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JARREN BENTON lyrics - My Grandma's Basement

Smells Like

Original and similar lyrics
[Hook: Mic Buddah] Looks like, feels like murder Smells like, tastes like murder Feels like, tastes like murder Must be murder Looks like, feels like murder Smells like, tastes like murder Feels like, tastes like murder Must be murder [Verse 1: R.A. the Rugged Man] When God comes it curtains, baby butchering, bloodthirsting and body burnin’ rupturing aneurysms from your brain burstin’ I smack Leatherface and laugh at Jason I stick my dick in that Lucifer chick that used the crucifix for masturbation Satan’s coroner, kiddies lock your door, it’s the art of war Spittin’ horrorcore since Lionel Richie was a commodore Its 'M' for Murder Hitchcock, I start a convo, like who you like better, Big or Pac Then I suck your pussy ‘til your clit pop Yeah boy, like I’m Flavor Flav with a big clock Dispatchin’ any competetor, you’re regular Detachin’ your your retina, the bloodsheder bitches piss on me My dick meat stink like pastrami My white ass is whiter than Mitt Romney Hillary Clinton can get her clit done with my big tounge Have the bitch strung, once me dick swung, her lip drip cum When I bust I leave more than your face and your mouth smothered I leave your coach and your living room and your whole house flooded ‘Til every fan bumps this, I’m rowdy ravenous and rambunctious Have white bitches wearin’ hammer pants dancin’ to can’t touch this I paint pictures on canvases, stick a fist up your bitches like hand puppets Pussy gargalin lickin’ your clam nuggets Lyrically you ain’t never caught a body I dunk your head and make you drink the shitty piss water in the porter potty Lesbian orgy with Earthlings and green bitches fuckin in public I’m on some other shit, I get aliens on a mothership suckin’ dick I’m the best and that’s it, put me on top your rap list Have all the dead rappers come out their graves, and do my ad-libs Bitch, c’mon [Hook] [Verse 2: Jarren Benton] They say you are what you eat, I don't recall eating a fuckin’ rapist I throw a rock up in the sky and hit a freakin’ spaceship, I’m goin’ ape shit Hey bitch, how come everytime you give me head My dick get cut up by the seam of your braces A grown man that still lives in his mama’s basement Dissect a fuckin’ ape and give it a brain replacement I murk y'all, bitch you soft as a Nerf ball Auto-erotic asphyxiation, choke myself when I jerk off Put your ass in the dirt dog, created the law of Kershaw But the pussy smell like pamino's, then man that's just a turn off None of you dumb fucks concernin’ us I tie you to the gas stove in hell tell Lucifer turn the furnace up Me and R.A. the Rugged, you fuckers gon’ love it You a bitch, you snuggle with men, take dick, kiss it and chug it I’m a glut and eat buckets of nuggets of human flesh And blow his rap budget on crack, snacks and puppets Fuck a metaphor, I metamorph into a feather dwarf With a knife and slam my dick inside the dresser drawer Strangle you, I strangelin’ myself to see who die quicker Poppin’ your casket with a pistol like surprise nigga So when we die, make it to the pearly gates When God don’t let me in I clap his ass with this .38 Forensic scientists can’t even identify the shit that I did to the bodies Blood stain in the lobby, morphine in the IV, cut scalpel when I see I'm fly to death, Kamikaze, I’m probably in Illuminati Fuck a beat, I rock over a queef And if I go broke I’m stickin’ Kanye West for his teeth [Hook]


