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Prelude To A Freestyle

Original and similar lyrics
I fell out the sky like baby Superman to a farm on kansas Now the world wanna see my story all on camera That's Magic Described by a Hater, That's tragic. Billy Shakespeare was in his grave doin backspins. The attractive power of every verse was so intense the ladies required napkins. The credits rolled: Below average seemed lavish, Garbage ass rappers With a goudy no class chain and a fitted turned backwards Black on black anti semite rap wazyap I'm out that nolia So niggas'll surely clap if I ask em Whip a nigga out his clothes from Freret to Jackson Nobody'll ever wonder or talk about what happened C'mon Son Who Better than us? Them? They ain't even figure out they own style yet man And every rhyme I ever spit out my face was spotless Any bitch I ever said strip to got topless Any click whoever said shit They got rocked So sugar Shane Mosley yo ass up out the cockpit We natural born fly guys Twist up yo Garcia vegas and toast to the wise guys We made it to the high rise Georgy and Weezy and Lionel and Jenny Kravitz Jigga and J. Cole Jay Electronica Magic Jeeeeesus Uprisings in Egypt The black Gods free up The Land erupt I hope one y'all is feelin me Some of ya'll gotta wait til the final act of the trilogy to get it Oh I get it Niggas wanna hear spit it But I never take shots Without establishing pivots Itsy bitsy spider climbing up the water sprout Moses with his ra hit the staff and got the water out Powerful parables I learned from the lips of my uncle Charles comin outta the VA like Clipse Now there's a whole wealth to dig thru But yo shit it's too shallow for me to dig you Feel me Man these wack niggas kill me The wordplay was sweet but the rhymes don't thrill me You lose Quit believing in the news The Asiatic Blackman conveniently rude Sincerely yours The Most Global

Lay Your Ass Down

CHORUS I don't know what you been thinking Don't know what you been drinking But you get out of line boy I'll lay your ass down 50 CENT I been ???? in LA with Dre and Snoop for so long I'm finna crip walk and put some mother fuckin khakis on Nah that iight man I ain't got nuttin to prove I'm rich but I still live like I got nuttin to lose Look man I don't know what you been drinkin' I don't know what you been thinkin' But you get out line and ??? hit you upside the head Media they right whatever they choose The cops stay on my ass so I stay on the news These other rap niggas couldn't walk in my shoes Went through a bunch of bullshit while I was payin my dues They say my music make a gangster want to pop something Well tell them niggas they could pop this and stop frontin' You heard a nigga do you know how I get down Stay with my vest on and roll with a couple of tre pounds In case you mother fuckers want to jump bad now Start some bullshit and imma lay punk ass down YOUNG BUCK Hating niggas from long range for writing the wrong thangs My name Young Buck but I look like an old man Just cause I like ice don't compare me to Lil Wayne I make rap niggas disappear like lil thangs See Buck been shot but not more than 50 I don't dance but I look like signing with Diddy I got plans, grenades, and the G-Unit with me No commands we spray, give a fuck who we hittin Bustin my hand I pay em about 160 Hollow tips, four fifth with the rupper grips Crips and Bloods they show me love like I'm claiming the set These industry niggas know they better pay me my check I get a kick outta seeing these broke ass rappers Ten people showed up that's why your show got cancelled 50 whatever they did to kid is handled Niggas callin 4 these features but they get no answer Fuck yall niggaz! LLOYD BANKS Bitches know it's a privilege If I stop to check her Niggas all I got is hot shit the kids call me Dr Pepper And I don't mean the soda The sixteen top shot loada I'll bend ya ass up like yoga You fuckin with a soulja Selling tickets for a first class trip to a hospital folda So please keep talking so we could spread your feet Have you on your boulevard C walking The birds keep hawking Why? Cause im hurtin every CD I'm walking from DC to Boston I laugh at a snotty chick bitch I don't argue I'll leave a print on your ass Imma karate kid The niggas that I be with got guns On the big body tip and if they pull out You guarding and shit You got me in a heavy gray picture Plus I light up trees like everyday is Christmas

