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JAY ELECTRONICA lyrics - Act I: The Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)

Eternal Sunshine

Original and similar lyrics
She said she never fell in love with a Superman Christian, Muslim, Protestant, Lutheran I told her that being a mortal is a portal To the true nature of growth to the Christ like Buddha man That's why I never spit the traditional garbage of a knife fight, Bright lights, white ice to the fans The radio is just a stereo, like a house and a home, A chair is just a chair, ask Luther Van Go to work; go to church let your dreams die Bow tie, Final Call, and a bean pie Yarmulke for Hanukkah, wish list for Christmas This is the gist of the life that we lead, why? So you can fit in, with the close minded in the sit-ins, And clothes lined in the ed-end I could care less about a plaque and Benz And get Punked on TV by my friends Don't get a nigga wrong, I get tempted by the rewards That all come along with nigga songs But what does it mean if I'm a Muslim and you a Jew And because of that alone we don't get along And when you talk like this, and try to walk like this The radio stations'll never put a nigga on Just Mims, just 50, just Wayne, just Jeezy, Dem Franchize Boyz, and Jimmy Jones Fuck that, fuck rap this God-hop King-dom mu-sic for the hard rocks I'm a spit it till TRL get it and Hot97 hear the nigga with a bomb drop Ask Flex, ask Slay, ask Who Kidd Just blaze said Jay is the new kid I took Eternal Sunshine and I looped it No drums no hook just new shit

Sylvester Lundgren

ACTION BRONSON "Rare Chandeliers"
[Verse 1 - Action Bronson:] Cash off the top, cash off the top Play with my money motherfucker get shot Weed from the dread that I roll in the fanta Cover on my dick so I won't catch the monster I don't even know myself, I'm twisted This exquisite shit that flip when I rip it Crisp kiddicks, right hand quicker than Riddick's Safe to say that I'm the shit here Red suede shoes, a holiday in Arizona Cocaine knives open up the abalone Smoke the macaroni, eat the cannelloni Put the cameras on me, take the cameras off me Motherfucker raise your hand when you speak Act wild this .45 is gettin' jammed in your cheek Play the hotel room with bitches tossin' my butt Layin' back chillin' blowin' a blunt Motherfucker you [Verse 2 - Meyham Lauren:] Play them sound blocks, tinted, not timid, no gimmick Game of life is trife but due to good advice I'm 'bout to win it Fuck with rap but I still run around the map and still get it Let a nigga violate, I make a visor out his fitted Shoebox spinach, new Glocks finish, my life is real Calm when clocking currency but on the stage we hyper, still I spit for New York where we rep a different type of skill But often plan to kill while listenin' to Cypress Hill My knife is ill, infections get spread through incisions Conquer and divide when we ride, peace to division Shinin' when I'm rhymin' my slang fuck up your vision Missiles leave you layin' missionary if I'm on a mission That's all precision, precise moves change of position Never snitchin', define a mime during an inquisition My team's about to run the world and that's a true prediction Another day, another dollar, and a new affliction [Verse 3 - Ag Da Coroner:] You know you picked the wrong niggas to fuck with, you punk bitch Tyson uppercuts, Bruce Lee front kicks I'm Dexter with the blood splatter Have you shakin' in the back seat with JFK, covered in brain matter Everything I talk I walk Crib lookin' like a blackboard, oh shit, flooded with white chalk Heartbeat racin' fast, when I chase yo ass With a Jason mask, pussy boy wave the flag Life ain't savin' that, family draped in black Visit your maker, now you can't make it back One-way ticket to the fire and brimstone My mental's locked up but my physical been home Question our God ask him what do I sin for He said I do wrong cause Eve is my kinfolk Bloodline of a disobedient Mixed with the heart of a butcher, make the coroner ingredients

