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Jasmyn Nordstrom lyrics - It's All About Me

Staying Above Ground

Original and similar lyrics
It's pouring I'm stuck here All alone I don't know what to do Should I use the phone? The power went out Can I go any where? Should I go? I don't even care If the answer's 'NO' Well sorry Too late I already left [chorus] I'm stuck here outside Can't get back in Even if I can It's all flooded I'm gasping I'm losing air What I'm trying to do Is Swin over there I'm trying to swim around But most of all is Staying above ground The water's getting higher I'm getting tired I'm sinking lower And swimming slower Should I give up? Should I just stop breathing? Should I Start dieing? Should I stop swimming? People are coming But my bodies stinging People don't even notice me They just leave I wish I was free [chorus] I was almost too late I made it through I almost lost my life Without any help of you You were nothing But I was something Something special I was special [chorus] Something Special I was special Something lucky I was lucky

The Captain And The Kid

ELTON JOHN "The Captain And The Kid"
I've been out on this road some Can't help feeling I've been showing my friends around I've seen it growing from next to nothing Into a giant eating up your town Called up the tealeaves and the tarots Asked the gypsy what she sees in the palm of our hands She saw a mountain and wild deer running A crazy kid becoming a better man But we stuck around for the fireworks Waiting to explode Shaped our futures, you a tumbleweed And me on a yellow brick road Pleasing the people some of the time For better or for worse An urban soul in a fine silk Suit And a heart out west in a Wrangler shirt [Chorus:] And you can't go back and if you try it fails Looking up ahead I see a rusty nail A sign hanging from it saying "Truth for sale" And that's what we did No lies at all just one more tale About the Captain and the Kid We've been missing at times in action Can't imagine what he said he might do for you The devil got to come to the party sometimes But he never got to wear our shoes Oh we've conjured up what we created Way back then when I was standing up in six-inch heels Now you're riding off into the sunset And I'm still spinning like a Catherine wheel But we stuck around for the battle Waiting for a plan To turn you into the Brown Dirt Cowboy And me into a rocket man It pleases the people some of the time Digging into our roots But I got a brand new pair of shoes And you're on a horse in old cowboy boots [Chorus 2x]


PAPA ROACH "Old Friends From Young Years"
Slowly Breaking down feeling weak Thinkin about the higher ground that I wish to seek For safeness For realness I'll break it down simple for my people to hear this Cause my shit is for realness For my people to hear this Six years of age when I first got my rage Father broke out Then I turned a new page of my life Changed Then it was crazy Thanx to my mom cause she stuck by to raise me Since I was a baby She stuck by to raise me There is no sound Coming up from the ground No way Not this time Buried deep inside There is no evidence Feelings that I hide Sometimes are too intense Silent In the dark I think I'm nutty Vicious swords of emotion slash And leave me bloody I said you fucking die

Tragedy At The Railway Station

Dead Infection "A Chapter Of Accidents"
A ordinary railway-station. Platforms, tracks, people with their luggage. A train arrives. It's 30 minutes late. But passengers have finally seen it coming up. Compartments fill up quickly. After 10 minutes there are no free seats left. Some people have to stand in the corridor. After a while the train leaves. It moves faster and faster. All the same time a 47-years-old-woman runs along a platform. She's a bit late, but tries to open the wagon's door and get in. After 2 seconds the woman trips against her big bag and gets under the train. Its wheels cut her legs up to her tighs. the woman screams, but the wheels crush her cranium and chest. Now comes the silence broken only by the engine's blast.