[Hook x2:] Lean, lean, lean, lean Lean, lean, you know I got that lean Lean, lean, lean, lean Finna rob a plug for that promethazine Quarter pint, half a pint, whole pint, aye Catch me in the Bay sipping syrup everyday It's Ashley All Day, your nigga know my name I teach these bitches game 'bout the money and the fame I go hard in the paint like Waka Flocka Flame Pussy sweet like Actavis, niggas they can't fuck with this All you hoes can suck a dick, you know I got that lean Lean, lean, if your bitch broke she not on my team Team, stay getting green Your nigga call my phone like a motherfucking fiend Hitting licks, popping sticks, serving bricks, robbing tricks Camera phone, take a pic, pop that pussy, get rich Bitches want to be me, niggas want to see me They do anything like bring me drugs just to meet me Ashley All Day, all work, no breaks Take your girl on a date, yeah, bitch I run the Bay [Hook] I look great, why you mad? Bitches looking sad cause they know I got the swag Ashley All Day, put the money in the bag I'm on point, never lacking Bad bitches 'round the world, what's happening? Stripper pole in the living room trapping In the kitchen whipping work like magic Don't be talking too much, I won't have it Quarter bar, half a bar, whole bar, aye Drop it in the Sprite, slow motion all day Cop a couple bricks cause you know I push weight All this money in the way, RIP Mac Dre You could try, but you never gone be me Feeling myself, bitch, it's way too easy Posted in the cut with a blunt and a beezy Purse full of money, when I leave, you gone see me [Hook]

Dogghouse In Your Mouth

SNOOP DOGG "Duces 'N Trayz - The Old Fashioned Way"
(feat. Kurupt, Soopafly, RBX,Suga Free & others) [Snoop Dogg] 1998, Dogghouse Records steps on the scene Unlike any other record label, we plan to get green And keep it clean, and stay oh so mean So rough so tough, haha [Suga Free] What his here This for them suckas Nigga I came from a long line of playas that ain't scared of NAR' ONE OF Y'ALL MOTHERFUCKERS!! I see these niggas wanna see me catch a case and get struck out But I'm laughin', 'bout to knock they ass the fuck out Bitch quit actin' like a stuck up clown That's why yo raggety-ass attitude is fucked up now Suga Freeeeee......hahaha Bitch swingin' on my dick sayin WEEEEE! The pimpin' is crackin' so I feel like mackin' tonight (aight) Now them 70 niggas 30 gon' hate us That's why I play the role, keep control and throw them off wit' these dirty gators See time was torn Cuz if I bought me somethin' to eat, shit I bought you somethin too, WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS! BUT NOW! You'd rather bring me down and see me fall Walkin' wit my head down straight dependin' on y'all [Soopafly] The call me Honcho I like to Spark-le I'm 'bout to barbecue a bitch like the charcoal Am I a star NO Ya' in my car NO My name is Soopafly, bitch so ya' all know Now heffer don't act stupid, cuz y'know who I am The nigga quick to talk shit and don't give a damn I tell that hoe run, man that hoe better scram I pimp across the land Better read ya' motherfuckin' press telegram Snoop Dogg told me that Now blow me back while I'm pimpin on this funky track Bang E.S. we givin' it up got the bitches singin' the rest We blastin' motherfuckers, run up and come test Better, hide yo chest and fasten yo vest No bullshit, take yo bitches so quick and so fast (so fast) Fuck wit' us I'll put a foot up yo ass [Ruff Dogg] Collect calls from the pen, so I catch it in the kitchen The homie say, send him naked pictures of bitches And if they talkin' backwards, he'll have a homie's jackup That nigga fucked Pat up, fuck havin' a homies tack up We slap hoes that step on toes of our DaDa's and ask them niggas in the Source Awards when I caught them while y'all was pacin', the homies was bringin' up situations Eliminating fake niggas while I'm paper chasin' [Chorus] [Snoop and Kokane] Dogghouse (woof) in ya mouth (we'll make you go away) [Repeat 