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JAY ELECTRONICA lyrics - Act I: The Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)


Original and similar lyrics
[Elijah Muhammad:] Don’t get me wrong now. Don’t make a mistake in thinking that I’m telling you this was the beginning of the man on the Earth. Fifty thousand years ago is like telling you thirty days ago or ten days ago or five days ago, to the age of the universe. We have no exact record of it but it runs way into the trillions While you was blowin' X amount of dollars on a bracelet The sovereign nation of France was openin' they files on the UFO phenomenon: i.e. spaceships It's just the facts, Jack may as well face it Every rhyme I write the seal get cracked in the chapter of Revelations A atom get cracked in the blackness of meditation Mysterious shit Call me Jay Dogon, I'm on some serious shit Scholars wonder why don't he bust Allah blessed me with a Midas-y touch Everything I lay to hands turn to Ethiopian gold: shiny and buffed I got a firm understandin' on the minus and plus So I ain't got time to argue with a rapper 'bout how he ain't got rhymes That's fuckin' with mine's I'm trying to kill Lucifer, so if I have to brake Cause a rapper in my face tellin' me that he the great You can bet a shiny nickel I'll blast his motherfuckin' ass way past Jupiter You couldn't be stupider Fuckin' with the nuclear Mayan, Aztec lion Asiatic Blackman from Zion Quetzalcoatl supreme, lettin' off steam Dimethyltriptamine make a man dream But y'all would much rather hear me rappin' 'bout trash The size of Erykah's ass, blunts and cash We need savin' Minds are consumed with swine we need bathin' [Willy Wonka:] There it goes. Hold on tight. I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen. Faster, faster...if we don't pick up enough speed, we'll never get through [Charlie:] Get through what? [Willy Wonka:] Ah-ha! [Grandpa Joe:] You mean we're going... [Willy Wonka:] Up and out! [Grandpa Joe:] But this roof is made of gigahashes. It'll shatter Into a thousand pieces. We'll be cut to ribbons! [Wayne:] Probably. Hold on, everybody. Here it comes


MYSTIKAL "Mind Of Mystikal"
[Chorus Mystikal & Insane: repeat 2X] [Insane] Guns murder niggas at night.... [Mystikal] Man, niggas even kill niggas at night [Insane] Cops murder niggas at night... [Mystikal] I'll be fucked if I'm gonna let them bitches murder mine!!! [Mystikal] Motherfuckin murderer....shot my fuckin brother But when I find him, I'm gone GET THAT MOTHERFUCKER! He playin the role of one them niggas that's always talkin noise Runnin INSIDE, talkin that shit, front of his fuckin boys Fuck that, I'm lockin that bolt back Loadin that gat, here that glock come, [gunshot] Out'cha fuckin' head... standin on the corner I'm peepin on ya, so I CAN CREEP UP ON YA!!!! Calmin my nerves, get rid of these punks and stick em in my mind You want it Fine, I DONE REACHED FOR THAT NINE I'm gone do you in I'm tellin ya bitch you gone have to get up quick And hit the bricks before I do you in Two of your boys spied me comin Them coward-hearted niggas started runnin But not you though, you gots to play the hard role Stop playin it up like a bone, BITCH I KNOW YOU ARE Talkin head gonna put you on your deathbed Just cuz you got a gat, that's just why you actin brave Got a gat I got a GLOCK, what'cha gone do Handle your business, DON'T LET YOUR BUSINESS HANDLE YOU! [Chorus] [Mystikal] Pull your shirt down bitch I know you got a gat, but I ain't scared bout that bullshit It don't matter how many fuckin guns you got The only thing that MATTER, is a nigga, to get the first shot Cuz if I peep, that ass is fallin to the street Bitch retreat or that ass is deeeeeeead meat Smack your teeth, but I'ma knock you off your fuckin feet They gone pick you up, piece-by-piece off that concrete street When N.O. meet, who gives a fuck about a poor neat scene We got beef, so I'ma shoot'cha like a FAKE BITCH Let you know just who you fuckin' with But I ain't that type of nigga that's liable to shoot you over no DUMB SHIT! If I'ma pop ya, I'ma pop ya for just cause you talk too much shit PLUS, you popped one of my boys Gankin niggas I'm gettin downright SCANDOLOUS!!!! [gunfire] YOU CAN'T HANDLE THIS!!!! So when you're out bitch, move or I won't step Cuz if I catch'cha I'ma drill ya in your fuckin chest I ain't gone gone ride by and pop, cause I might miss I'ma walk up to your FACE, Pop POINT BLANK BITCH!!! That's what you get, from out there tryin to go act bad Not even BRUCE LEE, could whoop a bullet ass Got'cha, come, get this ass whoopin If you bringing them niggas with ya, that's nothin I'm poppin' the clip in Nigga fetcher, satisfied when you're on the stretcher You might run but I'ma CATCH 'EM!!!! [Chorus] [Mystikal] (Yo nigga you caught that bitch yet) FUCK NO! I ain't caught that bitch yet I done been through every scandalous sight, and every project But I bet'cha, when I stop, runnin behind em Get up, pack my shit and I'll STOP, and then I'll fuckin find him Yo dumb ass in the street Fuck that shit, cuz I'ma catch your ass this week Monday, a one day when you go play [alot of gunfire], goes the A.K. Sprayin on his ass like a roach, and if I approach, too late to duck hoe Drop, run, fall, kick, scream, now curse How in the fuck you gone duck a twelve round burst Hammin at that ass on Tuesday, put up the nine Go get the A.K. Bitch if I catch you in the mall Wednesday That's the day that ass fall Then it might be Thursday, three round burst day The day I'm blood thirsty Fuck that, wait til FRIDAY, PAYDAY!!!! Shoot'cha in your face and take your money, J Now wait til the weekend, heh, yeah Saturday, that's the day you go CREEPIN But you better be watchin your back cuz I'm sneakin [door noise] Waitin for my chance to do your ass in I don't give a fuck if it's on Sunday God gone have to forgive me, cuz I'ma shoot'cha in your head nigga [Chorus]

