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JANIS JOPLIN lyrics - Pearl

Ego Rock

Original and similar lyrics
Let's go, let's go let's go let's go. Peter you start it. Richard, you start it. Somebody start it. I just had to get out on the Texas plane, Lord, well it was bringing me down. Yeah, I had to get out of Texas, baby, Lord, it was bringing me down. I been all around the world, But Port Arthur is the worst place that I've ever found. I guess they couldn't understand it there, Honey, they'd laugh me off the street! Lord, I guess they couldn't understand me, baby, Honey, they'd laugh, I said they'd laugh me right off the street, yeah. I said I want to keep on moving, baby, Be the last person I ever wanna meet. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Honey ain't it hard when you're all alone. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Honey ain't it hard, Lord, when you're all alone. I might die real old lady But I'd never call Texas my home, No, no, no, oh! You say you come from Texas, baby, She says she left Texas with just her name. (That's what she told me.) Yes she's from Texas I tell you, She says she left Texas with just her name. Yes, well I swear when that girl came to the big city Lord, she learned a brand new game. Well, yeah! Honey, I hear you talkin' about sorrow, Baby but you don't know my pain â€' that's right! Mercy! Mercy! I hear you talking about my sorrow, You don't know my pain. You know there's an inside kind of sorrow Lord, the women are always singin' the blues. All right, All right motherfucker, you sing! You know I, I dealt the Ace to the Queen, You know I played scrabble with L.B.J. Yes, I dealt an Ace to the Queen, Didn't I'll tell ya I's playin' scrabble with L.B.J. Well, I don't care what the name of the game is, baby, I tell you I always seem to get my way. I used to be a doggone fool, Fall for a woman's story every time. â€' But no more, I swear â€' Well, I used to be a, be a doggone fool, Fall for that old woman's story every time. Yes I, I'm a big boy now, Yeah, they gotta come up with some kind of heavy line. Well, well, yeah! Sounds like I found the man Who could take care of my time. It ain't me babe, it ain't me babe! It appears to me that I found a man That could take care of my time. Well, I got my own trouble, I got my own car, I got my own little lady, I got my hotel, Oh what are you talking about! Don't try to take it! Somebody talks as fine as he does Oughta be able to take care of One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Woman, woman, it just makes me mad. Ahh! Ahh! Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, Woman, Yeah, yeah, it just makes me mad Oh man â€' shit, man... Yes she played me for the fool I tell ya Yes and I've got to love every man she's ever had, yeah. If I found a man who could put me down the way you do â€' I mean so handy-like, you know what I mean ? Yeah, I found a man, whoa, who could put me down the way you do, â€' I mean so easy like it was second nature, y'know what I mean, man ? Ah maybe that man could help me At least, honey I thought I would give you a chance I said I, what I said I could try after the, after the show tonight maybe uh ... I'm just a working man, you know Ha ha ha ha, you don't work too hard, baby! You know I ain't no Hollywood star. â€' I'm not Joe Namath, you know, I read about that in the papers today â€' You know I'm just a working man You don't work too hard, baby! I never ran in a football game 200 yards Ha ha ha ha ha, that's the kinda man I like, that's the kinda man I like. But you know I can take care of those country girls Well I can mess around in that farm-yard. Lord, Lord, whoaah!! Ha ha ha! ha. Whew! Whew! Wow! That's getting a little too close, too heavy here. That's Nick Gravenites, that was a tune called Ego Rock. No! ... All right, rock, rock roll song.