125 Part 2 (Fresh Air)

JOELL ORTIZ "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles"
[Intro: Joell Ortiz] Yooo-wah! It's the boy Joell Ortiz Yo man, we at a half a brick now! Y'all know the work is fire HE COPIED IT from me! [Joell Ortiz:] Wake up wake up, the verse is here Mailman hurry up, ain't no food up in here We live check to check, the projects steps is wet with piss Elevator broke, come fix this shit Mischievous kids steal chips outta the corner store Find stick, walk through the hood, with a 4-by-4 Eviction letters on your door when your rent late You riffin like your welfare was supposed to have set cake We turn the johnny pump up until the wrench break It ain't safe, you walk by and get a drenched face Every other month you sobbin at a friend's wake Lightin candies in front of the buildin with Henn' straight Chinese food is a gourmet meal That General Tso's chicken is always real Elders call the cops cause the hallways filled With weed smoke, so when we see Deebo we peel Deep throat is I'll from a true bird So like two-thirds of the time we climb up to the roof, word Devil beat's still alive You can't park your car anywhere, for them rims they'll steal your ride Your whole vehicle gone by the time you realize Somebody flossin quite often at the other side of Brooklyn Raise your hand if you spend a night in the book and Bet you I see more arms than Saddam and his Muslims It's cocaine cookin in the pot; smell the fumes? The finished product got the tenants sellin living rooms Every time they cop, they singing a different tune The crack got their brain boiling like a chicken stew Take a hit or two And watch you go from heavy-set with a job to out of work and invisible That's a pitiful visual but this shit is true To be honest some of my fam on a mission too We play lotto and hope that we hit our way out I stopped chasin that dream, my leg gave out Don't be mad, UPS is hirin Tried that, after the first check came retirement Back hurtin, my situation ain't that urgent Felt like I got ran over by a black 'burban Scenarios like that make me the rap Earvin Magic Johnson, I'm Barry Bonds when his bat workin Hit maker, mixtape of the year Can everybody just take a deep breath? Yes! I'm fresh air, let's hear all the nonsense He's kind of heavy, he's gonna be hard to market (what else?) Plus he's Latin, it's that or he's gonna target So I'm big, so is Big, so is Big Pun And you know like I know that you know that they both get dumb So just stop it, know my target is everyone 5-foot Mexicans, Africans that's 7'1" I can even cater to all the Native Americans They can dance around my fire until the rain come I knew it from day one It took y'all 2, 555 days to say I'm a great one? Seven years I've been proven and sheddin tears like I'm through with it Heard a track, went back and ruined it This music shit made my first baby moms jet We was broke, I was workin hard on my project I tried to tell her this is our way out the project If I don't go 100% it won't be no progress She looked at me like, "Yeah right, you job-less Tryin to rap, my bags is packed, see you in August" I had to eat that, she right, we ain't had money But the Pampers was there and my son had a fat tummy All I ask was a little smile support What I get? Letters in the mail for child support But it's cool, success is near, I can taste it Now you know all the times we argued was time wasted I took the hip-hop exam and I aced it Matter of fact, the board of rap didn't know how to grade it I'm so left with it, effortlessly Y'all'll be left on the shelf if it was left up to me Left y'all a while ago, made a left in the V.O. The BQE feel in the water and was left in the sea Yeah, my flow liquid; too much H2O in it My system, I ain't drown, I became a wave and rolled with it I make it hard for y'all to swim on the track After I rap, I'm the current that be pushin you back Givin me dap's like, puttin your hand up in a hot pot Did you not know that I'm fire like a pot spot? If this was hopscotch, you would hop to the next box I hop to the next park and try to block shots On the ball court, I'm not of this element Went to the zoo when I was 3, not for the elephants Just for the smell of it - I'm a different breed They should've built a cage with a stage and had a Joell in it My attitude is not celibate, fuck you! I'll violate your whole album with a one-two When I was one, two I used to take on one, two, three niggaz in battles and won too About one, two, three years ago I had a 1-2 inch single on Rawkus that won two I'm the kind of dude you compare no one to Your engineer's a boxer, he gotta punch you I'm one take with it, they did it, not me They's the industry, it's how they got me Pissed off, like a case of beer to the face Great taste, less fillin, I ain't feeling y'all taste Dude your praise is weak; seven days a week Same joint on the radio, course they gon' say it's heat Y'all use hypnotism, play the same beat Same rhymes all the time got they brain on repeat Y'all can hear me once and know that I am him The second comin of nice, I terrorize the pen Analyze the gems, disregard the ice movement I'm talkin to jewels that I use when I write, stupid When I do it, they gon' stay hatin Cause I'm a be on top of the game, both feet on my PlayStation You could try to find a safe haven But it's nowhere to run and hide from this undeniable vacation (nah) Get out the car, I'm in the driver's seat The gas tank is full and the ride is sweet The kind of rank you pull is the kind I eat The only stripes you'll earn will remain on your stomach As the weight loss begins when your income plummets Send in the news coverage, I will make dudes public Extra extra, read all about it! Another artist missin, last seen in an outfit Had to be desgined by some big name stylist Any info please don't be afraid to dial this 718 - y'all motherfuckers ain't fuckin with me I'm a violate, I'll +Violate+ with the likes of 50 You's a enemy homie if you ain't ridin with me Friend or foe, answer the question or I'll decide it quickly Feast your eyes on the rookie of the year The uniform I wear will fit none of my peers Jump ball is near - GET READY!