4X] [Kurupt] Yeah nigga, Dogghouse, this Kurupt bitch, yeah OK, let the homies spray the K Dippin hittin' switches bouncin' over ditches Callicodes collapse niggas, perhaps niggas Trap or dap and clap niggas, I'M YOUNG GOTTSTRA Put it up, pistols might sizzle a nigga For shizzle my nigga Kurizzle was nizzle my nigga LIke a bitch or a busta, bust a, four fizzle surface the air miss wit a homie, wait for the whistle Who you thought we was Temperatures might rise Before everybody feel the fire from the 5's I told Daz we about to fry niggas like fries And seperate them by 5's, and light up the skies Crip that D.P., K-U-R-U-P-T Dippin' and I'm out, put a dick in yo mouth Dogghouse gangstas (woof, woof, woof, woof) Dippin' and I'm out, put a dick in yo mouth, ya bitch [RBX] Like this, for the sake of the game Bitch nigga jaw-jackin' get blasted out the frame Let them punk punk you up You jumped up and got stomped the fuck down, what now Showdown, got your three ring circus Bozo's cannot work or see the tears of a clown Listen nit wit, you can't get wit try to sit wit, and get yo shit split quick If you wanna say the word is bond word is bond, then, I attack like ninja hunter You rhyme soft like the other Hunter Heather Hunter, fake a gangbang fronter Capital D to the O-G-G Capital H-O-U-S-E in ya mouth, oh bitch if ya didn't know Long Beach City dirty like THE SOUTH! [King Lou] Wit Suga Free in I'm in this motherfucker leanin' I'm quick to do it umm, meant to do it Stayed on my toes like the nigga pimpin', watching the corner Much love to my niggas rippin', in California Doin it big with my nigga Bad, these niggas mad At the 2001 Benz, guzzlin' Henn It's Dogghouse and we all in, ballin' Goldie got a couple of hoes hoppin' out the Rolls, we chillin [Goldie Loc] I came in bangin dub minutes (20 minutes) All my niggas know I ain't no motherfucking gimp I get down damn, runnin' from damn town Dogghouse nigga, Dogg Pound bound How you motherfuckers like me now when I do it like Bust on the microphone, cuss on the microphone Yeah this nigga like Tracy, Tray Deee Bang his ass, slap his ass in the striz-neet Catch him wit the headlock, pistol whippin' wit the glock Lil' Goldie Loc about to set up shop These motherfuckers don't like me anyway Shit, I ain't got nothing to say, wit no time to play What these motherfuckers thought I was about When I bust this bitch i put my dick in her mouth Now all them niggas got something to say But I'ma tell 'em Lil' Goldie don't play, nigga [Tray Deee] Yeah it's the genius of the click Known to sleep a nigga quick So watch how ya' gums bump speakin' on the wrist I drew the diagram how to mash the game Never hesitated when it came to blasting thangs From the knuckle shoes buckle when we lock and strap I'm a real rider nigga you can drop the act I got stripes and bars from a life at war Twice as hard, as niggas claim they sheisty y'all Criminal, lay 'em down for their stacks and sacks For the mic, used to trife with the mass and gats Do or die, to survive from my time of birth Then I'm out for gettin' mine till I ride the hearse It's going down, Dogghouse gangsta style And fuck Death Row, we'll take 'em out We got the whole rap game bangin' now (C--RIP!!) What you motherfuckers think this game's about [Chorus] [Repeat 8x] [Mixmaster Spade] Oh, good evening Topp Dogg I'm so glad you're here All the bitches in the front, the gangsters in the rear I'm not Dr. Jekyll nor Mr. Hyde Whoever told you that, they told you a lie You been a waitin' and a waitin', as I can see So treat me like the pope and bow to your knees Oh the genius on the mic is back again So get on the phone and go tell a friend I been a waitin' for a while as you all know And now I'm back on the mic doggin' the show I got platinum 'round my neck, that will never fade The name of the chain's Mixmaster Spade A sure shot, body rockin' A c'mon everybody get ready to rock A sure shot, body rockin' A c'mon everybody.............. [Chorus] [Repeat 4x]