HipHop Knowledge

KRS-ONE "The Sneak Attack"
You know.. life is funny.. If you don't repeat the actions of your own success you won't be successful You gotta know your own formula, your own ingredients What made you, YOU.. 1987 I was at the Latin Quarters Listenin to Afrika Bambaata give the order The call of the order was to avoid the slaughter He said, Record companies ain't got nuttin for ya! Without a lawyer, he taught The Infinity Lessons In how hip-hop could be a, many a blessing And that was great, so in 1988 there was no debate, we had to end the hate The name of the game was Stop the Violence and unity, knowledge, and self-reliance We - started talkin bout Martin and Malcolm Had these ghetto kids goin, Huh, what about him 1989, Professor Griff speaks his mind but his freedom of speech is declined 1990 came with the West coast East coast, West coast, who is the best coast Lookin back now, of COURSE it was bogus The whole argument was where we lost focus We got hopeless; not with the lyrics and music but with hip-hop, and how we used it Or abused it, you know how the crew get You like it cause you choose it 1991, we opened our eyes with Human Education Against Lies, we tried to talk about the state of humanity But all these others rappers got mad at me They called me Captain Human , another message was sent Self Destruction don't pay the {fuckin} rent Remember that Nobody wanted conscious rap It was like - where these ballers at Where can they call us at All was wack Hip-Hop culture was fallin flat and that was that So in 1992, I found my crew They said, Yo Kris, what you wanna do I said, Damn - why they wanna get with me If I bust they {shit} I'm contradictory. If I play the bitch role, they take my shoe. Tell me what the {fuck} am I supposed to do So I did it, don't stop get it get it get it All of a sudden these critics they wanna spit it Kay Are Ess One is con-tra-dic-to-ry Just cause I wouldn't let these rappers get with me {Fuck} that, {fuck} you and {fuck} your pen If a rapper wanna diss, yo I'd do it again But I'm makin these ends, and I got my friends And I really don't wanna have to sit in the pen So I go back to the philosopher 1993 hip-hop is uhh.. wack Go back, check the facts 1994, Return of the Boom Bap It wasn't all about the loot It was all about Harry Allen Rhythm Cultural Institute Blowin up, 1995 Conscious rap is still alive But nobody wanna play it, nobody wanna say it Nobody okayed it, they'd all rather hate it 1996 it really don't stop We put together somethin called the Temple of Hip-Hop Not just DJin, breakin, graf and lyrics But how hip-hop affects the spirit Step Into a World, that's what I did 1997 I was raisin my kid or kids, but I, had to go Cause New York DJ's changed the flows to clothes and hoes, but that wasn't me I'll be damned if I dance for the MTV So in 1998 I began to debate Should I go now, or should I really wait '99, I moved to L.A. you see and took a gig with the WB Started studyin philosophy full-time To have a full heart, full body, full mind But you know what the problem is or was DJ's don't raise our kids, cuz they so caught up in the cash and jewels How they gonna really see a hip-hop school How they gonna really see a hip-hop temple They don't even wanna play my instrumentals, but big up Dr. Dre, Snoop, Xzibit Especially Xzibit, he was there in a minute Mic Conception, all of them, said Yo you need help I should call them When I was in L.A., I held the crown Bloods, Crips, they held me down I could never forget Mad Lion, killer pride with the gat in the lap in the low-ride Oh I can't forget, Icy Ice, Lucky Lou Julio G, that was the crew Davey D, Ingrid, David Connor The list goes on and on, let me tell ya FredWreck, and my man Protest Much respect, no less To my spiritual and mental defenders Big up to L.A., temple members But in 2000, I seen how I wanted to live I wasn't no executive So I picked up the mic and I quit my job Said to Simone I gotta get with God She said, Don't worry bout these dollars and quarters. Record companies ain't got nuttin for ya. Damn, she took me back to Bam! Took me back to who I am! Brought me back to the New York land! Now I overstand!.. {interviewer} Now KRS-One, now you've been quoted as saying that rap is something we do, hip-hop is something you live. {KRS} Yes! {interviewer} Explain that to us please. {KRS-One} Well, well, today hip-hop, we are advocating that hip-hop is not, just a music, it is an attitude, it is an awareness, it is a way to view the world. So rap music, is something we do, but HIP-HOP, is something we live. And we look at hip-hop, in it's 9 elements; which is breaking, emceeing, graffiti art, deejaying, beatboxing, street fashion, street language, street knowledge, and street entrepenurialism - trade and business. And uhh, that's where y'know that's the hip-hop that that that we're about. We come from the uhh the root of, of Kool DJ Herc, who originated hip-hop in the early 70's and then Afrika Bambaata and Zulu Nation (mmhmm) who instigated something called The Infinity Lessons and added conciousness to hip-hop, and then Grandmaster Flash with the invention of the mixer, on to Run-D.M.C. and then myself. And uhh, we created the Stop the Violence movement, you may recall a song, Self Destruction and and and so on. All of this, goes to uhh uhh, the idea of LIVING this culture out and taking responsibility for how it looks and and acts in society.