Dope Man

JAY-Z "Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter"
(feat. Serena Altschul) [*sound of a camera taking a picture*] [Jay] Millenium flow [MTV] Serena Altschul's here live outside the criminal courthouse [Jay] This is {bullshit} y'all [MTV] in New York City for the first day in the trial of [Jay] I'm gone [*car speeds off*] [MTV] the State vs. Shawn Carter, a.k.a. Jay-Z [Jay] Uhh, uh-huh-uh, uhh, uh-huh-uh, uhh [MTV] Whatever the verdict in this trial may be the effects will undoubtedly be felt worldwide [Jay-Z] Aiyyo, stand forward, 'fore you take notice or witness to me killin the track Testify 'til me spillin the smack Now they got me for traffickin, racketeerin, audio crack [Hook:] They call me Dope Man, Dope Man I try to tell em I'm where hope, floats man Ghetto spokes-man A broke man, approachin the bench with intent to bury me under the cell, fingered me as the toast man Evidence stemmin from ninety-six They say the world ain't recovered from his fix While they was usin cut I was on some other shit Gave it to you raw and they just discovered it Nowaday, the jury got they brow raised Listenin to testimony about my foul ways Exhibit A: 'Reasonable Doubt' They say this was the first thing that turned the peoples out [MTV] You can feel the tension building here as an unprecedented number of people have turned out for what may be the 'Trial of the Century' [Hook] [Jay-Z] How come, you label your brand of dope 'Volume 1' and spread it through the slums Fed it to the young with total disregard Your honor, the State seeks the maximum charge And how could you, turn right around and release a lethal dosage called 'Volume 2' And is true you operate the criminal enterprise known as Roc-a-Fella in charge of his meteoric rise And do you deny you're responsible for the demise of record execs, and do you object Your distribution's Polygram, and through your connects Def Jam, you pushed over five million SoundScan And not to mention, your co-horts and henchmen Dame, Biggs, Lyor, Kev' and Russell Simmons And we ain't gon' talk about Murder, Inc. That just establishes a darker deeper criminal link [MTV] The State is seeking the maximum penalty and with the overwhelming amount of evidence the D.A.'s presented, things aren't looking good [Hook] [MTV] Despite the grim outlook at this point the rapper has been known to emerge triumphant in the face of adversity [Hook] [MTV] Jay-Z is taking the stand [Jay-Z] Right hand on the Bible, left hand in the air Before I spoke one word, made sure my throat was clear A-hem, I'm a prisoner of circumstance Frail nigga, I couldn't much work with my hands But my mind was strong, I grew where you hold your blacks up Trap us, expect us not to pick gats up Where you drop your cracks off by the Mack trucks Destroy our dreams of lawyers and actors Keep us spiralin, goin backwards At age nine, saw my first hate crime Blindfolded, expected to walk a straight line Mind molded, taught to love you and hate mine Climbed over it, at a early age, Jay shined Fuck the system at Lady Justice I blaze nine Your Honor, I no longer kill my people, I raise mine The soul of Mumia in this modern day time [MTV] While the jury is inside deliberating outside the crowd is frozen with anticipation [Hook] [MTV] Well the verdict has just been announced: NOT GUILTY! It is complete pandemonium out here! [Hook; Serena keeps speaking] People are cheering and hugging - there he is Jay-Z is exiting the courtroom right now There is a swarm of cameras surrounding him [*pop bulbs flashing*] and people are just rushing up to him Let's try and make our way over there, Jay-Z! Jay-Z! [*sounds of cameras keep flashing*, *music fades*]

World Of Entertainment (W.O.E. Is Me)

JURASSIC 5 "Quality Control"
Well, here's a little something for my people in the house I'm gonna tell you what my crew is all about We like raw rhythm fusion, real rhyme producin' songs for the world's men, women and children Armed and equipped with much confidence and this is how we're gonna make our living Some are known for bein' biters non-creative and wack rhyme-writers Yo, they soup you up but can't rock the jam known to the world as a one-hit band Easy come, easy go, yo you had your turn temporary niggas touchin' up your perm You see a rapper is a kid that brags and acts big A rhymer is a nigga that can handle his biz Yo, A rapper is a kid that's tryin' to be the shit An entertainer ain't tryin' cause he already is [Chorus] Welcome to the wonderful world of entertainment where life imitate art and people get famous Welcome to the world of showbiz arrangement where lights, camera, action is the language [repeat Chorus] We was rockin a jam the other night J5 was on the mic so the people was hype Yo, we like to rock the party with adrenalin and passion the crowd started screamin 'Action Satisfaction' Numark dropped the beat and the heat from the fire We brought the energy and streetcar named desire We was flippin, they was trippin, how we was old schoolin' needle to the groove, hands in the air movin' and we said to the crowd 'This is the place to be, whether you paid a fee or you got in free' So when you step through the door, the music gets loud Manuever through the crowd to get a better view now [Chorus] To be an MC, you got to be so fresh to have style and finesse way above the rest With the strong delivery, vocal chemistry street poetry in tune with the beat So if you think you got the skills come take a test microphone check if you truly are blessed If you can flow like water and can comprehend you need longevity in this game to win Now if you want to be the best you got to move and motivate Watch the money that you make in the industry stakes Cause some of these people ain't got no class and some of these folks'll make you beat they ass If you can believe then you can achieve get the loot, live the dream, be on top of the scene To keep the people in it, and accumulate fans to be dope in the studio and slam at the jams, so [Chorus] Welcome party people, while we got your attention There's a few things we'd like to mention The name is Jurassic, but they call us J5 we rock bonafide fly rhymes fortified We got 2 DJs controlling the beat and vocal harmonies make it sound so sweet We're the four horsemen, with words to caution expressed and flipped in an orderly fashion With the rhymin', designin' the music on time and the fellas saying 'ho' and the ladies losin' they mind and the breakin', the scratchin', this thing called rappin' the cultivated music that keeps your hands clappin The passion, reaction, the street satisfaction Brothers using no tactics to make it happen the rhythm, the spirit, you love it when you hear it Nowadays when you're samplin' shit, you gotta clear it [Chorus 1.75X] [cut after 'Welcome to the world of showbiz arrangement, where..'] [samples: 'lights' - 'camera' - 'action!']

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