Steel Magnolia

Attendant: That takes a fourteen shot clip You expecting an army? Serpico: No....just the division [Barron Ricks] Yeah, once again, (that's right) We about to attack this (Harlem Inc, Murder Inc) Yeah (Nicky Bond) Jimmy Cagney type shit, Nicky Santoro All my little short niggaz Joe Pesci and all that shit like this yo Fillin out the cards to your eulogy Murder that ass, send my regards to your family, fuck it That's what niggaz get for fuckin with this maniac depressive nigga with aggresion, Smith and Wesson, in his possession Harlem got me like that, too many grimy, slimy niggaz on the take For short cake, we won't hesistate I miss inhabitants who politic in residence for presidents Across 110th, to 55th My covenant is protected, I'm doministic Survival principles my ethics, eastern philosophy's my method Good samaritans need paremedics, so what's your premise I hope you fuckin with Glocks and fo' fifths Wrath's Napolean, so teach your origin, slash wrists Shatter chins, and bust clips Check it, here is somethin you can't understand Steel Magnolia [B-Real] I got the steel magnum, braggin, leavin my toe tagged As I get raggamuffin, no bluffin, the body bagged Breaks all your bad habits, bad blood fanatics Clean up the magic, chrome startin up static Greed means that you die quick, click the vision Greed lies anmbition, five slugs for the mission Seven cause you go to the heaven or hell and dwell to meet your maker, but you met the shotgun shell Buckshots sting like bees, I smoke trees on the hilltops, clubshops and chilling overseas Take in the breeze, Mr. Freeze squeeze the trigger Killa G's got you week in the knees, to take it ea-sy! [Barron Ricks] Steel Magnolia Magnificent guns bust when 'Uzi Weighs a Ton' And yo' Glock spits, consecutive rounds shot from clips spells murder, sound synonymous to burner Leave niggaz ass up, gaspin for air, front seats of truck So who the fuck want me to press on they luck, bastard they son When gats start to hum and whole crowds begin to run Annihilation, destroyin all expectations Have relatives embrace your Harlem hopital, we all patient 5 foot 6, concealed steel, pop more grip With fixed sights that drifted to right, triggers light So relinquish son, I'm to the finish, and you acknowledge Couldn't pop a clutch or light a skyrocket, nigga stop it! Steel Magnolia [B-Real] Steel Magnolia, bury ya, six niggaz carry ya To your final rest area What you worried though, you ain't above that with a slug And your chest beats, blowin out your back, take it easy To your eulogy, open heart surgery Emergency, 911, come in a hurry From the Hills to the Polo realms, stackin the bills I put you under my lo-lo, hit my switch, then kill A bitch nigga steppin on my toes, fuck foes and hoes Get stuck in the ass like Pete Rose I suppose you wanna get wild and throw blows, you chose to get you nose your broke, in a thick cloud of smoke You're like a fat joint, I'm takin a toke, I'm like coke But you ain't smilin, feelin erratic, a fuckin addict To the dope shit, you better hope the shit stop Smooth, holdin the Glock, rockin the hot shit [Barron Ricks] Steel Magnolia Steel Magnolia Steel Magnolia Steel Magnolia