Mr. Lucci
I make them playaz lay it down for the stoney crook you know dem boys known to clown cause we off tha hook Off tha chain with Mary Jane you best ta take a look French connection in East Texas got my body shook Now them playaz say Uhh [Chorus] Ballin so hard it make ya holla We ride for Mr. Diabolical He's not just your average balla We ride for Mr. Diabolical 20 inch blades on a drop top benz Ballin so hard doing it so clean He's not just ya average balla We ride for Mr. Diabolical [Verse 1] Now who am I the ngga from D.T stacking cheese And Flipping G's and making them C's respect me I'ma head hunter fed stunta candy red runna Comin through on twenties choppin boys like Benihana's I'm burning hot like summers and sauna's while digging tunnels And bitch niggas and flaunter and fake ass cliques with bumpas 5'7 and monstrous shakin states and continents Mr. Lucci be bombing bitch in these fools with continence (I swear) I'ma harm to this (I swear) I done pourn through this (I swear) I'll mourn a bitch (I swear) Casue I was born to this With enormous cliques of ballas and hustlas Playaz and Pimps stake shrimps And glimpse of Lucci they catch a glimpse Only 17 but I'm still holding this shit down like a healthy king With a wealthy team ya'll floss a whole lotta ice But i'm still bezzletine mine ain't no dream It's the real thang so ya'll betta check it Mr. Lucci bringing it to ya from ~Dallas, Texas~ [Chorus] Bitch ain't no easin me and my niggas need no reason Open and kill season on any nigga that's breathing I'm known for leaving niggas bleeding eternally sleepin I'ma heathen I keep bullets fighting like kids teething I'm quick to 'eliminate and penetrate the ones who playa hate Find the nigga be the way and duck tape on the interstate Now let a nigga play the wig splitter in the wrong way See him the next day with Lucci autograph on his neck brace From the ~Lone Star State~ I make bones break with own fools Fuck em up in D-Town and bury em down in Long View Death is upon you when I straight march with my stone heart crew What's up wit it i'm here to split it cause that's what I do L-U-C-C-I betta take a picture bitch All niggas that's hatin Lucci is all niggas that can suck dick Betta thank quick cause I'm coming and gunning in your direction Shh, and hold that down while Lucci show these boys a lesson [Chorus] Say dog i'ma straight up ~Texan~ so ain't no stoppin when i'm flexin Light reflecting off up the bagits in my necklace I'ma lyric infection that they can't cure up on these dope tracks Getting nitty and gritty putting my city on the damn map I brang mo Bam Bam than Bigalo with these sick floes Affiliated with kick doe's alarms, bombs and kick hoes Can of slick loads is what I flip when I dip slow I gots ta grip doe and handle my business be's my motto This ain't no normal nigga I be that diabolical figure With a whole clique of killas triggas ready to spill ya I'll peel ya cap back with real niggas In a milla meter of a second begin ejectin and straight wettin Dissecting your section when you done crest me in the plexin We told you we was soldiers at the beginning when we was noticed Now who the coldest who the boldest and who the roughtest Mr. Lucci a*k*a diabolical mutha fuckas chorus till end

