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JAY ELECTRONICA lyrics - Attack Of The Clones

The Cauldron

Original and similar lyrics
One shot two shot who's that boppin that rocky boy sound One shot, two shot, man down, clan down Who's that kid on the poster posting Posted like the coastguard on the ocean Wicked slick shit no devotion Just sick shit no slick promotion The extraordinary? The president of emissary The secretary of state, the secretary of flow The secretary of glow, it's necessary to show That I can make the motherfuckers mouth stay closed (Row row row) kick it, got my ballys on I'm in zone gettin wicked Laughin at you clones from the throne gettin lifted Lyrically literally shittin on these niggas man I'm from the city where the thingsll hold the trigger man Where it can get live, any minute and, And the choppers chop a hole in the door of your minivan [x3] Therefore, I ain't worried bout any man Or any clan or mini mini man That wanna get busy, yes sir You fuckin with the truest Young black jewish New new newest [x3] In the hood where you is Rollin dice with the loot [?] I got the whole day off like ferris bueller You can take that to the jeweler And get fifty thousand gallons of blood out of the zulus [?] You a modern day judas I'm walkin on water and I ain't wettin the shoelace So you ain't sayin nothin with your grill and your screwface Gucci prada and vera wang Won't help to rebuild a city after a hurricane Your house and your spouse Your two car garage, the spinners under the range Lead a nigga to believe he mastered the game And if you don't have any of the above said material goods than you inferior Chickens say your lame So niggas go rob a liquor store to get em a chain Shoot up a house party for nothin to get em a name Like convict, dopeman, oh that's them niggas And if you think they're really happy go and ask them niggas I promise you theyll lie Position they fingers to throw they hood up in the sky To tell you man look I Know what I'm doin is wrong but how can I survive And when they hear songs like this to get by they cry For a split second Then it's back the snappin they fingers to that hit record Let's meditate for a second

That's Right

Amil "All Money Is Legal"
That's Right f/ Jay-Z [Jay-Z] (Amil) This how I creep on ya asses See how the beat is building I creep on your asses (Just blaze) Let me show y'all what the fuck I mean Uh uh jigga man ya heard Amillion ya heard Rocafella ya heard The dynasty lets go Hook 1: [Jay-Z] (Amil) All my ladies (that's right) You pop cris (that's right) You a hot bitch (that's right) Make that nigga trick (that's right) Get that dough ma (that's right) Let em know ma (that's right) Soon as you learn how da drive make em put you in a five mommie' Hook 2: [Amil] (Jay-Z) Yo you got dough (that's right) Let it show (that's right) If the moneys slow (that's right) You know the rest yo (buck buck buck) For my thug niggas (right) Bust a slug niggas (right) Fuck that get money show love niggas [Jay-Z] Jigga man got grammys so grams cops cannot stand me Ladies want me to put cock in they hot panties Big man on campus six sadan Over 100 million made niggas shipped and scanned Niggas cannot stop, knocking that big pac, Knocking that big pun, poppin my big gun quick Run duck as soon as the gun bust Forget where I'm from be coughin ya up Robbin hood a the big truck Pickin the bums up I never know when I can be down my dumb luck But the flow so tough I've been beatin the drums up Been hot so long like I'm heatin the sun up Wanna come up ones and I'm beggin niggas to run up So I can take this heat and bang you ta next summa Number 1 rapper dippin mo mos' Don't make me come press ya wit this fo fo nigga Hook 1 Jay-z (Amil) Hook 2 Amil (Jay-Z) *with minor changes* [Amil] Amillion make allota tricks (hop skip) The hottest whip (copped it) Prada shit (rocked it) Got the cris (pop it) Can ma spit (locked it) The roca clique (got us) Like jane's cartoon's get props for props too Give you something you can feel (huh) Can't keep still (huh) Tryin' ta see Amil (huh) Dollar Dollar bills (huh) Five inch heels (huh) Bitches wanna grill (huh) Me and my labelmates be makin these cats hate Oh come come now Wanna know where I'm from now Her's a little run-down Bk ta uptown Pockets kinda plump now Haters get the thumbs down No need for all that I never keep small stacks Alright y'all lights out Floss with the ice out Brag with the price out Red I flights out Overseas hideout More inside out My bitches time to slide out Its ladies night out Hook 1 Jay-z (Amil) Hook 2 Amil (Jay-Z) *with minor changes* [Jay-Z] Its roc-a-wear nigga I got clothes Stop it I got hoes Black asian malaysian spanish mulatoes Look I got whips 4 dot 6 6 drop shits Bentley cop pits While ya'll pop shit Any nigga that tell you money is the root of all evil ain't got shit You a lying bitch You rather live poor I rather die rich Nough' said [Amil] Mami girl keep the doo rag You know bag and shoes match Get niggas for a few stacks Quick to run through that Broke niggas boo that Bought my whole crew rap The record I don't play around bitch I lay it down Shit I only roll wit Those who can go get 6 double o whips niggas that tips ice had ya hoes trip daddy let ya dough flip fuck with loose thugs go collect thm dubs Hook 1 Jay-z (Amil) Hook 2 Amil (Jay-Z) *with minor changes*

