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JANET JACKSON lyrics - The Velvet Rope


Original and similar lyrics
Here I am in your face Tellin truths and not your old lies Seems to me that you care And I know that you're runnin out of time See ya can't get away I'll be here forever and again Whisperin in your ear Do believe cause you know you cannot win Spent most your life pretending not to be The one you are but who you choose to see Learned to survive in your fictitious world Does what they think of you determine your worth? If special's what you feel when you're with them Taken away you feel 'less than' again That's right [CHORUS: (2x)] You gotta mean what you say You gotta say what you mean Tryin to please everyone Sacrifice your own needs Check in the mirror my friend No lies will be told then Pointin the finger again You can't blame nobody but you There's a feeling inside No you cannot change it right away Gotta make a try And with time it'll start to go away I'll be here when you need That one to sit and cry to Cause I'm the you you forgot The only one you know you cannot lie to Bitter you'll be if you don't change your ways When you hate you you hate everyone that day Unleash this scared child that you've grown into You cannot run for you can't hide from you Can't hide from you That's right [CHORUS (3x)] C-N-E-I-C-S-N-O-C (you can't blame nobody but) C-N-E-I-C-S-N-O-C (you can't blame nobody but you) C-N-E-I-C-S-N-O-C (you can't blame nobody) C-N-E-I-C-S-N-O-C (aw that's right) [CHORUS (2x)]

In My Continental

ATMOSPHERE "Seven's Travels"
[CHORUS] In my Continental Splinter off the mental When you want the best show Never accept anything less Elements of purpose True love from the first kiss Spread it on the surface Sit back and watch the progress [VERSE 1: Slug] T-t-t-t-t-t-teacher, teacher, how can I learn patience? Planted in the middle and outside of your nation Take the care to build a familiar foundation Speak to the youth that keep the truth sacred Free the, free the good inside your heart Your neighborhood, it needs you to travel with your art From New York to Cali, some day they'll all know Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Chicago Now I've come a long way from the younger days When I used to look up curse words in my dictionary If life's a game, gotta choose a side to play If I gotta pick a position I'ma pick missionary I've had a little bit too much to think tonight But it's cool, I be alright, just make sure that I keep travellin Your reactions only reinforce the previous thoughts You'd feel the distance even if the bridge was collapsin Well, kudos and props and every hollow desire That you could conjure in an instant that it takes to breathe I got my Duplos and blocks and Lincoln Logs for when it's time to build I wait patiently for them to catch up to speed (And I'll be) [CHORUS] [VERSE 2: Slug] T-t-t-t-t-t-t-teacher, teacher, show me what you know now Load up your van with musicians and go south Visit Atlanta, Memphis, Tulsa, Texas Plug in the decks, check the mics, fight the wreckage Keep the, keep the motive in your movement Let em know where you come from and show them how you do it Children are the focus, give em one to grow with Learn em how to take they minutes, turn em into moments See, nowadays cats think they on some next And they sacrifice they voice just to go over heads If I felt as if I had somethin special to tell Why would I work against myself and hide it under my belt? I used to try to lace the phrases with magic tricks Every paragraph needed translation attached to it They saw the style, respected the craft But all I did was confuse em, would try to get em to laugh Painted pictures in the primer, no one got the pulp Found the humor, the anger and the insult Why should I waste any oxygen Tryin to find the in-between-the-lines that they get lost within? I'm out there for the craft, for the cause The laughter, the applause, the passion for the flaws The fact that I'ma draw some heads to what I'm feelin Lift em all up until they try to touch the ceiling Come on and reach the, reach the masses won by singular They hold you and they smile when they feel what you can bring to the Culture and sow it, cultivate the flow with Breath control and he kept it whole, be- Cause piece by piece the picture turns to puzzle If you lose a few those that remain change into rubble Freedom is a word not heard from those that own it Can't fix the machine if you don't have the components (And I'll be) [CHORUS] Cause we're not from this planet We come from somewhere else And you can't understand it Cause you don't know yourself But when the time is right Our path will be unveiled Till then you seek your light While I sit and bite my nails

