stabbed nine high Sickly, evil, pathetically cracked black blind Eye.

Beneath The Howling Stars

CRADLE OF FILTH "Cruelty And The Beast"
Midwinter wrongs the rites of Spring Her spinal chill rakes the earth Whilst pensive souls at zero sing Woebetidings of rebirth Under cold stares of Mars maligned Near-suicides cross their hearts And unborns writhe in tepid brine For something wicked this way starts Beneath the howling stars Elizabeth, paragon of vice Watches the sun set pyres alight As Bane and Tyranny, Her Dobermans sleep Like spellbound paramours at Her feet A chatter of bells without Raise hellhounds, teeth on edge From sleighs hastened through snow lit red Guests espied from the garret ledge Great gloomy mirror tell Her face She will outblind them all That heavenly bodies would fall from grace To possess such a lustrous pall For beauty is always Cruel... For beauty is always... (Let destiny in chains commence... Damnation under Gods seeking recompense Enslaving to the whims of this mistress) As the dance ensued Elizabeth's mood Tempered by the craft of a vitreous moon In slick black iciness it grew To consume The wench Her tower tombed Tending to Her costume Bore the brunt of the storm When the needle askewed She has Her dogs maul the bitch's wrists through Restored to jaded bliss This evisceratrix Descended to the ball With painted blood upon Her lips Passing like a comet so white As to eclipse The waltz wound down, transfixed Devoid of all breath in the air Even Death paled to compare To the taint of Her splendour So rare and engendered 'Pon the awed throng gathered There... Beneath the howling stars She danced so macabre Men entranced divined from Her gait That this angel stepped from a pedestal Had won remission from fate By alighting to darker spheres Delighting in held sway For She was not unlike the Goddess To whom the wolves bayed Whilst envy glanced daggers From court maidens, arboured Who whispered in sects Of suspicions abroad That Elizabeth bewitched See how even now the whore casts Her spells upon the Black Count Whom Her reddened lips hold fast Tongue unto tongue Swept on tides without care For the harpies who rallied Their maledict glares A halo of ravens tousled Her hair Chandeliers a tiara For passions ensnared Phantasies sexed When their eyes, moonstruck met Their friction wore a way Through the sea of foreplay Lovers at first bite She an Eve tempted to lay Gasping at rafters Flesh pressed in ballet But caprice, honours leashed She absconded the feast To prowl wonderland Beasts in hand from the Keep Of Feudal dilemma Well mantled in furs Through cullis to watch Dogstars howl at the earth On this violent night Unholy night Winds lashed their limbs together As the ether vent its wintry spite She wished His kiss on Her frozen landscapes To excite the bleak advance From castle bowers Wherein small hours The Devil never came by chance A lone charm tied to Her inner thigh Sent lusts nova as hooves trod Cobbled streets where lowlives fleet Were flung to a wayward god Midwinter wrongs the rites of Spring Her spinal chill rakes the earth Whilst pensive souls at zero sing Woebetidings of rebirth Under cold stares of Mars maligned Near-suicides cross their hearts And unborns writhe in tepid brine For something wicked this way starts Beneath the howling stars Pounding upon the pauper ridge Earshot of a hunched beldame Elizabeth teased, would He dare to please Such elderly loins enflamed? To this He feigned a grim disdain Playing to Her slayful eye But the hag replied... This girl that chides Will soon be as plagued with age as I Her consort laughed a plume of icy breath For Elizabeth's grace could raise A flag of truce in burning heaven Or the dead from early graves Yet still She seethed This proud Snow Queen Embittered with the cursed retort And because He sought Her loves onslaught He gutted the crone for sport Soon in full moon fever they were wed Lycanthropic in the conjugal bed Littered with aphrodisiacs To tease dynastic union And beget them further maniacs Elizabeth Free reigned, now a Countess Outwielded and outwore Her title like a favoured dress Whilst Her errant Lord Whose seasons savoured war Stormed black to fell the infidel Her embers, tempered, roared.

