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JANET JACKSON lyrics - Unbreakable

The Great Forever

Original and similar lyrics
Not too pleased with what you're diggin' I'm just busy livin' my life Sources say but where ya gettin' it Don't create the truth you like It might sound strange to you What you think it don't mean nothing at all Doesn't change who I am Doesn't change who I love Living my life The way that I hope Is leading me to The great forever Forever I will choose Watch what I'm doing Watch where I'm going Tryin' to get to The great forever Forever is the truth If you wrong would you admit it? And take the heat up under the lights Use your expert criticism Then maybe you could get a life Don't like seeing people happy Is it jealousy or personal? Cause I don't see why loving someone Or what I do seem so radical to you Still it might sound strange to you But what you think it don't mean nothing at all Doesn't change who I am Doesn't change who I love Living my life The way that I hope Is leading me to The great forever Forever I will choose Watch what I'm doing Watch where I'm going Tryin' to get to The great forever Forever is the truth Once you know why you're here It becomes crystal clear To love someone is divine That empty hole in your heart It will tear you apart Because hate will only divide (Bless you) Hey hey hey hey Nah nah nah nah nah Hey Nah nah It's sad when you take such a beautiful thing Blow it up and call it the news It's not ok still I hope that one day You'll find the great forever too (L.U.T.F.A.) Living my life The way that I hope Is leading me to The great forever Forever I will choose Watch what I'm doing Watch where I'm going Tryin' to get to The great forever Forever is the truth

Beast Mode

Yeah It seems like the world is testin me Will I conquer or will it get the best of me Half of the world sees success in me The half other is second guessin me But I kid you not don't mess with me Cause I think I got something possed in me No matter what I'm gonna give whats left in I didn't choose this life it was destiny Now I'm feelin like I might go psycho Stand back cause I'm feelin like I might blow Slim chance but I'm puttin up a fight though They tell me this the wrong path but I know its right though I'm Bout to pick up the world and shake it Throw it to the ground and laugh as I break it Let the whole world know that I'm gonna make it And if you don't give it to me then I'm gonna take it BEAST MODE I'm IN BEAST MODE Gunnin for the top cock back reload I'm a new man with a new attitude But don't get me wrong I'm still me though I'm all in now, I ain't bluffin I risk everything regret nothin My determinations disgustin So everyday my ass I'm bustin Lemme take ya back, break it down Just a couple more months then college bound Got a scholarship, my bags were packed Then my world turned upside down When I got that phone call so shockin I thought my heart was stoppin Are you serious? this a one in life time opportunity knockin But wait, what now? I thought I had my life figured out Everything I was once sure about was now skepticizim and doubt Almost lose control lost sanity Meanwhile my friends abandoned me I felt lost in the world for a little bit I had nobody but my family But I bounced back and got in the zone Last nights just me and the microphone My friends were off at college while I was right here sittin here at home They were partying I was cuttin tracks They were goin out I was makin stacks This the road I choose so you know I'm gonna walk it proudly and never look back Now fast forward a couple years Most of my fears have dissapreaed After the blood the sweat the tears I dedicate this right here To all my nonbelievers and haters You'll doing me nothin but favors Keep talkin, I can't hear you Someone go get me a translator It used to get to me, to the old me Think you can do it better? then show me Those who know me least have the most say Don't judge me if you don't know me Whether I'm a billioanire or flat broke You think that matters? is that a joke If you ain't got talent, you really think the money will get you anywhere? nope Oh you wanna play music monopoly Ive mastered the game no toppin Takin over the world why the money adds up I'm just passin go theres no stoppin me I worked so hard, I earned it Its mine now and ill never return it Ima do it, Ima do it so damn big Everyday my fans confirm it So blast off I'm outta here Outta this world to the atmosphere So long, I'm gone Beena hell of a ride what a year This just the start the beginnin The top of the very first innin No need for a call to the bull pen bottom of the 9th and ill still be winnin What I went through, it was worth it all All the times being pinned up against the wall Tryin to please my family friends and fans When its all said and done after all I gotta do whats right for me I gotta chase after this dream I'm so proud of us how we far came Me and my whole damn team Yeah I'm just doin my best For real I feel so blessed I think somebodys watchin over me Tell me world did I pass your test Did I do this right? please tell me I need you now, please help me Cause life don't come with no manual I played the cards that you dealt me My life is on the line, everytime I rhyme Always on my grind, 24/7 So much on my mind, someone please remind Me that I'll be fine, where am I headin To da fans, my life I owe you So close to my heart I hold you But to anyone who ever doubted me Im so proud to say that I told you