It Might Sound Crazy

Daz Dillinger "Retaliation Revenge And Get Back"
[Featuring 2Pac Kurupt Outlawz] [Pac] Live in this muthafucker Thug Pound Biotch Kurupt Daz Makaveli Idi Kastro Hussein You know bitch the whole muthafuckin' clique. We gon' hit yo' ass up. You know where we comin' from Death Row BIOTCH hahaha Ay yo Kurupt you first to blast nigga and you know how we do it on the Westside nigga We ballers for real... [Kurupt] For real I got it bought you the blue steel cowards hit the panic button thinkin' that it was what it wadn't shit's hectic the bomb Vietnam rhyme Don with the semi-auto fracture your torso to ya spine the back cracker smack you with my verbals graphic grammar My verbal murder strech from Alaska to Alabama get touched by my Arm Hammer all across the planet niggas crumble like granite from Tahiti to the Mid-Atlantic probable cause to get hit shit niggas best get physically mentally fit Show ya hoe I ignore for real I can tell on the DL I got an Indecent Proposal for her (biotch) mashin' in a Ford Explorer hell hound host the horror escape from the Box Pandora somethin' for ya get rocked by my midnight Glock sniper through sound vocal rival to invade the block Fuckin' bitch paid the price of a snitch the ?Nicki Scarful? comin' through the bus death spreads through camps like ?Parvul? Young Gotti Kurupt C with the dope the green weed Indeed I'm out to get high supply what you need Mr. Postman comin' through with all the mail What you need? I got for sale on the stairwell to Hell [Fatal Hussein] I wake up sparkin' to get wild on the streets barkin' playas drinkin' kegs til y'all niggas beg Martin you labelled Paw nervous no I do this job dirty Donna Karan New York call it Fatal Dogg New Jersey niggas ain't seen time I travel courts dream crime my room like the million dollar bill folded with green blinds chairs is a hundreds for shams I run that hole in quickies Dollar bills is 'intendos the windows is folded fifties Y'all old cops lost it drinkin' the scotch barfless I don't like movies so I hit up the Box Office you the softest I'm takin' ya honies they Telly pieces wearin' my fuckin' dick around they neck like Kelly leashes My boys me is poison we don't get along equal Fight each other like brothers it's all good we strong people more strain on the brain the pain I deal with ill with nasty niggas my whole crew on some real shit for real bitch the steel clique I bill with menaces ya number one nemesis paragraphical like Genesis [Pac] Stupid muthafuckas Outlaw Immortal Bitch Dogg Pound Thug Life you know how we Fuckin' do this shit! You stupid muthafuckas don't get me... Now take a look inside my mind that Pen' time made me rise but still I rise Cause my Ambitionz Az A Ridah like land mines Lyrics turn niggas into smithereens music so lethal turn coliseums to murder scenes I'm Makaveli the Don is what they tell me I'm armed I'm droppin' niggas like bombs get in that ass like a thong Picture a felon in ya presence takin' bustas back to the Essence tellin' my people peep my lethal message visions of me gettin' money got me in mash mode murderous motives for niggas stoppin' my cash flow you can't fight it nigga let go Witness the sound made ya bitch ass bow down to Death Row Mama these niggas got me fightin' these 3 Strikes showin' up in court fuck what you thought it's three nights I put the game down first put my niggas up on it now we Amerikaz Most Wanted feel that [Kastro] Since my Only Fear of Death is Mama cryin' for help OG Daddy wanna ride when I know he ain't got shit else since I'm his only soldier Nobody else gonna roll for me I know without the Row Immortal Outlaw (Ay K) I'll be forgotten for sho plus this Thug Life it got me livin' Initiated playa hated without givin' a single fuck why they dangling baby all on my nuts I be singling fingering bitches to fuck [Pac] Bitches is wild niggas is lame I hung around with real niggas got exposed to the game muthafuckas actin' crazy bustin' me in the jaw Initiated as an Outlaw hahahaha (yeah muthafucka) [Daz] Now a mission ain't a mission if nobody rides and a mission ain't a mission if nobody dies and a mission ain't complete if the enemy don't sleep enemies rest in peace deceased fuckin' with me I got to 'complish a goal I'm out seekin' gold expose the strap gotta let off the cousin rough raw Never fell to my knees for shit cause I demand shit with this Daz Dillinger drillin' ya for ya shit on the streets for the sixth time in out for the crime I rates crimes add up in food stamp dollars dimes I'm slippin' slidin' fucked up nigga whuttup In the cut flossin' like a muthafucka whuttup beside all being now tell me where ya comin' from that ain't where I see thangs nigga what's the outcome [Idi Amin] For so many days so many ways we been duckin' strays they delivers but still we some Bad Boy killers Hold the scrillas I dump in you niggas' livers then watch ya body shiver ya mama quiver from the way you just got lit up Hit up the Westside on my way out y'all whole crew should've knew it was on from Makaveli's first day out now y'all gettin' played out laid out for public display on this day y'all niggas is historay cause the whole crew is bitch to me listen to me Idi How many of y'all can see me? Cause I'll tack that ass like A's attack DC Believe me 'cause although now I'm just a young stolder I'm soon to be a gun holder Initiate to the clique with a left to my lip now the fight's over