Twice Inna Lifetime

BLACK STAR "Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star"
[Talib Kweli] Yo, we been through this before right? (Word, word...) So we figurin', if we gonna do it, we gotta freak it, y'know what I'm sayin? (True, true, true...) Cuz everything gotta go up from here, right? So Hi-Tek, turn it up a notch... [Jane Doe] Hail Mary, 'matta fact hail Jane Niggaz take my name in vain/vein like I was cocaine My affirmations kill emcees like assasination Bringin' you pain until you wish you had a vaccination Or vaccine, I shine like Vaseline Gas plays like petroleum, walk over them like linoleum My vocab expand like a rubber band Walkin' nekkid through the motherland, give the finger to my brotherman Niggaz just don't understand my reasons, I transcend like season And scar these rappers like legion It's treason, my suspension attract attention I'm ventin', givin' these chickenheads detention Did I mention my name, yo, go by the Jane Doe Drenched in Polo, chill downtown in Soho You don't know, this is just half my potential Check my credentials, come harder than sequential It's essential, you listen, I drive, you a pedestrian They bless me on the track cuz I attack wit' the estrogen Rhyme against the best a men, Jane burn it up When you hear it in the whip, tell your man to turn it up! [Wordsworth] Yo...get it...yo Yo, we fortified live, supportin' allies The wack is tryin' to shorten our lives, it sorta waters my eyes But here is some'n the cryin' talk about The verse on that cassette you and cousin fought about That led to God and Satan's fallin' out Encourage the liquor for those who ain't here that you pourin' out On 3-way, your parents, preacher and spouse called my house Revive or ruin, my theories of mics Sony or Aiwa, black or white, I fit in all stereotypes Search for a cast to plot, I make you a laughin' stock So shook, I could walk a half a block and feel the aftershocks Rain of acid drops, seek some help Now don't rewind, get it the first time, Shouldn't have to repeat myself Eternally verbally, I have numbers, succumb to time outs In rhyme bouts you'll dial 9, just to get a line out Known fact or factors and non-rappers fractured Results in more cast appearances than a hundred actors Emcees I'm testin' like diseases injected in gerbils Wordsworth, Kweli, Hi-Tek, Reflection Eternal..what... [Talib Kweli] My style high life like Fonz when I burn heads like a conk Cuz niggaz front, when their chances get slim like Pharoahe Monch Thinkin' they shits is heavy when they light like ilumination Intellectual masturbation with premature ejaculation I'm comin' cleaner than vaccinations My fascination with character assassination, Got these niggaz burnin' like sensation We keep it hot like matches and on lock like latches Wack emcees get they microphones snatched like Lee patches So YOU GO! To every wack muthafucka that you know (Scram...) My lyrics they get up in your genes/jeans like Parasucos So there's no mystery about the father, niggaz is hot and bothered Like the bitches that they are, takin' pictures with stars And got 'em open, but after they little hopes and dreams get broken Me and Hi-Tek, we live long and prosper like Vulcans Think I'm jokin'? We both got sons, we make cream and break dreams See through the fake schemes, wipin' your slate clean Like a squeegee, we be lightin' shit up like phosphorus Turnin' flamboyant niggaz anonymous, depressin' to optimus You stoppin' us is preposterous, like an androgenous masohganist You pickin' the wrong time, steppin' to me when I'm in my prime like Optimus Transformin', from rookie of the year to veteran Hip-hop is big business like Con Edison or medicine But fuck it, they gonna let us in, or else we rush the door I got to many reasons, save your 'whys' and 'what fors' CHORUS: [Kweli] This is twice inna lifetime so I'm lettin' you know (let 'em know, yo!) Blackstar, Wordsorth, Punchline and Jane Doe (yo!) [Mos] Lyrical com-pete and WE emcee We got the fortified five, exhibit level degree [Punchline] Check it... I keep dough in my pocket while you follow the false prophet Get deep like Islamics wrapped in a white garment I touch topics that try to open up your optics Vacate in the Tropics, you dodgin' bullets in the projects Cut the nonsense, I'm hotter than alot a men Start honorin', got more wifeys than Solomon Fuck the squad you in, a-yo we be the biddomb Regardless what I spit on, you worse with the tracks I shit on Once you get on, it's fair you can't trust (Yes!) Words Punch, make rappers march like the third month I build with friends, lyrically spit gems Call me diamond, cuz I'm your girl's best friend Emcees are born losers, alcoholic abusers I'll go on the radio and start a gay rumor And then I'll talk about how the crowd tried to boo ya Label shoot ya, stressed out with brain tumors My gat claps, 50% of the wack Take it back to real rap, Krylons wit' the fat cap Get robbed for your ASCAP, leave you inside Fortified live, reppin' NY 'til I die! [Mos Def] Black body radiation situation that we workin' wit' My verb exists enlisted by the bogeys campin' services The purpose is, make you go and purchase this, no nervousness We are, hot like black tar, Black Star with emergerence Superlative, you fabricated like the word absurditive I'm rockin this from here to where the purges live To Brooklyn where the merchants live Next door to the murderers And bourbon is a elder man's medicinal alternative My memory is furnished with, back streets to back seats to fat Jeeps Legendary athletes who play by the trash heap My crew wasn't that deep, but beef we didn't act sweet Treadin' on these stompin grounds you better catch some black feet Flashy, it was between DeKalb and Pulasky Off the meter like an out of borough taxi They run your pockets fastly, black and nasty, nappy and crafty And SWAT are either sittin' in Clinton or Kaksaki Man Rudolph can screw off! You too soft to stop us You and your coppers should see some foot doctors Got your burnt chest popped up, but keep your guns cocked up Cuz all them cats that you knocked up and always gon' be locked up Hide yaself like Donna Summer, another number one And comin' from the underground, this is how it's comin' down Baby let me run it down, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Jane Doe, Punch, Wor.. umm..E! Excuse me! Just ate another emcee! Sometimes that's just how it be Partner wash you down with green tea and some lime We like the five on the fist, fortified organized like DIS!

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