Open Fire

ERICK SERMON "Double Or Nothing"
featuring Redman Passion Intro: (laughing) Yeah coming to you like yeah you know another one of those flavorishis mackadoshis sour cream and onion type flavor. Redman: I rule the world like Kurtis Blow with my afro blown I'm torn out the frame drunk style stagger like Ned the Wino For black albino I'm like suicide on vinyle The type of antidope shit you have to keep away from my nose And I'm the, bombest rhymer, check my steez My vocals are like vaginas, wet an MC's when they open My identities, blows facilities to ememies please test these abilities I'm rugged, I pack a 24 studded, karrot automatic, 45 nigga slugger So ring thee alarm, when your TV is on, I react freakin' to songs When bitches see me perform, bitches say I strickly brake vertibraes Bones back, chinky eyed like Japs I blow states off the map Just by eye contact Hook: Don't get it twisted and if you do, you best to move on move on Rock, rock on - Redman (x4) Erick Sermon: Yeah, I shut down things for the moment, what? Paying my does for them fake ass crews (yeah) Who be claimin' to be the shit y'all stop Gimmicks, hard core lyrics for an image I'm stompin' 'em the beast wompin' 'em Brain damage is caused, girls drop they drawers to the ground I be's the Effect like Wrecks, rhyme skills be shooting off like two black techs Somebody stop me I'm smoking like Mask Shut your mouth, he's a bad, uh, like Shaft The E-Double bring the dopest material, way out cosmic type Alcoholic whisky type funk for your sissys (word up) Huh, I take it to the streets, if you can't run up on my turf then get some cleats I let one nigga slide in 93, but this year, he's fuckin' history Hook (X4) Passion: Strick nine rules the mind on the verge of destruction Blood starts to boil like a lyrical combustion, eruption Insane no pressure no pain, niggas falling off it's strain to maintain They be killing me, trying to preach to me, teach to me I got a PHD in funkology You got your bachelors and your masters in the field of dramatics The lyrical are bringing the static from the attic, so cock your automatics I've had it up to here, you niggas are in danger You better stand clear, no hugs no love and kiss mainstream America They just ain't ready for this, cause I'm nice as shit Niggas be having fits, the Squad of Def be smacking hits after hits And what's goin' on in your mind I can feel it Tremors in the body has caused for the healin' Hook (x4) Outro: You know what I'm sayin'? Things is hot in the tunnel out in here you know what I'm sayin'? Ah, N-Y-C streets is love, it's hot in the summer, um, spring, winter and fall things are just lovely, sweet sour sauce. Doin' this y'all feel this. I feel you.