ANATHEMA "Eternity"
I was not put here by anyone in fear I came alone as me Just an idea in a long chain of discovery Surrounded by the same you Sometimes your tide pulls me out to sea And I die in a thrashing curse Sometimes we are kind More often, I doze So far up the beach that those who try to reach are burnt alive in the searing heat of the desert of my dispassion So far removed, I never hear the water 'Cept once or twice a month when I see a mirror And I refuse to believe in some of the things that are said to be here Let alone those that are not I'm trying to change my direction Ours is pathetic in my own humble estimation I love the planet The great benign she-wolf Benefactor Spinning gently on towards the red giant four aeons hence When all the rose gardens are consumed in the flash-fire of flying time She'll leave alone to you When you look at me From your own century I may seem to be Strange archeology But when the winds blow From this direction You may sense me there In your reflection I think I feel you But I will never know As the swallows leave And the children grow I wanted to live forever The same is you will too I wanted to live forever And everybody knew When I caught you there In tomorrows mirror I thought felt you Jump out of my skin Throwing oil into My blazing memories Filling empty footsteps I was standing in I wanted to live forever The same as you will too I wanted to live forever And everybody knew As the falling rain Of the northern jungle Hanging droplets on the leaves Bombards my brain I hear you Across the room A sea of daffodils spring into bloom You are the mist The frost across my window pane And again She moves her body And her whispers weave And the world spins And tells me that I'll never want to leave As I think of you From this dark century I will always be With generosity That we both may share The hope in hearing That we're not just Spirits disappearing

Babies Falling

Magnetic Fields
Where the workers stand in querulous rows awaiting dislocation I will be there too When you're cashing in your food stamps When you're sleeping in a cattle train I'll be with you Pushing up against the ticket counter window face against the glass Bleeding from the waist and kissing to be chaste It is said that those who will not rest have been cursed To tramp like soldiers through the marshes Or that blessed are the ones who leave the stage Like babies falling fast asleep So I twice am cursed and twice am stuck Affixed to this corner of the earth. That old river keeps on rolling but the old man doesn't see it, He just stands there with his eyes closed Asking where'd you go? where'd you go? So wherever you may sleep tonight, Be it bed or bedrock, home, or open field: When you begin to yield, then, whatever you have taken as your pillow, May it serve as mine as well. Underneath the weeping willow I will wait for you forever, My eyes forever closed, asking where'd you go? where'd you go?

Lay Your Burden Down

Gov't Mule "Life Before Insanity"
I can't save you - but I can talk you down I can hold you - but I won't watch you drown In my life - things have a way of growing downward And I don't know if I can watch myself be a coward Again I don't know you like I thought I did But I will show you things that I kept hid In my life - I've always been the one that had to ruin things So I don't know - is some dark angel pulling on my heart strings Again In my life - things have a kind of ragged beauty And I don't seem to know right from wrong Or so they say - unless it's happening to me People change - I don't know what for Strangers walking in and out my door Something's got to change - the past just hangs here to remind me That one of these mornings - I'll reach for you And find me I have told you - I won't watch you drown I can't save you - but I will be around

Your Never Alone

This is for the kids who have no where to turn Who have nothing to live for You think you haven't the will to persist You have to search within yourself All the work that you've done in vain Been overlooked and taken for granted Only you can end your suffering You must be honest with yourself You have nothing left to lose You feel that everyone's out to get you Been beaten down but the hate still breaths Confined by consequences, it's your soul you must release It's our struggles that define us And the hardships we endure Your spirit can't be broken now You've come too far All your life You told yourself you were never alone All your time Spent on the problems that have no solution In your mind Giving up was never an option Out of spite Hold onto the hate that has helped you stay focused You are one but you're never alone You can't atone for every promise you've broken In this moment there's no way you will fail You must be honest with yourself Use your pain to achieve your goals Make amends while you can and stay focused You can't be burdened by your lack of control Never stray from the path you have chosen (It's our struggles...) (All your life...) (This is for the kids...) This spirit can't be broken [x3] It's who you are (It's our struggles...) Forever Forever Forever convicted [x2]

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