I Am Music

COMMON "Electric Circus"
feat. Jill Scott [Chorus: Jill Scott] Can you speak your words of bedtime I was just saying to myself the other day Most of believing the magician But you're bewitching Because of this I must say I (I) I (oh I) I Appreciate what you give to me Yeah (I) I (oh I) I Appreciate what you give to me [Verse 1: Common] People say I got soul look at all the records I hold The lives I've affected, connect and control With me in your basement, your mama got blown I provide the vibe to keep the strippers on poles Through me the black experience is glorious told From a school that's old bold, so I rock gold And platinum, so cats I hold notes and cash for them On streets I rap for them, in ghettos I blast for them Mash with them, at the party and all Peep the universal language that's embodying all Put the Billie Holiday, Bob Marley in y'all Y'all feel most high when I be in y'all System, with the rhythm I up jump the boogie Shame I rely on record labels to push me Since the bush, I been y'all way to escape Through eight-tracks wax CDs and tapes I am music [Chorus] [Verse 2] You can feel me all over alive, I help culture survive, I opened the eyes of many Styles y'all wrote in the skies, with your lows and highs, open your mind to hear me CLICK ABOVE TO VISIT OUR SPONSORS In the streets I beat cops and obsolete On every station it's hot you can't stop my heat I taught J and Dre how to rock the beat On what's going on today yo, I gots to speak I take the stand, yo you could feel me bam Whether in Larry Graham or Steely Dan Live I be killing it man For how long I survived yo I'm realer than man Got a soft side but I'm still a man For me women cry and children dance, I'm trying to eat I could'a got a mil and ran But like Sly for the fam still I stand I am music [Chorus] [Verse 3] I been here since the beginning Beginning of time yo beginning of time Deep in the mind of the ancient ones Everybody love me like they do the sun I shine at times yo at times I'm dark You can't categorize me, my mind's a art Inside my heart, it ain't about climbing charts I'm the one you roll with when your ride is smart The change that came, the change that comes I change with chords and I kick it with drums Get blow with horns and did it on the one Riffed for guitars, for the Lord I sung Spun around the world at parties and weddings Wherever I go I create the setting You know me from lessons or your pops collections Whether whole or half stepping I'm a blessing Yo I am music [Chorus 2X]

Drinking For 11

Mad Caddies
drinking for a livin' that's just what i do when i'm not with you my heart goes to bed enter the bar that's just where i'll be don't try and come find me cause i'm already dead with one eye tied upon the open road i feel your presents and i can't let it go it moves so slowly as it creeps into my mind steals every breath i have and leaves my heart behind i wanna know what your feeling if you feeling alone i wanna hear that you still care the last time that i remembered you was the last time that i wasn't scared when the night starts fading and the morning arrives i wanna still feel you around will you creep into my head again and pick me up off the ground once more... tell me what you're fighting for gotta try gotta try for tomorrow you can't see through today gotta try gotta try for tomorrow you can't see through today there's nowhere left to stay whoa..... sometimes i feel like i'm out here all alone just one in a millions with noplace left to go fear steps up to me with every move that i make following close behind my soul it wants to take i wanna know what your feeling if you feeling alone i wanna hear that you still care the last time that i remembered you was the last time that i wasn't scared when the night starts fading and the morning arrives i wanna still feel you around will you creep into my head again and pick me up off the ground once more... tell me what you're fighting for gotta try gotta try for tomorrow you can't see through today gotta try gotta try for tomorrow you can't see through today there's nowhere left to stay whoa..... drinking for a living that's just what i do when i'm not with you my heart goes to bed