On The Boulevard

Dr Dre "Lolo (Intro)"
[Dr. Dre] You in the office of the good doc again, let's walk again It's like clock again, the hood rock again You should pop it in,ain't take it out That shit play on, you can't make it out The world ain't set for what I'm about to do Ninety-six tracks mixed down to two I stepped out the booth, called up Snoop Like toucan, Dre got colorful loops [Snoop Dogg] We can shoot, we can scrap We can rap, we can act We can mack these bitches, whatever you want Ol' bitch ass niggas think it's better to front [Dr. Dre] How it be on the West, forever the hunt [Snoop Dogg] But I won't wear no bull's eye (Bull's eye eye) Bull's eye is how these fools die (Die die) Waitin' on school by (By by) Have you on the news by (By) [Dr. Dre] Y'all know how the story goes We give a fuck about award shows [Snoop Dogg] Same shit about hoes [Dr. Dre] Real niggas own platinum balls I ain't got it on my neck nigga check my walls I think y'all just tryin' to insight us Yo I see how the world can't see these Eastsidaz All y'all wanna criticize, fuckin' with us tryin' to get a ride That's when my shit flies [Snoop Dogg] And here's where the pimp lies [Dr. Dre] I spit game at the globe First week deuce five [Hook: Kokane] I'd rather be ridin' than walkin' While all you loud mouth niggas keep talkin' All you high paid niggas stay fly I'ma slide left, fly right on by I'ma do it on the boulevard Fast bitches, fast cars and stars Stayin' boxed up eatin' caviar Lookin' for the next play to have it all, ah nah [Dr. Dre with Snoop rapping along] It's funny how the game goes New face but they look like the same hoes I try to get away, everybody wanna hit of Dre Stay focused, bang I done hit a day [Snoop Dogg] Nigga fuck what cha' heard, shit is all lies Niggas mad Dre and Snoop stayin' multi [Dr. Dre] Fuck y'all, wanna slice and it's all mine [Snoop Dogg] My career in fifth gear while y'all's dyin' [Dr. Dre] You thinkin' California all sun and surf, for sho' I can see you walkin' under the Earth [Snoop Dogg] My gun burst em' [Dr. Dre] And I still got my first mail Still bounce till I feel like the Earth tilt [Snoop Dogg] Every club, Dre and Snoop loudest G-Funk, get it crunk like the Dirty South Hold ya mouth, you ain't worth a third of me [Dr. Dre] A word from me, exclusive as a surgery But I don't use a scalpel, chainsaw shoppin' My fingerprints all over the top ten [Snoop Dogg] Like that [Dr. Dre] Whole staff'll come through and spin Either on the film or the two-inch wheel Behind the wheel of a sixty-four I can't stop till I done fifty totes [Snoop Dogg] Y'all motherfuckers know me I smoke a lot of weed, sayin' fuck a pass like Kobe [Hook] [Kokane x4] Rock on, rock on keep movin' on Groovin' on and hold ya on [Hook] ¡¡

Keep On Keepin' On

Chorus You can pray and pray for my downfall But when I rise like the sun and I ain't Fuckin' with yaw and imma keep on, (oh), keepin' on (oh) Keep on (oh) Holdin' on (oh) Verse 1 I hear'em, whispering in corners speakin' dirty talk On us bout how we too grown up that we unknowners and My persona is rock and rollish your nigga told us every word That you quoted, said I wouldn't be the one that sewed it but (ha) we exploded I'm that rap nigga that you heard with Tupac, Sole, Lynch & Bo, Wake up show with King Tech and Sway, Yukmouth, Thicker Than Water, Gang Related, Eminem, Roger Trout, Mc Ren, nigga Spice One and Nem. Hit'em with a venom sit'em down kill'em when I spit, When I get a bit of scrilla Tech is giving niggas shit, Love who love us but the playa hatin' niggas better split It'll never be another Teccanina when I quit You better neal when you hear a nigga that's real I feel 18 when I bust from the grill because (if you keep it young) your Song is always sung so street life taught me to keep'em sprung God sent to kill, lyrical scripts the miracle whipped you Demons and haterz who tripped, listen I really feel, My villain T-Will when he spit fuck them plus anybody They go get and shit. Chorus(Repeat 2x) Verse 2 When the storm consumes all the sun and moon falls on you Sodom and gomorian Gregorian chanting ru pauls extreme case of Blue balls cause you bane, got fruit all in his veins what I'm saying Is I will reign murder you all in his name Bismallah with a fist and a pistol I dismiss the kiss from a Hiss giver, wrist slitter, male bitch a witch with a twist a Glitch man abyss swimmer Trick, I will never slide never fall never fail, never the devil Side ever called never hell. But I got these mother fuckers praying 4 my Down fall but orange hair means time 2 clown yaw Thanks to Jenny I'll get the message to many the circus is comin' and gunnin' With plenty, I heard Vell Bakardi got a poster of me burnin' to get his Earnings concerning not I killed'em but he ain't learnin Nigga you couldn't burn with me acid or in a fiery pit, you couldn't burn Me in a volcano where lava is spit, you couldn't burn me if you damned Me to hell where satan sit the only way that you can burn me is with yo Bitch nigga Chorus(Repeat 2x) Verse 3 Why don't you niggas keep your mouth shut, without us your Clout sucks you doubt us and get your mouth bust we veterans And better than you young cheesy cheddermen, bouncin' cross the nation And you home watchin' Letterman. I'm the nigga that got'em listenin' I know it's sickenin' to know I'm the Nigga that got your girlies cuchie glistenin from listenin' to my shit and When I get her for christenin' she splits again cause I make her spit the Nitro glycerin I'm on you, calling me a old Negro But I don't know a young nigga that can hold Me though plus they dough below average and I hold The glow but they want me to fall so they can say I told you so But if I'm multi punks would say I just lucked up keep Talkin' that shit might get you fucked up, you some Jimmy Rucker Tommy Tucker type of mutha fuckas glamorized you Specialize in getting' butt fucked Niggas they think they dope and then gon try check me I'm here to let your ass know you need to respect me Cause although you ain't sayin' shit, you getting' on my nerves imma keep On keepin' on muh fucka that's word.