Niggas Ain't Shit

TRINA "Da Baddest Bitch"
(feat. Lois Lane) [Chorus: repeat 2X] Niggas ain't shit, but hoes and tricks Lick tha pearl tongue nigga keep tha dick Get tha fuck out after I cum So I can hop in my Coup and make a quick run [Trina] See, me and my boo's we got grands to use With terrible attitudes nigga, who needs you Huh, you got your dirty ass feet on my couch and smokin motherfuckin weed in my house Is you sick yo I want YOU to get him and your dogs, to stop grabbin doornobs, and hustle and rob or job, get tha fuck out of dodge (you heard that) You eat me this evenin, you don't even deserve that cause I'm a bank roll havin bitch Mercedes Benz 6- double o havin bitch, I'm fabulous and immaculate with nice curves I game hers for the furs, and the Iceberg You got nerves, old broke ass, not havin no doe ass slow ass, stayin on my porch ass, yo yay your ass nigga you fake bitch, you make women hate dick, cuz you ain't shit [Chorus] [Lois Lane] You that same old nigga with tha same low figures 'cept the lies gettin bigga and the sex lacks the vigor Got used to the quickies, now your ass is just wack tryin to fuck my girl, behind my back, imajin that I told her go ahead and try it just for the laughter now whe're feelin bad for all tha hoes you're goin after Looks can be deceivin, and you're poppin much game Crib in your moms name, claim of fortune and fame Dressed in ICEBERG, senese still attached Rockin a gator, fake rolly, hollow links to match I sit back and watch, as you dig yourself deeper Digits all in your beeper, you want her, better keep her Last night you was all up in the club, slingin grips Slippin DJ Roslay, givin dick tips away Basically, you was holdin like you just went pro but little did they know, you was flossin my doe No, I got to go, before you cause a bitch to flick from waistline to the bottom, you know niggas ain't shit [Chorus] [Trina] You ain't shit to me yo I'm spendin grands down in Rio Manaje' in trio, garage like it cee-lo 4-5-6, Range Rov, 4.6 we lay low while ya'll hoes slob dick, you back in ballin ass Niggas ain't shit, taste the clit and y'all pussy lickin and shit wanna go low on me like a basement That's why I don't see none of y'all You better reconize bitch, while I sit in front of y'all I don't owe you shit, nigga you owe me I'm bout to change the locks, nigga keep the gold key You better get your shit, take it to your mamy house I'm bout to show you what a bitch from Miami bout You got me fucked up, nigga ain't no free nut Unless you comin VVS marquis cut [Chorus (repeat til end)]

Roll Roll

504 BOYZ "Goodfellas"
(feat. Krazy) Ain't no block too hot Me and my niggas bout to open up shop Hot boy nigga grab the glock So me and my niggas we can sell our rocks Ain't no block too hot Me and my niggas bout to open up shop Hot boy nigga grab the glock So me and my niggas we can sell our rocks [Master P:] Every bag of that raw We hustle in the park From dusk to dawn nigga From dawn to dark Now if you tweakin, boy You better be creepin But if you beefin, nigga You bout to be sleepin Me and my dogs We don't fuck with you cats Go to the pen Don't fuck with no rats See this shit is real I sleep with one eye open See in the ghetto Niggas gotta be pistol totin A thousand fuckin' grams That's what I'm workin' with Come short on the D You know what you twerkin' wit It's murder 187 I represent the third ward We tote mac 11's If I die, write my name in the sky My niggas bust yo' ass Yall gon' know why (baby) [Chorus:] Roll roll roll ya dough Up and down the street On the first and fifteenth you don't have my money Me and my boys we gon' bring that heat (ya heard me) [repeat] [Krazy:] It's a problem I ain't get my hands dirty wit ya gon' come get ya Chopper split ya A young soldier Plottin' to rule the world with riches Ask P to use this Hummer so I can fuck some bitches Run the block all week Trying to dodge the cops Niggas prayin' on my death before my album drops My niggas wearin wires Feds tappin' my phone Send a check to IRS so they can leave me alone Told my dog believe you we can rule the world He didn't listen He'd rather stuff his nose with furl They found him dead in the project Brains on the ground When you a fiend That's the way the game go down [Chorus] [Mystikal:] I'm from the chopper too! Come fuckin' around wit me ain't no tellin' what I'ma do! Put my foot so far up yo' ass I'd probably lose my shoe! That nigga chokin! Motherfucker coughin' up blood Well fuck the You don't want that drama to come to you! Yo' mama to come do you! Cuz HOT IRON will run ya through ya! You and yo' dudes don't be around cuz you'll catch a contact If you ain't got beef wit a nigga Don't be 'round beef You won't be on yo' back [Silkk:] Oh it ain't my fault We'll dead these niggas Can't move we infrared these niggas We'll do these niggas Black proof these niggas Close casket these boys Black suit these niggas We'll blast these niggas Walk past these niggas And ride on these bustas Just keep mashin these niggas And after we do it We'll toss the tec And ghetto Plus I know not else but to fuckin' floss the set You ain't gotta ask who's hot Who's on top I gotta question to ask yall foreal Tru or not If I got two guns I'm sure one gon' bust If I got two niggas wildin' out When I bust, one gon' duck The one that's wildin' the most That's the one I'ma bust He still trippin' after that I'ma give him two cuz he don't think one was enough [Chorus]