Let This Go

EVE "Eve-Olution"
[Chorus] You and me should just let this go We never did take the time, to try to hold on I'm thinkin' that you and me, should just let this go We never did take the time, to try to hold on I'm sick of that Yea it's hard. Breakin' up ain't never easy. Believe me But fuck that. I wasn't gettin' treated like I needs be But trust. I was controllin' all the things around me But shit. I always been this chick ever since you found me I tried and I tried. Cried and I cried Down for you nigga wit' lie after lie, after lie Got sick of tradin' games wit' you Started bein' jealous of me like dames would do I'm like dawg check ya balls. Mad 'cause I receive applause Men in my life was against the law Startin' fights in public just so you could piss me off I swear. If I was a dude it'd be fist to jaw Always mad at my mouth 'cause I cursed you out Missin' hard. Know you feelin' what these verses 'bout Doin dumb shit. Breakin' things. Hidin' my phone I'm outta 'dis here. Pimp jus' leave me alone [Chorus] Ya love girls, girls. Yea but you lost the best I had to get away. I'm past the stress Mama told me baby girl never settle for less Learn the hard way. Hard days. I'm ready for next A bunch of leavin'. I don't need Eve's shit. I'm doin' me Soon as pack you sippin'. With the booze. You and me Reminiscin' 'bout the way you was pursuin' me Actin' like your period on screamin' you doin' me Well bye dawg. Have a nice life I'm fine dawg Don't try to track me down or call 'cause that line off Hope you feelin' bad without me. See if you can laugh without me Cry what tears I'm happy I'm free Still ridin' past the spots that you know I go Procrastinatin' wit' yo niggas hopin' that I show Never know what you have 'till it's gone (huh) Wonder what she doin' Best believe she doin' her (come on) [Chorus] Funny how it happens when you fall in love When you find out that the one you wit ain't who you want Then you move out 'till you find yourself anotha love But your ex gone always hate 'cause he can't hit you off You don't hear me though Claim you wanna please me. Yet you vex me Can't front. Be thinkin' 'bout the way you used to sex me God damn. Days short. Nights was long And I was mad when I started spendin' nights alone But I'm better off by myself lookin' for somethin' else Sendin' me shit you can't pronounce. I don't want nuthin' else Wanted to love you until the end of my time But fuck it. I'm done wit' you at the end of this line (uh-huh) [Chorus]

Dirty South, Dirty Jerz

MYSTIKAL "Ghetto Fabulous"
[Treach] No Limit [Myst.] Naughty! [Treach] Da bomb Ill [Myst.] Mystikal! [Treach] IllTown [Myst.] Da Big Eazy.. (oh shit) HAH! [Chorus: Treach 2X] Dirty South, Dirty Jerz, nigga fuck what ya heard Your talk words don't serve while we slang on the curb We take it from a fuckin fight to a stage and a mic If I don't take the limo bitch I'm pushin a bike [ 2X - last line replaced with YEAYY-YAY! ] [Verse One: Mystikal] Us big niggaz get pussy while songs get cooked Fuck rough rhymes get hooked and young minds get shook Duck, don't rock, don't break, don't bend, don't fall Not gon' play, don't fake, don't stop to rest don't pause none Top dough top pro on bitches Chop funk, not gon' bitch ass niggaz I wring they neck and slap they fuckin mouth I run laps around the Superdome Breast stroke the whole Mississippi to represent THE FUCKIN SOUTH That's right, I said it! I'm the fuckin boxer in your face is where I'm headed Blaow, you gotta whole lot of nerve dissin the.. South We ridin all the way to Jersey We gon' keep up, but you keep on, keepin on Y'all gon', keep on, gettin the fuck on, bitch get gone! Y'all heard me Mystikal and Naughty New Orleans and Jersey! [Chorus] [Verse Two: Vinnie] Yo, yo, yo I heard somebody wantin Naughty to get raw, ha I dismantle your fuckin crew just like Apartheid, nigga ya heard There's No Limit no gimmicks, to the shit I spit Ain't no magazine you know could count these mics I rip Comin straight from Jersey, motherfuck all those who curse me I'm, running through you niggaz like Jackie Joyner Kersee Now, how many niggaz comin better than this Naughty By Nature puts it down on some veteran shit And chins I devour, while fuckin at your baby shower Spittin lyrics on you a hundred miles an hour Our Zoo got no problems gettin physical Naughty By Nature down with Mystikal, you bitches foul [Chorus] [Verse Three: Treach] You get your ass kicked when your only assets is ass bets You cry quicker than Angela Bassett, cause your cassette I'll trash it, like potatoes, beets, I'll mash it Bust dust to dust and turn ashes to ashes in masses I'm massive mashing bastards faster Question bout my pimping tell your bitch to ask it Chip-chop like all tops the store stops (it stops here) Cause I'm raws likes strawberries on shortstops (it comes now) The Beast from the East, the big future for the pharoah Diss my crew, do some spine travel on gravel Some fuhrilla shit, go and, peel your shit I want my, scrilla quick, on some gorilla shit Rhyme illest, no mimic, no quit it, gon' feel it IllTown, divine mill it, No Limit, fuck the spillage some hear my shit and go and switch they style While I get down and wild with Mystikal [Chorus]