Wanna Dance

{Intro} Uh, uh, uh, uh it's d haddy Ladies and gentlemen I'm glad you could make it To The praise party of the year. There's only one rule You just can't sit there Get up! On your feet now Dance wit me, praise wit me {Verse 1} Now it's about time for me to testify Ima change my wrong to right. And if it wasn't for the lord workin in my life, I could never survive. Now with eveybody in got a right to praise, you kno its got to be me. Now move, back it up give me some space, cause i'm about to raise up in this place. {Chorus} I can feel him all in my hands Feel him all in my feet. When the spirit comes over me My praise comes *not sure wut they say* Where the spirit of the lord is there is liberty. I just can't sit down on the lord after all he's done for me. You make me wanna dance You make me wanna dance all night. You make me wanna dance You make me wanna praise all night (2x) {Verse 2} Look at what he brought you from Look at what the lord has done. Ever since he came into your life He's been number one. He brought me out of the darkness Into his marvelous light. thats why you gotta breathe him every day, and every night. (chorus) {Verse 3} Lift your hands up to the sky and wave from side to side. and if u wanna rock with us party with us you gotta lift his name on high. It don't matter what coast you from lets praise and have fun make christ number one from the early mornin to the middle of the night lets get crunk for christ. Uh huh (uh huh), yeah yeah (yeah yeah), uh huh (uh huh), alright (alright), uh huh (uh huh), yeah (yeah yeah), uh huh (uh huh) alright (alright) You make me want to dance, make me clap my hands lord. You make me want to dance, make me clap my hands. (4x) Lets Dance!

The Ingredients Of Love

ANGIE STONE "Mahogany Soul"
(feat. Musiq Soulchild) [Intro] Hey Musiq, (Yo) You think we can do this (Yeah, uh) (Yeah, yeah) [1] - How do we make love And what's it truly made of How do we make love And what is it truly made of Oh yeah, oh yeah Gimme an ounce of some honesty Some innocence and a cup of loyalty A tablespoon of some attitude And of course a pinch of freak At least a pound of conversation Some attention when it comes to relation Two quarts of intelligence And a gallon of righteousness, oh [Repeat 1] Yeah, yeah yeah (Yeah, yeah) What I need is a smiggen of strength and a whole lot of stamina What I want is a liter of respect and a damn good listener Well if it means anything to you Girl, I feel the same way you do So let's let it marinate for about 365 days [Repeat 1] Oh baby, listen girl Baby I need to feel it's blended to perfection Love is spledid In connection with old fashion remedies and recipes of love Oh yeah And sugar, won't matter what the friends in eat I'll be sippin' on every drop of the main ingredient It's tastey love, yeah yeah [Repeat 1 until fade]

The Wish

Dirty old street all slushed up in the rain and snow Little boy and his ma shivering outside a rundown music store window That night on top of a Christmas tree shines one beautiful star And lying underneath a brand-new Japanese guitar I remember in the morning, ma, hearing your alarm clock ring I'd lie in bed and listen to you gettin' ready for work The sound of your makeup case on the sink And the ladies at the office, all lipstick, perfume and rustlin' skirts And how proud and happy you always looked walking home from work If pa's eyes were windows into a world so deadly and true You couldn't stop me from looking but you kept me from crawlin' through And if it's a funny old world, mama, where a little boy's wishes come true Well I got a few in my pocket and a special one just for you It ain't no phone call on Sunday, flowers or a mother's day card It ain't no house on a hill with a garden and a nice little yard I got my hot rod down on Bond Street, I'm older but you'll know me in a glance We'll find us a little rock 'n roll bar and baby we'll go out and dance Well it was me in my Beatle boots, you in pink curlers and matador pants Pullin' me up of the couch to do the twist for my uncles and aunts Well I found a girl of my own now, ma, I popped the question on your birthday She stood waiting on the front porch while you were telling me to get out there And say what it was that I had to say Last night we all sat around laughing at the things that guitar brought us And I layed awake thinking 'bout the other things it's brought us Well tonight I'm takin's requests here in the kitchen This one's for you, ma, let me come right out and say it It's overdue, but baby, if you're looking for a sad song, well I ain't gonna play it