Spring Training

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4.5: The Worst Is Yet To Come"
We gonna need more than a block, we monopolizing Nah, I'm not rapping, I'm prophesizing Quite simply, seat back, diamond white Bentley Approach it I might empty, since I never gave a FUCK Ain't nothing you can say that might offend me Not when only reason shorty's in the ride is to ? me When you do a little better they begin to hate ya So I keep animals with me, it's just in my nature If you don't wanna hear the real then I ain't finna make ya You just keep hearing what's coming from them incinerators But when they show the hatred is when you know you made it Me, I been to hell and back the shit is over rated But every day could be your last, so if trouble met me He'll be with a few of viagras and a couple beckys You want a crash course? Know the damages I promise y'all that if I got high I'd smoke Canibus From best to worst, from legend to barely here Since they repo'd your prime this shit ain't really fair Losing his mind, somebody better set him straight Lost Buckingham Palace, now it's Section 8 In '012 why rep that hard? And who the fuck dug him up from Wyclef's backyard? But off him, not a part of you is trife And you can't afford the drama when your Arsenal's a knife No heart in you to survive, nigga living like an orphan Beefing bout New Jersey but you living in New Orleans I ain't even got to stab you, far from a threat I don't get why a Hitman felt he needed to Holla at you Come to rapper shit, you real bad at matching wits I'm better with a badder bitch, how I'm not the catalyst? When the shots finish flying I bury the biscuit I fall off the same day Tyler Perry'll miss it But what stifles me is how you sit back and idly Call this a rivalry when your idle's me How you throw a shot at everything you try to be? Sad part is nothing in your life coincides with me Now tell me that's your strategy son The clip's extended, they looking like Natalie Nunn Sayin' we can blow the shotties how is he supposed to stop me? As a hobby I get high inhaling decomposing bodies And if you decide to cross Joe, I'll be waiting with a crossbow And feed his torso to my baby cane corso Shit has gone far enough, it's time to finish this Should stop starting chess matches 'gainst the limitless Friends with my foes so my peers are annoyed Everyday they just watch me cry tears of joy I don't care for the ploy, came up from being hella broke You think the fans are buying music, I'm selling hope Here's some insight homie, fuck making a friend My funeral gonna be by invite-only By chance I'm going to hell maybe for selling dope I want my own table sectioned off with a velvet rope Might want to see Heaven, might need a telescope A girl to restock anytime the wine cellar's low Bottle service, maybe a couple whores High ceilings, flat screens and double doors I'm not a cult member, I'm not a worshipper Just a Jers nigga tryin'a have a couple words with her Strollin' through the hood till she seem outta place Used to niggas blowing her up that'll cling to her waist Me, I've never been a nigga that a fiend had to chase Ask for gucci all you gonna get is cream to the face So I put my G stacks up against your little weed stash A one time only event, won't get a recap Aim it at his knee caps, have niggas in your crib When you get home, your lil' girl in the back they think it's TCAP So y'all can put all the blaming on me But keep in mind this is training for me

