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JANN ARDEN lyrics - Everything Almost

Hard To Be Alive

Original and similar lyrics
She went up and she never came down She left most of herself in a room across town She poured out like whiskey to Jesus at night Tryna find some salvation for her pitiful life Cause it's hard to be a alive It's so hard to be alive He went out and he never came back Just a sign on the door with a P.S. attached I've gone for forgiveness, so take what you need There's a key by the flower pot, down by your things Cause it's hard to be a alive It's so hard to be alive It's rare and it's wonderful at the same time It's hard to be alive Twelve years old, with his head in his hands And he's trying to estimate where he might land It's hard to imagine why everything ends But it's harder to realize where to begin Cause it's hard to be a alive It's so hard to be alive It's rare and it's wonderful at the same time It's hard to be alive

To Be Alive Again

JOURNEY "Arrival"
Doin' time... where it takes you You know it's time that can break you We get caught in a moment... Just steep walkin' most of our lives In your mind (when you need it) With a song (to help you believe it) You can reinvent your world Anytime you like CHORUS: To be alive again... Wakin' up from where you been Younger now than you were then You're comin' 'round again Do you remember when... Life was so much simpler then Like summer nights that never end To be alive again Find the smile... You've been missin' There's someone that you could be kissin' So open your eyes and you'll see What's been there all along Letting go (of your feelings) With doubt and fear (you don't need it) Break the chains on the heart of the soul That's been waiting so long REPEAT CHORUS To be alive again You're not among the walkin' wounded anymore There's a time to fall There's a time to rise above it all REPEAT CHORUS To be alive again (to be alive again)


JOHN FRUSCIANTE "Niandra Lades & Usually Just A T-Shirt"
by John Frusciante There's a powdered sun dripping through a porthole In a set design Can you read your name It's been so long since we bloomed from the inside So where have you been since you fell off the flat edge Of a world under nothing sky You've been lying rye They claim men you dance under the moonlight Do what you think is the sum Buts it a flesh and blood of a Dismembered gone assembly In four thousands of your years Voice 1: You felt like history in your thighs Voice 2: You get four red candles Voice 2: On the table with your penis I arise Voice 1: You're the one that makes me realize Voice 1: With water flowing through to tomorrow Voice 2: Glued to your addiction Voice 1: Apples and cake must have been your mistake Voice 2: but the smile you send in my direction Voice 1: Makes me feel like I'm alive Voice 1: You're hidden by your wooden legs Voice 2: You're my kind, You're my kind Voice 2: You always make me feel like a moon in my life Voice 1: Staring down at the world's head, all the time Voice 2: It always makes me feel good to know you're alive, wrapping your ties Voice 1: Down by the whirlpool, I finally realized you must have built in your snake, your little dark house Voice 1: I've been insane well the time is slow Voice 2: I've been to a society whith you can't see yourself and you can't feel sunshine Voice 2: And if you see me roaming the hillside won't you come along? It's a hard road to the top of yourself. You'll always be alone. Voice 1: The Pope don't matter when the pawn is your sea, don't you agree? Voice 2: I like you in my love, feels good just to know I can love someone like you. They'll make it hard for you choose. I can understand but when you see creation coming you close your eyes. And To you I'm sure it's no surprise that I could be one of the dead. Thank god my underwear's full of lead without you. Without you. Voice 1: When you're around I'm wound around your thumb. You wanna be numb inside the gun. All your different lights are one big fight against the baby inside that you've mistaken for pain.

Poetry For The Poisoned - Incubus

KAMELOT "Poetry For The Poisoned"
There was a time when I was young A boy with bold ambitions There was a time when I could tell the crooked from the wicked one There was a song that someone sung A hint of recognition There was a time I knew you well enough to know you won't be gone [Chorus:] Come with me tonight Tell me how it feels to be alive There was a time I had respect A name of reputation There was a time when I could watch myself without being disgraced [Chorus:] Come with me tonight Let us find a place where we can hide [Chorus:] Come into the light Let me show you how we stay alive [Instrumental] [Spoken:] The word "incubus" means "to lie on", and it was believed that any feeling in bed, such as a weight pressing down on your chest, especially accompanied by nightmares, was a sure sign that an incubus had attempted to have a nocturnal intercourse with you. Given the religious fervour of the Middle Ages, it is not altogether surprising that the idea of a demon lover was believed to account of this phenomenon.

Vamp Life

JIM JONES "F.E.A.S.T.: Vampire Life 2"
[Hook:] Usually use blood to get through the night Yes I’m a vampire Vampire hurting for fun (Who’s vamping) I usually use blood to get through the night (I get my money in the night time) Yes I’m a vampire, vampire hurting for fun (Freaks come out at night baby) Come alive in the night time Come alive in the right time When the sun goes down and the moon go up come alive in the night time A hundred thou for the right time Fifty tho make christ shine This cash on swipe minds Live fast see the white line I in that Rolls coupe Lean back on rose juice Few cups of that get them hoes loose and my wrist on ice like [?] shit to London Passport is all stamped up and when I beeped that bitch she jumped in told us she is all vamped up She is from uptown rock high heels top down my fly wheels I'm sick and my ride ill pop champagne I’m alive still So god bless to that hard stress Say a prayer it could be worse Thats beef and with desert I am vampin hard till I hit the dirt [Hook] If I should die before I wake Till I die I’m wide awake Presidential type of face Heavy metal upside the wasit Maybach with the quiet drapes Rose gettin high off grazy Take you up to a higher place vampires in outter space Penthouse with a fire place clear view of Empire states Clear view get your mind straight talk slick I fire aim Flashbacks of a prior case Most niggers in dire straights I am drop top down the real 8th drop the top just to hear them hate Gotta rev ur engine make em hear the porsche, switch lanes six gears of course Life is a bitch, a triflin bitch, married to the game but near divorced Big watch like I’m here to floss Private jet til I clear the port My niggas hustle like fuck the struggle FEDs a scary thought [Hook] (Think about that Only we vamp through the night You niggas keep sleeping and get slepped on Or get crept on My money coming bank rolls nigga I been fucked my credit up So I need my cash on demand)

Alive And Well

QUIET RIOT "Alive And Well"
Headin down the wrong way On a one way street Lookin for love but it ain't Lookin for me I feel like a fool But what do you expect Life is to short to waste on regrets Look at me now it must be Hard to tell... That I'm alive and well I'm alive and well And I'm here to tell That I'm alive and well Ten years later and it's all the same No reason to bitch but I still complain God only knows what God only knows How can we find the key to it all Lookin at me now it must be Hard to tell... Look out ! Closer to the truth the Harder it seems Hell if I know what It's supposed to mean With all the struggle that we endure A little bit of faith could be the cure Every time you think it's all Going to hell... Remember... I'm alive, you're alive We are alive and well And we here to tell That we're alive and well A little metal health Is still alive and well Get to the point, it won't take long A little bit of faith is gonna carry on The ride that we take is shorter Than it seems The good things in life don't have to stay dreams.

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