Danger Zone

BIG L "Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous"
[Malcolm X] Stealing runs rampant in Harlem Gambling runs rampant in Harlem All types of evils and uhh, vices that terrified our community run rampant in Harlem [Big L] The microphone is through when this rap legend grab it Sendin poems to have them faggots diggin hoes like Reverand Swaggart L's the nigga that crime follows I'm hittin fine models and stabbin punks with broken wine bottles I beat chumps til they head splits, then break em like breadsticks I sex chicks, I'll even fuck a dead bitch Always sprayin Tecs, because I be stayin vexed Some nigga named Dex, was in the projects layin threats I jumped out the Lincoln, left him stinkin Put his brains in the street Now you can see what he was just thinkin I'm chokin enemies til they start turnin pale Satan said I'm learnin well, Big L's gonna burn in hell Front and get scarred cause your rap style ain't even hard I run with a thievin squad, and NONE OF US believe in God Chorus: McGruff, Big L [McG] Cause one-three-nine and Lennox is the Danger Zone [Big] Where no man can withstand or hold his own [Big] Cause one-three-nine and Lennox is the Danger Zone [McG] Where no man can withstand or hold his own [Big L] I got styles you can't copy bitch, it's the triple six in the mix, straight from H-E-double-hockey sticks Every Sunday, a nun lay from my gun spray Fuck Carlito, we doin' shit the Devil Son's way Every minute, my style switches up, they said a real man won't hit a girl well I ain't real cause I beat bitches up I use words that's ill, L got nerves of steel I'm cool, but every now and then I get a urge to kill I'm takin lives for a great price, I'm the type to snap in heaven with a Mac-11 and rape Christ And I'm fast to put a cap in a fag chest The Big L smash stress, cause hell is my address I'm on some satanic shit, strictly, little kids be wakin up cryin, yellin, Mommy Big L is comin to get me! Chorus 2X [Big L] I keep a cutie with a soft booty, hoes be runnin up Can I get your autograph L No bitch, I'm off duty I'm breakin hottie hearts, niggaz drop when my shotty sparks It ain't no food in my fridge; just body parts I keep the gear fresh, I keep the braids rugged I never wear rubbers bitch, if I get AIDS, fuck it! A beef with me, you better prevent it cause in a minute I'll jump out a tenant rented, and leave a nigga body dented And my swoll knob your main girl cold slobbed and gave a blow job to my whole mob, with no prob' Aiyyo crazy bitches slept with L Then they niggaz got mad and tried to step to L But I'm sicker than a nigga that's in special ed so I suggest you spread pretzelhead, 'fore I turn your white sweatsuit red Chorus 2X

Expensive Pens

[Verse 1: Action Bronson] Yeah Yo drop to the ground and one knee me if you see me Take off your top like ZZ Mushrooms by himself causes shown to give samples of the body That I demolished you novice I'm polished Dip in impala quick Ah motherfucker your only kinda sick I'm fully blown like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia I'm out for self-ia, Bronson not helpin' ya Trying to get the Lexus ah oysters for breakfast ah I'm still in queens that's my native land I sport a headdress baby veil on the headrest Bitch Buscemi frame by my favorite chair Asian hair on a dominican with cajun flare I keep the coke clean, father and son dope fiends Mother and daughter strippers sniffing all the codeine Affliction shirts and dress paints like I'm Oakley Three bitches waiting for me Toyki oh shit Roll whip, panorama tough Salamander tux, fucking Alabama Butts Ah we known to galavant in trucks With an Irish bitch that will put a hammer to your nuts [Verse 2: Meyhem Lauren] Compose a fly rap with an 18 karat meisterstuck My people like to shoot Bronsolino dice the fluke Phenomenal fish platters Plus everyday is turkey day My vision is clear so now we getting it the murky way Pillaging daily plus we give thanks and fill tanks with premium Cadillacs my people always steaming them Turn the car into a sauna with some marijuana If you know Bronsolino then you know that's his persona Slang school PHd holders in the building Far from elementary but we do this for the children Ready able and willing Dealing constantly building Seen niggas make a million standing outside they building I'm from New York home of the hustle Where skinny people move big cause chrome is the muscle Just to get a rep you get left with a darker past You just a little sick my fucking flow is Arthur Ashe

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