Catch A Bad One

Del The Funky Homosapien "No Need For Alarm"
When it's time for me to recline I listen to rhymes and beats in the waves of the spine to the brain relievin' pain anguish the stangest arrays make me sway and make my day brighta the hip hop envia. write arrive a little soona check the soles on my Pumas my attitude is miserable cause in my mind I'm sayin' here's a fool I don't like I won't strike his ass in the face I'm blastin' the bass in my headphones a fool don't have to get his head flown why waste time with rhymes? I get straight to the point like I HATE when funk's in the joint the hip hop is playin' sprintin' in to spray men don't threaten me or you won't be able to see when I gouge ya eyes out I despise doubt on your part like I won't stab you in your heart my flow is drastic serious, sarcastic my motto is, Phuck with me get your ass kicked. And that's the key to understandin' me and if they cool then the foot is what you'll be brandin', B yeah... [BRIDGE:] Check It ooooout! (Repeat) I love to peep a rhyme first of all I'm seein' if my man can keep the time if he go off beat, and it's on purpose he gotta come back on the beat or the effort is worthless I like ot hear a cool flow but if it's identical to another, he a fool for it ya gotta build, upon skills and all that copy that most popular rapper shit can get killed I like a nigga who is quick witted cause it make me feel like I do, when I come from where my dick splitted and I admit it, it's a joy when I hear a nigga avoid the wack and make 'em paranoid I loves niggas who talk shit cause that's my department I got somethin' for anyone who starts shit cause I'm relentless with a sentence a jail sentence, after I beat you senseless I like niggas when they add rhymes, mad rhymes then I laugh at niggas who fell off and had rhymes just some descriptions of what I like to listen to with my Bruce Banner scanner point of view... ('Pe-urnnnn') [BRIDGE] Now I'm bout to clown a bitch she made my eyebrows twitch cause she's rich yeah, real funny she makes some money for puttin' other niggas down you nuthin' but a clown you can't write and you're not bright you fail to notice the dopeness cause you have no insight you need to quit you ain't shit you need to get a lesson, in hip hop detection and you're next in my list to jack it's a fact not fiction bitch, stop ya bitchin' you write articles I'ma rip apart ya skull cause ya dull not entertainin' I'ma put ya brain in orbit cause I'm morbid thinkin' a new ways to kill ya and yo, I feel ya ya too critical and ain't got a bit a pull just admit it fool before we get rid of you a rolling stone gathers no moss and now who will pay the cost and afterwards get lost hit the dirt, before you get hurt I eat stupid bitches like you and a rhyme for dessert I bet you never get no dick you make me so sick so my pistol is loaded... [BRIDGE]

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