One Of These Days

WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
[Chorus: sampled singer (Inpsectah Deck)] One of these days and you wont be long (It wont be long now) One of these days and you wont be long (You bound to come up) One of these days and you wont be long (Keep your eyes on us) One of these days and you wont be long (Yeah, yeah, yeah, Deck) [Inspectah Deck] I'm from the home where the buffalo roam And niggas don't give a flyin' fuck Talk with signs up, walk with the iron tucked Leave your eyes wide shut Money bag's on +The Table+, gots to get locked up Rebel I's simply slicker, pick up a pretty sister Dig her out on +The Table+, bend off the remy licker Head splitter, deliver so cold I send shivers From many figures, battle the world or any nigga I'm Uptown +Saturday Nite+ like Bill Carr's Got weed in the jars with vanilla cigars On the strip, eyeballin' the chicks, holdin' the mix Blast off of my shit, vibratin' the whip [Chorus: sampled singer (Raekwon)] One of these days and you wont be long (That's what you call it pa) One of these days and you wont be long (Chef!) [Raekwon] Yo I'm sicker than the V12 [X5] With cracks in the Rolly jumper all we do is Drink fuckin' Drive Real niggas raise up, Mommy get your feet off +The Table+ The cable luck bare, my man got me one on his leckle It's nothin' for me to get up with you, guts with you Blow off them matches and sit up with you Aiyo the streets, what is gettin' more crazy Stressin' me nothin', investin' the leathers, we all into things blazin' Slingin' coke is just a normal habit, rappers we wear Straddlers with cannons and hatchets gettin' cheers Yatzis are fresh off the block, block squeezin', it's real If we get real, put pop, poppin' at your blocks equal Take these niggas and throw 'em in lakes, it's business Rake these niggas on the mic, display your ninjas Nines crowns verses your nine towns Run up with nine 9's, brown down, get to lyin' you down [Chorus: sampled singer {U-God} (Raekwon)] One of these days and you wont be long {Yo} (That's what you call it pa) One of these days and you wont be long {Yo, yo} [U-God] I come from the slums, I ain't no dummy My testiment talk, represent money This +Verbal Intercourse+, fueled by exhaust The bread winner, head spinner, coldest with the force No remorse, endorse the rap artist So flamboyant cos I pimp slap the hardest Ever since the +Triumph+ we've been missin' them soldiers We came tonight, boy the mission is cobra, full exploder Bulldose through the rubbish, I'm in too deep boy I just gotta love this, they call we Too Sweet One of the nine brothers, I'm so unique Every line that smother, the situation's grim It's bloody sin cos every time I want out they pull me back in I see my reflection in the chrome mack 10 Ask the passer who's faster with the pen Then pull it, nine hollows, amorettos That's how I like it, sweat on my wine bottles The automobiles with them shiny assed hubs The endo pull, with the bathtub club, my angel's in the mud Veteran smile, +Dat's Gangsta+ shit, that American style Dig it, prick or prey I'm quick to slay with the rectifier shit, caught by the ricochet nigga 'I got to know' [Chorus x4: sampled singer (Raekwon)] One of these days and you wont be long (That's what you call it pa) One of these days and you wont be long 'I got to know'

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