It Is What It Is

E-40 "Tha Hall Of Game"
[E-40] It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. You try compromisin, nope - they don't wanna talk And they got them nuts that's off that Acapulco powdered chalk So he untouchable - oh he can be touched Well where he stay at then - he stay by such and such Well since we got altercations with these so-called knuckleheads we gon' play for dooms And I assume we get radar on fool in dem livin rooms Bet - motherfucker ain't fin' ta be runnin around here drippin sweat Havin hot flashes and shit over these fulla bitch-made and a half-ass dicks You ripped Let's take it to 'em sick Hit all they spots at once - pour it on 'em thick Who got the suey chops They in my folks garage Well where he at He at the TravelLodge - BEEP THAT NIGGA! Tell him to get here right now quick now it's gon' be some shit Tell him to bring enough ammunition to blow up a ship Bullshit ain't nothin this here been goin on just a little bit too long Plus I got a family and kids to raise and I plan on seein 'em get grown Get straight to the root of the problem Get rid of the source that's what what Get rid of the big cheese and the majority of these niggaz gon' back the fuck up Somebody gon' mind somethin, time to validate my respection Hit the corner dumpin, in the big-ass () stationwagon CATCH THEM BITCH-ASS!! That's what I told my driver man while I was tryin to get him to get in a position so that I could open fire FUCK A SKI MASK!! Unpolished fish grease LET THE FULLY BLAST!! May he rest in piss Miss smash up outta there I brought them boys, but I shoulda brought it like a concert Fool's still alive, John Murell() Trauma Center, Concord Shoulda doused him, shouldn'ta never found him Shoulda handled biz, but for now, it is what it izzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. [Kaveo] Aight, ay dude, this all I wanna know What's wrong with this sad to be glad-ass noggas Don't they know that fools is laced with assassin skills Kill at will, gonna put your hat on the rack for a cool mill' (Awww it's gon' get done) but now the heat has been spared How we gon' get him out of intensive care and put him under the wing of a pall-bear [E-40] One of my potnahs got a plug on some silencers, he knows some agents He used dem () () shot on several different occasions What that mean his family gon' boo-hoo when I smash that card Better stay on a nigga brain give a FUCK ABOUT A DIE-HARD! I know this one botch with a big-ass crotch by the name of Connie She works in ICU and she dates this nigga named Mitchski Ronnie Have nab him at the hospital, THAT'LL WORK Paid a nurse to pull the plug on the LIFE SUPPORT Risky business but it's organized class and the shit sound sharp but if we fuck around and make it look too obvious the broad might her lose her job Tough luck that shit no better than fuckin for ME NOW I gots no toilet paper feelings for her anyhow The shit is crampin my livin style, floatin from telly to telly Conspiracy murder plots phone conversations overheard by fedarale I'm guessin fool musta passed away, tragic losses On the wall they got my picture at the post office After travellin bouncin back and forth to different states they finally caught me up in Kansas City at a barbecue spot called Gates Do the crime do the time - it ain't for no bitch and as long as a nigga twerkin in the kitchen, he ain't trippin I'll be up in that bitch makin spreads, drinkin Pruno Cocoa and coffee Cadillacs, jumpin jacks Takin flicks, shootin kites, makin wishes Fuck around and get mad on the strength of con-ju-gal vi-sits Flip the weight pile, hit my fee-vee() Keep my shank close by me when I'm slee-py Shouldn'ta caught me, shouldn'ta never found me Shoulda handled biz, but it's too late, it is what it izzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. [Kaveo] Oh, ohh I see It is what it was, and what it was is just what's been taught Handle biz when it's to be done, and I mean rip you dig Cause ain't no sense in savin leftovers That's yesterday's thing, roll with the right now and everything gon' be is, what it izzzzzz..

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