Back Against The Wall

E-40 "The Element Of Surprise"
[Featuring Master P] [E 40] Tryin to make it.. It's been a long road Sic Wid It Records [Master P] UNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH! (C'mon ooh) Y'all feel that? (I feel it playboy I smell you) It's real out here 40 (It's real Pee!) [E 40] I'm out here in the slums where thugs be usin ghetto tactics like choppin up candy canes sittin on top of a dried up ? stain mattress Whatever it takes to survive, see that's what I supply Like slippin and slidin in the grocery store and settling out of court Soft white coke a black turn into hard solidses Thirty-eight snub nosed pistol grip lay nijjas on they wah-wah The saga continues, the struggle's just beginnin And it's hard to look up to snotty folks, cause THEY be sinnin 'Pac gone, Biggie gone, Seagram gone -- and we also lost Eazy-E one of the first gangster rappers of all time to the most vicious and deadliest disease in history since cancer To Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, tombstone From the graveyard shift, RBL's Mister C One love, to Rappin Ron and Plann B Victims of the trigger (unnnggggggggghhhhhh) Po' out a little liquor Chorus: repeat 2X It's not the same, this world is crazy We out here goin through it all Everything must change, it's gettin shady Got our backs against the wall [Master P] UNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH, I shed tears for pain 40, some for anger Seen bloodshed by crooked cops, and gangbangers Feel my pain (unnnggghhh) only time'll change it and fast money, cars, and bitches got me trapped in this game And my lil' homies ballin, picture me fallin and momma in the funeral screamin and crawlin Is there a heaven or hell? To ghetto kids in the anky only time will tell And jealousy, and envy, come with money While crooked, politicians, run the country And it's a, damn shame to see my, weeples vanish Now they teach us ebonics, what about english and spanish I couldn't, live my life behind bars and gates While the government play a game called process to eliminate Chorus [E-40] Case #246, shootin in an inhabited area They was steady complainin about the dope sellin But they ain't never been evicted, or convicted They ain't never been subpeonaed to court, or arrested Shackled like an animal for pushin rocks Dang near choked to death by motorcycle cops Pepper sprayed and laughed at like that shit was funny Pregnant breezy threw down on her tummy Do you ever think I'll ever be able to get a chance to repent and ask the lord for forgiveness before he close the casket, will my son end up growin up without a father will he end up bein a bastard? A bastard -- that's a good question (unggggggggghhhh!) I don't know, I don't know Chorus

Don't Matter

C-Murder "C-P-3.Com"
No matter how much you hate me I'ma always be on top It just don't matter (Chorus 2x) Don't mater, how much you hate me Don't matter, how much you wanna fade me Don't matter, cause it really don't phase me Don't matter, true players gon' feel me It all started when I got some change And a name, then fame with the rap game And things just changed No Limit be's the name Tru Records, It's all the same We bubble up and pop Took over every block From the ghetto's to the suburbs Everybody knew our rap words We bout it, We solders The tank jus taking over Son, Mystikal, and the Dog We family we balls till we fall Came here from over sees they love us all We never change Never complain about our fortune or our fame Our Rolex's and range To our homies up in the game Put our hood on the mizzap The world know C-P-3 Tru niggaz for lizzife Don't hate Silk the Cornel and me (Chorus 2x) How many millionaires you know that can still be in the hood It's all good, knock on wood, Treat you like you should be treated Want a autograph, well hold up let me eat first You say you like the album, well here take this t-shirt See thugs respect solders and solders respect thugs I do million dollar tours and still perform in small clubs I don't feel like I'm above you bro because I'm true bro I just had a stroke of luck and now im making ?...? I hope you feel what I feel, but you aint seen what I done seen I seen friends turn enemies And family change behind some pennies And niggaz say they down but on the slip they really hate ya But it all gon' come to light so don't never let it phase ya (Chorus 2x) You either love me Or you hate me Ain't no in between ya heard me I'm true to this I aint new to this But guess what It really don't matter It just don't phase me

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