Lil' Drummer Boy

LIL' KIM "The Notorious K.I.M."
[Bailiff] Will the court please rise Judge Funk Doctor Spock residing [Prosecutor] Your honor Lil' Kim is a threat to society She has shown a blatant disregard for the law And has killed six fine law enforcement agents in the line of duty For the vicious acts She should be punished to the fullest extent of the law [Lil' Kim] Pardon me your honor May I address the bench They try-na assassinate me like they did to Larry Flynt * Coughs Excuse my persona I may be hardcore but I'm not Jeffrey Dalmer Ever since I killed ‘em I ain't been in trouble since It wasn't my fault I acted out of self-defense He killed my best friend (Who's him) I mean them They was all dressed in blue and they want me dead too They had real grenade bombs inside of their palms And a whole bunch of guns wrapped tight in their arms See them bastards woke me up when they broke my alarm I was getting my ass licked by this cat named Tom (Stop!) I heard three guns cocked that's when Tom dropped They sent the bow and arrow right through his tank top (Oh she's lying!) Lying Blood was gushing on the floor Fingerprints all on the door Need I say more Pulled out the remote can and shot blows after blow Ploom! Queen off her toes They fell down like dominoes I think it was the Matrix, I mean it was the Matrix What was I do Sit back and just take this Yo I tell you now If I lose this debate Like in Dead Presidents I'm going out like Lorenz Tate See I ain't gon be stupid I'm gon take all y'all to the shift I should be able to say what I want What the fuck I plead the fifth (Now Kim, Kim) Fuck that Cee-lo I got to save the world The first female king and they mad cause I'm a girl [Cee-lo] Uh with all due respect your honor Excuse my client's temperament Who has had social intelligence With so much innocence we have to implement She was slightly out of place But if you grant us a grain of your grace I'll assure you it's only stress due to the severity of the case Imagine for a minute, yourself in the same shoes The same sense of survival and the same nothing to lose Your children, your lovely wife I mean look at her The only thing she's guilty of is having no choice in the matter [Kim] Lord I cry, I cry From the things that I've seen That I've seen And Lord I cry, I cry From the things I've seen, ooh If you only knew the things I've been through Oh yeah You'd know why You'd know why I cry, I cry, I cry [Redman] Order! Order! Order! Order! Order! Order! Order in the courts, I'm examining her thoughts And the notes on why you started slaughtering the fort The men dressed in blue they were undercover cops Hungry to see another black motherfucker shot They ran up in your spot and no one gave the orders Even Tom was tapped with a mic and a tape recorder (He was in on it too!) Yeah (I should've known) Yeah (Objection your honor) Yo objection overruled I know the news they tried to pay the grand jury To give you life sentence with parole up in thirty Now that's dirty, surveillance and you debate Fuck Will! Now you're the new Enemy of the State Angela Bobbett's cake compared to you And Junior Mafia that clique ain't scared to move So they took precautions Grenades from all force and Professional marksman with four fours of war hymn But you stopped, dropped, rolled and duck Shot back other bitches would've folded up Now that's my kind of bitch I know I'm the judge But I love that bitch And I'm coming with her Creme of crop and me I'mma hold her down Resign with A-K's so we blowing the trial Look it's a setup Yo Kim come on (I'm right behind you baby) Yo Kim come on (I'm right here with you man) [Kim] Lord I cry, I cry From the things that I've seen That I've seen...

Just Like A Woman

GEORGE HARRISON "Concert For Bangla Desh"
Nobody feels any pain Tonight as I stand inside the rain Ev'rybody knows That Baby's got new clothes But lately I see her ribbons and her bows Have fallen from her curls. She takes just like a woman And she makes love just like a woman And she aches just like a woman But she breaks just like a little girl. Queen Mary, she's my friend Yes, I believe I'll go see her again Nobody has to guess That Baby can't be blessed Till she sees finally that she's like all the rest With her fog, her amphetamine and her pearls. She takes just like a woman She makes love just like a woman And she aches just like a woman But she breaks just like a little girl. It was raining from the first And I was dying there of thirst So I came in here And your long-time curse hurts But what's worse Is this pain in here I can't stay in here Ain't it clear that That I just can't fit Yes, I believe it's time for us to quit But when we meet again Introduced as friends Please don't let on that you knew me when I was hungry and it was your world. Ah, you fake just like a woman, yeah you do and You make love just like a woman, yeah and You ache just like a woman But you break just like a little girl.

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