Journey Through The Life

P. DIDDY "Forever"
[Nas] Yo, Yo [Puffy] Gansta, Gansta [Nas] Gansta Yo [Puffy] That's Right [Nas] Journey Through the life of some real niggas [Puffy] Some real niggas, You'll never see what I've seen [Puffy] When I sleep I dream of bodies in streams of blood Naked bitches, dead nigga's ghost, Feds with toast Knockin' my door down sweat poor down my body Roast from the heat so I soak my sheets Wake up shiverin', pull my hoe close to me, she sexy Every night is different pussy since my girl left me And I tried to make her stay with me, but I stay busy And her friends are cut-throats, they deep throat to lay with me I reminisce how I miss a stare in this space Resort to the lips of a stripper, sprayin' their face Lampin' in a mansion, home alone I hear footsteps, shit I kicks just not lyrics I hold a fifth, wonderin' if ten shots can stop spirits If nigga's try to rob me then I won't hear it Cause it's different from the streets, I'm missin' my hood now Missin' all the blocks cuz I'm surrounded by woods now It's supposed to be good now It's like I'm walkin' tight rope and can't look down Fire below me Now the fantasies I have for women are unholy Success, thousand dollar bottles impress Models with fat ass and big breasts Floor seats, Knicks vs. Nets, private jets Millionaire heir to Antigua, with Ananda, the MTV diva Nas, how do we survive all this mess (I didn't survive) East vs. West the rap game where words became flesh A whole pound of herb won't desolve my stress Still I ride to the death, love hip-hop Cause Afrikabababa was def, a lot of respect Feel Me Fuck to the rock Sean John jury I got the same hands of crap platinum and the crap pyramids Write about the black experience, sell it to Marimax Tell me if you feelin' that 1 - [Lil' Kim amp; Joe Hooker] Take a journey through the life of these real niggas The things that they seen it would thrill niggas If you've seen what they've seen, you would wonder Through the rain and the pain and the thunder By the time that you realized that it's goin' down You may find yourself going underground When they see that this life is upon us We would see that there's no one that we can trust [Beanie Sigel] You can never see what I see, motherfucker Beanie Sigel, the realest nigga from the streets was taught Stay cased up nigga, stay deep in court Reminiscin' on that cold cell, deep in thought Gettin' skinny, couldn't eat, cause the meat was poor Ya'll niggas couldn't live my life, I've been through it Streached up in hospital beds, fed fluid Two bullets hit my leg, one passed through it Saw the blood and the hole in my calf, looked through it My life's no joke, I don' played dice with soap Upstate the case niggas slice your throat Wear your boxers in the shower when you gaurd your soap I done seen the biggest nigga's in the yard get broke I done took blocks through war, took blocks for fall Took blocks to Wall for box of raw What you think 33 in the glock is for Black fatigues, skullies and binoculars, C4, block your doors, nigga's can't stop this war I show you faggots what this Swatz' is for Hidding spots in the door for the glocks is for Read the papers, '94 I took the cops to war Half of ya'll niggas livin' a lie Only reason you switchin' up your droid is cause you keep gettin' robbed I looked that nigga in the eyes before I send him to God Beanie Sigel, desert eagle, the realest nigga alive Repeat 1 [Nas] Aiyo, Aiyo, Gansta, Gansta The Bible has words that Christ wrote, evil men sacrifice goats I speak all my life under oath Since a kid, troublesome Thrownin' shit at little girls jump ropes Bustin' B-B Guns at stray cats, that was way back Watched it die, covered in flies Then I picked up a stick, try to dig in it's eyes Makin' dirt pies, na, being buggy-eyed shit And every other nigga that rap, sound like my shit I wear chrome 45's with ice on the grip I don't shoot it, I roll with killers and criminals With heroin habits they picked up from the penile They let you have it, all I do is give them a smile Lifestlyes of the realest, you ain't ruthless you bitch I got a pine box just your size, I know it'll fit Your whole life's a mistake, stop holdin' the pen Kill yourself, come back as a man over again Cause in this lifetime I'm reignin', slay men Leave your whole body cold Your nails grow long, you get gray skin May this nigga rest in peace, Amen I run with brave men, straight out the housin', we wildin' Names engraved in the pavement Brick building, grown ladies jump off the roof Nigga get paged, then murdered at the phonebooth New York streets made me nigga, it's crazy nigga Repeat 1

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